Watch Trump Pants Jim Acosta and his “Happy Talk” Question

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

At yesterday’s Coronavirus Task Force press conference, the execrable CNN hack Jim Acosta accused President Donald Trump and the Task Force experts of engaging in “happy talk” for the American People. Acosta cites unnamed “governors” and “hospital professionals” who complain of shortages of PPE, ventilators and other equipment while on the air at CNN. He of course refuses to name a single name, because he is making most, if not all of it up at this point.

Below is a 6 minute clip of the exchange, followed by a transcript of most of the President’s remarks. As is his habit, Acosta constantly interrupts the President in the midst of his answers, and there is a lot of cross talk during the exchange. I’m not going to waste my time transcribing anything Acosta has to say, because he is not worthy of my time. So, the Transcript will consist only of the President’s remarks, which every American should hear and digest.

First, the clip:




Well, a lot of it’s fake news. A lot of it’s fake news. Why would you say ‘no’? I think the answer is yes. Who said no to that [the government’s efforts to provide ventilators and PPE]? No, no – you’re saying no, but who said it [Acosta provides no answer]?

You said do we have enough masks? Yes. You said do we have enough tests? Yes. Plus, we’re developing news tests. Do we have enough ventilators? Yes. Do we have enough hospital beds? Yes. We built 20,000 hospital beds.

They say that on your [CNN’s] air because if they don’t say that you’re not going to put them on.

Let me just tell you, the governors, last night, they had a group of governors, 14 governors, they were together someplace, and they said it’s been unbelievable what’s happened. We’ve been totally responsive.

Ventilators – everyone has the ventilators they need, to a point where we’re getting calls from foreign countries, they’re saying ‘you have all the ventilators, can we get some?’ And we’re going to try and help some of these countries.

These people [pointing out the Task Force members] have done an incredible job.

This is not ‘happy talk.’ Maybe it’s happy talk for you, it’s not happy talk for me. We’re talking about death. We’re talking about the greatest economy in the world – one day I have to close it off. And we did the right thing, because maybe it would have been 2 million people died instead of what that final number will be. It could be 60, it could be 70, it could be 75, it could be 55, whatever. Thousands of people have died. There’s nothing ‘happy’ about it, Jim.

This is sad talk. These are the saddest news conferences that I’ve ever had. I don’t like doing them. You know why? Because I’m talking about death. I’m talking about taking the greatest economy ever created, we had the greatest numbers we’ve ever had in almost every aspect of economics. From employment to companies… look at the airlines, they were having the best year. Now, all of a sudden we have to save them.

There’s no ‘happy talk,’ Jim. This is the real deal. 

And I’ve got to make the biggest decision of my life. And I’ve only started thinking about that. I’ve made a lot of big decisions in my life – you understand that. This is by far the biggest decision of my life, because I have to say, ok, let’s go.

[Acosta interrupts with more vague statements by unidentified “hospital administrators]

Sure, but you have many doctors that say ‘unbelievable job.’ I watched this morning, I watched a certain network, and it wasn’t Fox, and you had doctors saying we had done an incredible job. You just read off these ‘no, no, no’; well, we have ventilators, we have equipment, we have beds…

How about beds? Gov. Cuomo just told me a little while ago that he’s got plenty of beds. In fact, he’s having a hard time filling Javits Center. We built them 2,900 beds. So, that’s not a fair question.

[Acosta interrupts with more vague, unidentified accusatsions]

Jim, Jim, Jim, no, excuse me. We have masks, we have everything. And we were trying to get ready for this surge, and a lot of people said it will never happen. Deborah said it: You will never need that many beds. They said we needed 40,000 ventilators. 40 thousand! It’s like building a car – 40,000 ventilators. People said – I felt it, too – you’ll ever need that many.

Guess what? We’re the envy of the world in terms of ventilators. Germany would like some, France would like some – we’re going to help these countries out. Spain needs them desperately; Italy needs them desperately; Mexico needs them desperately. He [Mexican President AMLO] asked me last night would it be possible to get 10,000 ventilators? Within a short period of time I’ll be able to help out Mexico.

No, Jim, just the opposite of your question: It’s not ‘no, no, no,’ it’s ‘yes, yes, yes.’ We’re in great shape.

And you know what? What’s happening now is those numbers, they’re horrible – take a look at the numbers of beds. We have beds available all over New York, New York really being the epicenter. New York has experienced something that has been absolutely horrific.

I saw Hart’s Island yesterday [where Wuhan Virus victims are being buried in mass graves]. I saw those people being buried yesterday. Fortunately, we have the beds, and you can speak to Mayor de Blasio, you can speak to Gov. Cuomo, people can’t even believe the job we’ve done.

