Great News: Peter Navarro is Growing Weary of Dr. Fauci’s Nonsense

The Mid-day Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Doesn’t Break for Lunch)

Axios has a report out this morning detailing a significant confrontation that apparently took place on Sunday between Peter Navarro and Dr. Anthony Fauci during the meeting of the Coronavirus Task Force. The subject of the argument detailed in the report was hydroxychloroquine and Fauci’s ongoing campaign to pretend that this cheap and plentiful medication has not been proven effective against the Wuhan Virus.

Navarro, who, like President Trump is well aware of the large and constantly-growing body of proof that HC is indeed proving to be an almost 100%-effective cure for this viral plague that China unleashed on the world, has obviously grown weary of Fauci’s nonsense, and decided to call him out on it in that meeting.

Excerpt from the Axios report:

Toward the end of the meeting, Hahn began a discussion of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which Trump believes could be a “game-changer” against the coronavirus.

  • Hahn gave an update about the drug and what he was seeing in different trials and real-world results.
  • Then Navarro got up. He brought over a stack of folders and dropped them on the table. People started passing them around.
  • “And the first words out of his mouth are that the studies that he’s seen, I believe they’re mostly overseas, show ‘clear therapeutic efficacy,'” said a source familiar with the conversation. “Those are the exact words out of his mouth.”

Navarro’s comments set off a heated exchange about how the Trump administration and the president ought to talk about the malaria drug, which Fauci and other public health officials stress is unproven to combat COVID-19.

  • Fauci pushed back against Navarro, saying that there was only anecdotal evidence that hydroxychloroquine works against the coronavirus.
  • Researchers have said studies out of France and China are inadequate because they did not include control groups.
  • Fauci and others have said much more data is needed to prove that hydroxychloroquine is effective against the coronavirus.
  • As part of his role, Navarro has been trying to source hydroxychloroquine from around the world. He’s also been trying to ensure that there are enough domestic production capabilities inside the U.S.

Fauci’s mention of anecdotal evidence “just set Peter off,” said one of the sources. Navarro pointed to the pile of folders on the desk, which included printouts of studies on hydroxychloroquine from around the world.

  • Navarro said to Fauci, “That’s science, not anecdote,” said another of the sources.

Navarro started raising his voice, and at one point accused Fauci of objecting to Trump’s travel restrictions, saying, “You were the one who early on objected to the travel restrictions with China,” saying that travel restrictions don’t work. (Navarro was one of the earliest to push the China travel ban.)


Please take the time to follow the link to the Axios report and read it in full. You will be glad you did.

The thing to remember about this joyful incident is that Navarro is a guy who President Trump trusts. Dr. Fauci, due to his own self-serving antics over the past three months, is not.

Meanwhile, we have this happy report from Fox News this morning, detailing how at least 4,000 Wuhan Virus patients in New York are now being successfully treated with HC in combination with zinc and antibiotics:

As many as 4,000 seriously ill coronavirus patients in New York are being treated with the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, state health officials say.

President Trump has touted hydroxychloroquine as a potential life-saver, although there is no widespread scientific evidence to date showing it helps battle COVID-19.

But Gov. Andrew Cuomo last month said health care providers in the state would be using the drug in combination with the antibiotic Zithromax, or azithromycin, for some last-ditch cases, based on potentially promising research.

“Time is of the essence,’’ Albany University Public Health Dean David Holtgrave, who is on the state’s research team, said in a statement.

A state Health Department official said the DOH has shipped doses of hydroxychloroquine to 56 hospitals across New York, distributing enough “to treat 4,000 patients to date.”

Patients have received doses as part of four- or 10-day regimens, officials said.

So, much as Dr. Fauci and the corrupt news media would prefer otherwise, Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo obviously wants his citizens to have the best chance to survive the contraction of this virus. Good for him.

See? The news isn’t all bad. Sometimes, you just have to look for it.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Fauci is an academic and unable to work in the real, practical world. He would stay with his mantra of double-blind studies even if everyone around him is dead. Trump can’t fire him because it would be political suicide. Fauci has some valid points and can help in some ways but his thoughts need to be filtered by us because of him being purely academic. Don’t take him too seriously. But it is good fodder for the media.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dr. Birx, on Hannity, addressed the issue of off-label use of drugs, admitting it was common, and thanking President Trump for making it (Hydroxychloroquine) available across the country. That’s the only apology we’re gonna see, but it is sufficient.

