The America You See Today is the America Envisioned by the Green New Deal

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

When did Mini-Mike sell Bloomberg News to the ChiCom government? – Here are photos of two headlines running at right now:





Yes, doctors and nurses deserve our gratitude and applause. – But not just the doctors and nurses who are fighting to save patients with coronavirus at what appears to be several dozen hospitals around the country that are actually somewhat overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases right now. We should also be concerned about the thousands of doctors and nurses who are seeing their salaries cut back, seeing their working hours docked or being outright laid off right now because thousands of hospitals, clinics and medical practices are basically vacant.

Your corrupt news media, in its ongoing zeal to keep the national panic it created going all the way through the November election, continues to focus pretty much all of its “reporting” on a few hospitals in New York City that happen to be operating at full or over-full capacity. But the reality is that, even in the other large cities around the country, there is only one or perhaps two hospital emergency rooms that are seeing real spikes in activity.

Many of our thousands of other medical facilities have seen their businesses destroyed by counterproductive orders for everyone in America to postpone regular doctor’s appointments and elective surgeries while this pandemic endures. The stay-at-home order has also had the effect of dramatically reducing traffic-related accidents, workplace accidents  and the spreads of the flu, colds and other viral diseases that in most years keep medical facilities occupied and working with full staff.

Before the Wuhan Virus came along, our society had normalized these kinds of maladies and pathologies as just a part of life in a country with a thriving society and prosperous economy. Now that we have destroyed our nation’s economy to fight a virus that was never going to be as deadly as the seasonal flu, we see that hey, if we all just volunteer to lose or homes and livelihoods, we won’t have so many car wrecks! Isn’t that great?

What this has been is a lesson in risks, rewards and tradeoffs. Our national strategy in addressing every other communicable disease to come along in modern times has been to mitigate the risks as best we can and develop effective ways to treat the sick and help them recover. That was exactly the strategy we deployed in 2009/10 with the H1N1 virus, which infected more than 1.4 BILLION people around the globe. Yet, we have shut down the global economy over the last two months to fight the Wuhan Virus, which remains 1,398,700,000 infections short of that number.

I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record on this, but let me remind you one more time that we have invoked this frankly insane strategy based on a statistical model used by Dr. Anthony Fauci that two weeks ago projected as many as 2 million U.S. deaths from Wuhan Virus by September, a week ago projected as many as 240,000, and as of Thursday projected 93,000. If they run that model today, that number will no doubt be dramatically lower still given that the actual observed results on the ground continue to run at less than 40% of what the model has predicted.

Fortunately, President Trump appears to be tiring of allowing Dr. Fauci and his model to destroy the American way of life. On Saturday, he endorsed the idea suggested by Dana Perino of creating a second coronavirus task force that would advise him how to put American back to work as quickly as possible:

The President also continued to tout the use of hydroxychloroquine to fight the Wuhan Virus, given its proven effectiveness all over the world. Despite Fauci’s ongoing efforts to downplay the use of this safe, effective, cheap and well-known drug that won’t make any of Dr. Fauci’s “Big Pharma” buddies rich, the President announced during yesterday’s Coronavirus Task Force update that the federal government was acquiring an initial 29 million doses of the malaria drug to distribute to the many states that are now requesting it.

All of this signals that the President will soon be making the move to start putting America back to work, and get our economy and society on the road to recovery from this media-induced episode of national panic and insanity. I continue to believe he will start the move in that direction after the end of this coming week.

When that time comes, he will need all of our support more than ever, because you can be sure that the outrage coming from the Democrat/Media Propaganda Complex will be the loudest it has ever been. The last month of national shutdown have been literal nirvana for them.

This is exactly the America envisioned by the Soviet-style “Green New Deal” that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Democrat Party rolled out last year: Less than zero economic growth; dramatically less car travel; dramatically less air travel; a dead tourism industry; the lights in Las Vegas turned off; Times Square a ghost town; Disney World dead and gone; beaches empty of everything but the seaweed that flows in with the tide; churches shut down on Palm Sunday; and the American people frightened and cowering in their homes as they wait for their tiny government checks to arrive.

If they can just find a way to shut down voices like yours and mine on the Internet, they would have exactly the America they have been working towards for their entire adult lives.

