Gretchen Whitmer: A Dangerous Object Lesson for all Americans

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Democrat governors and mayors are starting to become drunk on power. – In Kentucky, the Democrat governor has police recording the license plate numbers of church parishioners and issuing them $500 tickets for being parked in the church parking lot.

In Philadelphia, the Democrat governor has police arrest a man for attempting to board an empty subway car without his mask on.

In California, the Democrat governor has police arresting a lone Santa Monica man on an empty beach for the crime of attempting to swim in the ocean.

In New York City, the Democrat Mayor not only orders churches to remain closed to any and all parishioners, but threatens to shut them down permanently if they do not bend to his will.

But none of those governors and mayors can hold a candle to Michigan’s Democrat Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. Whitmer has been such a despot in exercising her nebulous emergency powers during the Wuhan Virus crisis that she is now the subject of an online recall petition that had collected over 80,000 signatures within a few hours of its being issued on Saturday.

Rather than simply ordering the closing of “non-essential” businesses, as pretty much every other governor has done, Whitmer has taken things much further, ordering law enforcement officers to go into the stores remaining open and rope off sections selling items she deems to be “non-essential.” This would be items like plant seeds and American flags:

Continental Breakfast – Blazing Cat Fur


You can’t buy seeds with which to grow your own food or a flag to hang out over your front porch, but hey, you can buy pot and lottery tickets, because the state government can’t afford to lose the tax collections it receives on those items. Isn’t life in Michigan grand?

Two Fridays ago, Whitmer decided it would be a great thing for her political ambitions (she wants to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential nominee) if she banned hydroxychloroquine after President Trump had spoken highly of it as a treatment for Wuhan Virus. Four days later, as mountains of evidence proving the President’s claim became public, she was forced by public outrage to withdraw that stupid order.

The budding 3rd-world dictator has banned travel by motorboat on the state’s many lakes and other waterways, and late this week took the draconian step of banning any travel between residences in her state. That means that residents not only are banned from getting in the car or walking across the street to visit friends or family, they also cannot travel between two homes that they might own, or travel to rental homes that they might own and run as a business.

This woman with the plastic face is, in other words, stumbling, bumbling, falling down drunk with power. She isn’t just the drunk who hangs out at the local power bar, she’s the raging town drunk who closes down the power bar at 2:00 a.m. and spends the rest of the night walking through the streets slugging from a bottle of MD 20/20.

Gretchen Whitmer represents an object lesson for all Americans to heed. The people of Michigan are finding out how dangerous it is to elect someone with no real qualifications or life experience that might have prepared him or her to handle such a big job. Whitmer won the governor’s office based on being physically attractive, carefully polled talking points written by a team of talking points monkeys and having tons of out-of-state money to spend, much of which came from front groups funded by George Soros.

Even worse than her inexperience and lack of preparedness for a crisis, Whitmer’s radical leftist ideology leaves her prone to crave the rush of exercising power over the common people who all leftists seek to dominate and control. In this regard, she is proving to be the very worst of all the governors in America.

The apparent consideration of her as a potential Biden running mate now renders this wretched human being as not just a threat to the freedoms of the Michiganders who so stupidly chose to elevate her to a position of power, it makes her a threat to all Americans. Because let’s face it: Joe Biden is too elderly and obviously impaired to handle the office of the presidency. Were he to be elected in November, his vice president would inevitably rise to the presidency within a few months of Inauguration Day.

So, regardless of where you live, pay attention to the actions of this power-mad woman. Because the actions she is implementing today from the governor’s mansion to control the lives of Michigan residents are what she would love to be doing to you some day from the White House.

Oh yeah, and, Happy Easter, everyone!

That is all.

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Susan Elizabeth Clemons

I can’t decide if Gretchen looks like dominatrix or a Stepford wife. Either way she is a tyrant for sure.


Being a MI resident, I’ve just about had enough of this progressive princess. I’m OK with the shutdowns, staying at home, I’ve voluntarily complied with the social distancing, etc. But telling me where I can and can’t go? What I can and can’t buy? It’s time for her to go. Maybe before she goes she can fix the state website for unemployment. I can’t get in to check on a claim and the phone number is down. For all the criticism leveled at Trump for not being prepared for this crisis, Whit-less-mer didn’t prepare for the volume of unemployed going to the website caused by her actions.

Jimmy MacAfee

She has the face of Arnold S, old version. I don’t know why anyone would find her attractive. She looks cold and unfeeling, and the evidence is…she is. We sometimes refer to those as “psychopaths,” but let’s not find out; she should never be allowed anywhere near the levers of power. Sad.


Is it me or does whe look ike she is enjoying herself?


I am increasingly concerned about the “wimmen” in office exercising the famous “Because I said so” MOM powers instead of limiting themselves to their delegated powers. Just look at Gretchen in Michigan, Kate in Washington, Lightfoot in Chicago, the mayor in DC, the police chief in Seattle, and on and on. They seem to think that their power is whatever they say it is, and they are untouchable because they are women, or worse yet, women of color. Look across the country, there are a LOT of these types of women in office. The best exception I have seen is the South Dakota gov. She is the ONLY politician that seems to understand that the job of govt is to PROTECT our rights.


