Trump Fires ICIG Atkinson: Media/Coup Plotters Hardest Hit

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

A new day has officially arrived at the U.S. Intelligence Community.  – Late Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three glorious words) pulled the trigger on Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, providing him with his walking papers effective at the end of this month.

A more appropriate firing has never before happened to any employee of our federal government. Naturally, the corrupt coup d’etat supporters in our national news media went berserk. They all love Atkinson, given the key role he played in the whole fake impeachment hoax that distracted the nation’s attention from other crucial matters – like the Wuhan Virus – from September through January.

Here is the letter President Trump sent to Senators Richard Burr (RINO) and Mark Warner (D), the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, last night:

The President no doubt took this crucial decision based on the recommendation of Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grennel. It is also likely no coincidence that the move comes just a few days after former Congressman Mark Meadows assumed the job of President Trump’s Chief of Staff. So, let’s all give Mr. Grennel and Mr. Meadows a standing round of applause as well.

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Atkinson, remember is the corrupt Obama holdover who last August single-handedly enabled the entire impeachment hoax to move forward based on the anonymous, hearsay “whistleblower” complaint by surreptitiously changing the IC’s whistleblower rules to allow second-hand information. As reported this morning by Gateway Pundit:

Atkinson saw to it that the whistleblower form was updated to allow for second hand information, which the ‘whistleblower’ (believed to be Eric Ciaramella) provided in his complaint. Although, the form should not have been accepted based on second-hand information and because it was about the President of the United States (who is not in the IC), Atkinson accepted the complaint.

The whistleblower later attempted to edit the form he originally provided. The original form stated that the whistleblower did not talk to Congress before filing the form but after it was discovered that he had met with Adam Schiff’s team in Congress, the whistleblower attempted to edit his form.

It’s important to note that Atkinson’s move came just days after Schiff and his staff had coordinated with the fake whistleblower – Eric Ciaramella – to compile his complaint. Atkinson was obviously also coordinating his efforts with Schiff.

Let’s also remember that, after Atkinson was interviewed by Adam Schiff’s Soviet-style impeachment committee in September, the results were apparently so damaging to the hoax that Schiff has still refused to release the transcript of that interrogation to this day. Atkinson’s transcript remains the only one of the 29 interview transcripts still being kept under wraps.

Finally, the guys over at The Conservative Treehouse remind us in a great, comprehensive expose’ of Atkinson, that he was also singled out for criticism in last December’s report by DOJ IG Michael Horowitz:

Also, in the recent FISA review by the OIG the DOJ inspector general specifically identified issues with the “accuracy reviews” conducted by DOJ-NSD chief legal counsel. Who was that former DOJ-NSD chief legal counsel? That would be current ICIG Michael Atkinson.

Currently, former CIA Director John Brennan is under investigation for his role in the FBI spy operations against the Trump campaign and administration. Brennan is being investigated by U.S. Attorney John Durham, an assignment from AG Bill Barr.

Few people have asked why it would take a U.S. attorney to conduct a review of the CIA considering ICIG Atkinson should have been doing that oversight already. The answer within that non-discussed dynamic points to the reason why Ric Grenell as ODNI was needed.

So today, as you find yourselves going stir crazy as you continue to hole up in your home for fear of contracting a virus, take just a moment to celebrate the great news that your President took the time and political risk in the midst of this crisis to rid our government of this corrupt, malign influence who has done so much damage within our intelligence community.

Uncorking a nice, cold bottle of champagne might be in order.

That is all.

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50 thoughts on “Trump Fires ICIG Atkinson: Media/Coup Plotters Hardest Hit

  1. TM1 - April 4, 2020

    I hope the traitor doesn’t let the door hit him in the a$$!!!

    1. Philly Smith - April 4, 2020

      OK, when will the perp walks for the other ones start?

    2. Mamacita - April 4, 2020

      Oh H*LL!! I hope it SLAMS him on the A$$, knocks him down several flights of stairs, smashes through the revolving door, bounces down the front steps clear across the sidewalk and onto the street, is somehow miraculously missed by an excellent driver of an oncoming ambulance, sits up and breaths a sigh of relief, only to be squashed by one or both of NC’s orbiting satellites, that our US Space Force finally decided to take out!! Hey, one can always dream eh? 🙏😳

    3. Pilot Dave - April 4, 2020

      More appropriate would be a firing squad in Leavenworth for Atkinson.

