No One Elected Dr. Fauci to Run America for the Next 18 Months

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Funny, I don’t remember Dr. Anthony Fauci’s name being on the November, 2016 ballot.  – The updates from the White House Coronavirus Task Force have become a daily exercise in subliminal messaging for those who are paying close attention. Which, unfortunately, excludes the dimwitted members of the White House press corps. But I digress.

Let’s look at yesterday’s press conference. Even though he only came into the event for its second half, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, seems to be running our entire country right now. His remarks at this update made it very clear that he wants to run the country for another 12 to 18 months.

If you were paying attention to what he actually said during this presser, he told you that pretty clearly:

After US Health Secretary Alex Azar said a coronavirus vaccine candidate had been developed in three days, with a clinical trial already in the works, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious diseases advisor to the White House, sought to temper his enthusiasm.

Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, said that the earliest the US could possibly get a vaccine would be in 12 or even 18 months — “at least.”


Now, that was a startling statement given that it came in the context of his answer to a question from a reporter about when we could expect our intentionally depressed business community to be able to restart and return to something resembling normalcy. Fauci made it very clear that he views this additional month of everyone staying at home and millions losing their livelihoods as just a starting point for his strategy for fighting this Wuhan Virus.

Meanwhile, President Trump, who has thus far seen fit to defer to Fauci’s judgment, continues to send a conflicting message: That once April is over, he is going to start working to get people back to work. Where Fauci obviously wants to keep everyone locked in their homes well into 2021, the President is obviously thinking that, once we get over the hump of this viral “curve,” people will be able to get back to work and their kids back to school, even if they have to go to those places wearing face masks and gloves.

What this means is that, at some point around mid-April, the President and Fauci are likely to end up in a major confrontation, out of which a unified strategy will emerge. If Fauci really thinks he’s been appointed by anyone to run our entire country for 18 months, he has a big surprise coming his way soon.

And let’s never forget that Dr. Fauci is the guy who wrote not one, but two love letters to Hillary Rodham Clinton a few years ago:

Subject: Fw: Remarks of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton At “A World in Transition: Charting a New Path in Global Health”

From: Fauci, Anthony (NIH/NIAID) [E] [mailto:[email protected]]

Saturday, June 02, 2012 05:28 PM

Sent: To: Mills, Cheryl D; Quam, Lois E

Subject: Remarks of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton At “A World in Transition: Charting a New Path in Global Health”

Cheryl/Lois: Wow! Very rarely does a speech bring me to tears, but this one did it. Talk about telling it like it is. This was a bases- loaded home run.

Please tell the Secretary that I love her more than ever you guys too, of course.

Best regards, Tony

Anthony S. Fauci, MD

Director National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Building 31, Room 7A-03 31 Center Drive, MSC 2520

National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD 20892-2520


And this following the Fainting Felon’s despicably dishonest Benghazi testimony:

Subject: FW: Today’s performance From your doctor admirer

From: Fauci, Anthony (NIH/NIAID) [E] [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 6:10 PM

To: Mills, Cheryl D

Subject: Today’s performance

Cheryl: Anyone who had any doubts about the Secretary’s stamina and capability following her illness had those doubts washed away by today’s performance before the Senate and the House.

She faced extremely difficult circumstances at the Hearings and still she hit it right out of the park. Please tell her that we all love her and are very proud to know her.

Warm regards, Tony

Anthony S. Fauci, MD

Director National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Building 31, Room 7A-03 31 Center Drive, MSC 2520


Given that throwing America into a deep, dark economic depression and keeping it there through November plays right into the hands of awful ghouls like the Pantsuit Princess, these two frankly stunning letters raise severe concerns about Fauci’s motivations in all of this, not to mention his overall judgment and self-awareness.

In all fairness to the lovelorn Dr. Fauci, he has just one job: To fight infectious disease. Now, it’s a job that he has not done especially well over his career, given that our country continues to lose 40-60,000 citizens each year to the seasonal flu. And let’s remember: Fauci  and the CDC continue to pretend that we actually have a “vaccine” for the various strains of seasonal flu. That’s a reality that should make everyone say “yikes.”

