Fauci’s Shady History With Hydroxychloroquine, Vaccines

The Mid-day Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Doesn’t Break for Lunch)

Frequent commenters Jimmy McAfee, Phineas Gage (a pseudonym), and Gregg Updike put up a series of posts this morning detailing Dr. Anthony Fauci’s amazing inconsistency on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as an effective treatment for viruses, and his record of miserable failure when it comes to development of vaccines. With Dr. Fauci continuing to poo-pooh HCQ, in combination with azithromycin, as an effective treatment for the Wuhan Virus, and his boosting of a “vaccine” as the only way out of this mess, these walks through his history on those two subjects become especially compelling.

Given that, I am reproducing the contributions by McAfee and Gage here in full, to maximize their readership.

First, Jimmy McAfee on Fauci and HCQ:

The best reason of all to fire Fauci:

“After President Donald Trump mentioned during a recent press conference the potential benefits of hydroxychloroquine for treating the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), Anthony Fauci from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) quickly piped in that the remedy supposedly isn’t proven, and that people shouldn’t think of it as a “knockout drug.” So why, then, did he praise this very same drug back in 2013 as a treatment for the MERS coronavirus, a relative of COVID-19?

On the use of hydroxychloroquine, he “jumped at the chance to praise the discovery, announcing that it was “particularly encouraging” because these drugs are “widely available,” meaning they can get into the hands of people who need them quickly and easily.”‘

“However, now that Trump and his administration are in charge, Fauci is singing a much different tune. Rather than express enthusiasm for the many cases of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that have already been successfully treated with hydroxychloroquine, Fauci felt the need to throw a wet blanket over the whole thing and override Trump’s announcement in a stunning display of disrespect.

“You’ve got to be careful when you say ‘fairly effective,’” Fauci shot back at Trump after the president suggested, based on Fauci’s own statements from seven years ago, that hydroxychloroquine demonstrated effectiveness against SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). “It was never done in a clinical trial that compared it to anything. It was given to individuals and felt that maybe it worked.”’

So why did Dr. Fauci love hydroxychloroquine under Obama, during MERS (another coronavirus) and say so because it was cheap, available and relatively benign and very hopeful, and now whizz all over the use of it now for this coronavirus, when it is still cheap, available (less so because of demand) and relatively benign and very hopeful? Why take away hope when the virus we face is arguably far more lethal than the MERS virus?

Someone should ask the diminutive Dr.

Resign, Dr. Fauci. But not before answering the bloody question.

And here is Phineas Gage on Dr. Fauci’s miserable failure over 40 years of “leading” the effort to develop a vaccine for HIV:

Like so many Democrat bureaucrats, Fauci has failed his way to the top, from HIV to H1N1 to this. Wrong every step of the way. And not just missing by a bit, but wildly off-target. And for this he is rewarded.

Vaccine development for highly mutable viruses is difficult at best. Ultimately, the best cure for a virus remains the remarkable human immune system. It’s why elderly and other immunocompromised individuals are the high-mortality group.

As it seems likely that this virus accidentally got out of the Wuhan lab, what should concern everyone is what else is being produced in those labs that might eventually be released in a deliberate manner. For example, there is much speculation and some evidence that the Chinese have engineered a ‘Captain-Trips’ super-flu.

From Gregg Updike on the same subject:

The good Dr. Anthony Fauci has been in charge of the effort by the CDC to find a vaccine for HIV/AIDS for close to forty years and hasn’t found one. I’m not saying finding a HIV/AIDS vaccine is easy, but this man’s myopia is breath-taking! Remember, people like him were predicting that AIDS was going to spread like wildfire and it was going to be devastating – especially when Republicans (Reagan and Bush Sr) were in the White House. When Bill Clinton and ‘the One’ occupied it; not so much – the AIDS ‘crisis’ just sort of faded away. Instead we found effective treatments for HIV/AIDS – but no vaccine.

HCQ combined with other medications seems to be able to meet that need.

Dr. Anthony Vaccine, and Dr. Deborah Social Distancing, need to go, plain and simple! While I am not totally against developing a safe, effective, inexpensive vaccine for the CHINA virus, I’m not holding my breath and neither should Trump or the country.

Speaking of vaccines: Vaccines are generally a one time deal with occasional booster shots given many years apart. Our ‘recommended’ (30-40% effective) annual flu shots are just that, shots, and not vaccines per se. It seems highly doubtful that the ‘experts’ at the CDC will be capable of producing a one-time long-lasting ‘vaccine’ for THIS CHINA virus, and certainly not for the likely different strains that will continue to be developed by our adversaries.

More likely, it will be an annual shot with a similar 30-40% effectiveness.