  2. phineas gage - April 4, 2020

    Long overdue and well-deserved–Atkinson was a real snake, in cahoots with many deep state swamp denizens including the loathsome Mary McCord.

    The swamp is also finding out that Trump is fully capable of managing and maintaining focus on several objectives concurrently. That is called multitasking, an essential business skill that these myopic political goons know nothing about.

    The media caterwauling will be a welcome diversion indeed from the shutdown paralysis.

    1. dave - April 5, 2020

      Atkinson should commit suicide………like Daniel Best.

  3. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

    You know your enemy how? Horowitz is aghast at the dismissal. Birds of a feather.

    All those who support Atkinson line up – over there, against the wall. You will be provided eye coverings, if you wish, to keep you from getting COVID-19.

    1. Gregg - April 4, 2020

      The Whorowitzes and Faucis of the swamp, like most politicians, try to have it both ways. They come across as deliberative and cerebral public servants, and then also, as do nothing bureaucrats who gum up the works to ensure nothing substantive ever gets done and no issue ever gets truly resolved. The two aforementioned officials may not be overt deep-state operatives, but they serve the deep-state’s purpose nonetheless, while maintaining a very thin veneer of integrity, competence and credibility.

      Come November, all must be gone!

  4. Gregg - April 4, 2020

    That is indeed great news, but at the current pace the swamp draining is going, most of these turds (Fauci) will die of old age before the swamp becomes a garden.

    However, this is great good news, and as I speculated in a recent comment, if Trump wins bigly and gets a solid GOP congress this November, the real flush of the DC swamp will then happen very quickly. People won’t just be fired, able to go on to write tell-all books and be paid guest commentators on DNCNN and MSLSD, but convicted and JAILED. That will be the only solution.

    I also believe any real and through investigation of the Schiff-Atkinson-CIAramella COLLUSION will ultimately lead to ‘the One’, Walking Eagle, GS, and many of their fellow travelers high up in the UN and the US government.

    To quote Senator Schmuckie: From the beginnings of this Ukraine impeachment attempt, this effort of the deep-state to get rid of the president “shall reap the whirlwind it has sewn”.

  5. phineas gage - April 4, 2020

    O/T, the judicial nominee train just keeps rolling despite everything:

    Walker is from Kentucky, so it is reasonable to assume that Mitch took particular interest in this nomination.

  6. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

    Walmart is restricting the number of shoppers to improve “social distancing.”

    Now before everybody jumps on Walmart, consider this: they have a tremendous problem with shoplifting; larger crowds, as in recent days, will undoubtedly result in a vastly increased number of thefts. Like when riots occur, businesses are targeted – opportunistic looters.

    Same with this. I am pretty happy that the thieves won’t be able to target Walmart anymore. With very few exceptions, all thieves are subhuman scum.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

      From my sources, cashiers in a lot of places (Walmart included) live in a state of terror. Understandably. Walmart doesn’t want its employees to all quit, or refuse to work, nor to fear coming to work.

      Secondly, a news piece about a bus driver ranting about a passenger coughing without covering was shown in a lot of places; within a week or so, the driver died of coronavirus.

      All of these should be given prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine (with certain restrictions, if medical conditions prevent the use of the drug.) This, by prescription of course.

      Now imagine saboteurs, licking produce and other goods. Don’t imagine, it’s already happened. While rules are available to prosecute those people for acts of terrorism, local law enforcement are not treating them thusly. This needs to change – immediately! More of this is on the way, because there are more mentally sick people out there than physically ill.

  7. Just Me - April 4, 2020

    It’s not a swamp; it’s a superfund site.

    1. David Blackmon - April 4, 2020

      Oh, that’s good. Wish I had thought of it.

  8. brian - April 4, 2020

    I dunno fellas… Guess I’m to pessimistic to believe there will be any real great change. Mr Trump tends to have a problem picking replacements that will actually do something. When he does get someone thats a threat, ie Flynn, the left goes all out on an obvious smear and then Mr Trump caves and lets the person go.

    HOPEFULLY, I’m wrong. But I still have questions about why the newly installed President Trump didn’t fire ALL of obama’s cabal at the beginning just as he did with Bush’s. I would have assumed he would have known that those hold-overs were going to work against the administration, after all they advertised that openly as in the ‘Resistance”.