So, Fauci wants to keep you all out of work and stuck in your homes for another 18 months, without seeming to even consider the truth that millions upon millions of Americans will in fact lose those homes if he is able to keep them out of work for even a small fraction of that many months. Many are in fact losing their homes right now because they live paycheck to paycheck and couldn’t pay their rent for April.

And at the end of that long period of time, Fauci proclaims we will have us a spanking new “vaccine” that will in all likelihood be every bit as [in]effective as the “vaccine” for the seasonal flu. Meaning, even when we have that “vaccine,” tens of thousand of Americans are going to continue to die every year from the Wuhan Virus.

Thus, at some point President Trump – you know, the guy who was actually elected to run this country in 2016 – and Americans everywhere are going to have a decision to make much sooner than Fauci would like: We can either see thousands of our fellow citizens die each year destitute and cowering in their homes, or we can see thousands of our fellow citizens die from the Wuhan Virus while getting this country running again.

That’s the real choice here, not the fantasy of some miracle “vaccine” Dr. Fauci keeps peddling.

Our focus right now is properly on slowing the spread of the virus to get our country firmly on the downside of that viral curve. Once we are on that downside, our focus then should shift to marshaling all of our nation’s resources to early identification and isolation of those who contract the Wuhan Virus and effectively treating those who are ill. If we no longer have a strong economy, our ability to marshal such resources will diminish rapidly over time and more people will die as a result.

This is not, as the Democrat/media propaganda complex is already beginning to say, a “choice between money and lives.” It is a choice between prospering while limiting risk, or cowering through a dystopian existence that we intentionally brought on ourselves.

Sometime during the second half of April, you should expect President Trump to lay that choice out before us, and you should get ready to go back to work.

We’re Americans, dammit. When that time comes, let’s act like it.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Fauci is a shill for Big Pharma, wants to push a new “vaccine” of dubious effectiveness that will make $, instead of using an cheaper, public domain old drug. He is also a commieDem, and all that that implies, and the CDC has revealed itself to be incompetent at controlling disease, so him and his models do not impress.

Jimmy MacAfee

Update: local hospital rescinded order for nurses not to wear masks; likely a mid-level sabotage, not upper management, from what I hear.

Head need to roll.

Jimmy MacAfee

Hospital fixed problem; saboteur. Top levels put out new order:

“All XXXX caregivers, who have direct contact with patients, will receive a surgical face mast regardless of location.”


They don’t call him Dr. Doom for no reason.

Michael Thau

This is unbelievable. The death projections we’re getting are uncertain at best and, if you look at the research, the best that could be said for the extreme restriction we’re living under is that there’s some evidence they would work if this were the flu. All the conclusions about social distancing are explicitly restricted to the flu and even the CDC says we don’t have conclusive evidence they work even for the flu. I’ve actually looked through the studies and saying they provide any evidence at all is being generous. But best case is that there’s some evidence what we’re doing will work but a fair chance it won’t and that it’s very possible the projected death rates we’re reacting to are just projections and won’t materialize anyway. So we are ruining people’s lives, isolating and terrifying the entire nation, and causing an immediate and severe escalating economic catastrophe that could very well snowball into something rivaling the Great Depression based on a bunch of speculative ifs that we can’t be sure about at all. This is complete and utter madness. It needs to stop and the people pushing it on us need to be held to account. It makes the Russia hoax look like jay-walking.


If someone should lose their job it would be the moron that wrote this garbage

Jimmy MacAfee

Fauci’s love letter to Hillary Rotten Clinton?

Jimmy MacAfee

What garbage? You mean the red-lettered stuff?


Unbelievably, I heard on a local talk show this mourning, (and no it is not April Fools), that A Dam B. S.chiff, crawled out from under a rock somewhere and spoke about opening up congressional hearings/investigations on how the Trump Administration is handling the CHINA Virus.

If true, I say go for it. Trump will then tell his staff to ignore it and, get the SC to put an end to this presidential harassment and we will wind up getting an amendment to severely limit the investigative power and scope of congress and probably term limits, AFTER the GOP net gains 100 hundred house seats and two or more senate seats.

Hey Adam, and the MSM (D), you may not know it yet, but you have blown your load and shot it right down the Clapper.