So, to summarize the inconsistent and obviously politically-motivated record of Dr. Fauci:

– When a Democrat is in the White House, HCQ is something of a miracle drug for treating viral outbreaks;

– When a Republican is in the White House, HCQ is unproven and something to be avoided in treating viral outbreaks;

– Dr. Fauci currently says we cannot return to our normal lives until a vaccine has been developed 12-18 months from now, but his record of abject failure related to the development of truly effective vaccines over the span of the last 40 years clearly demonstrates that we should run away from this notion as fast as humanly possible.

Bottom line, Anthony Fauci is a man who should be treated with extreme skepticism by all thinking people.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

WHO be defunded (a scientist there has spoken out and stated that she “always” thought the virus could be transmitted person-to-person, something the Chinese Commie denied and that WHO would not claim.)

But not only should WHO be defunded; China should also. Right now, they’re working on some really effective aircraft carriers for their eventual war on Taiwan (the REAL China.)

The fact that the CCP has agents and allies everywhere in the US (the Chamberpot, the press, the Left) means that we have already had a silent Pearl Harbor, which was launched in November/December of 2019. (They don’t call it COVID 2019 for nothing! It’s not COVID 2020, is it?)

Jumper Bones

Time to disenfranchise our federal government from so called “experts-with-agendas”. Just like the MSM has on their payroll.

Jimmy MacAfee

Just for clarification: much of what I posted was from a link from Natural news; I added comments at certain points, but didn’t want to be seen as plagiarizing. But I agree with the article (link in my post on the other thread) and I agree with Phineas and Gregg.

Thanks for the note, Dave!


Dr. Fauci got the funding through NIH to manipulate corona virus in 2015 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Chinese scientist, Zhengli, worked on the project and later duplicated its findings at a lab in Wuhan, China. The proof is all documented and published.

phineas gage

Yes, this is a major reason for the scientific bureaucracy in this country to distract and mislead–they were all in this virus research game up to their eyeballs for the Chinese money.

phineas gage

It’s also quite clear the peak is over in NYC, the worst hit area. The paralysis has to end.

phineas gage

Food shortages are forecast within a few weeks; this has now become not so much a decision as an imperative. The President must act now.

Ben Colder

I wish this so called dr would either resign or Trump would fire him.He is not helping anyone he is trying to make Trump look bad and the more he says the more one can see what he is up to,Just looking at him makes me mad .I wish The president could get him out of the picture he is nothing but a Ma Clinton ass kisser.He wants to make Trump the fall guy for this crap.

Diane Lumsden

Go to America’s Daily Report, youtube, and watch Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT, PhD being interviewed about Fauci, the virus, etc. Really eye opening for those who need to question Fauci’s credibility. He says everything I have been thinking about this whole mess.


While blocking aid to American businesses… Think about that…


Everyone with more than two functioning brain cells can reasonably come to the conclusion that there are drugs widely available today that knock the legs out from under this virus. The HCQ and Ivermectin parasitical drugs being the best, so far, at achieving near 100% results.

As is with the communist left, and they ARE communists, there can never be a large enough body count for them to utilize. They are all out fighting this curative treatment because they have nothing else to use in their quest for power and control. There will never be enough truth to sway them into being reasonable. You simply cannot reason with a person(s) who are abjectly insane at every level.

The ONLY reason to engage liberals is for the third person. When the third person is seeing the insanity of the communists it goes a LONG ways towards their decisions of whom to support because they realize their life may well be on the line too. Conservatives need to stop playing nice as the communists will never give up in their efforts to control you. They need to be exposed and showcased at how insane they really are… case in point Ted Cruz’s comments regarding Iran asking for 5 billion and Dems urging Trump to soften on them.


Dave wrote recently about Trump use of foils like Mueller and now Dr. Vaccine. People often criticize Trump for Tweeting too much, yet want these frauds exposed…

The MSM (D) press whines the most at the president’s Tweets; the press only has a fit when the conservative opposition is effective – keep Tweeting Mr. President. T&F (Tweet and Fire).

I still believe the ‘expert’ Dr. Vaccine should be fired right now; explain why using our arguments above Mr. President – the MSM (D) will then have a Schiff-fit, and open up our 20+Trillion Dollar Economy – all good things.

Mueller was a good foil to have during Russiagate, but that was basically a personal (but vitally important) issue between Trump and the cabal; Fraudi’s input and counterproductive comments concern the economic, physical and mental health of 328 million people.


Regarding c*******ts, One of the many lessons my father taught me was the only way to effectively get through to one is with your boot on his neck and a gun in his face and then maybe they will see the light. Same goes for avowed s*******ts.

phineas gage

The question is at what level of anecdotal evidence does the suspension of disbelief become too great? In Fauci’s glass media bubble, perhaps never, but in the real world that point is rapidly approaching.

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