    Plus how long has it been that Barr has had Durham on point?? Gonna be two years soon and whats been produced??? ZIP… How much money spent??? They aren’t saying. But be encouraged cause any day now something is gonna happen cause Durham is now intensifying his investigations into Brennan… in short… smako screen… imo

    1. phineas gage - April 4, 2020

      Well, we should find out with the Ratcliffe nomination for DNI,

      If Burr’s ass is in a bind for the stock sale, it may be possible to use that as leverage.

    2. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

      This is true of all wars: once an enemy is defeated, who runs the nation? Happened post-war in a lot of places, and post-war administration has always been a bugger.

      Post-Saddam Iraq was a nightmare, because the Sunnis (Saddamites) were mostly in Syria and elsewhere; the uneducated Shiites hadn’t run things, and mostly couldn’t. It was a sh-t show.

      Post-Hitler Germany saw a lot of Nazis still running things in the western part, and the Russians ran a dictatorship in the east. Merkel was a post-war Communist from East Germany. Go figure.

      Genghis Kahn was a light administrator, once the blood had been spilt; he let the locals run things, including letting them practice their own faiths. Bot woe to the administrators who went against the Mongols! Horrible, terrible deaths for those!

      President Trump is faced with the same dilemma as all of the above; administrators who had years of working under the Deep State, if not a part of it, grew accustomed to running things in the way the DS ordered. Figuring out who is trustworthy is like figuring out who among the Afghan populace is a friend or a suicide bomber. The comparison is apt.

  9. brian - April 4, 2020

    Yep I get the mess a new administration has to over come but Obozzo fired all the Bush appointees almost immediately. I just find this it odd that he didn’t do that period and he didn’t really fire anyone. How could you not know they wouldn’t actively work against you?!?!?

    When Obozzo fired all Bushs admin he replaced them with all his marxists comrades wjhich in turn hired only like minded drones. Its the reason the US is in such a political mess right now. Mr Trump should have done the same thing with the support of the Senate. WHY!!! do conservatives seem to think they can play nice with marxists and the marxists will somehow play nice back???

    As difficult as it can be in determining friend or foe, we all know the foes will reveal themselves. They can’t help it. They will smoke themselves out over time and then can be quietly eliminated and replaced with a friendly. Or simply get rid of them all and have everyone requalify for positions, a major pain but better assurances in quality and security.

    Still doesn’t explain the bad picks, smoke screening ‘investigations’ etc. Like I mentioned before… WHO… is advising him on these picks… THAT person isn’t working for the country. imo

    1. Steve Lawrence - April 4, 2020

      Bathhouse Barry was a political insider and had plenty of fellow travelers in the Dem party to appoint, while DJT as an outsider didn’t have people lined up whom he could trust and with all the “Never Trumpers” in the GOP he couldn’t rely on them either. He gave those in place the benefit of thinking they would put country above party and a few actually did. Sadly this one didn’t.

      1. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

        Bathhouse Barry was also blackmailed by Hissy Fit, who eventually became CAI director. He had gained all of the info on a lot of people, including Bathhouse, as principle of the Analysis Corporation, and he there secured Bathhouse’ private and very personal information, which cost Michael Hastings his life, and Andrew Breitbart was also murdered for similar reasons (puffy pink is NOT the color of a person who dies of a heart attack!) Seth was also killed by the same operatives, allegedly, or from the same sh-thouse.

        Bathhouse was an outsider, but had the input of the Clinton Crime Syndicate; he was forced to include Rotten Clinton and her people, or he would have quickly shown his ineptitude and even ValJar the Bat Faced One could not save him; he drew the line at one of the authors of the Steele Dossier and wouldn’t let her use him as a govt. employee. But this dirtbag still did intel work for her, as he came up with the Benghazi crap-story. There was literally no one for him to choose from, and he was co-opted in many ways. He isn’t anywhere near blameless: his use of Ben Rhodes’ fervid, lying and scheming imagination was one of the things he’s wholly responsible for. Even Holder was a Clinton crony, from Alligator Face’s day a the DOJ.

    2. Gregg - April 4, 2020

      Agreed, I have been shouting from the roof top to FIRE everyone you can Mr. President since January 21, 2017. If you don’t have someone you can trust to replace him/her immediately then promote the next in line as an acting this that or the other thing. Give him/her one month to come up with a Draino plan, and a quarter to implement it or fire him/her and keep doing it until you get the results you want.

