HUGE: Gov. Greg Abbott Preparing Order to Begin Re-Opening Texas Businesses

The Evening Campaign Update

Living in Texas is a blessing in so many ways. One of the best of those ways has been to enjoy the blessings of a state run by Republicans for the last 26 years, and current Governor Greg Abbott is proving in many ways to be the best of them.

At a news conference today, Gov. Abbott announced that he will be among the first governors in the nation to issue an executive order to authorize businesses in our state shut down due to the Wuhan Virus to begin re-opening as soon as next week. Texas has been blessed to have been fairly lightly hit by the virus, with most of its counties outside of the major population centers experiencing either no cases or just a handful. Even the state’s huge cities, like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, have been extremely lightly impacted compared to cities in other states.

Like President Donald Trump, Abbott promises the reopening will be strategically done in order to protect human life, and will no doubt include measures like self-quarantining by those who are most vulnerable to the virus. But the existence of a clearly effective treatment regime, thanks to the hydroxychloroquine/zinc combination, and social distancing measures that can be practiced by those in the workplace now make it possible for states to begin shifting from a shelter-in-place strategy to a quarantine-plus-treatment approach.

Here is an excerpt from a Fox News story on the matter:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday he plans to sign an executive order next week outlining guidelines for how businesses in the state can start to reopen after being shut down over coronavirus.

“Next week I will be providing an executive order talking about what will be done in Texas about reopening Texas businesses,” Abbott said during a Friday news conference, saying it will be done “in a way that will be safe for that economic revitalization.”


He added: “We will focus on protecting lives while restoring livelihoods. We can and we must do this,”


As President Trump has consistently emphasized, a strategy designed to safely reopen the nation’s economy will not involve a one-size-fits-all timeline. Texas, in large part to its advanced emergency management practices that have evolved from decades of practice dealing with major storm, fire, drought and hurricane events, has been able to weather this latest storm better than most.

This successful addressing of the front-end of this pandemic now positions the Lone Star State to be on the leading edge of the coming recovery – and make no doubt about it: The recovering is coming.

God Bless Texas, God Bless Gov. Abbott and God Bless America on this Good Friday.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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Jimmy MacAfee

Meanwhile, Governor Blackface has extended his order (or ordure) until June 10. Not recently, but let’s see if he shortens the time as other states do.

I’ve been getting a lot of work done in the forest and fields since being laid off by the State of Virginia, so I’m happy for the time away. Looking forward to returning to work, but I’ll be the last to be called back. Not complaining. I’m “non-essential,” and that doesn’t burn a bit! I’m getting a month’s worth of work done in a week!

phineas gage

Here in Georgia I think Kemp wants to re-open ASAP.

The conflict within and between the states and the federal government is going to be enormous. You know the media will do everything in their power to prolong the shutdown.

Some of these Democrat fascists–Blackface, Whitmer, Moe Sizlak,–have laid down some markers that can’t be walked back.

But at least we finally have a glimmer of light. I’m revising my total national death estimate downwards to less than 40,000 when this is all over. Lives were ruined for no good reason.


TN Gov. Lee’s shutdown order is due to expire on the 14th of April, unless something dictates an extension. I’m not worried – we’ll be open for business very soon.

However, our liberal friends at the Liberal Vanderbilt University in dark blue Nashville built a ‘model’ predicting doom and gloom if we returned to ‘normal’.

I guess the CDC opened a branch office in Nashville.

I have had some major disagreements of the ‘outsider’ Lee, but he is doing a good job dealing with this ‘pandemic’.


GOD Bless Texas! Glad you have a great governor! America would have been lost long ago if not for Texas staying sane.

Rick O'Shay

“Living in Texas is a blessing in so many ways.”


Big Al in NC

Hello again, Mr. Blackmon… I really (continue to) appreciate the transcripts you provide… This may not be the right platform for this question, but couldn’t find an email route to ask….so here goes…. Is there any way to get to your PREVIOUS DB Daily Update articles, once they are no longer available on your main screen? Given my history of being ignorant in blogging, I’m sure there is a method/technique to get “there…” Unfortunately, I haven’t found it! Bottom line, do you have an archive link to allow going back further on previous posts??

MANY thanx….for all you do….

Big Al in NC….


Dave, I thought I saw an archive link on the left side of you newly formatted page, but don’t see it now. It would be a great feature to add for your fans.

Big Al, since I began commenting, and joined Dave’s group, I get an email every time an article is posted. I save everyone in a separate email folder for reference; might be a good way to self archive.

Big Al in NC

Thanks Gregg! I’ll start doing that!

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