It’s Easy to Predict The Democrat/Media False Narratives to Come

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

A friend had the following thought last night: “I wonder if we, a nation, will learn anything from this “pandemic”? In time of national crisis, politics and finger pointing should have given way to unity and nationality first.”

The answer to the question in the first sentence is no, collectively, we will not learn any real lessons from this pandemic, mainly because the corrupt news media, working in concert with the Democrat Party, will not allow us to do so.

The response to that second sentence is yes, that should have taken place, but the corrupt news media, working in concert with the Democrat Party, could not allow it.

We all must understand that the Democrat Party simply could no longer exist for any length of time in any situation resembling national unity. The electability of Democrat candidates for office relies completely on the perpetuation of division and controversy, whether real or imagined. Literally every message they send during an election campaign is designed to divide the population up along racial, religious, cultural and economic lines.

This is why Nancy Pelosi’s response to the Wuhan Virus crisis is not to work to help the nation recover and heal, but to launch yet another hoax investigation designed to evolve into an impeachment effort along about the first of September. You can set your clock to it – it’s coming. Without the existence of constant division and crisis, whether real or made up out of whole cloth by human scum like Adam Schiff, the Democrat Party has no political platform.

This is fine for corrupt media operations like the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC: They thrive on crisis and controversy, and given that about 98% of the people they employ are loyal Democrat activists, they are more than willing and happy to coordinate their efforts with the Democrat Party. These media operations work on a model of driving specific narratives, not on reporting the truth. The overarching theme of that narrative for the past four years has been that Donald Trump is the enemy and must be defeated.

Thus, it did not matter what actions the Trump Administration took to address the Wuhan Virus pandemic: Whatever the President did was to be portrayed as not just wrong, but racist, un-American and insane. This is why the media was filled with stories and panel discussions telling us the Virus was no threat at all during late January and early February, as the Trump Administration was ramping up efforts to prevent the spread. It is why the President was roundly called a thug and a racist when he put the ban on incoming Chinese travel on January 31. It is why today, that media/Democrat narrative has been turned on its head in an effort to revise history and pretend the Administration was “too slow” in addressing the issue.

When anything the President and the entire executive branch of government does is portrayed as wrong and disloyal and racist by 98% of the nation’s news media, how can there possibly be anything approaching “national unity?” It simply is not possible.

This is also why we, as a nation, can never truly learn the lessons we need to learn from this or any other crisis. Regardless of how positive the ultimate outcome of the Administration’s strategic approach to fighting this Virus ends up being, the public will be brainwashed by the nation’s corrupt media establishment to believe every action the evil Trump took was wrong.

To know the truth of this, all you need to do is watch how the press corps behaves at the daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings. With only rare exceptions, the questions being asked by these corrupt reporters are not designed to actually obtain real information to be communicated to the public: They are instead gotcha questions designed get the President to say something controversial in order to create a divisive story that will attract clicks to websites and generate blaring, above-the-fold headlines.

These reporters are not there to report: They are there to divide and to support a narrative that will keep the crisis going for as long as possible.

Thus, the coming effort by the President and his people to re-open the economy will inevitably be portrayed as “dangerous” and “premature” and “life-threatening” by these corrupt media outlets, regardless of what the plan actually happens to be. Do not doubt me on this: The overarching theme of the narrative to come will be that the evil Trump is “trading lives for money.” Those exact words will be repeated thousands of times on the nation’s airwaves in the coming months.

The other narrative that will inevitably be screamed by the media/Democrat propaganda complex will be “Trump wasted billions on building unused ventilators and medical supplies!!!!!!!”

No, really: After spending the last two months wailing that the states just do not have enough ventilators and PPE, these very same people will turn on a dime and try to punish the President and his people for putting the nation on a war-time footing to produce those things in such massive quantities that a huge portion of them will end up sitting in warehouses, waiting for the next public health crisis to come.

This is what these people do. It is who they are. They not only promote division and crisis in our country, they view doing those things as their actual duty. They truly do believe that, which is what makes them so dangerous to our nation’s ultimate survival.

How can there be national unity, how can there be any lessons learned in such an environment?

