With Perfect Timing, Trump Signals That it is Time to Be America Again

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

This is how the loss of our liberties begins. – It begins not with the clatter of gunfire but with 300 million citizens timidly holed up in their homes watching TV 18 hours a day, hoping for permission from some unelected bureaucrats at the NIH and the CDC to go to the grocery store or maybe to see a doctor  to check out that disturbing mole on our back after putting it off for two months .

It begins not with tanks rolling into downtown Lansing, but with the power-mad Michigan Governor with the plastic face ordering you to keep your motor boat in the dock but giving you permission to use your kayak.

Ahoy, comrades!

It begins not with the sudden appearance of an armada of Chinese or Russian ships off the coasts of Santa Barbara and Charleston, but with the feckless Governor of New Jersey flippantly telling Tucker Carlson that he “wasn’t thinking about the Bill of Rights” when he made the decision to revoke the rights of every citizen of New Jersey to go to church, to peaceably assemble, and to even breathe the air in public parks.

He wasn’t thinking about the Bill of Rights?!? Just what in the hell does he think his job actually entails? Just for grins, I looked up the oath of office that must be recited by every newly-elected New Jersey governor. It reads as follows:

“I, , elected governor of the state of New Jersey, do solemnly promise and swear that I will diligently, faithfully and to the best of my knowledge, execute the said office in conformity with the powers delegated to me; and that I will to the utmost of my skill and ability, promote the peace and prosperity and maintain the lawful rights of the said state. So help me God.”

Exactly where does the New Jersey Governor think those “lawful rights of the said state” derive from? He apparently has not the slightest clue. He just issued the orders he issued because he decided he had the power to do it, and as long as he has the consent of law enforcement and of the governed people of his state, he apparently does, regardless of what the Bill of Rights might say.

It is interesting that we are now seeing various governors – most of them Democrats like those mentioned above – now forming up what they are calling “blue ribbon panels” to advise them about how to go about reopening the schools, churches and businesses in their states. I find it even more interesting that not a single one of these governors, Republican or Democrat, felt the need to assemble any similar panels in February and March to advise them on how to close those things down – and order people shut into their homes – in ways that might to some extent avoid trampling on the constitutional rights of their citizens.

Whether you agree or disagree with the tactics the state and federal governments have employed to combat the spread of this China-induced global plague, the utter lack of consideration of the basic, fundamental rights of the citizens that has been on display for the last two months has to be incredibly disturbing to you. Perhaps even more disturbing has been the manner in which 99% of the American public has so timidly accepted these draconian intrusions and deprivations with hardly a peep of protest.

I’ve never been much of a fan of street protests, but I have to admit I was actually gratified to see all those thousands of Michiganders exercising their rights to peaceably assemble in Lansing on Wednesday, gridlocking the downtown area around the state capitol in their cars while also observing the plastic-faced Governor’s social distancing edicts. The message they sent was ideal: Look, we’re willing to help you fight this virus, but your stupidity and thuggery needs to end, or you will soon lose the consent of the governed.

We see similar pockets of rising discontent now popping up in other states – like Virginia – whose governors have also gone overboard with their lusts to impose their will on the people. Virginia Gov. KKK Blackface Baby-Killer Northam thinks he can keep his citizens shut-in through mid-summer now. I suspect he will have another think coming pretty soon if he does not begin to relent.

All of which means that President Donald Trump’s timing in rolling out his Plan for Opening Up America Again on Thursday was just right. He has given the unelected bureaucrats their six weeks of shutting America down to try to “flatten the curve,” but is now signaling that that’s all the time they’re going to get, and it is now time to start systematically putting America back to work. It’s time to begin to reopen our restaurants and our theaters and our public parks again. It’s time to start getting our kids back into schools, to play some baseball and to fill our churches, cathedrals and synagogues again.

It isn’t just time to open America up again: It’s time to be America again.

Let’s roll.

That is all.

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Dave, I meant to mention it earlier, I love the Todd Beamer Reference.

Todd Beamer, a true American Hero who was just an ordinary citizen who rose to the occasion when called upon to do an extraordinary thing to save many lives.

He left behind his pregnant wife Lisa and (I think) two other young children.

PIP Todd!

Rick O'Shay

Also Evers in Wisky extends lockdown until May 24. This is not going to go well outside of the Peoples Republic of Madison. I tried to tell my family but they didnt listen. Sad.


