Down Goes the Commie! Down Goes the Commie!

Obligatory post noting the inevitable – Bernie Sanders cancels his campaign following his latest loss to Dementia Joe Biden in Wisconsin.

From a report in the New York Times:

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont dropped out of the Democratic presidential race on Wednesday, concluding a quest for the White House that began five years ago in relative obscurity but ultimately elevated him as a champion of the working class, a standard-bearer of American liberalism and the leader of a self-styled political revolution.

Mr. Sanders’s exit from the race establishes former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. as the presumptive nominee to challenge President Trump, and leaves the progressive movement without a prominent voice in the 2020 race.

In a live stream on Wednesday morning, Mr. Sanders, eloquent but without his characteristic spark, was by turns gracious and resolute as he announced his decision. “I cannot in good conscience continue to mount a campaign that cannot win and which would interfere with the important work required of all of us in this difficult hour,” Mr. Sanders said.

Though he made it clear that he viewed Mr. Biden as the party’s 2020 nominee, he said he would remain on the ballot in states that still have primaries and would continue to gather delegates — a move that would give him leverage to influence the Democratic platform and continue carrying his message.


Ok, so, he’s “suspending” his campaign, but will remain on the ballot and hopes to keep accumulating delegates. That way, he’ll be able to exert maximum pressure to ensure the Democrat Party keeps pushing his Marxist ideology on the public. I’m sure Dementia Joe’s handlers are thrilled about that part of the deal.

Here is how President Donald Trump hilariously responded to the news of the Commie’s demise:

No word on where Mr. Sanders’ 4th vacation home will be located, or what model new car he demanded in return for ending his latest quest for the presidency, but you can be sure he squeezed as much out of this opportunity as he possibly could.

Adios, Commie.



That is all.

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Ben Colder

Where is Crazy Bernie’s new house going to be this time?Maybe he will hold out for a little boot to go along withe the house whatya think?The dem/communists are not done yet I bet old senile Joe the feeler is on the way out too they aint gonna run him you can bet your sweet bippy on that.

PH Ferris

I was hoping for some antifa fun during the dnc convention….Oh well….

Jimmy MacAfee

This disease has created some interesting paradoxes:

In Virginia, wearing of a mask for non-medical reasons or for parties etc. is a Class 6 felony. Now that they’re telling everybody to wear masks, who can tell the difference?

Of course, it also keeps AUNTY FAY members from identifying each other. Seemed like they were stupid, too, because FFs could be planted at any time and place, and it would be assumed that it was AUNTY FAY doing the deed!

But don’t count Berniacs out; while Bernd Brains is holding his delegates – which I suspect is not just to control the narrative, but to hold his place on the nomination WHEN Senile Joe collapses. The won’t be able to bring in another nominee without angering Bernd Brains and his supporters. So you might see a spectacle, after all!


ok kinda off topic, but damn i love Jeff Dunham

And we all good use a good laugh.


Maybe this time Bernie got a Trabant, as a memento of the ‘Good Times’ that he hope life could be like for America being reduced to East Germany circa 1970.


No surprise Burnster, the Commie, called it quits today; must have gotten the call from the heap big honcho who runs the DNC and another house, this time in Havana or Caracas.

Anyways, my prediction is Pocahontas will be the VP nominee for the following reasons:

1. She is a woman, last time I checked, unless she’ll falsely claims some other aggrieved LG-EIEIO minority status – the Indian act has worn pretty thin.

2. Screeching fossil that she is, she is younger than the Commie.

3. She followed heap big chief’s edict to perfection and stayed in the race just long enough to split the Democrat communist vote thereby screwing the Burnster and his bros, and ensuring Gaff O. Joe gets the nomination.

4. Her ‘platform’ mirrored the Commie’s platform, so that might mitigate a Bernie Bro revolt and placate them somewhat; might even keep AOC and her fellow travelers on board,

5. Gaff O. Joe, suddenly the darling of the Americans of African decent, will be around to theoretically take their vote for granted – AGAIN.

6. This CCP Virus hopefully metastasizes to the point where PDJT could lose.

7. Her reward is by February 2021, Gaff O. Joe will be stood down and she becomes President ready willing and able to follow whomever the heap big honcho is and do exactly as she is told, just like Walking Eagle would have done in 2017.

