GOP Governor Greg Abbott Disappoints With a Timid Reopening Plan for Texas

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

In a series of Executive Orders issued on Friday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott laid out the initial aspects of his plan for re-opening the Texas economy. The plan will be managed by what Gov. Abbott is calling a “statewide strike force” chaired by Austin banker James Huffines. If these initial steps and the governor’s statements about them are any indication, the reopening in red-state Texas will be little different than the process in many blue states around the country.

First what the Governor did do:

– He allows all retail businesses to reopen, but most will be limited to “drive-up” shopping – where customers place orders over the phone or online and then pick the merchandise up at the curb outside the store – or delivery;

– He left all public and private schools closed for the remainder of the school year, with a target for reopening in August for the fall semester;

– He reopened all state parks beginning on Monday, but with the same social distancing restrictions in place;

– He loosened restrictions on medical appointments and elective procedures, which will be a godsend to the mostly-empty hospitals around the state, many of which have had to lay off workers due to lack of activity;

– He said that updates on places that host large gatherings, like restaurants, churches and entertainment venues, will come “later.”

All of which is in line with the guidelines coming out of the Trump Coronavirus Task Force, which is fine. Sadly, these actions will do precious little to begin restoring the jobs and livelihoods of the hundreds of thousands of Texans who have been thrown out of work by the government’s response to the Wuhan Virus.

The disappointment comes in the lack of any effort whatsoever to distinguish Texas, which has had far fewer cases of the Wuhan Virus than much smaller states on the East and West Coasts and even Louisiana, from the approaches that will be taken by those other states. For example, why no attempt to treat the 100+ Texas counties who have had 5 or fewer cases of the virus differently than the big-city epicenters of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin? 64 counties have reported ZERO cases of COVID-19. Why continue the absurd situation in which residents of small communities with names like Skidmore and Papalote and Poteet and Post and Troy remain subject to stay-at-home restrictions that make no real sense in their communities?

That latter may be more of a criticism of the Trump Task Force, which promised to deliver geographically-targeted guidelines but so far has not done so. But let’s also admit that 8 governors, all Republicans like Abbott, have never issued a stay-at-home order for their states. So, the President has certainly given governors a lot of leeway in dealing with these guidelines.

But that’s a leeway that Gov. Abbott was unwilling on Friday to take advantage of for his state. Equally as disappointing was the Governor’s apparent failure to attempt to balance his ongoing restrictions and mandated deprivations with the fundamental rights of all citizens. Indeed, in his statement on the orders, he laid out only two factors that would influence his decision-making:

“This [reopening] will be driven by two things: what our medical team advises and what the data shows,” Abbott said.

If it’s disturbing when a Democrat governor like New Jersey’s Phil Murphy admits he “wasn’t thinking about the bill of rights” when issuing his own draconian shutdown orders, it is perhaps even more disturbing when the Republican Governor of Texas admits he won’t be thinking about the fundamental rights of all Americans as he moves timidly forward to reopen his state. At least give it some lip service, Governor.

With protests now beginning to spring up in Michigan, Colorado, Minnesota, California, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Virginia over the deprivations of rights of assembly, speech and religion by the Democrat governors in those states, it is only a matter of time before we see similar protest actions begin to take place in many red states as well. Abbott was sued on Friday by a group of pastors on the grounds that the Governor’s edicts violate the religious liberties of their parishioners, a contention that is manifestly true.

Yes, the governors in Texas and other states do possess extraordinary powers during declared emergencies, powers that are important for them to possess when fast decisions must be made to save lives. But there is no real “emergency” in the vast majority of the state of Texas. The seasonal flu has taken hundreds more Texas lives than the Wuhan Virus will, but there was no similar declaration of any emergency. Texas has seen 459 Wuhan Virus related deaths thus far; yet, we lose roughly 3,600 people every year to car accidents without reacting by closing down a single business or school or highway in response.

Texans like me expected more from Gov. Abbott on Friday, in large part because he has always done a fine job of delivering so much more for Texas during his time as the state’s Attorney General and Governor. Hopefully he will use the weekend to give some real thought to the fundamental rights of his citizens and start delivering more come Monday.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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Jimmy, Several separate comments due to WP cen…

I hope “IT” doesn’t happen. Don’t need her being a martyr, and she probably has more security in her walled community than Trump. Don’t need a call for more gun control. Don’t need for someone like us in our group of like minded people to take a PR hit. ​