Personally I think the best option for reopening the country would be to shut down the big box stores and allow all the small mom’n pop shops, etc to open. That would spread out the population, massively help the discriminated small shops and get a lot of people back working.

The big box stores have reaped HUGE, unfair, profits from this debacle. Once the ‘opening’ starts… I think it’ll be a dam burst shortly after. The thinking will be why should I have to say closed while others are allowed to get back to work.

The ‘experts’ have consistently been wrong across the board and should shut up and get out of the way. Let the people decide how best to get back to work and maintain their own safety. IMO

Rick O'Shay

Conservative group in Texas suing Gov and ag. Hope they win. That should help open things up and provide Abbott with some cover.


Not sure about the big box stores – they are here to stay and lawsuits galore would be the result to no particular benefit and they do employ many people, but I absolutely agree on everything else you say.


Yep… Big box stores have the money and lawyers to file copious suits whereas the small mom’n pops just can’t do that unless some larger law firm sees a monetary class action suit to make it worth their while.

The President Trump should muse a little that he favours the big box stores more. Then the Dems would be all for shutting them down. We wish… Most people are not aware that these smaller shops actually employ more people than big brick’n mortors. Its going to get messy yet before it gets better… buckle up.

phineas gage

Texas beginning to reopen, Florida beginning to reopen.

Northern blue states intensifying lockdowns.

Here we go.


Pezboy, I agree and would have liked for the president to have been a little more resistive to the herd mentality, but I do think you are being a little too pessimistic about Trump’s efforts. You need to realize the intense daily pressure he is under by the MSM (D) and other ‘experts’ who still drive entirely too much of the narrative in this country. Their creditability has been further reduced which will redound to our ultimate benefit.

My heart does bleed for all who have been irreparably hurt by this CHINA VIRUS, but there will be positives come out of this:

Dems and the MSM (D) are the ones who have really been irreparably hurt by their misinformation, fearmongering, and constant anti everything Trump caterwauling, A majority of largely ignorant (apolitical), but otherwise smart and ambitious people – the ones who really make America Great – will emerge as the rebuilders of the country’s economy. While many important, but not vital, services and industries will have to recalibrate their model – they became too fragile – but I look for a surge of manufacturing and other industries to develop and thrive when the decoupling of CHINA occurs.

Rick O'Shay

The president also needs to find the money to fully fund the small business loans. Let the Dems sue him for that. If they dare.

Rick O'Shay

Pez, I agree with much of what you said. What I don’t agree with is your contention that Trump would have been better off to destroy his chance at re-election to prove he was right. He must win in November. It’s the only way we have to emerge from this with any hope.


He would have been much better off with a great economy, few deaths (not allowing ‘possible’ COVID deaths to be included in total), and the rest of the world in turmoil. He could have done a huge victory lap.

phineas gage

Trump would have been blamed for every single death, and the death toll would have been signficantly higher. He would have been crushed.

By doing what he did, and holding daily press briefings for communication with the American people, and now beginning a reopening process, I think he’s done about as well as he could have.

Despite the attempts of the media, most people are not going to blame him for the virus, and will credit him for taking appropriate steps to deal with it. Even in light of the economic catastrophe, I think he is in a fairly strong position heading into the fall election. Particularly when you consider the opposition.


I suggest everyone follow this twitter link for real data and analysis: https://twitter.com/AlexBerenson


I’m sorry, Trump’s approach is not been correct. The evidence is overwhelming that social distancing does not matter (look at Sweden https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/disease/why-is-who-demanding-sweden-lockdown-because-they-show-the-lockdown-makes-no-difference/). There is no need to phase in re-opening things. He is doing it because he thinks it’s all he can do politically. He should admit that the experts were wrong and show the actual data and convince people it is safe to resume normal life again. Those too scared can stay home if the want (the same people who say ‘don’t have an abortion if you don’t like them). The economy will not come right back. Small businesses are devastated (mine is 95% likely to shut down), the PPP program ran out of money in 2 weeks, not 2 months and only 4% of applications got approved. There is likely a depression coming. Trump is going to own this. Yes, he would have gotten destroyed if he had stood up against the ‘experts’ at the start, but he could have claimed victory in the end and been considered one of the greatest statesmen in history. Now, no chance. He can claim he saved 2 million lives all he wants, but that is a lie. In fact, we likely made it worse by forcing kids home from college and school and locking people indoors.

phineas gage

The Morning Joe and CNN Slow Joe clips are nearly unbearable to watch. The man is apparently deteriorating in his cognitive abilities by the day and they keep rolling him out there.

