Big City Mayors Move to Out-Fascist Gubernatorial Counterparts [Updated]

The Evening Campaign Update

Two very disturbing videos emerged on Saturday that make one marvel that they could actually have been made in the United States of America. One came from New York City, the other from Los Angeles, the two largest cities in the country.

First there was this from Marxist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. You have to see it, and read the subtitles along with, to believe it:

“…we still know there’s some people who need to get the message. And that means sometimes making sure the enforcement is there, to educate people and make sure the social distancing is there. So, now it’s easier than ever. When you see a crowd, when you see a line that’s not distanced…you can report it right away so we can get help there to fix the problem…it’s as simple as taking a photo…take the photo and put the location with it and, bang, send a photo like this and we will make sure that enforcement comes right away. Text the photo to 311-692 and action will ensue.”

Holy crap. Just be thankful that Stalin, Hitler and Mao didn’t have today’s technology to use as tools to assist with their surveillance efforts, so that they could send ‘enforcement’ to ‘fix the problem.’

Note that de Blasio doesn’t say ‘law enforcement,’ just ‘enforcement.’ Why? Because there is no ‘law’ being enforced here. The only thing his ‘enforcement’ squads are ‘enforcing’ are his imperial edicts, which may or may not ever be shown in court to have actually been backed up by any law.

This tiny little 8-foot tall goon is so insecure in his authority that he is now resorting to recruiting ordinary citizens to spy on one another and tattle under the myth that doing this will somehow keep them ‘safe.’

What could possibly go wrong?

As if that weren’t disturbing enough, take a look at this image coming out of Los Angeles, as its thug Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti orders a bulldozer to fill the world-famous Venice Skate Park with sand in order to keep kids idle at home:

Note that Garcetti is the same guy who just a few days ago announced that he will not allow any gatherings of large crowds such as concerts and sporting events until 2021. He is taking these draconian actions to tighten down the vise of government on his population even as governors around the country are announcing plans to begin reopening their states in the coming weeks.

Can this agenda be anything other than pure, raw politics?

And to pile insult onto injury, there is this report out of San Diego:

Citations were issued to 22 people found near the beach in Encinitas in violation of San Diego County’s stay-at-home order, authorities announced Saturday morning.

The tickets were issued Friday to people who “were watching the sunset, having picnics near the beach,”  according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

“Everyone is required to stay home, except to get food, care for a relative or friend, get necessary health care or go to an essential job,” the department tweeted Saturday morning. “Complacency is the enemy. Take social distancing more seriously to stop coronavirus.”


Complacency is the enemy, comrades.

We know there’s some people who need to get the message, comrades.

Send a photo and we will send ‘enforcement,’ comrades.

We’re all in this together, comrades.

God bless um…er….America?

Update: This from Maryland today – the nation is beginning to reap what we have allowed our leaders to sow.

This from Las Vegas:

This from Austin:

…and San Diego:

…and Annapolis:

…and Wisconsin:

…and Ohio:

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Philly Smith

Democrat mayors and governors want to provoke anti-Trump riots by extending lockdowns. Bet on it.


Da Blahbozo is taking a page right out of the Stassi playbook… Well I guess if your presidential campaign can only be sustained for 3 -4 weeks then then bring in the shock troops to yeach the peons whose the boss.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ll stay closed as long as they say I have to stay closed – but I have doubts that I’ll EVER be allowed to reopen: over 60 well-managed diabetes (12 % bodyfat, can swim miles, run too, great BP, HR in low-mid 40s.) All the bastards see is “over 60 with diabetes.” Doesn’t matter if I can outrun and outswim most of their grandkids. All they want is control. Eff em. With a shoehorn. And sideways.

And if I’m not allowed to re-open because of age? Guess there’s gonna be some hungry lawyers, like the ones who took my dad’s coworkers class-action case when he was forcibly retired at exactly the same age by Big Corporate. His class-action suit won, And so will I. Called “age discrimination.”

Don’t effing think about it. We’re not in the mood to be playing.


Where are the patriot attorneys who will step up and file class action, civil liberty lawsuits against these despots? They are acting without any real power other than it’s a “panicedmic and we say so”? We are closer to a hot civil war than many realise.


I grew up in a rural area within ten miles of the NJ capital, Trenton, so I wasn’t exactly a hick from the sticks, but there were farms all around including directly behind our back yard.