      If we can survive for over a decade without a real budget, we can certainly survive having a revolving door of acting leaders forever. You don’t even have to go through the senate conformation process until you find the people you want to install permanently.

      By all accounts, Trump’s judicial picks are solid; where is he getting that group from (the Federalist?). It would seem he has entirely too much patience with everyone from Sessions, to Horowitz, to Comey, to Wray, etc. – the jury is still out on Barr and Durham, but their window is closing quickly.

      1. Gregg - April 4, 2020

        Another thing the president could have done was administer a polygraph to applicants to his positions when they were interviewed for the job. That might well have saved a lot of time. If a perspective staff member refused, you simply move on to the next applicant. I had to submit to a polygraph as a condition of employment to my position with the federal government and was subject to additional polygraphs every so often (usually every five to seven years) to maintain my employment and clearance.

  10. Ben Colder - April 4, 2020

    I hope the President fires a bunch more of those back stabbers.This President has had to put up with more back stabbers and back biters than any President has Ever had to its just insane what they have tried to do to him and its about time he fired a lot more of these bastards.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

      Afghan model. How many “trusted” Afghanis went into meetings with military/intel, and suicide bombed the meeting, costing the lives of our people? Trusted people, who became violators of the trust. President Trump has had to deal with a lot of suicide bombers, hasn’t he?

      McMasters, Comey…long line of them. It’s harder than anyone will even try to imagine. But it must happen, and some will get through and do damage.

  11. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

    The President needs a third person to join his taskforce: someone with a background in economics AND medical epidemiology – call if economic epidemiology.

    I once had a book that I unwisely gave to a Physician (it was a good book) called “Disease in Human History.” It was short – could have been 20 X in length, but the point was well made, if too brief.

    The candidate must be personable, capable, charming, and able to cut through the BS; they need to be pro-Capitalism, pro-solution and not a part of the Deep State in any of its forms. Someone like a cross between Dr. Thomas Sowell and C. Everette Koop.

  12. American - April 4, 2020

    One down; 50,000 more to go.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

      Lot more than that! Unfortunately.

  13. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

    Some food for thought – and panic:

    “Fox News‘ Brit Hume has posted a clip of Dr. Fauci speaking to News Max reporter Greg Kelly on January 21. Kelly addresses Fauci,

    “Bottom line. We don’t have to worry about this one, right?”
    Fauci replies, “Well, obviously you need to take it seriously. And do the kinds of things that the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security are doing, but this is not a major threat for the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.”

    That’s what Trump was hearing from Dr. Fauci, an expert, a man who has served as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984.”

  14. Bill Henslee - April 4, 2020

    In past years, an incoming administration came into power with virtually thousands of letters in hand that thanked previous administration appointees for their services–which were no longer needed. They were replaced immediately by new appointees who were oftern approved by the Senate in a voice vote. The new appointees had been vetted by many “old hands” within the party apparatus or had had similar jobs in previous administrations.

    Trump did not have that background in the GOP nor the complete acceptance and help he should have received by the old Guard/ Coming from the business community he was used to bringing in a few trusted aides at the top and leaving the thousands of in-place workers to be evaluated. He did not foresee the depth of the Deep State resistance or the many forms it would take.

    It takes an outsider to clean a village swamp, but being an outsider has its problems too.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

      Not quite; those days ended a long time ago, hence the formation of the Deep State. This was the permanent bureaucracy that was agreed upon by both parties, in order that the nation didn’t resort to payroll payoffs (which still did occur, for sure, but less.)

      Jimmah Cahtah couldn’t make a dent in the Deep State; he was catapulted from office after bragging that he’d change Washington and reform it; Reagan was, like Trump, a surprise to the Establishment, because they wholly underestimated him. Reagan only had a short grace period before they shot him, but he got a lot done anyway.

      One of the best examples of a Deep State sabotage was Katrina, against Bushie, when the federal government couldn’t do half the work Walmart did, in half the time. This is why President Trump is bypassing the parts of the government which would hide equipment, supplies and necessities the same way Puerto Rico did. Katrina was an op against Bush, and he failed to assess the damage the DS was doing to his administration. While he was part of the DS, he wasn’t able to utilize their machine. Again, this is why President Trump is using the National Guard to make certain deliveries.

