The Wuhan Virus Timeline Every American Should See and Digest

The Mid-day Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Doesn’t Break for Lunch)

James Burke, a friend who helped me get this website started, did some compelling research earlier this week. Out of this research, he has created the timeline of events below, which chronicles key dates involving the Democrats’ impeachment hoax that kept the federal government and nation distracted from August through February, key dates on which news of the Wuhan Virus made their way out of China, and key dates on which the Trump Administration implemented actions to address the resulting viral pandemic in the U.S.

The result is a timeline that thoroughly debunks the current Democrat/media narrative claiming the Trump administration was slow to respond to the viral threat; calls into real question Nancy Pelosi’s motives for inexplicably holding onto the articles of impeachment for 30 solid days; and clearly shows how the Democrat impeachment hoax continued to distract the nation’s attention well into February.

This is a timeline every American should read and fully digest, because it is a clear illustration of the level of abject mendacity in which the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies are engaging today. It is mendacity on an unprecedented scale, an un-American effort to deceive the public for political advantage that should not go unpunished once this national crisis has come and gone.


 US                                                                                                    CHINA

Fake whistleblower makes complaint Aug 12th
WAPO leaks complaint Sep 18th
Pelosi announces formal Impeachment inquiry without a vote Sep 24th
House passes resolution formalizing impeachment inquiry Oct 31st
Taylor and Kent testify in House impeachment-inquiry hearing. Nov 13th
Trump releases Transcript Nov 15th
Hill and Holmes testify in House impeachment-inquiry hearing. Nov 21st
Pelosi unveils 2 articles of impeachment Dec 10th Wei Guixian starts feeling ill… One of the first recorded cases.
The full House of Representatives pass the abuse of power article and obstruction of Congress articles Dec 18th Patient who worked at wet market is admitted to hospital.
Pelosi refuses to send articles to Senate. For no intelligible reason! Dec 30th Ai Fen Dir at Wuhan Hospital reports new virus
Dec 31st 27 cases confirmed , China informs WHO
Jan 1st China Ids the virus as novel and similar to SARS.

China orders samples destroyed

Jan 9th China announces they have mapped virus genome
Jan 11th China lies insists NO NEW CASES…
Jan 13th First case reported outside China…
Jan 15th First US case from patient traveling from China; Also, WHO still parroting China’s claim the virus does not spread from human to human contact
Jan 20th First case reported in S Korea and Washington State
Jan 24th China locks down 36 million people starts building hospitals
House Dems close opening arguments Jan 24th
Trump Def Team closes after 6 days of opening arguments Jan 28th
Trump appoints Taskforce Jan 29th
Trump restricts flights from China Jan 31st
Trump declares Pub Health Emergency Jan 31st
Senate fully acquits Feb 5th
U.S. Court of Appeals for DC tosses foundation of impeachment article 2 . Feb27th

Thanks to James for sharing it with me.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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A little off topic, but Burnster, the Commie, called it quits today; must have gotten the call from the heap big honcho who runs the DNC and another house, this time in Havana or Caracas.

Anyways, my prediction is Pocahontas will be the VP nominee for the following reasons:

1. She is a woman, last time I checked, unless she’ll falsely claims some other aggrieved LG-EIEIO minority status – the Indian act has worn pretty thin.

2. Screeching fossil that she is, she is younger than the Commie.

3. She followed heap big chief’s edict to perfection and stayed in the race just long enough to split the Democrat communist vote thereby screwing the Burnster and his bros, and ensuring Gaff O. Joe gets the nomination.

4. Her ‘platform’ mirrored the Commie’s platform, so that might mitigate a Bernie Bro revolt and placate them somewhat; might even keep AOC and her fellow travelers on board,

5. Gaff O. Joe, suddenly the darling of the Americans of African decent, will be around to theoretically take their vote for granted – AGAIN.

6. This CCP Virus hopefully metastasizes to the point where PDJT could lose.

7. Her reward is by February 2021, Gaff O. Joe will be stood down and she becomes President ready willing and able to follow whomever the heap big honcho is and do exactly as she is told, just like Walking Eagle would have done in 2017.

For whatever reason, the heap big chief honcho at the DNC did not want Mini-Mike, and sicked his attack dog (in every sense of the word) Pocahontas on him, or maybe he was told to scuttle his own campaign once the chief honcho saw how utterly unlikable, unelectable, and relatively unknown he was. Or, maybe the DNC chiefs didn’t want to risk him coming to the presidency as a successful businessman and a relative outsider like Trump with his own ideas on how to run things. Obviously they just want a empty suit puppet like Obama, (or Algore or Lurch, or even BJ Clinton were in the past) willingly was – who they could control every step of the way. The Burnster and Mini-Mike might not have played ball with the heap big honchos and they couldn’t risk that if, by some miracle Trump were to lose.

They will have their puppets with either Gaff O. Joe or Pocahontas.


We here in cunukistan are getting further into zombie land that its becoming mind numbing. Our town is a tourist, wine centered economic zone for the most part. Its a ghost town.

I very nearly got thrown out of the hardware store because I wasn’t practicing social distancing like they wanted me to. I couldn’t show a fella a picture of what I needed because he couldn’t get close enough for me to show him. seriously… So because a couple hundred people in our town are ‘high’ risk we’ll destroy the economic base forcing the other thousands to stay home so the few can ‘feel’ safe.

I’m praying the American spirit will be kick started VERY soon and start challenging this political FARCE and get back to work. Its purely for selfish reasons tho. If you good folks end this charade then lil potato here will follow suit… hopefully.

phineas gage

Right or wrong presidents always get the credit or blame for whatever happens whether or not they can or can’t control the event(s).

Here is one way he can turn this into a positive:

The original 2,200,000 estimated death toll that was ‘modeled’ by our best and brightest, if the country (president) did nothing, needs to be emphasized.

When the final death toll is tallied, and it turns out to be only somewhere between fifty to sixty thousand – even though everyone who dies WITH the virus, but NOT FROM IT will be counted as a virus death – actually die, Trump can then say that under his leadership over 2,140,000 people were saved.


Come November 4, 2020, heads everywhere must roll bigly!

phineas gage

There should be a third column tracking media reports.

Carlos Dangler

C’mon, p.g.! Allow David to get some lunch first!


Oct ? date 2019 Liu He met Trump in Oval Office and announced had virus. Trump goes to Walter Reed unexpected think Oct 16. China then canceled Trump-Xi face to face meeting scheduled way in advance Oct 30. Twitter The [email protected]

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