Watching the media hosts trying to maintain their passive faces is priceless.

phineas gage

Of course, ‘not a medical expert’, just someone using common sense:


After how wrong they have been, why should we continue to listen to the ‘medical experts’?


Maybe … just maybe …. this was a wake-up call from God?? After all, the rights we have been denied come from Him, not from the government. Maybe the sound of the blood of sixty MILLION dead American children has elicited this divine response. And maybe we’ll get a brief respite. But if getting “back to normal” means more “Gay Pride” and more oppression and more child-killing and more wickedness, we will be foolish beyond belief if we don’t expect Round Two in the fall. This better wake us up. God judged ancient Egypt for similar sins, and he didn’t relent from any of His plagues because He ran out of ammo.


I’d like to see the petty tyrants occupying the state’s gubnr offices come to a less than honorable end. Just to set the example for those who had any thoughts of a similar nature in the future. They have already proven themselves to be traitorious by ignoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in reacting to the kung flu faux demdemic. Some need to be removed by any means necessary, cuz they ain’t gonna go peaceably. Just my opinion, of course.
This faux flu has been overhyped by the leftists, as proven by the stats for the death stats being padded per CDC directive where all deaths must be listed as having kung flu causes. The models used to push this narrative is the same models used to push climate change, et al.
What the left did not count on was folks paying attention to the many different bs used to push this whole mess. Hey, folks ain’t at work so they are paying real close attention now. And the end of the nonsense is near. Along with a lot of careers in and out of the medical field.
Just sayin’.

Sharon Campbell

Well said!


Jimmy, as I mentioned earlier, the police at all law enforcement levels – especially at the rank and file level – will have to make a choice.

The fact that they willingly followed stand-down orders by then Gov. McAuliffe and the mayor of Charlottesville, and mayors of other cities like Portland, OR is cause for real concern; time will tell whether we become a police state or remain a free state.

Maybe President Trump will be forced to federalize the National Guard, or deploy the Federal Marshalls and/or the Army if the Blue Governors and Mayors continue to insist upon wrongful usurpation of their citizen’s constitutional rights. All of these dictators (mainly the Ds, but some Rs too) have become too big for their britches. Their overinflated egos are writing checks their pea-sized un-American brains can’t cash.

Their true anti-American and anti-Constitutional colors have been exposed (there may yet be some actual long-term benefit from this pandemic shutdown) for all to see. It is time we, as a (formerly) free people to do our duty and vote out EVERY Dem everywhere! It is a shame many of these worst offending governors and many mayors are NOT up for reelection, but everyone needs to vote to strip these chief executives of their legislative power base and send a big, loud, and clear message that they are next in the 2012 and 2022 elections WHEN THEY ARE ON THE BALLOT.

Jimmy MacAfee

Most that I’ve spoken to are pro-gun and pro-Constitution. There will be a schism, though.

phineas gage

They are subject to recall. They are not our rulers by decree.

phineas gage

Even more than Blackface, DeBlasio’s plan to keep NYC shut down through July is either the end of the city or of him.

I do think Americans are waking up now to what is happening. And the backlash against the overreach of the Democrat governors and other politicians could be massive.

Despite the media hoping that the pandemic will destroy Trump, it may in fact do just the opposite.

It may be time, to paraphrase, Jefferson, to give that tree of liberty a bit of water….

Jimmy MacAfee

Water for the Liberty Tree, a yellow liquid for the tyranny tree, spilt in different ways.

This is the last time I’ll shut my business. I’m grateful for the generosity of the President, and for the “time off,” and happy that the prohibitions in Virginia aren’t nearly as severe as in other states – but you’re right: this will galvanize people’s support for President Trump.

phineas gage

This is a test run of tyranny. This is where the Left wants to take us, and the response of the people has been just what they hoped for.

Jimmy MacAfee

Like the man in the raincoat, the Left just can’t help exposing itself.

phineas gage

The New Jersey governor not only wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights, he knows virtually nothing about it and cares less. In that he is similar to almost all other Democrats.

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