William Barr Drops Some Bombs In Fox Interview

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

This is all good to know. Now, some indictments and perp walks, please? – In his interview aired on The Ingraham Angle last night, William Barr laid down several key markers. During the course of the 7-minute clip below, he endorses President Trump’s firing of corrupt ICIG Michael Atkinson – directly refuting the assessment of his plodding underling, DOJ IG Michael Horowitz – and clarifies that U.S. Attorney John Durham’s role is to prosecute the guilty, not necessarily to write a report.

Unfortunately to many of us, he also endorses the renewal of the FISA law that has been so horribly and systematically abused by the hopelessly corrupt FBI. But even there we find some encouraging news: Rather than repeating his demand for a “clean” renewal of the statute, he talks about putting in some “safeguards” that would work to prevent further abuse. But he does not clarify whether he means those safeguards to be in the statute – which would give them the force of law – or in FBI ‘procedure,’ which would make them nothing more than an inconvenience for corrupt FBI officials to continue to ignore.

Below is the video clip, followed by a transcript:


Ingraham – I believe you urged consideration of the federal inmate population given the coronavirus. Where does that stand now?

Barr – We’re not going to open our prisons and let prisoners go free. Our mission is to protect the public, and we’re not going to do anything that’s contrary to that. Where we find a prisoner who is vulnerable because of their age or medical condition; that has served the substantial part of their sentence; has not been convicted of a sexual assault or a violent crime; does not pose a threat to the community; we are using every tool we have to put them into home confinement, provided we thing home confinement will not be more dangerous than staying where they are. And also, after a quarantine period where we are sure they’re not taking the disease into the public.

Ingraham – You have been criticized recently for focusing on the drug cartels during the Covid virus [plays clip of idiot reporters].

Barr – Well, it might come as a surprise to some of these people that the Justice Department has 115,000 people who are dedicated to protecting the public safety, including preventing narcotics trafficking. And we’re actually able to do more than one thing at a time. And we’re handling different kinds of cases. Maybe fraud isn’t on the top of their mind, but we still police fraud. It’s interesting, because drugs kill 70,000 Americans a year – 70,000 a year. It’s poison, and we have to make sure that during this period the cartels are not taking advantage of the United States and pumping this poison up into the United States.

Ingraham – And the border is getting tougher to penetrate now, and so they’re coming in via boat and navigable waterways.

Barr – Right, and they’re relying more on boats to bring the cocaine up from South America up for further transportation into the United States. So, the Justice Department can do more than one thing at once. I’m amused whenever I see, you know, ‘Barr has intervened in this case, or Barr has done such and such’ at the time of the Covid crisis. Business for the Department of Justice has to continue.

Ingraham – John Brennan has come out, smashing the President’s firing of Inspector General Michael Atkinson, let’s listen:

[Brennan Clip] – By removing Mr. Atkinson, and I think also sending a signal to others, Mr. Trump continues to show his insecurity in terms of trying to stop anybody who was going to expose, again the lawlessness, that I think he not only has allowed to continue, but also that he abets.

BarrI think the president did the right thing in removing Atkinson. From the vantage point of the Dept. of Justice, he had interpreted his statute; which is a fairly narrow statute that gave him jurisdiction over wrong-doing by intelligence people; and tried to turn it into a commission to explore anything in the government, and immediately report it to congress without letting the executive branch look at it and determine whether there was any problem.  He was told this in a letter from the department of justice, and he is obliged to follow the interpretation of the department of justice, and he ignored it. So I think the President was correct in firing him.

Ingraham – And it’s the second inspector general he’s fired since the beginning of this pandemic. And of course that is used to say: ‘well, the president doesn’t want a watchdog’.

Barr – No, I don’t think that’s true. I think he wants responsible watchdogs.

Ingraham – What can you tell us about the state of John Durham’s investigation? People have been waiting for the, the final report, on what happened with this, what can you tell us?

Barr– Well I think a report y’know, may be, and probably will be, a by-product of his activity; but his primary focus isn’t to prepare a report, he is looking to bring to justice people who were engaged in abuses if he can show that there were criminal violations; and that’s what the focus is on. And, as you know being a lawyer yourself, building these cases – especially the sprawling case we have between us that went on for two or three years here – it takes some time, it takes some time to build the case.