      The point about entrenched bureaucrats might have been OK, to a certain extent, had the DS been apolitical, but it is abundantly clear that they’re worse partisans than the DNC itself. And Bushie’s people plundered what we spent in Iraq with hiked payrolls and salary demands, and little of value was accomplished – other than by the military. The corruption of the Deep State, by the Deep State is not new, but it is worse than ever.

  15. ballgame17 - April 4, 2020

    Without an expedient prosecution of this dirtball , he’ll simply float over to MSNBC / CNN , etc. and create more havoc. Until many of these traitors suffer SEVERE penalties this crap will go on , and on! If PDJT loses this election you can kiss off anything Durham will do. Huber et al have already proven that we , the PEOPLE, are pawns for the politically privileged. No hangings , no justice!

  16. Sean Casey - April 4, 2020

    The alleged whistleblower was not covered by the Intel Whistleblower Statute because the subject matter had nothing to do with National Security. Lt. Col Vindman’s opinion of Trump’s remarks during the subject Ukrainian telephone call was totally outside the orbit of his function for the National Security Council. The histdory of our military aid to Ukraine during the Obama Administration and the Trump Administration evidences that Trump GAVE Ukraine lethal weaponry to use in its fight against Russian supported rebels, while Obama did NOT. This fact alone should have ended the entire Democrat political sham.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

      The fact that Vindman didn’t know that Ukraine was given anti-tank missiles (something Phineas alerted us to early on) was telling; he was working against his former country’s vital interests. It’s appalling that Vindman was so glaringly ignorant, and who passionately took sides without knowing the full story. He’s a fat, ignorant putz.

      Eric Cinderella was worse, whether or not he was the mole; he deserves to be put in a box in Colorado, not a sunny Cuban prison.

      What should have happened didn’t. But the GropinQuidPro issue had them on their heels, and they went full-speed-ahead, in order to deflect from his thuggish criminality. When in doubt or in peril, go on offense. Their playbook. Adjust and proceed knowing their playbook.

  17. brian - April 4, 2020

    My point again Jimmy… KNOWING Fauci is a dyed in the wool democrat with overt ties to Hillary, questioning openly why things aren’t locked down until nobody is dying. Constantly misrepresenting the numbers of sick and dying with a very faulty ‘model’ that is constantly being revised down.

    So one, WHY keep this guy in there??? a saboteur.

    Secondly there HAS to be another C Everett Coop out there that Trump could appoint, surely with a population of 330 million there are no others to fit the bill??? In the swamp, probably but WHY draw anyone from the swamp period??

    Don’t get me wrong as I’m a Trump fan and very much admire the work he has done. He’s played the left great but still leaves me puzzled about many of the picks he’s taken on. Like Sessions and Barr in DOJ, Birx and Fauci in the medical adviser fields. WHO…. WHO is recommending these people… WHO is not suggesting their removals and replacements??? IMO.. those recommending and protecting these bad picks needs to be flushed… just say’n

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

      Your point is? It’s almost impossible to find someone who ISN’T Deep State. Fact is, anyone from the outside has been investigated – and their families, too – for blackmail purposes.

      I think it’s clear that Sessions was blackmailed, because he had no real reason to recuse himself. They tried to get outsider K.T. McFarland on false charges, but she refused to play along – but she left because of McMasters the ignorant swamp slime. She wasn’t from inside the swamp. But that didn’t mean they couldn’t get her.

      Barr is still unknown. You can be sure that they’re working him over, every way they can, recording his every fart and watching his family. If they can prove he has a relative who molests bunny rabbits, they’ll find that, too. There is no depth so low they won’t go to.

      President Trump HAS to have people who won’t be attacked immediately, and from the Left, in order to get their signature on every move he makes. Like Rosenstein. It takes massive courage to allow the enemy to walk among you. Again, I point to a defeated enemy, where the nation that has been defeated still has people who have to participate in the rebuilding. It’s an unfortunate reality of modern war. Trump won, but he needs people from the former system to help rebuild.

      A conquered nation is FUBAR. Someone needs to help find the metaphorical gravesites, where the dead rest.

      1. Gregg - April 4, 2020

        So what you seem to be saying Jimmy, is Trump and We Americans are screwed no matter what Trump or any other reform president might want to do now and in the future?

        You may be right, but I don’t want to believe it – YET.

        1. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

          No, we’re not screwed. This is war. Outcomes aren’t always what we want, but the only sure thing is we have to fight to our last breath.

          We are not fighting against the Federal Government, but against those who would turn it against the American People, against the Constitution, and submit us to foreign overlords. That’s why we fight and why we must not grow weary, why we must never give up.