Donald Trump isn’t going to let them consolidate all of this on a permanent basis, and they will all scream like the stuck pigs they really are when he moves in the next couple of weeks to roll it all back.

Be ready.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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Yes, Trump will, and Yes, Trump should. This lock-down clearly politically motivated even if the virus was naturally occurring and not “man-made”.


Attempt number 2…

Here in Canukistan we are getting increasingly more locked down every day. Its really getting beyond stupid. But like compliant sheep very FEW are actually speaking up against this farce. Just us rebels. I’m even in the dog house at my local range because I questioned WHY they shut the range down.

My son has dual citizenship. The very stupid port of entry design here resulted in his having to go thru the US port in order to turn around to get to the Canukistan side so he could register his car here. As a result of his ‘leaving the country’ for all of 5 min, and never getting out of the car, hes now required to self quarantine for two weeks. They took his ‘details’ and stated someone would be checking and monitoring him. nice police state we have, wanna share??

Please… Write your political, the White House and local governance to end this sham and get back to business. Complacency is what kills, if you don’t believe that come visit us here in marxist utopia of canukistan. We’ll gladly give you a thirty day free trial.


Bryan, that story of your son is hilarious and beyond stupid! Laughed out loud, thanks for sharing.


I believe the President should have a second group at his pressers. That group would consist of Dave, Jimmy, Phineas, me, and the others who contribute to this site from time to time.

We offer more logic, calm, and straight forward common sense solutions to this wholly China produced and distributed ‘pandemic’ than ANY of the CDC ‘experts’. And our only agenda is to MAGA/KAG. I would do it for free as a PSA and consider it a national duty.

I can wear a suit and tie and speak in public as well as anyone at the pressers – Trump excluded.

All I/we would need is some (honorary) BS, MS, & PHD degrees… and the people,e with all their titles, longevity, ‘knowledge’, and ‘experience’ can be exposed for the unknowing biased frauds they are.


I believe you are right Dave. President Trump will begin to put an end to this hysterical nonsense and take positive steps to Resurrect the economy at the same time our savior was Resurrected.

His timing, as always will be impeccable.

Jimmy MacAfee

Later, folks! Be comforted: the slower the virus progresses, the weaker the viral load, and the more natural antibodies will develop in the general population. This is something that Fauci and others seem to have omitted in their talks for some reason. Off to Worship!

Jimmy MacAfee

One thing where I agree with A. Ocrazio: billionaires have had a disproportionate say in world events (you hearin’ me, Billy “the cat” Gates? GS? Uncle Warren?) The good ones are doing great work (thanks, President Trump!) while most of the others are involved in Eugenics. (Not Nugenics; Eugenics.)

By the way, China killed its best and brightest under Mao, and the Brain Trust is settled in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Eugenics in reverse! China has not yet recovered, which is why they have to lie, cheat and steal, while Taiwan produces brilliance. Just sayin.’

OCrazio sounds like the forest witch who has spent too much time alone in a cabin in the forest, and having ingested far too many funny mushrooms. No need for a trial; she’s a prisoner in her own head – (seriously, would you want to live there?)

But we needn’t share in her madness; stupidity needn’t be a contagion!


Still hope AOC primaries Schumer and beats him. At the same primary election, I hope she gets primaried and (Crowley? – at least he is saner then AOC, Go Nads, Hochstetter, and Klink) beats her. Then, NY gets smart and beats her in the senate race. At this time I’d take a RINO like a Collins, Burr, or even the Muttster riding Trump’s coattails. Get rid of two turds with one flush.

phineas gage

The simple fact is that what is going to happen is going to happen. Once the virus got loose in this country, given its infectiousness, that was all she wrote.

It can be argued that the social distancing economic shutdown strategy is just delaying what is going to happen anyways, while adding an incalculable level of economic damage.

All for a virus in which most healthy people will experience at most mild symptoms.

At some point you’ve just got to face the reality of death. Living is hazardous to your health. All this hysteria is not going to change that.

Jimmy MacAfee

It’s called “buying time,” and is strategic – at least, from President Trump’s perspective (not claiming to speak for him.)

