Betting on a Coronavirus Vaccine Could be a Lousy Gamble

Guest Piece by Gregg Updike

I am prefacing this with the acknowledgement that I am not a medical professional or expert.  I am just trying to apply some common sense to what we see happening in this current Wuhan Virus pandemic.

Just six or so months ago that there was a huge debate about how a large anti-virus movement was coming to the forefront where a significant percentage of the population was virulently against government mandating vaccinating their children for the standard diseases like measles and other largely eradicated diseases like polio and whooping cough.  The debate was raging back then with my Senator, Lamar Alexander (RINO) TN, calling for people to heed government warnings and vaccinate their children.  Now I am hearing crickets on this issue and almost everyone seems to be saying we MUST have a COVID-19 vaccine ASAP, but best case scenario is 12-18 months – which would not even be in time for the next active winter (2020-21) season.

It is amazing how many vaccinations are available at a drug store right now.  A shingles vaccine is among the newest that I’m aware of.  Like everything in life, things have to be used in moderation.  Apparently Big Pharma is behind this movement to push vaccines for virtually every ailment.  The only vaccine I take is for tetanus every ten years because I work in an environment where I could be exposed.

When I was in the Navy, I was forced to get a flu shot ever year, and I got sick with flu-like symptoms about half the time.  Recent figures that I have heard say on average the ‘government approved’ yearly flu shot is only about 30-40% effective – not a very good ‘success’ rate.  I refuse to inject my body with a cocktail of chemicals of unknown effectiveness just because the government or CDC says I should.  While I am a strong proponent of taking logical preventive care, I do not believe becoming a CDC pincushion is the answer to overall good health.

I am very thankful and fortunate to be in good health and not susceptible to viruses including the flu and common cold, and the various vaccinations are beneficial to many, the typical government one size fits all is the answer to every problem or disease is unlikely to work in this case.  Especially when there are so many strains (why it is called COVID-19?) of this China Virus and why there are so many flu strains that change from year to year which require the tuning of the vaccine to effectively counter whatever flu strain is prevalent or active in a particular year. It really is a crapshoot as to how effective a flu vaccine is going to be in a given year which is why we still experience 30-60,000 ‘regular’ flu deaths annually.

COVID-19 will likely be no different, especially if it changes from year to year.  What if we get a COVID-19 vaccine and we all get shots for it next year – assuming by some miracle, the CDC develops one and the FDA approves it and it is universally available for next year’s season, and COVID-20 is the next threat?  Aren’t we then back to square one?

I also understand the experts are always trying to anticipate which flu strain will be active in the next season, but given a 30-40% success rate on the ‘ordinary’ flu vaccination, I’m not terribly confident in the CDC’s ability to anticipate the correct COVID strain on a yearly basis – particularly if some (bad actor) adversary decides to inflict another round of biological warfare on its economic or ideological rivals.  This is not meant to be a shot at the efforts of the CDC; it is just the reality of how difficult it is to fight the unknown.

One of my concerns is if we keep inoculating ourselves with more and more unnatural drugs or chemicals, we will upset our bodies’ natural ability to combat many other bugs that we fight off normally and naturally with a great degree of success.  We may well set in motion a teeter-totter effect in our bodies much like an addict needs to take uppers to stay awake, and downers to go to sleep resulting in a vicious cycle that could have a much more negative effect than if the vast majority of people would just take normal common sense care and allow our bodies to heal themselves.

Another concern is that we will begin seeing this ambulance chasing lawyer’s commercials in five years:

“If you have received shots containing the Anti-COVID-19 drug ABC produced by drug company XYZ, between 2021, and 2022, and have suffered itchy watery eyes, runny nose, chapped lips, excessive underarm perspiration, split hair ends, cracked nails, groin itch, and athletes’ foot, call the law office of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe and we’ll sue (extort)  the ever loving Schiff out of them on your behalf with no cost to you unless we win for you”.  It could be another lottery day for another profession that needs to be reined in.