Yes wvon…, Very true about the radical women

I agree SD Gov Kristi Noem seems like the real deal. Sarah Palin was too until the jackals in the media and Ace McLame and his miserable campaign staff went all in on destroying her and then tried to blame her for HIS loss. Another fine lady was Michelle Bachman, who was a fine Rep from MN. She too was destroyed by the MSM (D) when she began to gain some traction in the GOP Primary and was utterly destroyed with as much effort as Walking Eagle and her ilk are propped up.

Even the Hawaiian Heroine went too far off the reservation and was destroyed…

For all the professed women equality and respect the woman Bull-Schiff that is uttered by the radical feminists, it rings hollow when bright, appealing, conservative women are routinely attacked – just like conservative Americans of African descent.

I can’t remember a single time when a conservative woman was rallied for by NOW or any other pro woman group; or the NAACP standing up for Clarence Thomas or Herman Cain. No wonder why so few conservative women or other minorities even try to seek office, I wouldn’t in this political climate.


Watched an interesting show… the Pete Santilli show with Kissanne Hall. TONS of good stuff in there from her well worth the listen.

A link to her site as well

Basically an educator on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights which she states the position the USA is currently in is BECAUSE people do not know what it says and have been dumbed down to a shocking level of ignorance.

She clearly articulates that NO businesses and especially churches, should be shuttered as its clearly unconstitutional. I’m not merican but fully agree with her on every point. The attacks on the churches are the biggest threat to liberals which is understandable they want to hammer them into submission.

I can’t agree more with that premise. ALL churches need to stand up, shout out, that they will not obey these liberal tyrants. A unified church is what they fear, Time to stand up, brush yourselves off and get back into the fight.

Like the old Dylan song… you have to serve somebody…. best to serve the King of Kings than a liberal tyrant.


In a natural disaster your governor is responsible for your safety NOT the president.

Look at the performance of each state and you see red states doing well and blue states complete basket cases. We need to hold the states and governors accountable or we will never improve our preparedness.

Bob Cram

Here in Wisconsin the democrat governor closed the state parks. Not because of the wuhan virus, but because people had left a mess behind and he didn’t want to send the state workers to clean it up.


If anyone thinks that peace and love will prevail in any sort of a commune, just look at what happened during the “Occupy Wall Street” movement of 2012 when gutless, feckless (appearing) mayors (including Bloomberg) refused to enforce their city’s laws on demostrations – just like what is happening with the ANTIFA-led riots. There were rapes, and open defecations on police cars and apparently a 30,000+ member police department couldn’t get a handle on or maintain order in a public park that was smaller than ONE (1) acre!

Actually I don’t think these DEMOCRAT mayors are gutless or feckless – they are allowing/doing just what their masters tell them to do/allow. They’ll take the political hit knowing full well the 75/25 Dem voter mix will reelect them no matter what.

This is where the feds under a second Trump term will have to intervene and arrest and PROSECUTE all these mayors and governors that allow open lawlessness including riots, voter fraud, and sanctuary cities – all illegal activity.

Isn’t it amazing how all the highly orchestrated ‘Occupy Wall Street’ (anti-Romney) ‘rallies’ went away on their own accord as soon as ‘the One’ was reelected?

Upon Barack the Obama’s reelection, nothing changed between the 1%ers status and the 99%ers status.

There needs to be a full investigation and prosecution into who is funding this ongoing civil disobedience including placing adds on the internet for paid participants – rent-a-mobs. Now that many states have released convicts into the public due to the China virus, there is plenty of jail space available for the orchestraters of this lawlessness. Paging Mr. Barr, paging Mr. Barr.

Drew McFadden

I live in Michigan. The west side of the state is very conservative. The people in ANT (Anywhere Not Detroit) are really furious about this. I was out buying a couple of essential screws I needed for a project. It seems to me that in general Gov. Crazy Eyes is being ignored. BTW today is Michigan held hostage day 2.
Love your writing.
Happy Easter.. HE is Risen! (pass it on)

phineas gage

And if I have to hear one more insipid rendition of ‘we’re all in this together, we’ll all get through this together’ I’m going to lose my mind. What, precisely, does that even mean?

phineas gage

PG, Great , but depressing link – however, wish everyone would read it.

Sophie Lewis and her fellow travelers are a cancer on everything that is decent regarding humanity and must be eliminated before they metastasize any further.

The Whitmer types are the ones who present as the electable ‘moderates’ who fully or at least partially subscribe to the globalist agenda of communism.

If we fail in ANY future election – failure being electing any Democrat – we will be sealing our destruction at worst, and fomenting a long violent CW at best.

phineas gage

Governor Blackface has signed a law limiting Virginians to one handgun purchase per month. Where, precisely, is that restriction found in the Second Amendment?

I’ve said it before–the time for the national divorce is now. Before we are in chains.

phineas gage

Whitmer is by far the worst of the lot, but across the country governors, mayors, and unelected officials are acting as local despots.

This is a trial run for what is going to happen if these people take power. Don’t kid yourself. It is a preview of the Green New Deal.

Far more quickly than the climate hoax could have, this pandemic has offered these people the intoxicating powers they have craved for decades. And personal liberties once lost are rarely regained.

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