As Small Business Relief Fund Runs Dry, San Fran Nan Shows Off Her Sub-Zero Fridge

The Evening Campaign Update

I swear I don’t make this stuff up – who could? – Say you’re the Democrat Speaker of the House. And say that in that role, you pretend to care about the “little people” of this country.

Now, say your country is in the middle of dealing with a global pandemic. And say that one of the thing congress has already done – despite your best efforts to screw it up – was to pass a stimulus bill that included $359 billion in what we’re calling a Small Business Relief Fund. And say that that SBRF is designed to replace the paychecks for millions of “little people” who are employed by the nation’s small businesses, many thousands of which have been forced to close their doors to help deal with the global pandemic.

Now, say that you made the incredibly irresponsible, imperious decision to adjourn the House of Representatives through mid-May. And say that, uh-oh, in the midst of this extended vacation the SBRF has proven to be so popular that it is running out of money two months before it was supposed to do so.

Remember: You are the Democrat Speaker of the House who is supposed to at least pretend to give a tinker’s damn about the “little people” of this country.

In the situation described above, which happens to be the current reality on the ground today, what do you do?

Well, if you are Democrat Speaker of the House San Fran Nan Pelosi, you make a video with hosted by a fabulously wealthy cretin from Hollywood, showing off your million-dollar kitchen in your $30 million San Francisco home, featuring your $15,000 Sub-Zero refrigerator that is filled with designer ice cream, among other fabulously expensive delicacies.

I’m not kidding:

Where Marie Antoinette famously said “let them eat cake,” San Fran Nan says “let me eat ice cream.”

Despicable, deranged, demented, depraved people. Your Democrat Party in action.

That is all.

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“Remember: You are the Democrat Speaker of the House who is supposed to at least pretend to give a tinker’s damn about the “little people” of this country.”

That would only hold true if your constituents refused to vote for you if you didn’t pretend to care. NanPo has proven she doesn’t even need to pretend to give a darn because both the Gimmes and the Elites in Frisco/California will vote for her anyway! Democrats…you can’t make it up…it’s like cattle voting for a butcher!

Jimmy MacAfee

Ol’ Fossy Jaw will not be mourned when it is her turn for the urn. Other than the Professional Mourners (Hollywood.) We will rejoice as one would when a tyrant is overthrown. Not gloating, mind you, but a feeling of deep relief – as if someone’s cheek-wind has just left the room.


Just have to make sure the Dems are never in a position again to anoint another younger (smarter or more savvy?) tyrant, I mean Speaker.


Random comments:

If the GOP had shown any strategic acumen in my life, I would swear they infiltrated the DNC to sabotage them, but alas, they are not that bright.

Isn’t there someone, anyone, GS? who runs that place, who has a nickel’s worth of sense, and can take Nancy Klink to the proverbial woodshed for her stupid optics?

The House is adjourned to mid-May? Well if that is the case I feel somewhat safe given the crap she would try to lard up any new relief bill with. The old saying: “No man’s life liberty or property is safe when congress or the legislature is in session” (I believe by Mark Twain or maybe Will Rogers) has never been more true.

Good News: A. Bull Schiff can’t open up any new ‘inquisitions’ against Trump for using too much toilet paper, or not combing his hair correctly, etc.

Mitch, keep the senate in session and confirm more of Trump’s judges and appointments. And craft a real relief/infrastructure package with tax benefits to relocate American business FROM China – blame the Dem House and Klink for its non-passage.

The reality is we just don’t need another relief package – just let the country get back to work where the Red States will thrive by being responsible and the Blue States will be, well, blue when their SS rulers keep them shuttered and the relief that Klink is responsible for blocking runs out.

Keep Klink where she is until Jan 2021, she is the perfect face of the Democratic Party.

I can’t believe the Dem big-wig donors and moneymen and Newsom or Cuomo, or even Whitless, along with every vulnerable down-ballot Dem Pol isn’t raising hell with the DNC.

At least she doesn’t need decent teeth to eat Ice Cream.


Unbelievably tone deaf. Egregiously elitist. Jaw dropping. A true Marie Antoinette moment.

Gregg – Colonel Klink may have been a clueless buffoon, but @ least he was like able. Nazi Pelousy isn’t in any way/shape/form.


Maybe she “had to open the fridge to find out what was in it.” :<D


PS: Who the hell is James Cordin?

phineas gage

She’s behaving like she knows she won’t be Speaker much longer.

Therefore could be good news for Republicans.

Jimmy Mac

I suspect that Gov. Wretched Whitmer’s term is going to end prematurely, too.

Maybe she can go start a garden! (Oh, right; the sale of seeds are banned.)

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