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There can’t be. Which is why it will be more important than ever for us all to get out and vote on November 3, even if we have to wear facemasks and gloves to do it.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Rick O'Shay

The Dems have gone all in with this one. Previous attempts to remove President Trump have resulted in mostly abstract injury. This time they’re destroying the economic prosperity Trump built and literally killing people. Based on the recent body slamming of the press, the firing of deep state traitors, the pantsing of Chuckie and Quid Pro Joe, the Chinese virus label, defunding WHO, turning Newsom into his new prom date and sailing a Navy “comfort” ship right into New York harbor, the president I think is going scorched earth. I pray that he succeeds.

Ben Colder

The fake news is nothing but a propaganda arm of the dem/communist party.What they are doing is straight out of the communist play book what they are up to is total overthrow of our constitution and taking control of the country.When and if they get this done people will be screaming like a raped ape but the dem/communist by then will have dropped the dem from their party and will be just plain old communists .Watch the colleges dance in the streets then.The hell of it is these people that are supporting the communists now will be among the first shot the teachers next then the police that do not toe the party line.This is the way communists have always operated.I hope the American people wake up before this happens but I doubt that they will.So many young people have never seen what communists do and they have been brain washed in our schools since kindergarten.We wonder why one reason is most teachers follow the communist line with out even knowing what they are teaching and some of them are communists any way and the teacher’s union is damn sure communists.I really think this country is doomed unless we have a lot more people that believe like Trump.


“The hell of it is these people that are supporting the communists now will be among the first shot the teachers next then the police that do not toe the party line.”

Absolutely True Ben. The ‘intelligentsia’, and the MSM (D) ‘elite’ who often promote the virtues of communism, are the first to be disappeared when communism really takes hold. That is because they would become a trouble making fifth column once they finally figured out the evil of communism. Then a whole new group of sycophantic yes-men will be installed to further the fraud.

History always repeats itself.

The amazing thing is how few communist pushing ‘academics’ don’t see it – but then again, they are largely products of our dumbed-dumbed education system which quit teaching actual history including the constitution after the USSR launched Sputnik in 1957.

phineas gage

Crazy Bernie out.


AOC and the Justice Democrats hardest hit.

Virtually everyone she supports loses – much like Obama when he supports someone.

phineas gage

I thought she had stopped supporting Bernie because he wasn’t sufficiently radical.

In any event, it was all a scam. Bernie turned out to be a grifter, playing his supporters for suckers. He was probably well paid by the DNC. Now he can buy another house.


Must have gotten that Obozo call… Wonder what model car and new house is located.


There is much fraud in academia. I love the sciences and tend to read a fair amount of technical journals and papers in a wide variety of fields, nano to macro. There are no fields of study where academia ‘elitists’ don’t act as gatekeepers. These people literally suppress any material they don’t like or challenges their paradigm.

The medical field seems to be very susceptible to fraud. I couldn’t find the direct link to the paper but here’s another link to an article referencing the study

Like Greg mentioned, Its the schools, universities, colleges etc that have been over taken by the social Marxists. They’ve been successfully programming our children to drink the koolaide unquestioningly. They’ve received no pushback because parents never inquired whats being taught. The result is what we see today.

This isn’t a war on a single front and the enemy isn’t clearly marked. Like this whole pandemic has laid bare, there are multiple players all contributing towards an end goal. The underlying factor that these people have is their social marxist ideology. I don’t believe they are gathering in smoke filled rooms plotting, well most of them anyway the exception being the politicals, but their ideology is the unifying factor.

Be thankful that your President has been, hopefully, installing mostly Constitutional judges. Thats one front. Grass roots people need to be encouraged to vote out every Dem/Liberal they can. Cities are difficult to win as thats where D’s live, but thats where Trump has been brilliant and used the liberals weapons against them… social media. Now if he’d take action to have these companies perform as open platforms or lose their publisher protections. IMO…

Sorry for the rant

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ve yet to hear this called for what it is:
A Medical Dictatorship.

I’ve seen how tinpot doctors’ associations and Pig Pharma run the roost, and it ain’t pretty. When you look at the most massive fraud in medical history – statins – and how doctors are STILL prescribing this crap that has been based on fraudulent studies (and hidden studies) and how, when the patents for statins ran out, they “suddenly” developed “new and improved” cholesterol drugs. Pig Pharma.