And I give tremendous credit to the military. This has been a military operation, with private people. I give tremendous credit to our military, to the Army Corps of Engineers to FEMA, to these people [the Task Force members]. The job they’ve done is incredible. And you shouldn’t be asking…[Acost interrupts yet again] that kind of a quest….

Jim, honestly, you shouldn’t be asking that kind of a question. You should say it’s been really incredible watching what’s happening. [Acosta interrupts] Jim, let me ask you, what governor…we have more tests than anyone in the world, we have virtually every country in the world calling us, asking us ‘how do we get these tests that you have? Your testing is the best in the world, how do we get it?’

They’ve done a fantastic job, and when you ask a question like that, it’s very insulting to a lot of great people.


Regardless of what you think about the response to the pandemic that has been mounted, and whether or not it was overkill, the reality is that what has been accomplished over the last two months by all the people the President names and credits in this answer has been truly astonishing. Sadly, those who get their “news” from corrupt media outlets like CNN will never understand or appreciate that reality.

On this Easter weekend, that’s worth applauding, even if sleazy, corrupt reporters like Jim Acosta want to classify it all as ‘happy talk.’

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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Jimmy MacAfee

So…we pay the CCP to produce a virus that is killing us and our economy? How deep does this collaboration go? (I wonder if Mini Mike the Edomite China Asset has any investments in that lab? Bill “the Cat” Gates?) Not claiming, just asking.

Jimmy MacAfee

And now, the other shoe drops…

“REVEALED: U.S. government gave $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab at center of coronavirus leak scrutiny that was performing experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated

“The US National Institutes of Health, a government agency, awarded a $3.7million research grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology

“The lab is the center of several conspiracy theories that suggest it is the original source of the coronavirus outbreak

“The institute experimented on bats from the source of the coronavirus

“They were captured more than 1,000 miles away in Yunnan

“Sequencing of the Covid-19 genome has traced it to bats to Yunnan’s caves
The U.S. government funded research on coronavirus transmission in the lab over the past decade.”

The “conspiracy theories” about the Deep State and Bill Gates just got a little more real.

Happy Resurrection Day!


If there is any justice, these media hacks all the way up to the owners and every stinking rotten anti-American Pol of both parties will get their just rewards. Maybe, hopefully, here and soon, if not, in the hereafter.

phineas gage

Another possibility for the spatial disparities in infection level and death rate is that the virus has mutated into two or more strains at this point with varying degrees of lethality.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d suggested that from the beginning, but still not sure. Medium probability.

phineas gage

Per Tucker last night, anyone have any explanation for why major Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are (apparently) pretty much untouched, while Western cities thousands of miles away like NYC are ravaged?

A benign interpretation is that perhaps certain populations have had prior exposure to a related virus, and thus there is overlapping herd immunity against this one. Maybe that explains disparities in this country, such as NYC being hard hit, but California cities comparatively mild.

The other interpretation is more sinister.


It’s yutzes like Acosta that have me justed totally ticked off. My sister in law is so scared she has panic attacks about going outside her front door. She thinks that she will get this damn disease by literally just going outside. How many more hundreds of thousands are there like her who are
holed up in their homes literally frightened to death of this thing? I pray to God that here is a heavy price that the press will pay for this. They truly are the scum of the earth.

phineas gage

It is undeniably true that the media has driven most of this hysteria by panicking women. That is their goal and they have accomplished it very well.

The downside for them is that Trump is clearly establishing the role of the strong protector.

As much as public health and economics, politics is a big part of this, which is why Trump is out there crushing the media every day. It allows him to deal with the other two issues.

Rick O'Shay

Pants is correct. At least it is in Texas and Wisconsin. And the president has been doing it a lot lately.

Jumper Bones

Acosta doesn’t deserve to be put in the category of journalists. He is a rabble-rouser. And an obvious one at that. It’s all about click-bait and ratings numbers, even in times of crisis. Thank you for the transcript, Mr. Blackmon.

phineas gage

But you can clearly see why Trump engages Acosta. He has a purpose, which is to use the not-too-bright Acosta as a foil to clearly get his message out to the American people.

He does it every day, and it is brilliant. The media, in their myopic drive to get the Bad Orange Man, don’t even understand how they are being used.

Don Roberts

Where I come from, the phrase is to “de-pants” someone. “Pants” just doesn’t sound right. Just sayin!

Jimmy MacAfee

Acosta should go Judas himself, if it were up to me. But even traitors deserve one last shot at repentance. Will you repent, Acosta, or continue to be a liar? The Bible, in the Book of Revelation, says all liars will be cast into hell. Is this what you want, Acosta? Is your pathetic need for attention so great that all you can do is lie? Even at the cost of your own soul?

I feel sorry for you. Really, really sorry.


Must suck to leave work each day with a wedgie

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