About the Advertising on This Site…

Dear readers: I realize now I should have done this sooner.

I agree with you that pop-up ads can be annoying, and recognize that there are a couple of new ones on this site now. I am working with a new advertising firm, and we will have the kinks worked out over the next couple of days.

However, the two existing pop-up ads will remain active. While I would appreciate it if you would click on them every now and then, they are actually very easy to clear from your screen. A couple of seconds after they appear, a small “x” appears at the upper right-hand corner of the ad. Click on that and it goes “poof.”

I generate very little income from this site, but it is enough to pay a few monthly bills and keep me interested. When I started this blog three years ago, I assured my friends and early readers that I would do everything I can to avoid ever making this any sort of a pay site. At the same time, I am a dedicated capitalist, and I do want to maximize my revenue from spending several hours 7 days a week doing this.

So, we are all going to have to live with the ads. You will find that the new ads that will begin rotating through over the coming weeks will be of higher quality and recognizable brands than the old ones have been. Who knows, you might even see something you want to take a look at every now and then. If so, give it a click.

I would also invite you to compare the volume and placement of ads on this site to those on other sites you visit. If you do that you will see that it is well within the norm of what you see all over the place.

Much as I wish it weren’t so, this is just the way the world works these days. I appreciate your loyalty and hope you will stick with me.


That is all.

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Bill Mason

So I have to clear two pop ups each time. Big deal. Well worth it to read your comments. Thanks for all you do Dave.


Dave, seriously, your site is worth it! Your site is one of the few I’d be willing to support financially, if you went that route. I love your daily insights and the comments are the best of any site I visit. I appreciate Jimmy, Gregg, and the gang!

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, you’re right about other sites being far worse – especially on androids! If I didn’t think it was worth it, I wouldn’t read your insightful column! I only feel comfortable writing here, too; once wrote comments on Ulsterman Report, until it was “turned” and taken over – a long time ago. (Of course, a lot of things seem like a long time ago.)

I look forward to your perspective, and your readers’ perspectives.

Carlos Dangler

While the ads are sometimes annoying or ghastly (toenail fungus – eeeewww!) it is so worthwhile to see your views on politics and the world at large. You are my go-to source for insight and awesome discussions every day. Thanks DB!


No worries DB!!! I’m an uber capitalist!!! Keep up the stellar work!!


As always appreciate your site. If my contributions help, I’m glad to do it, and I do appreciate being among fellow travelers.

Sarah Masks Work Reynolds

I love the ads! Thank you for your dedication! I look forward to every post, every day. Of COURSE you deserve to make money in exchange for your time! Keep advertising with whoever gives you the best deal, please.

Richard Hertz

No problem DB. You do a great job.


It’s all good Dave. Thanks for all the great observations and commentary. It is nice to know there are fellow travelers on the road who see the world as it is, not as some would have us believe it is.


With you for the long haul, DB!

Sharon Campbell

The ads are no problem! Please keep up the great writing.

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