So he’s diligently pursuing it.  My own view is that the evidence shows that we’re not dealing with just mistakes or sloppiness, there was something far more troubling here; and we’re going to get to the bottom of it. And if people broke the law, and we can establish that with the evidence, they will be prosecuted.

Ingraham – The president is very frustrated, I think you obviously know that. About Andrew McCabe, he believes that people like McCabe and others just were able to basically flout the laws, and so far with impunity.

BarrI think the president has every right to be frustrated, because I think what happened to him was one of the greatest travesties in American historyWithout any basis, they started this investigation of his campaign; and even more concerning actually, is what happened after the campaign; a whole pattern of events while he was President, to sabotage the presidency. And I think that, or at least had the effect of sabotaging the presidency.

Ingraham – Will FISA abuses be prevented going forward given what happened here where FISA judges were not given critical pieces of information; material facts about evidence that informed the governments’ okaying of surveillance on American citizens.

Barr – You know I think it’s possible to put in a regime that will make it very hard, either to willfully circumvent FISA, or to do so sloppily without due regard for the rights of the American person involved. And also to make it very clear that any misconduct will be discovered and discovered fairly promptly.  So I do think we can put in safeguards that will enable us to go forward with this important tool. I think it’s very sad, and the people who abused FISA have a lot to answer for. Because this was an important tool to protect the American people, they abused it, they undercut public confidence in FISA but also the FBI as an institution. And we have to rebuild that.


So, there you have it. You can interpret it any way you want, and I know most of you will. But in doing so, you should think about why Barr felt the need to give this particular interview at this particular time? He isn’t under any real scrutiny from the corrupt news media right now, or under any cloud of controversy.

Thus, the timing of this interview is quite interesting, as well as the content. It indicates to me that Barr wanted to use this interview to send some very specific messages to some very specific people, including John Brennan. Otherwise, what reason would there have been to do it?

Think about it.

That is all.

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phineas gage

John Solomon confirmed on Hannity that multiple DC Grand Jury subpoenas have been issued on behalf of Durham.

Well now.


Guardedly optimistic I am.


Brilliant report, DB.


Blah, blah blah blah ba blah blah blah, blah blah.


WOW… looks like you’ve brought your reasoning up and articulated your ‘reasoned thoughts’ better than everyone else…

Did you get a new coloring book???

CC Coleman

Mr Barr YOUR DOJ and FBI violate the Constitution Daily against ordinary citizens. Civil Rights are virtually NONEXISTENT. You should be embarrassed that NO coup member has been arrested and indicted. One Standard for Federal Law Enforcement/Politicians and Another Standard for ordinary citizens. How many in Federal Prison were RAILROADED by your people? How many LIES did your Agents and USAAs tell in Court against people with complete IMMUNITY? Do your USAA’s have a checklist of how many of the Bill of Rights they MUST violate against people? Barr you are an embarrassment. Do your job or RESIGN. P.S. YOUR JOB IS NOT TO PROTECT DOJ AND FBI CRIMINALS!


CC, What is USAAs you write of?

Cortana Says it is United Services Automobile Association – somehow, I don’t think you are writing about them.

Having been in the Navy and Gov. I’m pretty good at acronyms, but If I don’t get them…?


I suspect CC Coleman means U.S.A. Attorneys, as in D.O.J. Federal Attorneys.

Ben Colder

I have gotten to the point of heard that before and I really have doubts that Barr is going to do a stinking thing.The FBI is totally out of control and so is CIA they do what ever the damned hell they feel like and laugh about it right in the justices departments face.


Odd that Gina Haspel is an accolade of Brennan. Wonder what shes been up to.

Anyrate… hope everyone has a great day today. Celebrating the real reason for Christmas. Cheers

phineas gage

And of course the true Christmas, or date of Christ’s birth, was in the spring as well.

Just moved to coincide with a popular Roman pagan festival for PR purposes.