Really wish someone would just give him a couple of dozen knuckle sandwiches daily – then move on the next A$$hole.


Regarding most of Jimmy’s comments:

Seems an OSHA violation case could be made against any hospital who FAILS TO PROVIDE FOR, or disallows its employees from taking appropriate personal protective care.

OSHA – let’s see you do your job and get involved. If I were a nurse, I would refuse to work unless I was reasonably protected.

Regarding the ‘panic’, or ‘morale’ factor in prohibiting staff from wearing masks:

How about someone factoring in the induced panic and morale destroying efforts of the MSM (D) and their ‘coverage’ of this ‘pandemic’?


Leaders attempting to maintain, morale, or reduce panic by denying the effects of or the approach of a problem is in no way unique. In several instances during WWII, the leaders of several countries and colonies not only dissuaded people from, but outright refused, to construct defensive positions in areas inhabited by regular civilians that were far behind the current front lines – for fear it would hurt civilian morale. This despite it being obvious that things were going to hell right in front of everyone’s eyes. Defeat was made certain by the inaction of the incompetent leaders.

Again, history repeats itself.

Nomen Nescio

That Fauci piece-of-crap succeeded where the Great Whore of Babylon failed. In 3 weeks time he has single handedly destroyed what it took Donaldus Magnus to build up single handedly in 3 YEARS time. He is more lethal than any disease that ever appeared on our continent. Let’s not forget about the lives affected by this Political Virus; the people who have already & will committed suicide over seeing their entire lives destroyed, over fearing the possible of becoming infected, over fearing the possibility of infecting their loved ones, and such. This scumbab has a lot of blood on his hands.

I am totally ashamed of the American people for rolling over on their backs and exposing their bellies & necks in a sign of submission to That Great Whore of Babylon. What will it take for Americans to develop some Huevos Rancheros and reclaim our nation?


Agreed, but it is awfully hard for the public at large to tell the government to go to hell and we’re not gonna take it any more, especially when the media is largely driving the agenda or at least totally on board with it – it is called the heard mentally.

Prime example: the TEA Party of ten years ago. Partially effective, but who wants, or has the time, to be constantly maligned all the time?


As soon as regular doctors and medical personnel take to social media and make it impossible for Democrats to continue to pretend hydroxychloroquine isn’t a cure…the sooner we’ll get things back on track in America. The malaria drug works. That’s why Cuomo and other Democrat governors have outlawed it. I mean…how can a GOVERNOR outlaw a drug already approved by the FDA and in use for decades? When did doctors need permission from a governor to prescribe a drug for “off label” use!? It’s ludicrous and an obvious ploy to allow the virus to spread for political reasons. The Democrats NEED for this to become a COMPLETE health AND economic disaster.


The deep state(quite overt really)and the Chinese government are working together to finally subjugate the American people,seems obvious!The money grubbing corporations are just going to lay down and fold and go broke??? bull hockey!!!This is the big reset,hmmmm wonder who holds THAT button……..

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, exactly right, and Hillary Rotten was part of the schematics.

Roanoke, Va. has meanwhile closed its Greenway, because “too many people used it last Sunday.” That’s more sabotage, because sunshine is the best provider of Vitamin D – especially in African Americans, who need more, not less, as they utilize sunshine less ably.

Former CDC director suggested taking moderate doses of Vitamin D to help with the immune system. That advice seems to be totally lacking in the media, and never went very far. So sunshine is the best alternative, and the City of Roanoke is sabotaging the use of places where people can walk without fear of traffic. (Even the governor of Va,, bad as he is on most issues, thinks people should get out and exercise.)

They want people isolated, fearful and depressed. My advice? Smile, exercise, eat right and stay happy. Don’t let them try to steal your happiness.

Jimmy MacAfee

“…keep your enemies closer.”

Jimmy MacAfee

My knowledge of hospital administrators: most have been Obama/HRC supporters. It appears that they’re politicizing medical care now. Fauci’s love letter to Hillary Rotten is clear evidence of that, and his support of the dumbass running WHO is just as troubling.

Wonder why President Trump is ordering the National Guard to deliver supplies? Remember Puerto Rico? Are you aware of the medical supplies which have been sent to places like NY, and sat in warehouses, unused?

