Fauci, Models and Democrats: A Saturday Reminder About Futility and Mendacity

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

My, how this little man’s story has changed.  – As you witness the corrupt news media desperately attempt to rewrite history about the Trump Administration’s yeoman’s efforts to deal with the Wuhan Virus pandemic, this video clip from January 21 reveals exactly what he was being advised by Dr. Anthony Fauci:

Fauci: “Well, I, you know, obviously you need to take it seriously, and do the kinds of things that the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security are doing. But this is not a major threat for the people of the United States, and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.”


Remember: That was on January 21, when the WHO and China were still putting out the false propaganda that the Wuhan Virus was not airborne and could not be transmitted by human to human contact.

Just 10 days later, President Trump had received accurate information from some source – maybe Fauci, maybe not – and too the brilliant step of cutting off all non-essential travel to the U.S. from China. For doing that, he was roundly smeared by the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies as being an alarmist and a racist.

Remember that when you see those exact same Democrats and corrupt media toadies trying to convince you now that the President moved too slowly. Because the truth is that the President has taken decisive actions every step of the way based on the information he has been provided by the U.S. intelligence community and “experts” like Dr. Fauci.

As I said last night, this is why the President needs some new “experts.” Maybe some real experts who don’t have Fauci’s track record of abject failure.

Alex Berenson provides his daily update on how actual observed outcomes in New York dramatically conflict with the projections of Dr. Fauci’s faulty model:

Just the latest example why the Trump Administration should stop basing its policies on a demonstrably laughable model.

Democrat Mendacity Update – If you aren’t following @BennyJohnson on Twitter, you aren’t doing Twitter right.

Sick, indeed. Also despicable, demented, depraved and deleterious. Your Democrat Party in action, folks.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

I remember this; does anyone else?
To be candid, I didn’t remember it until this article was posted. But if there is ever a reason to defund WHO, beyond their massive incompetence recently, this is it.

“The WHO oversaw massive a vaccination campaign against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. A Roman Catholic Lay organization became suspicious of the WHO program, and decided to test numerous phials of the vaccine, and found them to contain Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or HCG. What? ! ! ! HCG is a natural hormone, needed to maintain a pregnancy. However, when combined with a tetanus toxoid, it stimulates formation of antibodies against HCG, rendering women who receive the vaccine, incapable of maintaining a pregnancy. This is a form of concealed abortion. Similar reports of vaccines laced with HCG hormones came from the Philippines and Nicaragua.”

Jimmy MacAfee

My reading is that Fauci is narcissistic – the way he groveled to Rotten Clinton is sycophantic, but he really does appear to want to be admired. At this point, making the issues worse, perhaps being blamed for an economic collapse will do his reputation grave harm. History will judge his performance..

Here’s hoping Dr. Anthony Fauci has figured this out and has been red-pilled.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d posted these links yesterday – thanks Dave! – and appreciate that they’re getting better exposure. A lot of people don’t read the posts, and even more don’t follow the links. Looks like we’re all on the same page (Liberty Daily, Whatfinger) and other news aggregates.

Hard to find anything with a typical search engine; Google is so far up the a-hole of China, they’re almost up to the the pyloric valve.


I think Fauci is every bit as malicious – the evidence certainly leans that way – as any other Anti-American, Anti-Trump swamp-dweller in the District of Corruption, or Atlanta (CDC). He is just hiding it better than most; maintaining a façade of composure unlike the rest of the anti-Trump lunatics who fill our TV screens every day 24/7.

You cannot be writing love letters of admiration and fawning all over people like Walking Eagle and Nancy Klink and be ‘unbiased’ in your findings or otherwise supportive of a pro-America agenda. It just can’t be done.

With the revelation of the Brit Hume/Greg Kelly report of January 21, 2020, and now wanting to basically shut the country down until a vaccine is found in 12 – 18 months, Fauci, at 79, should just do the right thing and retire.

He, like most entrenched bureaucrats, has been too wrong for too long.

phineas gage

In addition to Benny’s list, the Dems now want to give coronavirus relief to illegal aliens.

it is all about raw political power with these people, even in the midst of the greatest national crisis in decades.

They cannot be reformed at this point. They are now–as an entire political party–the enemy within, and if they cannot be utterly defeated and eradicated within that political framework, they must be separated from the rest of the nation.

phineas gage

I don’t think there’s any evidence that Fauci is malicious, but he is pretty much just guessing, and he has been consistently and badly wrong.

This is because he is a liberal (as evidenced by his Hillary love letters) and liberals always exaggerate the worst outcome, usually to drive hysteria and promote greater state power over the individual. As DB notes, the Dems are doing precisely this in the midst of a pandemic.

I tend to think Trump banned travel with China early on independently and instinctively. The man relies on his instincts, and he is usually correct, as he was in this instance.

phineas gage

And one possible reason for Fauci’s current exaggeration is compensation for being wrong about the threat level the virus posed to begin with.


So by overcompensating, he is actually badly wrong twice.

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