Allan White

By indicting Brennen and the other criminals, he would be sending the best signal possible to both the corrupt officials and the patriots who by now are getting “Fed” up and ultimately will be never brought back to trust the FBI.


What bombs?

CC Coleman

YES! Where are the indictments BARR? It did not take 2 years to indict Roger Stone and Gen Flynn did it?


Man… I hate being the party pooper… But the way I’ve viewed this interview is like phineas noted, a PR. The questions were all really softball questions there was no digging.

Laura didn’t ask about the handful of indictments he was given and hasn’t prosecuted.

Speaking about Durham “he is looking to bring to justice people who were engaged in abuses if he can show that there were criminal violations; and that’s what the focus is on.”

He’s had them handed to him on a plate, enough evidence apparently, ie Comey, that he’s allowed to walk. the BLARING discrepancy in ‘justice’. Flynn being crucified and bankrupted and today STILL being hammered by the DoJ and comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe etc etc all walking free with no restrictions.

TWO years and not even ONE prosecuted low level deep stater. EVERYTHING being let out and moved by media is speculation to keep the slow roll going. Perfect opportunity to help the public better understand whats happening and to put a bit of fire under Barrs hiney to start producing results and its a mulligan.

I’m sorry I still see this as mostly a PR performance to keep the smoke rolling so as to obscure mostly inaction. At this point theres no way to know for sure if he’s working for or against the President. He may well be doing just enough to dupe, everyone including the President, into thinking justice will be served and perps will hang.

phineas gage

I also believe that McCabe is singing like an opera star to Durham.


You have proof of that?

phineas gage

Of course not–this is a political blog. Do you have proof he isn’t?

Jimmy MacAfee

Helps when the “parts” are in a vice!


Video wasn’t available – thanks as always for the transcript.

Dropping bombs are great, but at some time they must explode in order to be worth anything.

Agree with your interpretation that there was a reason why he went on air at this time.

“…I think what happened to him was one of the greatest travesties in American history. Without any basis,…”

It is somewhat reassuring to hear the AG recognizes that many bad people did a lot of bad stuff.
But, as we all know, indictments, prosecutions, convictions, and incarcerations will also send “very specific messages”.

My thought as to the timing: A whole slew of well timed and justified indictments around the end of the month could serve as strategic cover to take the China Virus off the front page when the president lifts the curfew and lets the country get back to a normal functioning economy. Or, the indictments could be ‘exploded’ somewhat under the radar of the virus coverage.

Interesting times indeed.


There president didn’t order any curfew and can’t lift any curfew. That was done solely by governors and mayors. What the president can and should do is sideline Dr. Fauci and Birx and get some who know what an economy is.

Jimmy MacAfee

There was a type of bomb we allegedly used on Germany in WWII; it was a metal casing, filled with water. It didn’t explode until temperatures caused the water to freeze. Can’t find references
to it, but the idea is what I’m getting at: when the temperature is right (or hell freezes over?) we’ll see the indictiments unsealed.

phineas gage

Here is something along those lines, although it is not a military bomb:


I don’t think cryogenic bombs came along until thermonuclear technology.

Jimmy MacAfee

Pretty sure we used them in Germany during the war, to limited effect – more a weapon of terror, easily dismantled once it got warm enough.

phineas gage

I believe that Barr, Ratcliffe, Grenell, and Trump have had serious discussions about FISA, perhaps in conjunction with Mitch, and have a plan of action.


Their plan of action is inaction.

phineas gage

No, a decision has to be made about FISA renewal one way or the other

phineas gage

Thank you for the transcript–I no longer pay for Fox News, and it is nice to be able to read through that.

I think part of Barr’s message was PR along the lines of ‘if you think we have been distracted by the coronavirus panic, think again’. Part of it was also to rattle the perps.

Jimmy MacAfee

Meant to say: Put them where they have nothing to say that can be heard by anyone…no more MSNBC, CNN…no more public communication. CUT THEM OFF!

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m hopeful. Do it, Mr. Barr; get it done. Remove the perpetrators (or is it perpeTRAITORS) from our sight, and take their freedom and liberty and put them where they have nothing that can be heard by anyone at anytime forever.

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