The concentration of viruses is key to the severity of infection (i.e. the body can begin to deal with small amounts of the virus, and act accordingly, and not become overwhelmed.)

High loads and the immune system fails, except with help from things like hydroxychloroquine.

Viral load, y’know? It’s a thing. Slowing it down is akin to developing widespread immune response. A heavy viral load would be much worse, which is why NYC is suffering so greatly: they’ve tipped the barrel over, and it spread quickly because of the repeated exposures.

phineas gage

Once the shutdown ends–which it must– and people start interacting, the spread will likely be what it was going to be anyways.

Jimmy MacAfee

The first paragraph of this thread, starting with ” When did Mini-Mike sell Bloomberg News to the ChiCom government?” is self-answerable.

I’d been referring to Mini-Bloom as China Mike and Mini Mike the China Asset as soon as he started his campaign. It has been reported (not widely) that he has so many conflicts of interest vis a vis China, he couldn’t possibly continue as a candidate. I think he mainly wanted to use his wealth legally to throw monkey-dung at the President, since CreepyJoetheQuidProSchmo couldn’t find a voice, other than that of a senile old codger with a bad temper.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think this is Dave’s best column yet, and there have been some great ones.

Jimmy MacAfee

Interesting that none of the enemy care one whit that the WHO engaged in a birth-control scheme in Africa, to sterilize innocent women, in the guise of a tetanus vaccine. (I remember this; do you?) It was – of course – downplayed in the media, because the media was in favor of Sanger’s little schemes. But here it is, and it is a big reason WHO needs to be defunded:

“The WHO oversaw massive a vaccination campaign against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. A Roman Catholic Lay organization became suspicious of the WHO program, and decided to test numerous phials of the vaccine, and found them to contain Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or HCG. What? ! ! ! HCG is a natural hormone, needed to maintain a pregnancy. However, when combined with a tetanus toxoid, it stimulates formation of antibodies against HCG, rendering women who receive the vaccine, incapable of maintaining a pregnancy. This is a form of concealed abortion. Similar reports of vaccines laced with HCG hormones came from the Philippines and Nicaragua.”


Jimmy, I really appreciate your reply here regarding WHO. The veil continues to be lifted for all to see the evil in America’s politics and Globalist agendas. Can’t even imagine the horror of having to answer to the LORD about taking advantage of the poor, not even to mention establishing programs of health to kill the innocent unborn.
I love your input Jimmy. Keep it up!
Jimmy, I second Jimmy. This article was fire! (Hope Trump and his staff could read it.)

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you! I appreciate your comments!

Jimmy MacAfee

Meanwhile, only the suckers are still selling; there have been a lot of buying opportunities – if you have cash. (If you use leveraged money, sorry.) Buy low has never been more true. But the suckers are still selling, because…well, they’re suckers.

I had a vision to sell everything during the impeachment sham – in the Senate, which voted appropriately. We decided not to, because whatever befell our nation would ultimately fall on us, too, one way or another. Not exactly the same as the pass-over of disease as in Psalm 91, which is what people ought to consider, but the common monetary troubles. You could win the lottery, and the monetary system fail the next day! What profit is that?

Those who brought this pestilence are doomed; those who brought this financial pestilence are going to face judgement. Those who have attempted to politicize this (Pelosi, Schumer et al) will find themselves in troubles they cannot escape from; those are the same people who shed innocent blood. We – most of us, you and I – will not share their fate. And those who persecute the hundreds of millions of Chinese Christians? Your fate will be worse than anyone’s.

Dave is right, and so is President Trump; I’ve said as much recently, that we need a Dr. Sowell/Dr. Koop combination to heal the economy, and provide hydroxychloroquine strategically, since Drs. Birx and Fauci seem to have no interest in distributing these materials and medicines.

Please Lord, let this all be done, in Your Name

phineas gage

If he does, there will be an immediate struggle with blue-state governors and unelected health bureaucrats.


Let the president have this fight – that will further show how rotten and inept most of the blue state governors and bureaucrats really are.

phineas gage

‘I continue to believe he will start the move in that direction after the end of this coming week.’

I agree–the point of no return is rapidly approaching, at the same time as the virus death toll is coming in way lower than predicted. He has to act.

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