Now let’s see if Dr. Fauci has anything to say. on this; I would like to see him repent over his support of the WHO and it’s China-owned head, and repudiate all of the CCP indoctrination and disinformation, stalling and outright lies, and he needs to apologize for being a shill for Billy “the cat” Gates. He has a lot to answer for, including a clear conflict of interest? (Birx, too)

“Is Fauci lying to President Trump?
Here is definitive proof that Anthony S. Fauci, MD and Bill Gates are engaged in a massive conflict of interest re. the Coronavirus outbreak and Gates’ association with the Pirbright Coronavirus patent.”

Jay Whitcraft

I look for Trump to fire some people when this is over. Jay

Jimmy MacAfee

Hopefully. But what would be better would be for President Trump to hire people who will gradually phase out the dribblers and dabblers who want a slow-release of PIG Pharma drugs, and bring in people who are not terrified of their own short little shadows.


“But Gov. Andrew Cuomo last month said health care providers in the state would be using the drug in combination with the antibiotic Zithromax, or azithromycin, for some last-ditch cases, based on potentially promising research.”

Wonder if Andrew the Cuomo, the Democratic Presidential Nominee in Waiting (for the DNC to put the Biden turkey out of its misery) will wait for Fredo to become a “last-ditch case” before giving him “the drug in combination with the antibiotic Zithromax, or azithromycin”?

Man do I see an opportunity for the law firm of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe for class action lawsuits against any and all non-doctor politicians and bureaucrats who in any way prevent the distribution of any common drug to anyone who dies from the virus due to the political withholding of the any life saving medicine.



Here is a double blind scientific study we can do.

Give every swamp dwelling anti-Trumper, every bureaucrat, every know-nothing MSM (D) turd and corrupticrat in the DC government the virus, and then give half the of them hydroxychloroquine and the other half a placebo. Let’s see how that works out.

Then put the sick placebo group into another study where half of them get US manufactured hydroxychloroquine, and the other half gets hydroxychloroquine that is made in China.

The group who got the China made drug who survive and are still sick can wait on Fauci’s CDC and Big-Pharma buddies to come up with a 30-40% effective vaccine, and they can then copay a thousand dollars for the dose.

Let’s see how fast Fluky, Bixie come to reality…

Jimmy MacAfee

Dang that’s good!


Where is the double blind study for national quarantine, killing the economy and creating mass unemployment?

Funny the little demon fauci never required a double blind for that “prescription”


The rope-a-dope i see in some of this, like cuomo allowance for use in hospitals of hydroxychloroquine, is that phrase “last ditch cases”

While it may help those near the end, its greatest effectiveness might well be in those earlier on in the disease progression! So they don’t get to the “last ditch” point.

I suspect the “last ditch” approach is intentionally to stack the deck to discredit the drugs usefulness.

Let’s remember something.. No matter the drug it is YOUR immune system that TRULY resolves any infection.

Drugs like antibiotics and antiviral, work as BACK UP TROOPS.. They interfere with ENOUGH off the infectious agents ability to replicate, lowering their number, to the point where your OWN immune system can defeat the enemy.

That means this med should be given EARLY bit LATE.

Look at tamiflu. They know it’s effective in altering the course of a flu bout ONLY if given within 24-48 hours of flu starting.

Look at that medicine for shingles. Again, effective ONLY if given early.

Because past a certain massive point of virus replication, there are diminishing returns.. The drugs must be given EARLY in the virus replication when lowering the virus numbers, keeping replication low enough so your immune system can then kill without itself going haywire (cytokine storm).

“Last ditch” is bs as a model.

Jimmy MacAfee

Well, the drug has shown some of the more spectacular successes in those suffering the greatest, gravest condition. If that’s his motive, it could backfire spectacularly.

Hope Boris is getting the good stuff, but knowing MI6, they may be holding it back.


So n eonomist has more qualifications to speak on medical issues than doesa medical doctor? Guess next time I feel poorly I’ll seek out the medical advice of my financial advisor and not my doctor. Or I could ask the guy that pumps out my septic tank.


Economy falters, heads down toward failure. Dimtard Fauci fiddles…

Jimmy MacAfee

Fauci is Nimzicki in Independence day. Defense Sec. former CIA head, ridiculed the plan to insert a computer virus, stating lack of resources and dismissing the operation with disdain.

Heads should roll, or just replaced with someone who understands the potential for off-label prescribing.

Jimmy MacAfee

My job is done for the day (until night.) Y’all keep up the Good Fight!

We are winning, in spite of what the enemy claims. G0D Bless Peter Navarro! May be have much success!


Why now??? Because they were for it when Obozo was President, but because Trump is for it… well Orange man bad…

Secondly… money… Like the researchers in Australia who came out saying ivermectin was effective against covid further stated that they need money and time to ‘study’ the drug for human use, effectiveness and dosage. Preclinical and then clinical trials are needed, so they say, before the drug could be safely used.