In my late twenties (1987 when Koch was the NYC mayor and things were still decent – pre Dinkins) I dated a girl from Brooklyn about 80 miles away for close to a year. She lived in a eight apartment brownstone with her mother and worked in Manhattan. She trained down to see me on weekends and I drove her back on Sundays and visited her via car once or twice during the week. She was thirty, had a driver’s license, but no car and actually couldn’t drive one. She couldn’t believe how easily I found parking spaces and was able to parallel park. I couldn’t believe it when I found out only about 25% of NYC residents owned cars; couldn’t believe how any thirty year old anywhere in the US didn’t drive. To this day she still lives in Brooklyn, has her own place and still has no car!

The point of all this: there was and is nothing appealing about living in NYC or any other metropolis with a total population over 1 million people. There is just no benefit unless you could walk to work which I could in Arlington, VA. When I lived in the Norfolk/Tidewater area, you couldn’t survive without a car and traffic was horrendous.

1923 was the year demographers determined when more Americans lived in cities as opposed to the rural country. There were many good reasons for this once fewer farmers were needed to feed the country. Cities offered industrial and other employment, electricity, telephones, running water and indoor plumbing, better home heating, medical care, entertainment and the availability of food and living comforts not easy to consistently get in the country. Radio, TV, newspapers of greater quality and variety and other benefits were part of city life. Post WWII, the overcrowding with the baby boom and newfound prosperity post depression, among other things, created suburban sprawl.

Having experienced big city life several times, there is no advantage to living in a city larger than 200,000 people. Everything and more is available in any decent sized town except maybe certain jobs and unique high end cultural venues, but I look for that to change as more and more companies are also moving out – having a NYC or Washington DC address or corporate headquarters offers no advantages and when exorbitant taxes, high crime, and now this, and possible future freedom killing pandemic shutdown(s) which is killing business way more often than the disease exported by China. Speaking of China, when businesses move back here, look for them to locate in places like Knoxville and Des Moines instead of LA, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Seattle, or New York – City or State.

De Bozo and company may think they are in control in their effort to crash Trump and his MAGA agenda, but only temporarily, as more and more sensible and productive people see what is going on and leave their corrupt little blue prisons.

I welcome the outmigration from the cities, but please, if you do move to Red America, wise up and do not bring your Blue politics with you and ruin our relative paradise. Thank you.


About the MegaMart video in Maryland the reporter in the video referenced the ‘Latino Community’ who maybe didn’t get gubmint checks and are desperate… Wonder why that would be?

Someone should maybe call ICE by taking a picture and texting #arrest-illegals, AND NOT FOR VIOLOATING SOCIAL DISTANCIING (guidelines)!

The reporter talks about bottled water… I have never understood the reason why toilet paper suddenly became more valuable than gold. And water? Is there something wrong with ANY public or private water supply in the country?

This is nuts!


Whether President Trump wants to or not, he is going to have to become a ‘dictator’ and declare Marshall Law – not on the citizens, but on the Governors and Mayors who are looking to destroy Trump by destroying the country’s economy; and by extension, our sacred founding freedoms. Lock up a couple of the most egregious thugs (house arrest?) and the rest will soon stand down.

Then he/we must accept the fact that this disease will run its course; the vast majority will not even get sick and will develop their own immunity – and the vast majority will fully recover. Some people who do get sick will unfortunately die, but that is going to happen anyway.

When you break down the cost to everyone who has suffered economically (the $6,000.00 per person cost of the ‘stimulus’ which isn’t stimulating anything must also be factored) versus cost of the 50 or so thousand legitimate virus deaths, there is no comparison. Sounds uncaring, but that is reality.

Obviously civil conference calls and federal guidelines are not working to minimize the damage being caused not only by the virus, but by the mini-Marxist Governors, Mayors, law enforcement and ‘health’ officials who think they are the ones chosen to lead this Trump killing economic collapse in order to control their subjects and reinstate national control to the deep state.

Isn’t it amazing how the state officials routinely allow the concept of ‘federalism’ to be overridden and abandoned when it comes to controlling schools, police departments, EPA edicts, to name a few, but are now all in on maintaining states rights over federal supremacy in the midst of this nationwide federally declared emergency?

Enough of this insanity Mr. President! It is time to do what you do best – decisively lead – and get this country refocused on MAGA. And after the rebound: KAG.

phineas gage

I believe it was Franklin who said that those who would trade liberty for temporary safety deserve neither. And for those who do, may their chains set lightly upon them, and may posterity forget they were our countrymen (to paraphrase Sam Adams).

This election will test our wisdom and judgement as a people like none before.

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