Joe Biden: An Empty Vessel Waiting to be Filled by the Ideas of Others

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

And now, a word from Joe Biden’s basement. – Some would call this ‘mixed messaging.’ Others would call it vacant eyes and an inability to form words into coherent sentences. But the Democrat Party wants you to believe it’s all just totally normal.

Yep. Nothing to see here, folks. Really, truly, nothing going on upstairs at all.

This was why President Donald Trump was right when, in Saturday’s Coronavirus Task Force presser, he had the following exchange with a corrupt reporter:

Reporter: “Joe Biden just attacked you in a tweet… Did you see it?”

Trump: “He didn’t write it. He wished he did. A democrat operative wrote it. He’s not even watching right now and even if he is, he doesn’t understand what he’s watching.”

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In all seriousness, can you imagine a debate between the President and Joe Biden? It would be absolutely brutal. Trump would torment Biden in the same way my cat Max torments a lizard for an hour in my backyard before finally deciding to either let it go or eat it. Most often the lizard becomes a kitty snack, but either way, he’s not having any fun or scoring any points.

The President is absolutely correct when he states that Joe Biden does not write his own tweets. Hell, it’s doubtful Biden even reads his own tweets, much less writes them. He probably doesn’t even know what Twitter is at any given moment in time. You know how you can tell Biden doesn’t write the tweets? Because the tweets are made up of coherent, properly punctuated sentences that read nothing like Biden’s actual voice and speaking pattern.

The hilarious part of them in recent days is that the tweets from Biden’s account mainly provide advice to President Trump to do things related to the Wuhan Virus outbreak that the President and his administration already did weeks before. Here’s a great example from over the weekend:

Of course, the truth is that the President activated the Defense Production Act three weeks ago. Since that time, he has used it as a hammer to encourage U.S. companies to convert their facilities to produce millions of items of PPE and thousands of ventilators, among other things. When encouragement didn’t work, he invoked its provisions against 3M to do so. It is very likely he is using the DPA right now to encourage Saudi Arabia – which is 100% owner of the Motiva Refinery in Port Arthur, Texas – to re-engage with Russia to cut oil production in an effort to settle the oil markets down.

And yet, there’s Biden’s tin ear staff tweeting as if nothing has been done. It’s not only dishonest, it’s demented, which is totally in keeping with the state of the candidate himself.

Joe Biden is not a credible candidate for the presidency – it really is that simple. This is a man whose political prime came and went during the Carter and Reagan administrations. No one who is being honest with themselves believes he is capable of handling the intense pressures of the highest office in the land. The truth about him is that he never really was capable of doing that.

But the Democrat Party is stuck with him, and they did that to themselves voluntarily. They have given themselves a little more running room with their needless postponement of their nominating convention from July until August, but that just puts off the inevitable reckoning to come.

The truth about Joe Biden is that he has never been anything more than an empty vessel waiting to be filled by the ideas of others. Sadly for him – and potentially for America – the others who are currently doing the filling are no brighter than he is.

That is all.

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Jay Whitcraft

By putting the convention off a month, Joe Biden will be even worse than now. Unlike Hillary, who could “save up” to have an occasional “good day” with her Parkinson’s disease, Joe can’t do that. For a lot of people with dementia, they do best in the morning and get way worse in the evening, which is also bad for Joe. Debates occur in the evening. Jay


Personally, IMO, Biden is a figurehead only, not that astute of an observance as its pretty obvious. He’s merely being used to primarily keep Breadline Bernie out of the race, as the Bern is to distasteful.

I think they will pull the curtains back later to reveal the real candidate. Possibly at their convention when he announces his VP and as late in the game as they can so as to limit pushback.. Sleepy Joe has already stated a number of times that he won’t last his Presidency. IMO

Just Me

Like a proverbial millennial, Joe Biden wants a virtual Democrat Convention; doesn’t want to leave his basement.

Jimmy MacAfee

His apparent rate of dementia is so fast, he won’t be able to eat solid food within months.

Jimmy MacAfee

And Joe Biden looks forward to a long, dismal end, as his mind slowly is taken from him. I agree with Phineas.

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump kind of let the cat out of the bag about road builders yesterday (Sunday) and how their methods were making the roadways worse. I know from my old Commander friend who built roads how true this is: it is absolutely true that in most places, they don’t build ’em like they used to. A section of the Lynchburg Expressway lasted for decades longer than any other part, because his father used a very deep layer of gravel, twice what is used these days.

Trump is ideal for the need to do infrastructure. The corrupt disagree. Like Obumbler’s “shovel ready jobs: some of the bridges that were built were built by the Chinese, not Americans; Americans sat by and watched as they were being replaced by Chinese labor and corporations.

Looking forward to infrastructure renewal. First President in history who actually knows something about it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Does this bother Demented Joe? why should it? He’s non compos mentis. He is neither here nor there; there is no there there. Lost in Space.

But it’s OK. They don’t want a functional mind; they want someone to play President, like Obimbo, like AOC the bad actress plays her role. It would be an insult to a sack of marbles to say that Gropey Joe and AOC have the brainpower of a sack of marbles!

It’s a little too obvious now. Kennedy presented a problem with his illness; had he been cooperative, they would have kept him around, but his behavior – by their standards – became increasingly erratic, due to his illness. They were afraid of his instability.

And they are terrified of President Trump, not because of instability, but because he is an actual Executive. Not even Ronald Reagan was an executive – (he was a capable leader, but not an executive.)

Jimmy MacAfee

Nixon went along with the Deep State, as did LBJ; anyone remember Wage and Price Controls under Nixon? Head Start (one of the worst programs in the history of the Federal Government.) and the EPA (which had a legitimate function, until the Obama-takeover.)

Obama was unable to conduct his first Cabinet meeting. He had never been an actual executive, and wasn’t capable of much of anything. ValJar, the Bat Faced One, did most of his official duties for him, She was the de facto President, and she liked the title. This isn’t to say that Obumbler didn’t contribute to the destruction of the United States of America – he did! Profile indicates that his mantra was the song by Sly “Stand,” where a midget causes a giant to fall. Read the lyrics for yourself; it’s all Obama.

They don’t need anyone with a 3rd Grade mind; they need someone who can read from a teleprompter. This is the reason GropinQuidProSenile Joe hasn’t been put on a shelf; they take him out of his toddler-pen and have him read stuff. Unfortunately, Toddler Joe insists on playing with his own rattle, and his beads are all spilt.

Jimmy MacAfee

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the idea of a “President” being President hasn’t been in play for a very long time. Reagan made a good effort, but even he was undermined by Ollie North and others – who were themselves battling against another segment of the Deep State.

There has been a war within the CIA for decades; it’s nothing new to anyone who knows anything. Not “Jason Bourne” and all that rot – an administrative war, a political war, a war for control. How is it that a Communist became Director?

And Then Came Trump, like “Then Came Bronson.” Q says he was picked, chosen, by a determined group of patriots. Perhaps. This does subvert the Autonomous President narrative a bit, however. I do think there are people helping, as they must, if we are ever to get our Constitution back. This is not an Ollie North group, and not REX 84.

President Trump is President. Period. First one since Kennedy. Whether you like JFK or not, or agree with his decisions, he was his own man, and he lost his life staying his own man.

phineas gage

Sobering thoughts from streiff:

phineas gage

The reason that the Democrat party is stuck with Slow Joe is that he is the only one that has the ability to attract black votes. It really is that simple.

Nevertheless, I don’t see any possible way he is the actual nominee.

This is a sad time, and watching Slow Joe decline is also sad. However, as I have said before, he has been and is an extraordinarily nasty politician, and I don’t feel much pity.

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