Trump: Some State Economies May Open by May 1 [Updated]

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

And there it is: In Tuesday’s Coronavirus Task Force update, President Donald Trump told the nation that some state economies can begin to open by May 1. He further stated that details on his plan to reopen the largest economy in global history will be coming as the week goes on, but the affirmation that he is looking at starting the process in the next two weeks is a godsend to millions of Americans pining to get back on the job.

***UPDATE: Here is a TRANSCRIPT of the President’s relevant remarks related to states reopening:


The plans to reopen the country are close to being finalized and we will soon be sharing details and new guidelines with everybody. I will be speaking to all 50 governors very shortly and I will then be authorizing each individual governor of each individual state to implement a reopening and a very powerful reopening plan of their state at a time and in a manner as most appropriate. The day will be very close because certain states, as you know, are in much different condition and in a much different place than other states.

It’s going to be very, very close, maybe even before the date of May 1st. So that will be for some states. Actually, there are over 20 that are in extremely good shape and we think we’re going to be able to get them open fairly quickly and then others will follow.

The federal government will be watching them very closely and we’ll be there to help. We’ll be there to help in many different ways as we’ve been where we built hospital beds at a number that nobody’s ever seen before, where we did the ventilators that we just discussed at a level that nobody’s ever seen before.

Nobody can even believe, other foreign countries, even powerful countries can’t believe what we were able to do with ventilators. Big powerful countries, big producing countries can’t believe what we were able to do. We will hold the governors accountable. But again, we’re going to be working with them to make sure it works really well.


The President also laid a big ol’ MOAB on the World Health Organization (WHO), telling reporters that he is putting a hold on any further funding for that corrupt globalist den of thieves while his administration investigates the group’s behavior related to the Wuhan Virus, which has centered on the dissemination of propaganda provided by the Communist Chinese government.

Here is a clip of the President’s remarks related to the WHO:


***UPDATE: Below is a TRANSCRIPT of the President’s remarks on the WHO:

Donald Trump:
American taxpayers provide between 400 million and $500 million per year to the WHO. In contrast, China contributes roughly $40 million a year. And even less as the organization’s leading sponsor, the United States has a duty to insist on full accountability, one of the most dangerous and costly decisions from the WHO was its disastrous decision to oppose travel restrictions from China and other nations. They were very much opposed to what we did.

Fortunately, I was not convinced and suspended travel from China, saving untold numbers of lives. Thousands and thousands of people would have died. Had other nations likewise suspended travel from China, countless more lives would have been saved. Instead, look at the rest of the world. Look at parts of Europe. Other nations and regions who followed WHO guidelines and kept their borders open to China, accelerated the pandemic all around the world. Many countries said, “We’re going to listen to the WHO.” And they have problems the likes of which they cannot believe.

Nobody can believe it. The decision of other major countries to keep travel open was one of the great tragedies and missed opportunities from the early days. The WHO’s attack on travel restrictions put political correctness above lifesaving measures.

Travel bans work for the same reason that quarantines work. Pandemics depend on human-to-human transmission. Border control is fundamental to virus control.

Since its establishment in 1948, the American people have generously supported the World Health Organization to provide better health outcomes for the world, and most importantly to help prevent global health crises. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have deep concerns whether America’s generosity has been put to the best use possible.

The reality is that the WHO fail to adequately obtain, vet and share information in a timely and transparent fashion. The world depends on the WHO to work with countries to ensure that accurate information about international health threats is shared in a timely manner, and if it’s not to independently tell the world the truth about what is happening.

The WHO failed in this basic duty and must be held accountable. It’s time after all of these decades. The WHO failed to investigate credible reports from sources in Wuhan, that conflicted directly with the Chinese government’s official accounts. There was credible information to suspect human-to-human transmission in December, 2019, which should have speared the WHO to investigate and investigate immediately. Through the middle of January, it parroted and publicly endorsed the idea that there was not human-to-human transmission happening despite reports and clear evidence to the contrary.

The delays the WHO experienced in declaring a public health emergency cost valuable time, tremendous amounts of time. More time was lost in the delay it took to get a team of international experts into examine the outbreak, which we wanted to do, which they should have done. The inability of the WHO to obtain virus samples to this date has deprived the scientific community of essential data. New data that emerges across the world on a daily basis, points to the unreliability of the initial reports. And the world received all sorts of false information about transmission and mortality.

The silence of the WHO on the disappearance of scientific researchers and doctors, and our new restrictions on the sharing of research into the origins of COVID- 19, and the country of origin, is deeply concerning. Especially when we put up by far the largest amount of money. Not even close.

Had the WHO done its job to get medical experts into China to objectively assess the situation on the ground and to call out China’s lack of transparency, the outbreak could have been contained at its source with very little death, very little death, and certainly very little death by comparison. This would have saved thousands of lives and avoided worldwide economic damage. Instead, the WHO willingly took China’s assurances to face value and they took it just at face value and defended the actions of the Chinese government, even praising China for its so-called transparency.

