The Kennedy Center and the FBI: America’s Twin Towers of Disgrace

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

The damn thing should just be imploded after this. – What does one say about the people who run the Kennedy Center, other than they all need to have their sorry butts kicked? Let’s review the timeline of that national disgrace over the last 10 days:

– Nancy Pelosi single-handedly holds up a $2 Trillion stimulus bill for a week – thus delaying for a week any benefits going to ordinary people who really needed the money as fast as possible – in part so she can lard it up with a $25 million bailout for the creeps at the Kennedy Center.

– That bill finally passed early afternoon on Friday.

– About 90 minutes after it passed the House of Representatives, the Kennedy Center management sends out a memo notifying all of their contract musicians that they have been laid off.

– On Tuesday, just three days later, Kennedy Center management sends out another memo notifying all of the support staff for the National Symphony Orchestra that they have also been laid off.

This is a national disgrace, and everyone involved should be fired and replace by human beings who actually possess souls.

Meanwhile, at the FBI… – It normally takes DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz about 14 months to tie his shoelaces. This is the single most plodding, delaying, not-in-any-hurry-to-get-anything-done man in a city that is just filled with men and women with that same attitude towards their work.

Normally, nothing phases this guy. The DOJ/FBI cabal during the Obama era illegally spied on the Trump campaign and transition team? No biggie. Let’s take our sweet time looking into that one.

That same cabal frames General Mike Flynn and tries to do the same to President Donald Trump? Ah, what’s the big deal? Let’s spend 2 years looking into that one.

Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe and James Comey all committed multiple counts of perjury, and Comey and McCabe were sharing national secrets with the New York Times and Washington Post? Yawn. We’ll get to that one next year.

Let’s put it this way: Mr. Horowitz does not understand the concept of swift and timely justice, nor his own role in making sure that such a thing takes place in our society. He has spent the last 3 years doing little other than gumming up the works at DOJ, doing his best to ensure the passage of time dims public memories about all the rampant corruption at that Department, especially within the FBI.

Thus, it came as a bit of surprise that Mr. Horowitz chose to rush out a new, unexpected report this week, in which he found that FBI agents of all shapes and sizes and in locations all over America casually violated the FISA law in all 29 applications his team audited from 2014 through 2019.

Every. Damn. One. Of. Them.

From a report at National Review:

The Justice Department inspector general said it does “not have confidence” in the FBI’s FISA application process following an audit that found the Bureau was not sufficiently transparent with the court in 29 applications from 2014 to 2019, all of which included “apparent errors or inadequately supported facts.”

Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a report in December which found that the FBI included “at least 17 significant errors or omissions in the Carter Page FISA applications and many errors in the Woods Procedures” during its Crossfire Hurricane investigation of the 2016 Trump campaign. After releasing the report, Horowitz said that he would conduct a further investigation to see if the errors identified in the Page application were widespread.

Horowitz’s office said in a report released Tuesday that of the 29 applications — all of which involved U.S. citizens – that were pulled from “8 FBI field offices of varying sizes,” the FBI could not find Woods Files for four of the applications, while the other 25 all had “apparent errors or inadequately supported facts.”


Note the key fact in this passage: That Horowitz’s audit included cases that were pulled from FBI field offices all over the damn country, and thus involved FBI agents of all ranks and positions.

The next time you hear the increasingly irritating Sean Hannity tell you how wonderful and non-corrupt the FBI’s “rank and file” are, turn off your radio or change channels on your television, because you are being lied to.

Attorney General William Barr naturally responded to this latest Horowitz report with a feckless, meaningless statement touting the “reforms” that worthless bureaucrat FBI Director Christopher Wray has supposedly implemented in the agency’s approach to the FISA process:


It’s important to note that the FISA law, which expired on March 15, has still not been renewed, thanks to congress’s attention being focused solely on dealing with its various stimulus bills. While AG Barr still hopes to have it renewed with no changes to the statute, this new report from Horowitz is going to make that outcome extremely unlikely to come about.

Finally, at long last, Mr. Horowitz has done a real and timely public service.

As for the FBI, the only way to really fix that steaming cesspit of corruption is to completely disband it and reconstitute a new federal investigative agency. The roots of the Bush/Obama, Mueller/Comey-era corruption there are just too firmly and deeply embedded in the muck to ever really be cleaned up.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Been saying this for a long time now… Barr is going to be a very big disappointment. He’s lick a tick, buried deep and has a deep state history as well. Nothing is going to be done to damage the deep state and Barr will see to that. Otherwise there would have been indictments from all the referrals hes been given. Wish it weren’t so…

What puzzles me tho is Trumps picks for these positions. WHY…. WHY does he keep picking these swamp rats??? Who’s recommending them to him??? Wray, Barr, Sessions before him… me no comprenda…


Even though the FISA wasn’t extended, one would be a fool to believe the FBI is performing their illegal acts any differently today than they were a year ago. I know from experience that the alphabet agencies perform illegal acts and have for decades.

