The U.S. is at War With China and Peter Navarro Plans to do Something About it

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Question of the day.  – Why hasn’t President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to force the New York Times and Washington Post to convert their facilities to produce toilet paper? It would be a very minimal conversion process.

“Never again…” – Peter Navarro, the director of trade and manufacturing policy, national Defense Production Act policy coordinator and just general all-around White House badass, made a statement at Thursday’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing that didn’t get a lot of attention from our clueless, corrupt news media. But it should have, because Peter Navarro doesn’t just say stuff to hear himself talk.

Here’s what he said, as quoted by the Washington Examiner:

“One of the things that this crisis has taught us is that we are dangerously overdependent on a global supply chain. For our medicines like penicillin, our medical supplies, masks, and our medical equipment like ventilators.

“Never again should we rely on the rest of the world for our essential medicines and countermeasures.”

The Food and Drug Administration, Navarro said, would have to greenlight medical manufacturing so that the U.S. can “leapfrog” other countries, “so we don’t have to compete against cheap sweatshop labor, lax environmental regulations, different tax regimes, and massive subsidies of foreign governments.”


Navarro’s pointed comments were a clear signal to the communist Chinese government and the rest of the world that the Trump Administration will be taking aggressive steps going forward to further de-link the U.S. economy from the Red Dragon with which Trump’s four predecessors worked so hard to entangle it. The clear significance of this flies right over the heads of our corrupt national news media because it does not fit neatly into their coordinated narrative with the Democrat Party.

The same was true of the incredible significance of Wednesday’s Task Force update, when President Trump brought in pretty much the nation’s entire senior military leadership to roll out the Administration’s plan to deploy U.S. military resources in fighting the war against drug imports into the United States from Mexico and South American destinations.

The few media outlets that bothered to file reports on this bit of news – CNN was too busy focusing on Fredo Cuomo’s imaginary fight against coronavirus, which is nothing more than a pathetic publicity stunt – characterized it as a fight against the “drug cartels.”

Here’s how the buffoons at the Associated Press led their story:

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that Navy ships are being moved toward Venezuela as his administration beefs up counter-narcotics operations in the Caribbean following a U.S. drug indictment against Nicolás Maduro.

The president’s announcement was a break from the daily White House press briefing to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, which has left much of the country in lock-down and which the government warns could cause 100,000 to 240,000 deaths.

The mission involves sending additional Navy warships, surveillance aircraft and special forces teams to nearly double the U.S. counter-narcotics capacity in the Western Hemisphere, with forces operating both in the Caribbean and eastern Pacific. Esper said the mission would be supported by 22 partner nations.

“As governments and nations focus on the coronavirus there is a growing threat that cartels, criminals, terrorists and other malign actors will try to exploit the situation for their own gain,” said Trump. “We must not let that happen.”


So, it’s just another beefing-up in the fight against those nasty Latin-American cartels. Yawn. Nothing to see here – move along to Adam Schiff trying to mount another impeachment effort in the middle of a national crisis. That’s more fun, and fits our narrative of the day.

Look, what’s the major problem with imported drugs killing Americans today? If you said illegal imports of fentanyl, you win the prize. And while these drug cartels do serve as the conduit for most of that fentanyl, where does most of the supply of it originate?

Oh. That would be China. See, illegal drugs have a long supply chain just like the legal drugs. The Administration obviously has information that China is planning to coordinate with its allies in Latin America to ramp up the illegal drug trade and further weaken the U.S. during this time of crisis.

Folks, we are at war with China, and have been for quite some time. It was just a year ago that U.S. agents interdicted an illegal shipment of enough Chinese fentanyl to kill 57 million Americans. That was just one of many similar busts that have been made in recent years. The ChiCom government does pretty much nothing to stop these illegal shipments which have already addicted and/or killed millions of Americans, yet our major corporations just continue to ramp up their business entanglements with that country. Students of history will know that many, many major U.S. corporations in the 1930s had similar entanglements with Nazi Germany before World War II ended all of that.

Now we have an increasing body of evidence that the Wuhan Virus not only originated in China, but that the ChiCom government and World Health Organization coordinated with one another in a cover up while it was spread across the globe during November through January. That virus has already killed more than 5,000 Americans and promises to kill many thousands more.

When Mr. Navarro says, “Never again should we rely on the rest of the world for our essential medicines and countermeasures,” what he really means is that we should never again rely on China.