They’re trying to turn this into Katrina. President Trump is not falling for it. Fauci is on a very short leash, just like Rod Rosenstein. Anything that happens on his watch – happens on his watch. The President won’t take the blame for something Fauci has involved himself in – and Fauci knows it. Takes a gargantuan set of -nads to keep working with someone who obviously is set out to sabotage your best efforts.

Rosenstein had to approve and sign the Mueller Report and other such findings. That way, the DS couldn’t say: “well, Rosenstein wasn’t on board.” And they won’t be able to say: Fauci wasn’t on board, either.

Jimmy MacAfee

I used Xs in order not to be considered libelous. This is factual, not libel, but hospitals have lawyers. On the other hand, I passed along my original post to the Whitehouse.

My opinion that this is likely sabotage is not intended to specifically name any individual nor system; it is something that is apparently widespread, from Chitcago to the East Coast. Nurses in Chitcago have had to expose this privately, for fear of retribution.

We all remember Jill Stanek; they fired her. Another Chitcago horror story. I was frankly surprised this hit the east coast. This is why I suspect sabotage. Too widespread for it to be just a bean-counter’s error!

Jimmy MacAfee

Heard about this yesterday; got links today. I’m still pissed. (Mama always called me a “noodge, someone who is “persistent and annoying.” She was right. Sorry to hog the column.)

First heard about this in Chitcago, a few days ago. Not from the fake press. Not a word from those bastards. Guess Nurses and other direct care staff are just useless Deplorables,

Saw something relevant to this:

“We’re called essential
Because calling us sacrificial
Would just be too honest.”

Jimmy MacAfee

“RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – HCA Virginia announced that all staff and providers in all patient care areas will now wear masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).
Masks will be optional only for staff in non-patient care areas who can consistently maintain social distancing of at least six feet during brief interactions with colleagues.”

Jimmy MacAfee

HCA (Richmond) is now implementing a “universal masking protocol.” Maybe something will be done.

Jimmy MacAfee

The cracks in the system are not cracks at all: they’re deliberate attempts to undermine the safety of Nurses and other healthcare workers in hospital systems. Nothing else can be implied here.

I sent an email to the President consisting of my first post. I would like whistleblower protection, if there are consequences for exposing this sh-t, even though I don’t work for a hospital system. Payback is likely.


Jimmy MacAfee

So why are some hospital systems refusing protection for their employees? Only one answer applies: the desire to make this emergency worse and worse, and to cause panic and despair in the healthcare community .

Jimmy MacAfee

“The Joint Commission also emphasizes that none of our standards prohibit staff from bringing in their own PPE or wearing PPE throughout the day. Nor do we know of any other organization that recommends against this.” (JACHO)

Jimmy MacAfee

The Joint Commission supports allowing staff to bring their own masks or respirators to wear at work when their healthcare organizations cannot provide them with adequate protection commensurate with the risk of infection to which they are exposed by the nature of their work. Allowing staff to wear masks (or respirators, depending on the degree of risk) throughout the day should help prevent nosocomial spread, although the evidence supporting this is incomplete. At the same time, we strongly support healthcare organizations’ efforts to conserve PPE and to distribute scarce supplies according to CDC recommendations. Most importantly, hospitals must conserve N95 respirators as much as possible to protect staff who perform high risk procedures that aerosolize viral particles (e.g., bronchoscopy, intubation).
We are receiving reports from across the country that some hospitals are prohibiting staff from bringing in their own N95 respirators, surgical masks, and home-made cloth masks. Several justifications have been proposed for this position: it is against hospital policies; the safety of the equipment brought from home is uncertain; having staff wear masks when caring for patients without COVID-19 will scare patients while offering no

protection from COVID-19; and it would be divisive to have some staff wear private PPE when others do not have access to similar equipment. All these concerns have some validity, but they can all be mitigated. In circumstances of PPE shortages, it is better to allow staff the opportunity to enhance their protection, even if the degree of that increased protection is uncertain. That increased protection may offer peace of mind sufficient for staff to attend fully to caring for the patients that so desperately need their help.” (JACHO)

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