I don’t think so. The WHO pushed China’s misinformation about the virus, saying it was not communicable and there was no need for travel bands. They told us when we put on our travel ban, a very strong travel ban, there was no need to do it. Don’t do it. They actually fought us.

The WHO’s reliance on China’s disclosures likely caused a 20 fold increase in cases worldwide, and it may be much more than that. The WHO has not addressed a single one of these concerns nor provided a serious explanation that acknowledges its own mistakes, of which there were many.

America and the world have chosen to rely on the WHO for accurate, timely, and independent information to make important public health recommendations and decisions. If we cannot trust that this is what we will receive from the WHO, our country will be forced to find other ways to work with other nations to achieve public health goals. We’ll have no choice but to do that.

Our countries are now experiencing, you look all over the world, tremendous death and economic devastation, because those tasked with protecting us by being truthful and transparent failed to do so. It would have been so easy to be truthful. And so much death has been caused by their mistakes.

We will continue to engage with the WHO to see if it can make meaningful reforms. For the time being, we will redirect global health and directly work with others. All of the aid that we send will be discussed at very, very powerful letters and with very powerful and influential groups and smart groups, medically, politically and every other way. And we’ll be discussing it with other countries and global health partners. What we do with all of that money that goes to WHO, and maybe WHO will reform, and maybe they won’t, but we’ll be able to see.


In other Wuhan Virus-related news, here is a real, actual tweet issued by the New York Times on Tuesday:

That’s right: 37% of the New York City deaths attributed to the Wuhan Virus are of unfortunate people who WEREN’T EVEN TESTED for the virus. This intentional inflation of the COVID-19-related death toll is taking place in hospitals all across the United States for one perverse reason: Classifying a death as being Wuhan Virus-related means that the costs of hospitalization are 100% guaranteed by the insurance companies and the federal government.

While that is wonderful for the families of the deceased, it is terrible for the truth, and it provides the corrupt news media looking for any way to harm the President by keeping the economy shut down with inflated numbers to use to make the case.

Really and truly: My heart goes out to any family that has lost a loved one to this plague that the dishonest ChiCom government inflicted on the rest of the world. So I really do not have a problem with the costs of these hospitalizations being paid by the government. But it is vitally important that the true death toll related to this virus be accurately portrayed to the public, in large part because the truth is that it is likely to ultimately kill no more Americans than we lose during an average seasonal flu season, and there is not a single business in America that shuts down to protect people from the flu.

As I type this, the President just said that “our country has to get open” in an answer to a question from Fox’s John Roberts. The best way to get our country open is for the government to start reporting the truth about the real nature of this virus, and the fact that we can reopen the economy while protecting the most vulnerable elements of our society and effectively treating those who contract it.

Finally, the President had this hilarious dustup with Brian Karem, whose gig is reporting for…wait for it…Playboy Magazine, which I honestly did not even realize still existed. Why is a reporter for Playboy Magazine allowed to pretend to be a part of the White House press corps?


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Screw the WHO Mr. President!

Then remove ALL our funding and support for the rest of the other US propped up World (Globalist) organizations and ultimately the UN

Jumper Bones

Thank you for the update with the full transcript, Mr. Blackmon.

Jimmy MacAfee

Let’s get this place rockin’ and rollin’ – time to get back to work!

In Virginia, the Gubner wants to keep things closed – and the reason is now apparent: after shutting down photo ID for voting, the next step is mail-in votes, which is utterly corrupt. The virus is their big play to shut voting precincts down.

Open ‘er up. I’m ready to get back to work.


Given the huge amount of federal employees (reliable Dummicrat voters) in the NOVA, Richmond, and Tidewater Areas, VA won’t be impacted as badly as other states with the closing of the private sector, so the ‘Gubner’s shutdown is calculated to be damaging to Trump, private sector Virginians be dammed.

Blackface is termed limited but the gubernatorial election and his commie legislative is not up until 2021 anyway, so they must feel relatively safe from the voter’s backlash. But VA CAN vote FOR TRUMP and AGAINST Senator Warner (D) and all seven of your radical (meaning all) house (D) members.

It is time for the great commonwealth to lead the nation in the defeat of all of our DOMESTIC ENEMIES. Get busy Jimmy:)

phineas gage

I think Blackface will be one of the last to open. He’s gone completely off the rails, evidently completely in service to his leftist masters who saved his political skin.


Since we thinking Americans can’t get the truth about anything from most of he corrupt anti-Trump press and the Anti-Trump/American Government we will have to make assumptions based on history, logic, and known results.

For example, when a ‘news’ story breaks about a murder, or a rape, or a riot and the ‘reporters’ refuse to divulge the race of the perpetrators, and no video is shown, we will make certain assumptions about who is committing the crime(s) which may or may not be right, but probably more accurate then the ‘image’ the biased MSM (D) wants to portray.