However, it is absolutely amazing how quiet the MSM (D) was about calling for gun control when that Bernie Sanders supporting lunatic almost killed Rep Steve Scalise, and wanted to kill many more Republicans with GUNS; and how silently quiet the ‘news’ was in covering the vicious attack on Senator Rand Paul AT HIS HOME by a deranged neighbor! To this day I know nothing about the neighbor. one thing is certain, the neighbor was not some down-trodden street thug from some ghetto.​


You can bet it would have been non-stop coverage for weeks of how a president supporting fill in the blank(s) attacked a majority lefty pol. Besides, I want to see Klink crash and burn and have to eat crow when she suffers a major house defeat in November like in 1994 and 2010. Let her continue to represent the left’s Ivory Tower dung heap of her district for as long as she maintains 98.6 deg. F. The longer she is the face of the Dems the better. Just take away her power and then investigate and prosecute her and everyone of her ilk.​


No, let her fret and strut her way across her Ivory Tower Stage and be rendered meaningless when she loses fifty or more seats. This time when the GOP takes control of the house, I want them to collectivly ram it up Klink’s, Hochstetler’s, and Burkhalter’s, and every other surviving radical’s A$$! Take away their clearances, ignore their calls for investigations, and get a Trump reformed DOJ to really investigate the real corruption of individual house members of both parties since it is a proven fact that no organization is capable of policing itself

The last reply comment to myself was heavily redacted

Grumpy Cat

Our grandparents were the greatest generation; we are the great wimps.

No governor has the intestinal fortitude to make plain this: salvaging our economy and preserving our liberties justifies increasing risk of CV. Yes, marginally more people will get sick and even die, but all economic activity has risk and Freedom comes at a price – people die whilst earning a living every single day.

The objective is to minimize overall harm. Experts, like Fauci, are terrible at making executive decisions because they only see their little piece.

Economic collapse and authoritarian control are existential threats to our country, culture and way of life. CV isn’t. It’s time to wear our big boy pants, sit at the grownup table, and face tough choices.

If our generation were to storm Omaha Beach. Fauci would call it off because undertow and jellyfish.


game theory wins again

phineas gage

Great post.


I disagree… Fauci would call it off because several soldiers had colds.

Jimmy MacAfee

Helluva concluding comment! Absolutely spot-on, brilliant!


“This [reopening] will be driven by two things: what our medical team advises and what the data shows,” Abbott said.

Perhaps the Gov needs to have someone show him the data seeing as hes basing his decisions on that. Ignore the ‘medical professionals’ as they appear to be unwilling to give honest opinions on the morbidity rate of this CCPvirus.

I think Phineas has a good point, cut the Gov some slack for a few days and see where this goes. If he doesn’t act quicker then people will need to go stand on his lawn to remind him who hes working for. They should also ringing up his phone lines and telling him the data does NOT support a shut down. If fact it would be better to open it up fully. Death by this virus runs in the .14 range. Workplace accidents, drug over dose, suicides, regular influenza, car accidents etc ALL have greater death rates per year than this virus.

IMO, this virus fiasco was used here as a test for control. The Fauci guy stated some time ago that there are thousands of virus’s we should be concerned about. Its the perfect smoke screen to declaring emergency rule and lock down. Numbers can easily be fudged to ‘prove’ the need. I agree with Jimmy, its likely a Medical induced Overlord effort. More to come.

Jimmy MacAfee

I haven’t decided: is this a Medical dictatorship they’re trying to install over us – permanently – or is it a Dictatorship by Governor? I see some real violence coming, in places where it’s least expected.

And Fossy Jaw’s picture in her collection of fancy ice cream – gloating and with a smarmy look? I’ll bet better than even someone takes a shot at her. Not instigating, but since she is actively opposed to solutions to help businesses, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her sent to the netherworlds. Smugness has its price, for what that’s worth.

Not suggesting it should happen, but that it likely WILL happen.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d like to see her (Piglosi) run as Joe Hidin’s VP: imagine the two of them talking at the same time in a presser!

“Bluhbluhbluhblluh bluh..I…um…uh..let her answer….duh…reticence and reluctance…what was I saying?…ice cream parlors open…but then…attaboy!…punch him…not always…be sure…we will…what did I just say? I meant…um, uh, never mind…500 Million AMERICANS…did I say that?…damn right!…when I was a professor…”

They’d sound like the Martians in Mars Attacks. They already do.

phineas gage

I think the governor, based on his record, deserves a bit of time. He probably consulted with Trump, and this slow opening may be a result of that.

I agree more relaxations have to follow soon, to rescue as many citizens as possible from economic disaster, but let’s give him a few more days.


And you can add the late great Waylon Jennings’ Luckenbach, TX to your list of rural communities; really miss him.