And about these lawsuits against companies that manufacture FDA or EPA approved products – how come the governmental approving agency is not sued, or held accountable for the resulting damages?  Why does a company such as XYZ, who spent the time and took the monetary risk to get a working product produced and approved by the government, have to ALWAYS face the repercussions of crippling lawsuits when they played by the rules and through no malice on their part, constantly run the risk of getting screwed by our system of injustice?

I suspect that is one of the main reasons over 90% of our drugs are produced in CHINA.

I am not looking to hold a pity-party for Big-Pharma, or any other company – just looking to be fair and objective.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

One of the main areas of vulnerability are not vaccines, but antibiotics. This is where the Chinese have openly threatened us. Not good. This is like threatening to bomb us, it’s that serious.

There has been a search for new antibiotics for awhile; some of the newer ones have bad side effects, like arthritis. What is needed is another approach: how to trigger the immune system to respond to an attack or infection, where the immune system itself is wired better and only responds to specific threats, not attacking healthy tissues.

The immune system has a nasty habit, especially in females, of turning against our own tissues. This is what can result in an autoimmune disorder. Some of the newer drugs turn the system off or down in order to treat autoimmune disorders, but that leaves some people vulnerable to TB and other maladies. What is needed is a way to turn off the attacks upon good tissues, and to turn on attacks against foreign invaders (speaking mostly in biological terms, but whatever…) and to turn the parts of the immune system against cancers (again, speaking mostly in biological terms,) which are mutated cells the body didn’t see or recognize. Ten years from now, medicine could be vastly different – in a good way. Cures, not sickness care.


Great info Gregg! I appreciate the input David allows you and others all to have on this site. It makes the site even more informative and insightful. Thank you.


I thank him too. His pieces prompt me and I try to offer some additional perspectives based on my research and logic. Spread the word.

Jimmy MacAfee

Vaccine manufacturers are exempt from tort being brought against them; VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) pays out claims.

It’s a gamble Big Pharma is willing to take, since they’re never held accountable! How’s that for ya? Massive profits, no liability!

The immune system, as I’ve opined quite often, is more like an eye of a praying mantis: a compound eye, scanning for all sorts of things (including mutated cells, which sometimes become cancerous if the immune system missed them.)

New research shows that a very specific part of the immune system goes after nearly every form of cancer. That’s the good news! Bad news: not present at same levels in all people.

But as for getting sick after a flu shot, there are two possibilities: along with a virus is frequently a comorbidity, or a concomitant disease process in the form of a bacterial infection. So you might have gotten sick from the secondary issue, which is why a Z-pack is used with antivirals in this case (the chloroquine being the antiviral here.)

Second possibility: the body is looking for the virus it’s instructed to find (the vaccine virus) and fails to look at other invaders, its attention spent on the fake-invader. Too bad doctors routinely deny the fact that many people getting a vaccine for influenza end up getting sick – either with bacteria or another influenza!


Thanks for the info Jimmy,

At any rate, I have not had similar flu-like symptoms since I was able to not get the shots.

I do vaguely remember the vaccine making companies getting the liability exemption back in the mid 2000s when the specific flu vaccine made for a certain year (2003, 4 or 5?) was found to be worthless and a new formulation had to be rushed to market for that flu season. It was then discovered that only one or two US companies actually made vaccines because of the liabilities they had incurred in the past; consequently we didn’t have the capacity to make good the shortfall. It just wasn’t worth it for any company to make vaccines in the US. We had to scramble to get adequate doses to cover that year’s flu season – largely from foreign sources.

Guess who took all the heat for being incompetent? Why George W. Bush of course. Not the CDC, their ‘experts’ or anyone else. I think that was when the vaccine makers were made inoculated from lawsuits. Our lack of drug and other medical manufacturing capability at that time should have been a big wake-up call. Unfortunately it wasn’t.

Rush is just now saying that the Obamacare tax on medical devices caused the further erosion in our nation’s ability to make medical related equipment.

And I am not saying that any manufacturer should be immune from litigation, particularly if they are at fault; it just shouldn’t be punitive when someone suffers a loss from a properly made product that met the approved requirements and where no negligence or malice is found.

Jimmy MacAfee

Over and out; farm work beckons. Good column.

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