What they don’t tell you that Ivermectin has been used in humans for over 40 years all thru Africa and Saharan countries. They even state that those with zero knowledge can safely distribute the drug with minimal training. hhhmmmm can’t have that tho… Better to have people die that for some uneducated deplorable kill someone with a bad drug… like chloroquine phosphate…

Its NEVER been about the ‘cure’ or prevention. It has ALWAYS been about power, control and money. period.

Jimmy MacAfee

Amen, Brian, amen.

phineas gage

As I posted in the thread below, it is interesting that the two drugs shown to be effective against this virus–hydroxychloroquinine and ivermectin–are both anti-parasitics. Not sure what that means, if anything.

phineas gage
phineas gage

On the lighter side of things at Ace:

Which is your favorite? Mine is the shoe.


So am I!

Jimmy MacAfee

So are you what? Just wondering.


I believe Cynthia was agreeing with your “I am guessing that Fauci and Birx are not against off-label use in general”.

I wish the people who comment so briefly would put into some context to what they are referring to. Many of us speak to different aspects of a particular article. Brief replies cause confusion and really don’t add much.

“So am I” – What?

Jimmy MacAfee

Question: why the sudden animus toward off-label use, (one that the FDA has now approved?) I am guessing that Fauci and Birx are not against off-label use in general. Why now?

Jimmy MacAfee

It is fascinating that Fauci is against off-label use. Most of the best uses of drugs have come from off-use (your own doctor can do this, with no permission.) Pharmaceuticals look far and wide for off-uses for their own meds. Does Dr. Fauci not understand this?

I posted on the previous thread the off-label uses of thalidomide; I will again:

“Thalidomide (Thalomid) is a drug prescribed for the treatment and prevention of skin conditions that result from leprosy, and multiple myelomas. Off-label uses include the treatment of TB, aphthous ulcers, HIV-wasting syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and Kaposi’s sarcoma.”

In other words, off-label use of the drug for AIDS patients. So does Dr. Fauci disagree with the use of Thalidomide for the treatment of these conditions? Let him speak to this, or resign immediately.

The denial of the use of off-label medications that have shown off-label success is either an indication of ignorance, or sabotage. These conclusions are the only two answers to the question.

This has become the Task Farce.

Bruce Branz

Fauci previously said “we will continue with the lock down until the last person with corona virus is cured”. Isn’t Fauci our latest communist on the scene? Printing money is the downfall of America.

phineas gage

Go for it you demented A$$holes.

phineas gage

This is no time to be getting caught up with formal definitions. Fauci is acting like the typical bureaucrat, while Navarro wants to get things done.

I think I can guess which option Trump will favor.

And then watch the media go ballistic, particularly if Fauci and Birx don’t go along.


The one thing we can all be sure of: once politics meets life and death actions, the latter will prevail, because no one wants to be responsible for ignoring a life saving action. Fauci, being a bureaucrat, isn’t responsible for anyone other than himself. He can spout any BS he likes…

Governors on the other hand, are the executives directly responsible for the people in their states. Of course, once all this is over, they will go back to politics. It will be interesting to see which ones give him credit after all this is done.

phineas gage

Your observation is spot-on accurate, as evidenced by Governor Cuomo today asking President Trump for more hydroxychloroquinine supplies, even as the media attacks it.

phineas gage

Navarro is incorrect in that is not ‘formal science’ in the way that Fauci wants, with methodical double-blind studies and appropriate controls, etc.

However, it is increasingly overwhelming anecdotal evidence, and at some point–particularly an existential crisis like this one–that is more than good enough.


Fauci wants a “vaccine” when there isn’t one out there currently that was subjected to “double-blind studies and appropriate controls”, nor will they do it to an alleged “coronavirus” vaccine.

Think about that when Fauci mentions why NOT to use HCQ.

Carlos Dangler

Navarro should have asked Fauci, “If someone in your family was dying from this virus, are you trying to tell me that you wouldn’t prescribe hydroxy-expealidocious for them?”

The dumb look on his face and non-answer probably wouldn’t be described in the Axios report.

phineas gage

More and more people are referring to it as HCQ. Much easier.

Carlos Dangler

Thanks, that helps! I used to be a good spellar.

Jimmy MacAfee

Fauci is like the CIA guy in Independence Day, who ridicules the “c0ckamamie idea” of planting a virus in the Mother Ship of the aliens. As you all know, it worked.

Fortunately, the fictional President had the power to fire the dope. Which is what the President should do now, and replace Fauci with someone who understands the use of off-label meds, particularly in a crisis.


Fauci doesn’t have America’s welfare at heart. He’s taking his orders from globalist kingpin Gates and certainly deserves to be tossed out of the White House and replaced as Jimmy said above.

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