Many people I am acquainted with were told they needed statins. Not based on science, because when they asked their doctors for a breakdown of the subtypes of LDL (which is not really a “bad” cholesterol, anyway, except for a small percentage of them, the VLDLs) the doctors refused to test them. “Too expensive,” the doctors said. Since when do doctors think about cost? No, they think about their reputation – (as gods, and among other doctors and doctors’ associations and their pals at Pig Pharma.)

What we’re seeing now makes the statin fraud seem like someone stealing your newspaper, or the paperboy not making a delivery. This is MASSIVE, and Trump ruined the whole lot for them, as they hoped to herd us all into another type of dictatorship, one far more lethal and profound than the statin fraud ever hoped to be. Medical Dictatorship; that’s what it is. Sudden urges to take control, take power, imprison all of us. Who’da thought it would come from Marcus Welby, M.D.?

A pox on the corrupt.

phineas gage

I am complete agreement with you. Not just statins, but also the broader ‘conclusive evidence’ that cholesterol and saturated fats cause atherosclerosis and CAD. That conclusive evidence simply isn’t there, but the line has been mindlessly parroted by the clueless talking heads in the media for years.

For how many thousands of years have people consumed cholesterol and animal fats? Even more recently, a century or so ago in this country, look at the typical diet. Rich in fried foods, buttermilk, etc. Yet there was no plague of heart disease and obesity. The reason is simple–most people still lived on farms at that time and worked very hard from sunup to sundown. Thus they burned off the energy as rapidly as they took it in.

The human body is meant to be in action, it’s what it is built for. The problem is in this country, and other technologically developed nations, is not so much what people are eating, but rather the fact that they are entirely too sedentary. That is a killer for the body, in many many ways.

Don’t do stupid things, live life in moderation, be active, and your body’s remarkable metabolism will do the rest. After that it is pretty much a matter of good luck and good genes.

There is another, older, word for what you describe–tyranny. The people of this nation used to recognize and stand up to that.


Absolutely agree that we as a nation are too sedentary, which leads to obesity and premature death. That was the whole focus of ‘the One’s’ wife dictating diets to the nation’s students specifically, and the whole country generally.

However, there is one fault in the argument:

People didn’t live as long when most were actively working on the farms. What was the average life expectancy a hundred years ago? Fifty to Sixty?

How do we know people didn’t suffer effects from fatty foods and die from poor diet back then; there was nowhere near the testing back then?

Hygiene, and other health advances over the past hundred years all contributed to the 25 of so year increase of life expectancy.

I’m not saying you and Jimmy are wrong, many more of the population would be much more healthier in their sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond if they didn’t smoke, didn’t do drugs, didn’t drink excessively or engage in other reckless behavior. If that were the case, our life expectancy might well be in the eighties.

The reality is we are all going to die at some point. The better we take care of ourselves when we are young greatly determines our quality of life later on.

phineas gage

Your point is well taken. I was obviously far too simplistic in making the argument. A major reason why lifespans were shorter and heart disease and cancer were not leading killers is other things usually killed you first. Modern medicine, including antibiotics and vaccination, has been miraculous in that respect.

But I get very tired of the myopic obsession with food intake, primarily driven by the media. Yes, that’s a part of it, but the output side is just as, if not more, important.


As bad a hit to the economy this virus was, think about how much worse it could have been:

The chances are excellent that if a similar ‘pandemic’ occurred during a hypothetical Walking Eagle administration, the ‘pandemic’ would have run its course with no political damaged being done to any Democratic Politicians.

However, the economy would still have been largely shut down by her administration – not because of a panic driven virus, but by her policies.

The cushion of three years of a booming Trump economy allowed for a reserve that we would not have had under the continued “managed decline” of our economy by a Walking Eagle administration.

Her economy would have been stagnant before the virus, it would have stayed stagnant or even declined during the virus, and would have had no hope of any kind of significant recovery after the virus – just like the Obama – Biden economy during his virus ten or so years ago.

