When Will Democrats Abandon the China Joe Biden Charade?

The Mid-Day Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Doesn’t Break for Lunch)

Those few who have paid attention to China Joe Biden’s recent TV appearances and live-streams will have noticed that his wife has now become a constant presence at his side. Whether on-camera or remaining off of it, she is there.

Why do you think that’s the case? Do you think she is there because the campaign has some nifty new polling information that shows that the American public just can’t get enough of [checks notes for name] Jill Biden? Please.

Isn’t it much more likely, given China Joe’s obvious advancing impairment, that she literally hangs on his arm during these media events in order to try to keep him focused? Don’t you think she is there to pinch him when he starts wandering off on tangents or forgets what he was saying in mid-sentence? Isn’t that the kind of thing you have seen wives do when their husbands are suffering with advancing dementia?

The reality our country is facing is that the Democrat Party is attempting to pass this guy off as someone who is capable of conducting himself in the most intense and stressful office in the country. The Party is in lockstep running yet another scam, hoping it can somehow get this guy elected in November and sworn in next January before everyone finally is forced to admit that he is grimly impaired, after which whomever he [the Party] chooses as his running mate this summer can then step in to replace him.

To deluded Democrats, that obviously must sound like a great plan, because, with the exceptions of some percentage of the Bernie Bros, they are all on board with it. But it has one huge, gaping flaw that must somehow be overcome, which is the fact that accepting a nomination and running a general election campaign requires a candidate to make it competently through an array of long, live appearances on national television, the most obvious of which would be Biden’s acceptance speech and mostly likely a series of three debates with President Donald Trump.

Obviously, China Joe could probably get away with having Jill up there on the podium with him at the convention, pinching and prodding him as he struggles to focus on reading his acceptance speech. But what about the debates?

This is a guy who can barely make it through a 3-5 minute segment on Good Morning America with the toady hosts floating in Wiffle Ball questions that any competent person could win the Home Run Derby with. How is he going to possibly make it through a series of 2-hour debates with President Trump blasting in bombs on his position?

In those debates, there will be no prepared texts to read from a teleprompter, no one up there on stage with him to pinch him when he starts claiming to be the guy who wrote the Magna Carta or the Yalta agreement. Yes, the moderators will all be donors to his campaign who will do what they can to be helpful, but Donald Trump is not Mitt Romney: He won’t be up there looking to play nice and throw the election to his opponent.

At some point in the near future these realities are going to slap the leaders of the Democrat Party in the face, and they’re all going to be looking around at one another saying ‘what in the hell have we done to ourselves?’ Bernie Sanders obviously hopes that that moment will come well before the convention, which explains why he merely suspended his campaign, but refuses to release the delegates he’s already won and those he hopes to continue to collect in upcoming primaries.

Even The Commie understands that this latest Democrat scam is a bad plan that is bound to hit a brick wall at some point. The only real question is whether that moment will arrive before the convention, when the Party will have time to toss China Joe aside and hand its nomination to someone who actually knows where they are on most days, or after, when it will be too late to do anything about it.

That is all.

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Who cares about Biden, he is the choice of the DNC . Republicans have no need to be concerned about Joe, just hope he is the nominee.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dark horse (and Blackface) Gov. – likely he’ll be the ticket. Getting plenty of air time, and practice with pressers. Loves babies (or rather, to kill them, as is the Dem custom,) and loves guns (that is, to take them away, as is the Dem custom.) He’s an evil, Satanic version of Mr. Rogers.

Watch the Mockingbird, where she flies: tried flying with Hillary Rotten, using “Madam Secretary” as the nest-builder,” but the translation was awful that no one made the subliminal connection (I noticed the effort/attempt to do so.) A little birdie tells me it’s Dr. Mengele who will “suddenly” show up, and Tom Hanks was his Mockingbird-alike. Examine wardrobe, posture, vocalizations.

Joe Hidin’ is irrelevant; his wife is just there as a minder. The VP choice will be the P candidate. Be prepared.


Given how joe said he would like to have the Michigan gov. NAZI Gretta as a VP he has already lost that state even though the people of Michigan will be glad to be done with her.


Well his boss was an empty suit and he ‘won’ twice, his bosses’ anointed successor, Walking Eagle, was empty of character and she almost won. Perhaps, the DNC head honchoes think the trifecta (empty head, empty suit and empty character) can win this time.

He sort of epitomizes the entire Democratic party when you think about it. Anyone who votes for Gaffe O. Joe not only should lose their right to vote, but should have their citizenship revoked.

Talking about someone who should – to paraphrase the super duper FBI agent and chief cook and bottle washer Strock-Stroke-Smirk, and his ‘girlfriend’ Easy-Sleazy-Piece – he should lose 100 million to 1.

Show me

Biden’s campaign will be a Hollywood production, with takes and retakes until he gets his lines right in interviews with complicit journalists (no shortage there). Don’t expect public appearances (pandemic) and don’t expect debates with Trump.
There may be public appearances by a Vice-Presidential candidate, but only in the most rigorously controlled settings.


Jill Biden’s guiding presence has been suspicious for months now…surely, she of all people, would know that Brain Fog Joe is not up to this. Does she fancy herself his Edith Wilson?


I believe she does Susan.

There have been a couple of instances where the wife has seceded her husband. Reps Debbie Dingleberry, Mary Bono and a couple of other cases where a person who died just before an election but was on the ballot and still won actually pulled it off. Maybe Jill and the Dems somehow think they can pull off an ‘Edith Wilson’ – that won’t fly in 2021 like it did a hundred years ago. Weekend at Bernies acts barely work for a certain SC justice, but not for a president. It is unconstitutional, but she and the Dems may well be that deluded thinking the rules, laws and constitution (NJ Gov Murphy Bill of Rights comment on Tucker for example) don’t apply to them.

The Dems can’t even get a well known, competent, and appealing candidate, let alone a similar VP candidate.

There is no way in a sane country the Dems can anoint (either pre or post convention) a candidate that meets ANY of the three criteria mentioned above and have him/her be successful against Trump. Their only hope, and the only reason they manipulated Gaffe O. Joe to be the presumptive nominee is to prevent a total down ballot wipeout that the Burnster would have guaranteed.

With what Nancy Klink ice cream and Schmucky Schumer whirlwind have recently said and done have destroyed any chance of any real American ever voting for a Democrat at any level. Their antics are on display for all to see and Trump will exploit them via a concerted national campaign and he will also localize many specific campaigns where there is a good chance of flipping fifty to a hundred house seats and several senate seats and governorships.

Sharon Campbell

I’m posting your articles to Twitter everyday. I’ll probably get banned shortly, but I’m going to post as long as I can!

phineas gage

Who can they realistically substitute in at the last minute that has a chance to win? Hillary is pretty much it, but Obama doesn’t want that, and the Bernie Bros would probably not support her, particularly if AOC goes rogue.

phineas gage

And I know the answer is Cuomo, but I really don’t see it. He’s going to be badly damaged by the fallout in NY.

phineas gage

What kind of wife allows her husband to exploited like this on national TV?


A real self-serving bitch like Walking Eagle, that’s who. And Jill and Michell are no different and really equally unappealing.

phineas gage

You’ve got to add the CNN clip.

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