For whatever reason, the heap big chief honcho at the DNC did not want Mini-Mike, and sicked his attack dog (in every sense of the word) Pocahontas on him, or maybe he was told to scuttle his own campaign once the chief honcho saw how utterly unlikable, unelectable, and relatively unknown he was. Or, maybe the DNC chiefs didn’t want to risk him coming to the presidency as a successful businessman and a relative outsider like Trump with his own ideas on how to run things. Obviously they just want a empty suit puppet like Obama, (or Algore or Lurch, or even BJ Clinton were in the past) willingly was – who they could control every step of the way. The Burnster and Mini-Mike might not have played ball with the heap big honchos and they couldn’t risk that if, by some miracle Trump were to lose.

They will have their puppets with either Gaff O. Joe or Pocahontas.

PS: [Sander’s exit] “…eaves the progressive movement without a prominent voice in the 2020 race.”

Yeah, right! Hey NYT, News flash: Every stinking rotten candidate was a full on ‘progressive’ at best, and most were carefully hidden communists.

The NYT makes ‘progressive’ Bernie sound like what ‘moderate’ Biden is masquerading as, a ‘moderate’, and they make Biden sound like the second coming of Ronald Reagan.

Cameron Howe

My money for VP, in order, is on the following:

1) Abrams
2) Kamala
3) Booker

(I had another, can’t remember who it was now).

I base this on Joe saying more than once it will be a “woman of color”. Also, Booker is my dark horse bet because it seemed like he and Joe had some “chemistry” on the early debate stage. Also, any of these picks would reinforce what was a winning combination for Joe in the past.


Pocahontas still fits as she says she is a ‘redskin” and is ‘red’ in the way Bernie is ‘red’.

Like with everything else if he were to become president, Gaff O. Joe won’t have a say and will be told who he is going to pick.


Gregg – how about Hillary as VP?

Damaged goods?

I’d love everybody’s opinion on this.


To many hate her… not without reason mind you.


Not unless Jill wants to become a widow – which she may actually want to.

Kidding aside, I just don’t see it – Walking Eagle ever playing second fiddle?, especially after being the band leader in 2016 – her ego wouldn’t allow it. She has willingly been Bubba’s door-mat for over forty years, then she got subjugated by Lurch and the DNC in 2004, by ‘the One’ in 2008 when it was supposed to be “her turn”, and now by Gaff O. Joe? I just don’t see it.

I also believe she was/is just tolerated by the heap big honchos at the DNC; she is a proven non appealing, non vote getting two-time loser. And whoever the VP nominee is, he/she will have to carry the ball for Joe more than any other VP candidate in history.

Furthermore, Walking Eagle is not a healthy person, an old 72 – 73 by the election, and her bitterness will be on display – AGAIN – for all to see. If she had been a gracious loser to Trump, she may have had a chance this year. However, she lost her ‘presidential’ creds by exposing herself as being the whiney know-it-all b-itch she has always been.

Think about what also happened on the November night in 2016 – the Clinton Crime Family, the Bush Cartel, and the Obama ‘Legacy’ were wiped out in one fell swoop.

The MSM (D) also got a punch in the face when they couldn’t carry their candidate over the line when confronted by an excellent, but unproven opponent.

No, Walking Eagle’s goose is cooked – stick a fork in her.


Hillary is beining forced to testify under oath about Benghazi and the server, and she cannot plead the fifth, and she will not be coached by a lawyer and she will not be able to collude with Sheryl Mills and Huma Abedin who also must testify.

ALL she has to do is tell the truth and reveal all her illegal activities and admit to them and she goes free.

I don’t think there will be anything left of the Hillary mystique by the election.

Jimmy MacAfee

Both are wholly owned subsidiaries of the CCP; Quid Pro and the Edomite heir of Herod the Great.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Edomite will be his running mate.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wall Street was exuberant that Bolshevik Bernie dropped out; markets rose on the news. They would drop again if Lieawatha was on the ticket, and contributions would plummet. So…I don’t think so – but it is possible. Joe’s campaign is being run by a moron.

phineas gage

Love the picture of Cosell. I still remember his call of that 1973 fight.

Love or hate him, there was no one else like him.


Don Cherry…. 🙂

phineas gage

Not bad–I actually remember Cherry as the Bruins head coach during the glory days…

phineas gage

His supporters are the biggest suckers of all. And too dumb to realize it. They’ll go ahead and vote for whatever candidate the DNC machine serves up.


Yeah, but we don’t really want his low-IQ supporters fouling up the Republican/Independent gene pool.

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