It is insane when we get the occasional report (BOLO) about a jail (I refuse to call prison or jail a correctional institute) escape or even a missing person and the PC local media won’t describe whether the escapee or the missing person is black or white, which to me is the most distinguishing feature of anyone along with their sex and even that is being corrupted.

So go ahead MSN (D), keep up with your little boy who cries wolf routine to hurt Trump, or to get a few clicks, and sooner or later no one will listen to anything you put out. Even in the last few weeks the local Nashville radio has twice broadcast \ way overhyped weather reports about thunderstorms that were going to be absolutely devastating, hail, hellfire and damnation were on its way and they admonished us to keep close to the radio and listen for alerts from 9:00 PM until 3:00 AM – yeah, I’m going to stay up all night listening to the TV or radio, waiting anxiously for someone to breathlessly tell me it’s raining hard with (oh my) thunder and lightening and wind with possible large hail, and to avoid low-lying roads and areas where flooding could occur. Really?

It can be said that Dave and his regulars here at DB Update and Rush and his ditto-heads are just speaking to the choir, but I believe we are slowly attracting more and more people to our provably accurate points of view, while the MSM (D) is losing their ‘choir’. I and others, estimate that about 8% of this country is unchangeably radical. That doesn’t sound like much but it still represents about 30 million people.

The good news is of those 30 million, fewer then 15% of them actually watch CNN, MSNBC, or PBS, or read the major newspapers. The other good news: with the airports and optional doctor and dental offices being shut down – CNN hardest hit.

The sad and bad news is if a real crisis or national emergency where to hit, many if not most people will tend to ignore legitimate news and warnings which could turn an emergency into an unmitigated disaster with many avoidable casualties and deaths. Blood and death will be on their hands, but they won’t care and no one will see they get punished in any way for their ongoing malfeasance.


I agree Gregg. There are tons of people that have been ‘woke’ to what the media has been doing. I personally think that when there is a collective sigh of relief and efforts to return to ‘normalcy, that people will start asking WHY did we have to go thru this.’

People won’t be tuning into the lamestream media for answers but look to the sites like this for real answers and start asking the hard questions at politicals. Mr Blackmon would be able to see and verify whether there has been increased traffic to this site. My guess is yes and it will grow quickly. So none here are preaching to the choir, but to the third person who is searching for a place to get reasoned questions and answers. Which if there are here, have found it.

I stop here first thing in the morn’n just to see what you east coasters are chewing over. If you watch lamestream, or happen past the TP aisle you’d soon begin to believe there is nobody left with more than two functional brain cells firing. Thank you gents… for dispelling that notion and sharing your well reasoned thoughts. cheers

phineas gage

I’m sure that these characters like Acosta, Reid, and Karem are only allowed in these press briefings because Trump wants them there to play off of and set his narrative.

Every time one of these confrontations happens his poll numbers probably go up several points.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Playboy reporter – Brian who? – can’t understand a simple answer, but that’s probably because he just looks at the pictures, and doesn’t read the articles.

phineas gage

The current issue is the end of the print era for Playboy. All future content will be published online, which means it is essentially a dead enterprise walking, much like Newsweek.

Karem will have to go slum at MSNBC, if they’ll have him.

Jimmy MacAfee

I was happy to watch the smackdown. I usually don’t like the confrontation when it’s a matter of tone of voice, but his repeated question that had already been answered was maddening. He deserved worse, really. Karem is dumber than Fredo.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m sure he can use online versions to accomplish whatever he might have accomplished via paper.

Jimmy MacAfee

If China wants to fund WHO, let them; they own them anyway. Unfortunately, we were paying them while China told them what to do. Good for President Trump! Very Reaganesque!

Jimmy MacAfee

Once one state opens…then another…then there’ll be a race to see who can open quickest. When President Trump said he’ll make the decision, everyone went crazy, but it’s gonna work this way.

What if a state refuses to open? Businesses from that state may decide that they no longer want to operate in the state, and open in another? Or where the larger businesses have operations in multiple states – jobs will be shifted to the states which aren’t closed for business. No tax revenue for the states which won’t open. Like Michigan, with Princess Stoneface Whitmer, who looks like an Easter Island rock carving, minus the charm. Jobs will migrate south quicker than a flock of geese anticipating winter.

See how that works?

phineas gage

I hope that you are correct–I am still anticipating a holdout from the blue-state governors, which is why they are organizing together. Trump will use the federal money leverage, but you can be sure the media will blame him for every death.

Jimmy MacAfee

See how fast Princess Stoneface retracted her evil order to prevent the use of hydroxychloroquine? When she found out that if she’s infected, she won’t be able to use it, either?

She’ll be ice skating backward to open things up when businesses start to move to other states. And business leaders will be biting at her heels.

phineas gage

This is one of your best posts and made me laugh—Easter Island moai minus the charm–brilliant.

Jimmy MacAfee

Thanks! No way she’s gonna get to be Creepy Joe Hidin’s VP candidate.

New name for Quid Pro: Joe Hidin’.

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