U.S. Intelligence Community Says China is Lying – Wonder What Tipped Them Off?

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Is the U.S. Intelligence Community suddenly waking up under its new leadership? – While Democrats and the corrupt national news media apparatus desperately scramble to try to blame President Trump for the Wuhan Virus, the U.S. IC – under the guidance of Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell – was keeping itself busy producing a new report for the President.

To the surprise of no one who has actually been paying attention, that new report – apparently delivered to the White House last week – finds that the communist government of China has been lying to the world about COVID-19, most recently about the laughably dishonest statistics it has been publishing.

From a Bloomberg report on the matter:

China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths it’s suffered from the disease, the U.S. intelligence community concluded in a classified report to the White House, according to three U.S. officials.

The officials asked not to be identified because the report is secret, and they declined to detail its contents. But the thrust, they said, is that China’s public reporting on cases and deaths is intentionally incomplete. Two of the officials said the report concludes that China’s numbers are fake.


Oh, you don’t say. But wait, there’s more!

Deborah Birx, the State Department immunologist advising the White House on its response to the outbreak, said Tuesday that China’s public reporting influenced assumptions elsewhere in the world about the nature of the virus.

“The medical community made — interpreted the Chinese data as: This was serious, but smaller than anyone expected,” she said at a news conference on Tuesday. “Because I think probably we were missing a significant amount of the data, now that what we see happened to Italy and see what happened to Spain.”

China isn’t the only country with suspect public reporting. Western officials have pointed to Iran, Russia, Indonesia and especially North Korea, which has not reported a single case of the disease, as probable under-counts. Others including Saudi Arabia and Egypt may also be playing down their numbers.


Shocking, I know.

So, let’s review here:

– China spent two months in November and December intentionally pretending nothing was going on in Wuhan Province while 10,000 of its citizens were traveling into the U.S. every day, and thousands more were traveling to other parts of the world;

– China’s refusal to inform the rest of the world for all that time ensured that what could have easily been limited to an isolated epidemic in Wuhan ended up becoming a global pandemic that will cost the world economy many trillions of dollars and possibly end up causing a major economic depression;

– China continued to lie to the global community after the outbreak became public in January, lying along with the sleazeballs at the World Health Organization that the Wuhan Virus could not be transmitted by human-to-human contact;

– This trench of lies led the U.S. and many other countries into a false sense of security, delaying the implementation of preventive measures like staying at home and social distancing;

– Indeed, a study released last week found that 95% of the global outbreak could have been prevented had the ChiCom government reported the actual facts about the virus in December rather than lying about it all until late February;

– The ChiComs kept lying about it when their health minister tried to claim in early March that the Wuhan Virus had actually been imported to that province by U.S. soldiers, a despicable falsehood that President Trump refused to let them get away with despite the best efforts of CNN, PBS and other corrupt media outlets to promote it;

– Throughout March, it became increasingly obvious that the ChiComs were continuing to lie about their actual confirmed cases and death toll, and that is the set of lies that this report from the U.S. IC detailed for President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force late last week.

Bottom line: China caused this pandemic through its lying, perpetuated it through its extended lying, and China is still lying about the extent of the outbreak in its own country today. There simply must be some consequences for this behavior once this virus has been controlled by the global community.

A good start would be for the U.S. to simply cancel its obligation under the $1.2 trillion to $2 trillion in U.S. government debt currently held by the ChiCom government. That is a tiny fraction of what this utter mendacity by the ChiComs is going to end up costing our nation, but it would be a good and appropriate start towards a true accounting.

If we had a GOP majority in the House of Representatives, a good way to follow that would be for congress to implement new laws limiting the ability of any company based in or doing business in the U.S. to have any segment of its supply chain sourced in China. If this beastly incident has proven nothing else, it has clearly proven that our country can no longer afford to be in any way dependent on the inherently and aggressively dishonest ChiCom government.

This is not a slam on Chinese Americans or on common citizens of China.  It is a slam on the ChiCom government and everything it represents.

How many times will our world have to witness a communist government intentionally causing the deaths of thousands or even millions of people all over the earth before we all wake up and properly shun them from any standing in the international community? This should not be such a difficult lesson for some people to learn.

I mean, good lord, people, even our own corrupt Intelligence Community seems to have figured it out at long last. If they can do it, anyone can.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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‘Resolutions’ resolve nothing especially from our congress and the UN..


“before we all wake up and properly shun them from any standing in the international community? ”
I understand your comment to be a rhetorical question but sadly enough it will never happen. Its why overtly abusive leaders in Africa manage to stay in power. Its how they can take the once’breadbasket” of Africa, Zimbabwe, and turn the country into an impoverished dust bin.

Islamic and communist countries will stand with each other regardless of how much carnage they cause. Peoples lives mean nothing, entirely valueless unless they are ‘productive’. Meanwhile western, democratic, republics, squabble over whats the best time and place to go have lunch. When they speak out against these evil regimes its a ‘warning’… Then they threaten the evil with yet another warning and a finger wag if necessary, if they evil doesn’t stop its bad behaviour.

Know God know peace… No God no peace….


Sad, but very true Brian

Jimmy MacAfee

There is an emergency that will grow if it is not stopped: nurses in some hospital systems (such as Chicago( – are being refused masks – (and are not allowed to use their own) – while treating patients. This doesn’t apply to parts of the hospital where COVID patients are being treated; they can wear masks. But does COVID draw lines? Section itself off from one unit to another?

