Tyranny is the Deadliest Virus

Guest Contribution from Karen Kataline

Why do men lust for power over other men?  Here, I refer to “men” in the classical sense, as in “mankind.”

Such men are never content to be masters of their own fate. They are doggedly determined to be masters over others as well.

This ubiquitous human failing is rooted in hubris, ignorance and insecurity. It has also proven to be as contagious and deadly as any plague. Genocides have grown out of such tyranny when people tried too late to reject authoritarianism and the sick ideologies that have often accompanied it.

Some, including myself, are stupefied by how few people understand the difference between being asked to do something and being ordered with the power and force of government to do it.

Before COVID-19 changed life as we formerly knew it,  we saw numerous manufactured protests over false stories and petty grievances. The primary complaint was usually that the offending word or action constituted tyranny. On it’s face, it was ridiculous.

Today, those same Leftist agitators and protestors could not have rushed fast enough to comply with orders that are the very definition of tyranny.  Not only have they complied but they’ve been among the first to bully those who dare to question or maybe even protest!

How did we arrive at a place where so few Americans understand the definition and the preciousness of Liberty?

Indeed, it appears that we are dealing with an ugly virus which is deadlier to some age groups and geographic areas than others, but the same politicians who have zealously shut down entire states have stubbornly rejected any good news. They are committed to ramping up fear which makes it conveniently more likely that citizens will view their extreme orders as necessary and proper.

It took governor Jared Polis of Colorado 45 minutes into one of his numerous press conferences to mention that  9 out of 10 people won’t require any medical treatment at all–not even an aspirin. We’re thankful this isn’t the Bubonic plague.  If it were, heightening public fear would hardly be necessary.

The more that Americans dutifully comply with increasingly strict orders from politicians and government bureaucrats to shut down their lives and their livelihoods and confine themselves to their homes, the stricter and more stringent those orders continue to become.

In Laredo Texas people are now required to wear a face mask when going out in public or risk a $1,000.00 fine.  New York’s Socialist Mayor didn’t just demand that churches and synagogues close, but he threatened to shut down one synagogue “permanently” because they defied his orders.

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo is telling families to distance themselves from one another even inside their own homes. Can video policing be far behind?  In some states, phone companies have made cell phone location data available to government officials to enable mass enforcement of stay-at-home orders.

Authoritarianism breeds even more authoritarianism and, like a virus, it spreads. We now have “social shaming” and spying on one’s neighbors, all with the nodding encouragement of the same government bureaucrats who continue to ramp up fear and intimidation.

The virus of tyranny has also spread from governor to governor, from “asks” to orders, and then, to fines, punishment and threats of imprisonment. It hasn’t mattered how biased, subjective or extreme their dictates and demands have been. For example, pot shops and public transportation have been deemed essential in Colorado, but traveling alone in one’s private vehicle or visiting Hobby Lobby are considered “non-essential” and are therefore, forbidden. Is it merely a coincidence that the former two things have been perennial favorites of the Left while they have always detested the latter two things?

What sort of a mentality cannot tolerate the rights of others to self-determination, personal freedom, and responsibility?  Take away responsibility, and you take away freedom as well. That’s why it’s not surprising that the first endeavor of Socialists is to take away responsibility from a willing public with a velvet glove and then take away their freedom with an iron fist.

Perhaps most disturbing is that so many Americans don’t understand that they live in the most exceptional country in history precisely because it was created to afford every citizen the greatest possible individual freedom and personal responsibility. America’s power and prosperity, which Socialists have so desperately wanted to blunt, was built on exactly those values.

If Liberty isn’t held as a moral imperative, a virus, or anything else, can and will become the excuse to rob us of it.

As the virus of tyranny continues to spread through our nation, it is not only possible but essential that we take care of our Liberties as well as our health.  If we don’t, we will lose both.


That is all.

Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a frequent guest host on AM Talk Radio.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.





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Another example or tyranny vs freedom in military terms.

After Pearl Harbor we scapegoated the two commanders who, while maybe not as prepared as they should have been, certainly were not the only ones culpable for the disaster. Their dismissal served no real purpose except to deflect the culpability from the ones really responsible.

Eight months later our navy suffered its worst defeat in what should have been an equal battle.

Rather than cashiering the officers in charge, a thoughtful investigation was carried out and while two captains never again held sea commands (one later committed suicide), there was no courts marshal for anyone. Rather, lessons were learned and new tactics were developed. The surviving commanders, after gaining combat experience through tough lessons all went on to have great careers. The point being, seventy years ago we had men of integrity who were not only competent, but were humble enough to learn from their mistakes and grow to meet the challenges that came their way.

Sadly, most of today’s politicians, bureaucrats, and leaders in the US and the world, have little integrity and even less humility. The worst thing is NONE are ever held responsible, and in fact many get promoted or at least honored or praised for the ‘work’ they have done. Not only is DC corrupt, it is also phony. Trump isn’t a phony, he won’t play the Potomac Two-Step and that is why he is so hated in that town.

For the reasons Jimmy mentioned, a dictator surrounds himself with sycophants and never learns from or accepts his mistakes – consequently every communist dictatorship is doomed to fail. Unfortunately it usually takes the deaths of millions to bring about the collapse, and the recovery is always painful.

That was the true genius of Ronald Reagan. He brought down the biggest and most powerful communist dictatorship known to man without firing a shot, AND without there being a bloody civil war in the USSR.

The question today is: Can President Donald Trump do the same with Xi’s China? Time will tell, and so far he is keeping his powder dry – let’s hope he can duplicate Reagan’s accomplishments, and force China to join the free nations of the world through merit, and not by being bought off by globalists and our deep-staters selling out America. It is a huge challenge – let’s pray for Trump’s success.

Jimmy MacAfee

I will pray this to come to pass, for his success, and amen.

Jimmy MacAfee

Let’s look at the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party, and the effect they have upon people all up and down the information chain; let’s give them – for a moment – the benefit of the doubt that they weren’t deliberately sabotaging the US and the rest of the world for their Globalist ambitions. OK, so I know that that’s a stretch, but just for analytics, play with me here:

One of the rules of Totalitarian governments is that the leaders don’t like bad news; it can be fatal to bring bad news; they are infamous for killing the bearer of bad news. So, like North Korea, where the generals told the top that they could easily defeat the West, because telling him the truth would end up with their execution, they lied and made insane promises.

Let’s say that the scientists were told not to tell the truth by some middle level pencil-pushing nasty, who was likewise afraid to pass along the truth. The scientists were punished for telling the truth, and maybe the truth never got any higher than the middle level managers, because they didn’t want to be punished, too? The just HOPED that what the scientists were telling them was untrue.

Now, that scenario is pretty rosy for the CCP, in some ways, but it shows a systemic failure of Communism, period: like Chernobyl, fear rules. And with fear, lies. And with lies, disaster. So when Mini Mike’s little magazine and others extoll the virtues of the Totalitarian system in dealing with disaster, you wonder whose knob they’re trying to polish. Fact is, this disease shows exactly why our Western Republic (and some of our allies too) is superior to their fear-based system. Their system is based upon fear, resulting in lies, resulting in terrible ordeals for the man in the street.

Jimmy MacAfee

In short, Communist Totalitarianism sucks.


Great article and so true Karen – I am working on being as succinct as you.


Great article, Karen. So true. The virus is only one of the great dangers we are facing. The left is using it to achieve what they could not do otherwise without our votes.


Or through the courts now that we have a president who is filling the judiciary with constitutionalists who will actually follow it, and not a bunch of leftist hacks in black robes impersonating judges.

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