By contrast, Trump’s economy, after taking this severe hit, is poised to rebound quickly and in many ways, advance farther and faster than the trajectory it was on prior to the virus. There will be some pain in some sectors however. Many nonessential service occupations will be severely diminished, but there will be every incentive to rebuild our manufacturing sector which will be much more beneficial to national security, are much better paying jobs, and much more productive.


Here is a lesson that must be learned from this, and it must be strongly communicated to the masses:

When a ‘pandemic’ hit during the Obama administration, he and his sycophants at the MSM (D) played the role of his ‘wingman’ and he and they largely ignored it for about six months. By that time a thousand or more people died from it, with millions more being infected with a large portion of them being hospitalized. The public developed their own resistance to it and we recovered without shutting down the economy; there was no criticism of either Obama or Biden. The news back then was so sparse; we hardly remembered it, until real news organizations covering this ‘pandemic’ refreshed our memories on the way Obama responded to his pandemic.

When another biological, or chemical, attack happens we will be much better prepared to minimize the human and economic toll – that is one positive that will come from this.

The public must be reminded of the way Obama (as it turns out, it was probably the correct way, but could only been done with a compliant media) handled his ‘pandemic’ versus the way Trump handled his. Whoever is president when the next pandemic hits, he must have an adult conversation with the country and say that it is inevitable that thousands of people who have underling health issues will unfortunately probably die no matter what action is taken. There is no benefit to inflicting devastating colleterial economic damage to the rest of the country…

I remember after the 9-11 attacks the question was postulated to some high ranking (possibly Bush or Cheney) as to what action would be taken if another airliner was hijacked and refused to respond to scrambled Air Force fighters escorting it. The response was it would be shot down, guaranteeing the total loss of life on the plane, but saving many more lives on the ground and foiling the ultimate mission of the terrorists. This served another purpose; it made air travelers and associated aviation employees more vigilant in looking for things that just don’t look right.

There was no massive outcry at the reality that we would shoot down a civilian airliner to serve the greater good. Any president must frame the virus argument the same way.


When Trump “reopens” the economy, just wait for the fist CCP virus victim who dies, His death will be attributed to Trump.

Meanwhile I salute the brave people who work in the hospitals, the grocery stores, pharmacies, and every other vital service industry where they are routinely exposed to the public. BRAVO ZULU. Truly heroes all.

Just ignore or mock the media when they pull that stunt.

In January I spoke to an apolitical guy who was bitching about what Trump was doing to the farmers by engaging in the trade war with China. I said I’m not concerned as no farmers were hurt. He asked how I knew that? I said if one farmer was hurt you can bet the MSM (D) would have found him and offered all kinds of incentives to act like David Camera Hogg, or the antiwar pink(o) lady who lost her son in Iraq and was used to bash Bush Jr. for weeks. His ‘plight’ – caused by the bad orange man – would be front and center like Fraudsly-Ford.

It will no doubt happen; mourn the loss, attribute the loss (and all others) to China and the WHO, and “Move On”.


The Wuhan, China Virus ‘experts’ are proven frauds and no amount of fancy people, wearing fancy clothes, with fancy degrees and fancy resumes makes it otherwise. What is with Bixie’s scarfs? Reminds me of a certain group of actresses who performed in the late seventies and early eighties when they ‘acted’ wearing scarves and little else; she is about the right age…

The good news is when you look at the newspaper’s declining readership, and the TV ‘news” ratings, they are incredibly small, and the people who live and breathe what the NYT and WAPO print also likely hang on every word uttered by Maddow and Lemon etc. In other words they are double counted. The reality is probably fewer than ten percent are in the MSM (D) liberal bubble.

The bad news is our ‘education’ has been “dumbed down’ for the last fifty years and has produced several generations of non critical thinkers who are easily swayed and easily governed and conditioned to buy anything that is slickly advertised; product, services, or politics.

When I was very young my father spoke about learning how to “read between the lines”. I didn’t understand what he meant back then, but I do now – sadly, few other Americans have learned how to do this; we need critical thinkers, not sponges – who consequently are easy targets for slick politicians like BJ Clinton, and Barack the Obama. Algore and Walking Eagle, and for that matter, Bob Dole, and Ace McLame were not slick or likeable – nor is Gaff O. Joe. No party can win unless they have a likeable candidate – you can’t beat someone with no one. We are indeed fortunate the Dems have no likeable, mainstream or competent this cycle.