          For all the Tokyo Roses out there, if you don’t want to fight, fine. Go home and weep in your beer. But as for the rest of us, we fight for our children and grandchildren, and if we don’t have any, we fight for yours.

  18. Sam-I-Am - April 4, 2020

    Since he was part of the Obumbler regime, he should have been fired the day Trump took over the Presidency. ALL Obumbler supporters in the government should be fired.

  19. FinbarOS - April 4, 2020

    And what about the gubmint pension?

  20. CharleyC - April 4, 2020

    OK, so now we have the enabler gone. I’ll save the celebration for when the criminals directly responsible are indicted or Arkancided.

    1. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

      Cut off their adrenochrome, and they’ll age 20 years in a few moths; provide it from Wuhan, and they’ll mysteriously get the virus. G0D works in mysterious ways!

  21. Jimmy MacAfee - April 4, 2020

    Y’all figure it out; I’ve got farmwork to do. Chainsaw stuff. Have fun! Never underestimate the enemy! Understand him, and half the battle is over. We need creative solutions – (I’ve provided some, since creativity is my strong point) – but we also need people who understand what is being laid out for them, if ya get my drift. Be safe, Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

  22. marty lopez - April 4, 2020

    Trump needs to regain control of the news cycle and he will need something big as the tide begins to recede regards the virus and the necessity of his reopening of the economy. Firing the CIA’s IG Atkinson could serve as the first sign of a leak leading to the ultimate break in the dike flooding the news with the exposure of Hillary and Obama Administration officials attempts to weaponize law enforcement and intelligence agencies in what can only be described as self serving treason most corrupt and gross larceny.

  23. Gregg - April 4, 2020

    Saw a Reuters story today where the ‘top watch dog’ Horowitz (apparently he is the IG of all the IGs) will conduct aggressive oversight of the administration’s multi TRILLION dollar virus relief package…

    The article also said Atkinson was a Trump appointee…

    While Horowitz apparently produced a competent far reaching investigation on more FISA abuse and fraud by our favorite agency, the FBI, under the radar – he seems to largely be just another sloth like swamp rat who will screw Trump whenever he can by slow-walking investigations of wrongdoing against Trump, or making threats to look with a fine tooth comb for any benign errors that Trump’s administration might make in distributing this virus relief package.

    None of these IGs and other high ranking officials, nor the Dems in Congress seem to understand that ALL these bureaucrats work AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT – meaning he can FIRE ANY and ALL of them whenever he wants, and for ANY reason, or for no reason.

    What I can’t understand is why sloths like Horowitz would come out with a bold statement that essentially says he will basically be doing his job right after one of his subordinates gets fired?

    Damn right someone had better be watching the store when it comes to the government dolling out over two TRILLION dollars worth of relief. Was Horowitz’ headline grabbing statement made to intimidate Trump – especially knowing how the MSDNC works? I heard of no such statement from anyone in the IG’s office when ‘the One’ was dolling out his nearly TRILLION PORKULAS STIMILUS eleven years ago.

    One must wonder why Horowitz would come out of the woodwork in that bold a manner? Especially since he was so silent for months, if not years, on the whole DOJ/FBI coup de etat?

    Just shut up and do you job in a timely and proper manner, you slug or PDJT can Schiff-can you just as easily.

  24. CharleyC - April 5, 2020

    Time to fire Fake Faucci and Jerk Bixc (or whatever her name is). Open the country back up before there is nothing left to open.

  25. Show me - April 5, 2020

    Obama appointees “burrowed in” to the Federal Civil service. 78 of his appointees transferred to the Federal Civil Service in six years of his administration, so they were able to maintain Obama’s policies, even after he left office and Trump’s administration was inaugurated.

  26. marty lopez - April 5, 2020

    Why were my remarks edited and abbreviated so as to change pertinent and salient points?

    1. David Blackmon - April 5, 2020

      No idea. They certainly weren’t edited by me.

    2. Gregg - April 5, 2020

      I don’t know why either Marty, mine either get posted in full 90+% of the time, sometimes “awaiting moderation”, but still posted in full right below – then the “awaiting moderation” goes away a little later.

      Anyways, before posting be sure to – right click – ‘select all’ and then right click and ‘copy’. That way your comment doesn’t get lost and you can edit or split it up to see where it is censored.

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