Is that a standard that the TX Gov is also the AG? Strange.

Anyways, most politicians are destined to disappoint at best and outright fail way too often. The amazing thing is the reluctance on the part of the voters to Schiff-can the really bad ones.

I’m not saying Texans should dump Abbot, just that it is disappointing how easily politicians take the easy path when they perceive it suits them. Better to mildly piss off most people once in awhile (by raising taxes for example) than fight or stand up to a small but vocal (the media or ANTIFA for example) mob. The squeaky wheel gets the grease; but it can and should more often than not, be removed and replaced.

Another positive to take from this ‘pandemic’ is that great, good, mediocre, poor, bad, and horrific leaders will emerge for all to see. Abbot, like my Gov Lee of TN, Bill Lee, is disappointing on this ‘pandemic’, but they are following the herd mentality. Most ‘leaders’ are more like risk adverse desk generals than the dynamic Patton.

Sooner or later a Governor Patton will emerge and say this is all Bull Schiff and go the opposite of Dem Governors like Murphy NJ, Whitmer MI, Northam VA, Cuomo NY, and DeWine (RINO OH). I have no idea who that might be, but whoever it is, they will have a front row seat on being the next GOP presidential nominee along side Pence.

The opportunity is there, waiting to be had for anyone with the guts to separate from the safety of the group-thinking herd.


“Is that a standard that the TX Gov is also the AG? Strange.”?

What are you talking about? Ken Paxton is our AG.


Thanks for clearing it up Dave and lonestarlizzard, but the way it was written here and in other articles (paraphrasing: Texas’ Gov. and AG Abbot are getting sued over CV shutdown – the AG’s name wasn’t mentioned in the article), made it sound like Abbot was in fact both at the same time. I didn’t think it was possible, but I don’t know every state’s governing structure or constitution.

“… delivering so much more for Texas during his time as the state’s Attorney General and Governor.”

phineas gage

Trump’s approval number has fallen significantly over the last week. I think you have to be open to the possibility, awful as it is, that he may not survive the fallout from this.


Phineas, polls are largely meaningless at this time. Fox recently had Gaffe O. Joe 9 points over Trump.

If Trumps somehow loses to Joe Anybody the it is over and I would welcome every known and unknown virus to create a real pandemic and take out a couple of hundred million americans (deliberate lower case) as we will be too stupid to survive, let alone self govern…

phineas gage

I realize that–what I am saying is, the longer we go on like this, the greater the economic devastation is going to be. Human nature is to place blame. This puts Trump at great political risk.

If we rebound quickly, it will be fine. It’s looking increasingly unlikely that that is going to happen.

My comment also assumed (I should have stated it) that Biden is not going to be the nominee. I just don’t think that is tenable any longer, if it ever was.

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump isn’t reeling; he’s got to get his people in place. And that means closing Congress, since they won’t appear in the D of Corruption.

Jimmy MacAfee

Whitmer is Cottard:

“It is not an exaggeration to say that in the United States and much of the developed world today, there exists a whole population of Cottards. They are anti-social, unfulfilled, and paranoid. Sad with themselves, they feed off stories of doom. They may claim that they care about public health, but this becomes impossible to believe when they stubbornly cling to wildly inaccurate projections and desperately deny stories of cures or methods of preventing infections that don’t hurt vast swaths of people. Instead of resolving the chaos in themselves, they would rather normalize the chaos all around them.” Describes the nasty woman succinctly.

Abbot is not Cottard: Abbot is COWard. Mix and match.


I was so disappointed in the Gov. He has always been such an up front decisive leader and now to come out with this lily-livered cowardly approach to getting back on our feet?

Jimmy MacAfee

For all those idiots waiting for a vaccine – well, let’s just say that the bloom is off the rose, and has been for a very long time: vaccines have been used to sterilize people (WHO) and kill people (in India) and the wait time between a pandemic and a vaccine is especially long, unless you’re in China (which claims to have one, proving that they set this virus out into the world intentionally.)

China’s sudden development of a vaccine shows that they were planning to release this anyway, as part of a strategy.

This makes me an anti-vaccer more than anything that has happened yet – there are plenty of reasons to oppose vaccines for rapidly mutating viruses – (not the relatively stable polio virus and others.) And now it seems that the virus is mutating. Swell. Vaccinations are just a means to control the public, with Bill “the Cat” Gates hoping to chip everybody like a dog.

I suspect that the good Governor is waiting for a vaccine – a fool’s errand, promoted by demons and accepted by idiots..

Jimmy MacAfee

At this rate, Virginia will open sooner than Texas. Just sayin’.

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