For conservatives, our duty is clear: It is not enough to just vote, we must educate, influence, and motivate the huge segment of the middle who are ignorant, but reachable. Don’t waste time debating the committed anti-American communists, reach out to the malleable, and get them to vote.

phineas gage

The scarves are indeed a ’70’s style motif, but women of that age will often use that type of clothing strategy to disguise unsightly neck jowls.

phineas gage

And although it seems ludicrous to think that someone like Slow Joe could be elected, it could well happen.

phineas gage

It’s going to be more challenging given the economic devastation. This election will be a true inflection point for our nation. In short, to paraphrase Lincoln, we will soon become all one thing or all the other.

Cameron Howe

Spot on DB, good analysis, a very eloquent and articulate reflection of my thoughts exactly.

phineas gage

Some good news: not a dime more for WHO (now let’s do the same with the UN), and the housecleaning continues as Trump fires seven Obama IGs.

phineas gage

IHME model projection for U.S. deaths now down to 60,000 (and will probably keep falling).

That’s equivalent to a bad influenza season. Open the economy–now.

Sharon Campbell

You are completely right! I’m thankful that you are preparing us now for the onslaught! Our great President could never be applauded for doing anything correct by the Dimocrats & media scum.

phineas gage
Jimmy MacAfee

Excellent article/rant!

Jimmy MacAfee

Remodernism. Hmmm. Art for the public, not the so-called “Elite.” Interestingly, much Western art was sponsored by and for the “Elite” of their times. It was in the 18th and 19th centuries when people like J.M. W. Turner produced massive, beautiful works – and began doing Impressionism, the best example of non-Feudalist, Capitalist, expressive art. The Impressionists didn’t have to live on the teats of “royalty,” they did a lot of work, and they sold their paintings at a reasonable price. Some were failures, whose paintings made the Elite a lot of money in their deaths. Van Gogh, for one. And the Dutch got into the act, too, besides Van Gogh, as even barns were said to be filled with glorious oil paintings by Dutch artists, most realistic and many with brilliant examples of light and color. Vermeer wasn’t prolific, and I doubt many of his paintings ever hung in a barn, but he had an exquisite sense of light.

Postmodernist crap always whines that it is “misunderstood,” and that merde thrown at a canvas is as good as a Luminist’ work. We understand; we understand that no-talents, who are taught in art school how to “express themselves” instead of nurturing actual talent, are the ones who make a mockery of the arts. Don’t get me started on performance art. (OK, I will perform – right now:
there! I farted! And I named it “AOC’s Charm.” Send the checks via Dave, with them made out to both of us.)

Thanks for the link; sorry for the rant. I once did oils, and when my painting hung at a Silent Auction for a meager price, including frame, and having been on the occasion where I had done the backdrop for a play (for free) the Elite decided that my painting’s price was “too high.” I was therefore happy that it didn’t sell, because it was too little. The rich pig who wrote that was too cowardly to sign his name on his comment (where there should have been a bid) and I realized that these were not Capitalists, but Feudal Lords who thought we peons should give them something for nothing. (Kiss my arse, to all of them.) As it turned out, they turned the place into a parking lot years later, an ode to mismanagement and absent morality.

Carlos Dangler

Jimmy, you seem to have so many varied life experiences! I always enjoy your posts as well as Gregg and p.g.

I once had the occasion to sit next to an “artist” at a pub here in the People’s Republic of Santa Fe. When he told me he was an abstract artist, I told him “my theory” on abstract art, which is, “If I can do it, it ain’t art”.

Of course he insisted that I just didn’t understand, but I told him that I actually do understand, and I’d be damned if I’d pay thousands of $$ for something I could whip up in a few minutes. It might be beautiful, but not that valuable.

We didn’t part as pen pals.