Again, your corrupt news media is too dimwitted to figure that out and report it accurately. Thus, expect them to all be shocked and surprised when the Trump Administration starts taking major actions to force the disentanglement of the U.S. economy from China’s in the coming months.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The Chinese learned a lot from the English during the opium wars. English/Chinese no different.

Jimmy MacAfee

Chinese fentanyl. US Navy. Prepare to see some vessels blown out of the water, before they can say Ni Hao!


Odd how the media crowed loud about how the ccp-virus was a bat virus and not chinese. Then a video documentary appears from 2015 on how the chinese were experimenting with SARs and bat proteins… hhmmmm nothing to see here, fold your hands and go back to sleep.

Silver lining is of course the wake up the nation has received, to the numerous threats the previous administrations encumbered your Republic in. I personally think, hope for, that after the dust settles that America will get angry enough to demand accountability. Accountability from politicals, CEOs, media and the like that were basically on the marxist team trying to bring down the last bastions of freedom. Not out of the woods yet, imo.

Hoping and praying that our good neighbours to the South, will do what you are famous for and freeing up the entrepreneur spirit to meet the challenge ahead. Decouple from communist and islamic regimes, take back your country from the marxists and restore your country back to God so justice and mercy can again be a thing. Just as God commanded in some cases where none were to be left alive so that their poison would not infect the nation, so must the marxists be crushed. The Democrat party needs to be completely decimated, not by violence but at the polls.

“Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.” ~Thomas Jefferson

Jimmy MacAfee

Movie “World War Z”: fiction, but not in essence.
North Korea, in the move, prevented the spread of the disease by pulling everyone’s teeth, so that no one could bite and therefore no one could be bitten.

North Korea would have no compunctions about killing any and all sick people. End of transmission.

Communism thinks it’s methods (methods, like in Apocalypse Now?) are sound. To ordinary people not infected with Communism, it’s beyond effed up and evil. Communism is of Satan, and is itself a devil.


all you need to do to learn about the Chinese leviathan is watch the videos of their henchmen nailing the doors shut of citizens homes in order to keep them from moving around during the outbreak. they don’t value the lives of anyone other than government loyalists, and even then you’d better watch your step.

Jimmy MacAfee

Good point – but not just nailing! They also welded the doors shut.


Article has a lot of scary stuff, it makes a very logical argument supporting its thesis – totally believable and probably true.

All I can say is I’m so glad we have President Donald J. Trump in the White House and looking to MAGA/KAG and free, and NOT a President Walking Eagle who would gladly surrender America to the highest bidder.

Jimmy MacAfee

She already HAD surrendered, but we didn’t agree and she is powerless to surrender on our behalf.

Jimmy MacAfee

That is a sobering article, with which I fully agree; similar to the author’s interpretations, my analysis of the July 19 train tunnel fire in Baltimore indicated an act of terror. Everyone else chooses to disagree with my analysis, but I’m a nobody who is not paid to analyze events. I was to be in Baltimore at the University of MD Medical school for a seminar. Not for doctors.

I actually thought China was the Deep State behind 9/11, and I was PROBABLY wrong, but no more wrong than the official 9/11 narrative that two planes brought down the Trade Center Towers AND the Solomon building. But I suspected the Chinese (and others) wanted us to go to war to bankrupt us, and to temporarily protect their oil supply. (Middle eastern oil went to the far east more than it did to us, after all.)

I posted a link and some snippets of a Chinese official awhile back, where this military official stated that nuclear war with the US would be suicidal, and that it would ruin the land they hope to occupy. I had already considered that they were thinking this before I read the article: it was confirmation, just as there was confirmation that the Russians wanted Alaska back. (President Trump headed that off, by opening Anwar, and declaring energy a national security issue.)

Shipping fentanyl to the US was a way of warring against us, as in the Opium Wars. The Chinese learned from the Brits how to do that, and Obama’s malaise he inflicted upon us – especially coal miners – proved that malaise leads to musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, and addiction. This is their model to undermine us.

President Trump recently warned against anyone thinking that our current health crisis would stop us from defending ourselves; just the opposite! We can’t glibly say: “We’re ready,” but many of us are locked and loaded, should the day arise when Red Dawn Chinese version becomes a reality.

Jimmy MacAfee

July 19, 2001

Jimmy MacAfee

Love Dave’s “Question of the Day!”