Doctors, however, are allowed the use of masks. Not nurses! Very, very troubling. But nurses can’t even use their own masks? Why? Hospital systems claim that “it scares the patients.”
This is happening in Chicago, but it is also happening in XXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXXX. This is strategically unsupportable. It’s like sending an army to war without helmets or protective gear!

What is worse, XXXXX hospital system has made anyone who refused to take the flu vaccine wear masks – including employees who are not involved in direct care. This is a policy that has been in place for a long time.

So which is it? Masks good? Masks bad? Fact is, nurses are describing working conditions as a “effing sh-t show.”

I regard these policies by hospital systems as a form of subtle sabotage. It needs immediate attention, because the people closest to patients are being left vulnerable, and it likewise makes patients vulnerable. Do they want to win the war? Or is it being lost, sabotaged by bean-counters and others?

Jimmy MacAfee

I sent most of the text above to the Whitehouse, too. This shat has to end – now!

Jimmy MacAfee

I used Xs in order to protect certain individuals, including potential liability for myself.

Jimmy MacAfee

Owners of international media should be subjected to the same rules as Congressmen, i.e. declaring foreign investments, interests etc. That is, if they wish to do business here. Otherwise, register as agents of foreign govts.

China apparently owns the American media the same way the Nazis controlled Hollywood – (until Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, and then that was a bridge too far.) Not wanting to lose business in China has a lot to do with the media companies kowtowing to Big China. Which is why the remake of Red Dawn featured North Korea instead of China – the villain was altered in order to sell movies in China.

Early on, I emailed the Whitehouse and put this on a DB thread: If China loses 10% of its workforce, they’re OK; if we lose 10% of our workforce, we’re in deep trouble. Except it’s higher than 10% – Americans not working. We are at war. So far, without bullets.

Jumper Bones

Mr. Blackmon, I am so sorry to tell you that your site now has an advertisement banner that says “looking for a steady side gig?” that fills the middle of the screen on my Samsung Note 5, running Android Marshmallow, when using the “Dolphin” web browser. It started doing this sometime today, and it makes your blog articles unreadable. So I just started using my “Free Adblocker” browser app so that I could read this latest article, but my guess is that bypassing your advertisements here deprives you of income from these ads. Please do whatever you must to prevent your ads from covering up your content. Thank you.

Jumper Bones

I think that advertising firm fixed that problem! Rather than overlaying your text, it is now embedded into the web page itself, and the text flows around it (the one that says “looking for a steady gig?). Now your words aren’t covered up, bravo!


Thanks Dave


If there is going to be any justice come from this mess, it must come to the propagandists who own, operate, and dictate the ‘news’ that gets reported, and more importantly, what doesn’t get reported!

We haven’t had an actual free press in this country for generations and major reform has to happen or we are doomed as a free thinking country. In many ways, Hitler could only have dreamt that his propaganda minister Goebbels could have been this effective. The difference between Goebbels and today’s MSM (D) is Germany was trying to quell public panic when it was being raised to the ground, and losing thousands of civilians, and its military was losing thousands of soldiers every day for YEARS – and it had a population of about 88 million at the time – while our press is trying to incite fear, panic, unrest, and distrust among its elected leaders when a Republican is in the White House.

Our media is feeding anti Trump Schiff to 328 million people 24/7 to achieve this goal; they are a true fifth column. Usually fifth column activities happen in a clandestine manner. America’s MSM (D) subversive activity is right out in the open which is good because even the dim bulbs in the FBI and DOJ, who can’t detect a fart in a phone booth, can see who the seditionists are. Maybe not though because we had a Vice President on camera bragging about how he used his office for political and personal gain, and not only has no one prosecuted him for it, he actually, unbelievably, has a shot to be president.

The Jim Acostas et al take their orders on how they are to report the ‘news’ from ultimately the owners of the six ‘news’ organizations. Ryan and the Murdock punks are dictating the conversion of FOX to the dark side in incremental steps. No one in their right mind would take the successful business model that FOX has been and deliberately look to destroy it unless those orders came from on high.

Jim Acosta et al, in most cases, would become the most pro-Trump, or at least neutral reporters if they were ordered to do so. Same for Newspapers. Just look at how the press has behaved in the past couple of days at Trump’s briefs. Granted, most of the press today are libs, but they don’t turn on a dime and change their stripes unless they are told to do so. I don’t buy their ‘independence’ of reporting for one second – they do and say exactly what their corporate puppet masters tell them to do and say or they are gone. They all can be replaced by a new mouthpiece in a heartbeat, and they know it. There are of course exceptions where some have a loyal following and are a little more secure and independent, but FOX got rid of O’Reilly, NBC dumped Kelly, MSLSD ‘retired’ Matthews, and CBS got rid of Rather for example. Some were fired for cause or poor ratings, but any and all can be fired for any reason. It might cost the network money to break a contract, but they can get rid of anyone they want.

When a real investigation finds out who is paying for the ‘coverage’ we get, their will have to be massive penalties levied against the seditionists who own and operate America’s, and the ‘free’ world’s newsrooms.

The same goes for all the social media platform giants who routinely censor individual POLITICAL free speech, which, by the way, is the ONLY speech that is protected by the constitution. And while anyone may have the right to exercise ‘free speech’ no one has the right to make anyone listen to it or obey it.

And the Democratic party – Klink’s party – must pay a huge price at the ballot box this year and in years to come.

phineas gage

The news media hasn’t figured it out, as they are still enthusiastically parroting the party line.

Then again, they are being paid to do so.

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