Post modernal deconstructionism is ALL about pulling down the norms and tromping them underfoot. Everything of value, namely judea-christian, is to be destroyed. THAT is the goal and we see the products of that doctrine. Wonder who the author is of that ideology is…

Jimmy MacAfee

The press is not the only progenitor of fake news; recent LU decisions were lambasted, lies promoted by Northam and the press:

LU allowed students back on campus. Some 1900 of them. Most were from out of state or overseas. Classes were still held online. But the Governor made it seem like Jerry Falwell Jr. was starting things back up, students attending classes en masse. That was a lie, and the press promoted this lie. Meanwhile, WFXR (Fox Roanoke) was the ONLY station I saw that admitted the fact that other schools were doing the same thing (Virginia Tech had about 900.)

The fact that these lies were allowed to be perpetuated means that someone needs to be held responsible. Certainly the Governor needs to offer an apology, or be sued.

phineas gage

There’s going to be a great deal of political conflict like this. Here in Georgia the governor re-opened the beaches, and then despotic local mayors promptly reclosed them.

phineas gage

Your friend’s question was truly prescient. Rather than this national crisis bringing us together, as all other events in the past have done, it is one more step toward the inevitable schism.

I think that the dynamics inherent in a nation wherein a large bloc of people sees the others as not just wrong, but subhuman, and where that group is driven and empowered by a powerful entity controlling information and communication, are not compatible with long-term sustainability. The Constitutional framework as established cannot withstand a malignancy among the people.

It’s time to start considering the terms of the separation. I have no intention of being a member of a sub-class under the rule of these people.


Phineas, it seems like we’re pretty much there aren’t we? Whether it can be reversed remains to be seen. What I do know is that things take time. If we come back together as a nation, it will take time. If we slide further apart, that will also take time.

I can only remember 2 instances where we had national unity – 9/11; and when Bin Laden was killed. Everything since then has been politicized.


“I can only remember 2 instances where we had national unity – 9/11; and when Bin Laden was killed. Everything since then has been politicized.”

Even including the first Gulf War, that ‘national unity’ lasted about ten minutes.

phineas gage

I would also say the first Gulf War.

The roots of this go way back, but the first overt manifestation was during the Vietnam War. It has now metastasized out of control, and we are pretty clearly no longer ‘one nation, under God, indivisible, with libery and justice for all’

Jimmy MacAfee

I will not submit, either; let the separation begin.

It has already started in my life. Can’t be specific, but some ties were cut and I won’t re-tie them now or in the future. I will pray for them, but I will never be willing to work with them again.

Jimmy MacAfee

The links between China and the Chamberpot, the press and the DNC are so obvious – but what is more obvious is that Fauci is a saboteur in his connection with WHO. I hope the President will keep pumping the WHO criticism, because Fauci loves the idiot running it. He is as incorrect in all of his ministrations as Tedros, since they’re on the same page, reading the same Mandarin script.

Jimmy MacAfee

The DNC is now a full-partner with the CCP. It’s time for a purge.

Jimmy MacAfee

There must be punishment for those who have attempted to thwart the earliest mitigation efforts (closure to China) and who attempted to thwart the use of malaria drugs that have PROVEN to be so successful.

This is sabotage, and it is criminal and those involved should be held accountable and tried in a military tribunal. The President has the authority to do so, as both economic and medical systems have been compromised. We aren’t spending trillions of dollars to see them get away with this.

And China? Eff them. Eff them with a wooden spoon.


I agree, but…..What punishment? Hillary escaped punishment free and clear from mishandling classified info, selling access for donations to the Clinton foundation….the FBI and deep state has escaped despite falsifying information and election meddling, and on it goes. There doesn’t seem to be any bandwidth available to handle these issues, or enough patriots in high places to do the work.


If my people will humble themselves and pray I will heal their land… Read that somewhere…


I hope and pray we get that ‘bandwidth’ expanded big-time after a massive Trump landslide; otherwise it is guaranteed all the bad actors will win and we Americans will lose.

Jimmy MacAfee

China has sent broken or fake masks, ventilators, test kits, and now offers to give them for free to the EU if they’ll all sign up for Huawei. There are also reports of materials being sent which carry the virus itself. I want to see sanctions on China, not just tariffs.

The Media connections to China must be broken; the Chamberpot connections to China must be removed; the open-door policy to China must be closed. Evil [email protected]

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