Carlos Dangler

Answer of the Day……
DJT has not invoked the Defense Protection Act to compel The NY Slimes and the Washington Compost to convert their facilities to produce TP because their current paper products are already full of Schiff.

Jimmy MacAfee

There are other speculative reasons that the Navy can be searching vessels for drugs. Whether or not these are factual, I won’t say; it’s speculation, frankly:

What if the Rats are fleeing aboard ships? To hide in places they think are secure from prosecution? And disease? And what if adrenochrome is running low for those dependent upon it and other drugs?

What if quiet prosecutions have already begun? And if someone who is under threat of prosecution is interdicted on open seas; aren’t they under military jurisdiction and under military tribunals?

Speculation, not fact. Here’s hoping that all those addicted to adrenochrome will vanish the same way as the Wicked Witch of the West, melting, melting….

Jimmy MacAfee

Remember the pet food that was tainted? From China. Tainted pharmaceuticals? China. They weren’t ready to be a major power, because they were shoddy in their practices, lying in their claims.

So they have lied about a catastrophe they caused – (just as the Deep State did about 9/11) – and of course no one in the Deep State will be punished. (Yet.) Funny that General Flynn was about to do an audit when they went after him, and continue to go after him.

The need to audit Intel is still a need. We have to know that our Intelligence agencies aren’t conspiring with the CCP. (That is, unfortunately, not a given that they Aren’t.)

The CCP virus (which is the Chinese Communist Party Virus) is an act of war.

Jimmy MacAfee

Instead of putting all their money into helping their people, cleaning their air and water and helping those Chinese citizens who were displaced by eminent domain (such as those who had their land stolen for the Olympics,) the CCP has cracked down on the most innocent (Christians) and made a fake bible full of lies and distortions, and they have bullied their neighbors with fake islands and illegal fishing and wild claims about territory they claim to own. All of their intentions are bad; none are good.

Time to recognize Taiwan as the legitimate China, and Hong Kong. The donkeys in the CCP are unworthy of the name “Chinese.”

phineas gage

Kudos on the new site format, much cleaner and accessible.


During the second gas crisis in 1979 a local radio DJ in Trenton, NJ got so fed up at waiting for hours in a gas line that he went on air and played ONE song for over twelve straight hours. He barricaded himself into the studio and blew off commercials, news – everything but the required time checks and the station’s call letters (AM 920 WTTM). He was fired on air that night and after getting over two hundred calls from listeners protesting the firing was rehired on air that same night. He briefly became a local and national celebrity. The London Times newspaper even picked up on the story.

The name of the song was “Cheaper Crude or No More Food” by Bobby “So Fine” Butler. The song’s theme was: “our farmers feed the world with our food”, the OPEC nations can’t eat oil and let them pay (I think the song said $5 bucks for a loaf of bread – which would be well over $20.00 now) a huge amount for food which is more vital for survival than oil.

The same dynamic applies for China, along with most of the Asian countries – many of which are avowed enemies/adversaries of the US today. They are not in any way or friends.

President Trump began to fight back in the ongoing quiet trade war with China with tariffs and food export a year or so ago. It worked and China came to the table in January and ‘phase one’ was signed.

The timing of this biological attack seems awfully convenient to derail Trump’s global trade realignment efforts, deflect the impeachment effort fiasco, and continue an attempt to defeat Trump in November as his popularity was reaching its highest point in his presidency. If ten million Chinese, one million Europeans, and one million Americans die, so be it; all the better, since life means nothing in the culture of most Asian nations.

It could be argued, China, in cahoots with the WHO, the UN, the American Deep State, and the MSN (D) party, coordinated this as they are all Globalist Commie-loving entities hell bent on defeating Trump and relegating America to a weakened subservient open boarder state to be milked for the benefit of everyone but white male American citizens.

I believe Trump sees this and is letting this play out (at this point he has no choice) for all to see so he can make the unequivocal case that this fifty year war must be exposed and fought and won once and for all.

As the song implies, if we were to cut off all trade with China, and every other enemy state, we would be hurt in the short term, but the other countries would collapse. Now that we are energy independent, we can afford a major trade disruption a whole lot better than China and any other enemy state.

Finally, if my theory is correct, I must ask: how stupid is the cabal running this ongoing coup d’ etat against Trump? If their attempts to lower the president’s approval rating as to make him unelectable were to be successful, it would be nice to have a candidate who could do more than walk and chew gum. You still cannot beat someone with no one.

phineas gage

I agree with much of your post (I remain skeptical that the virus was engineered by the ChiComs), but the statement that ‘most Asian cutures care nothing about life’ is not true.

The Chinese government is a brutal communist regime that doesn’t care if millions die, but that can’t be broadly extended to Asian culture–which is extraordinarily broad and diverse–as a whole.

It would be like tarring American culture and all Americans as degenerate because of the behavior and beliefs of the Left.


Watch the video on Whatfinger about a virus China created in a lab of the SARs virus with with they attached a bat/mouse protein to. The Italian show Leonardo, an investigation type show, is reporting on this virus and how even tho its dangerous they are just wanting to ‘study’ it.

Pretty sure it was a manufactured virus which was being batered about quite early. Whether it was an intentional release we’ll likely never know.

phineas gage

I’m beginning to move to your view that it got out of the Wuhan lab. I still think it was probably a bat strain they were working on–not necessarily bioengineered.

Jimmy MacAfee

Your concern is shared by various entities whose role is to protect us. This was a concern even a decade ago and longer. Good post, thanks!


“…but the statement that ‘most Asian cutures care nothing about life’ is not true.”

USSR: Lenin, Stalin and their successors up to Gorbachev: Managed famine, purges, massive cannon fodder by the army to beat Germany – no western nation would allow its generals to command such bloodletting, their own ethnic cleansing programs Warsaw Ghetto – August – October 1944, Gulags, 90+% of German and Japanese POWs never being repatriated.

China: Chang, flooding out, causing starvation and causing the death of millions of his own people, to slow the Japanese advance, Mao’s ‘Long March’, and subsequent purges after is forces beat Chang in their civil war 1945-1949, Current Wuhan virus – whistle blowing doctors disappearing…

North Korea: too many instances to count – many unknown

SE Asia: Pol Pot, Khmer Rouge

The Cult ‘Religion’ that infests much of SW and other regions of Asia: Show me their human rights record, in the name Jihad.

Bangladesh and Miramar (Burma): Steller human rights records

Japan: until 1945, when Bushido ruled, was responsible for approximately 20 million Chinese and other subjugated peoples, deaths along with the brutal treatment of POWs – over 30% mortality rate, along with abysmal care or interest of the welfare of their own soldiers and sailors.

I could go on…

Only India (a democracy) seems to care about its citizens in any way, and even their humanitarian and environmental record is spotty at best, with so much money being devoted to developing and deploying nuclear weapons to counter Pakistan – another bastion of concern for human rights.

What major or relevant Asian country have I missed?

phineas gage

If you instead make the argument that there is something inherently unique and valuable about Western culture and JudeoChristian principles in terms of elevating the worth the individual, I would agree with that.


I agree, with your comments on a number of fronts. The Judeo-Christian / Western culture is unique in elevating the worth of the individual, at least until its relatively recent over-the-top acceptance of genocide via abortion. But the conversation was/is about China.

What is the difference in saying China, and much of Asia (and most of the other areas of the world), has a horrible human rights record driven, in large part, by the attitude of their leaders, and saying America and other English speaking countries and much of Western Europe place a much greater value on life? If I were to say one side of a coin is bad, it is implied the other side is good.

And, I am in no way saying that everyone of a certain ethnicity is bad, or universally good – most of the problems stem from leaders brainwashing their subjects.

I see no big disagreement here.

Jimmy MacAfee

That is the whole point, really. Western Civilization, via Judaism and Christianity have created the concept of inherent rights of man, where in all other cultures, there are no inherent rights.

phineas gage

You could apply your same analysis to almost the entire world. It is not somehow endemic to Asian culture. That’s my point.

Jimmy MacAfee

The movie Apocalypto was a metaphor for what happens to a decayed and corrupt culture, when faced with crop failures and disease. We see the same thing happening with the sacrifice of the unborn, and now the sacrifice of babies and children.

Multinational atrocities, including Europe.

Wonder if Venezuela’s drug trafficking involves adrenochrome? Parents missing their children? Some parents selling their children? Just asking.

Jimmy MacAfee

There were no bats in the wet markets in Wuhan; there were no bat populations anywhere NEAR Wuhan. Whether or not this was deliberate, it is sure that they prevented anyone from taking action to prevent its spread.

Which is worse? The crime, or the coverup? In this case, the answer is the coverup, which is in itself an act of war.

phineas gage

Absolutely agree with you on that point.

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