Jimmy MacAfee

Off to another battle against weeds around my fruit trees and shrubs! Be strong, and don’t let the trolls bite you!


Nasty Pelosi will figure out a way to funnel the money for the Kennedy Center into other of her pet left-wing projects or into the DNC. Pelosi is pure slime.


They recruit from the Ivy League schools.

The Leftists are FIRMLY in control of the world’s institutions, and therefor the world.

The war is over. They won.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lord of the Rings, Return of the King:

“Abandon your posts! Flee, flee for your lives!

Gandalf: “Prepare for battle!”

Jimmy MacAfee

Beg to disagree. While part of what you say is true, your conclusion is not final. Imagine if Churchill thought the same way! And things were darker then than they are now, by far.

phineas gage

If they won why is Trump soundly defeating them on all fronts?


Happy Nancy Klink Day everyone! I mean Happy April Fool’s Day; I get the two mixed up.

phineas gage

No one knows the precise historical origins of April Fools Day, theories abound, but it became a popular tradition in Britain in the 1700’s.

phineas gage

Speculation now that Whitmer is rising as a possibility for Biden’s female running mate choice. a move that could swing Michigan.

However, I still don’t think Biden is going to be the nominee. People don’t vote for the bottom half of the ticket, and Slow Joe is a deteriorating mess.


Phineas, The real question is will she be on top of him or below him – will she need knee pads like Monica?


The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts was built between 1964 and 1971. How did we survive as a nation prior to it being opened?

We are getting along just fine as a nation without MLB and minor league baseball playing their regular seasons, the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, the NCAA Tournaments, the Triple Crown horse races and various golf tournaments. Arguably these entertainment entities serve, entertain, and employ many more people than the Kennedy Center – they actually provide thousands of jobs for regular Americans and provide important diversions from the stress of normal everyday living for millions of Americans. Baseball wasn’t even stopped for WWII! As far as I know they are NOT getting any federal relief money; nor should they. MLB and other sports entities are also donating millions of dollars to their employees for financial relief.

According to Wikipedia, David Rubenstein (70) is the Chairman of the JFK Center for the Performing Arts; among many other things he is also the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, President of the Economic Club of Washington, DC, Chairman of the Smithsonian Institution, and has “The David Rubenstein Show” on Bloomberg Television. He has a net worth of 3.4 Billion Dollars as of this February. He has pledged to give more than half his wealth to Philanthropic causes or charities as part of “The Giving Pledge”.

Fine, but couldn’t he spare the $25 million his center got from the debt ridden taxpayers? We are all debt ridden to the tune of over $60,000.00 per every person in the entire country – largely as a result of the lobbying of congress by people like him who know so much about economics. Couldn’t he find the millions necessary to NOT lay off his employees in his own checking account?
Several million to him amounts to a rounding error in his portfolio. After all, he, donated $4.5 million to the National Zoo for its giant panda reproduction program in 2011. Clearly this guy has the money to maintain his staff at the Kennedy center. We can be thankful he is not a governor, but several imitate him.


About the FBI:

What can you say when even (Speedy Gonzalez) IG Horowitz turns against the swamp and releases the damning report that nowhere in the FBI is anyone doing their job correctly regarding the protection of American Civil Liberties? This investigation apparently was going on very quietly – must be some Republican agents involved – and this malfeasance must be punished regardless of political affiliation.

I am sure the vast majority of “rank and file FBI agents” are doing a fine job as far as their job goes, but where are they and their FB(INTEGRITY) with regards to the overall functioning of their bureau? How can the “nation’s premier law enforcement agency” be trusted to enforce our laws when they DON’T FOLLOW THE LAWS and their own rules Mr. Wray, Mr. Barr?

Just like with all the “peaceful and tolerant” members of a certain cult, I mean religion, where are all the “good” agents just waiting to expose the “bad apples” who are destroying the FBI’s and the DOJ’s et al creditability? Where is Wray, and Barr, and the judges who were (willingly) deceived by the criminals who serve in and run the FBI. There shouldn’t be one “mistake” little lone “mistakes” on all of the audited FISA applications?

Where are you Chief Justice Roberts in getting to the bottom of this fraud on, or in, your court system? Where are you Senator Loud Mouth Camera Hog Gramnesty on holding hearings on this egregious, systemic, and deliberate abuse of power?

An anxious nation wants to know.

President Trump, this China Virus presents a great opportunity to fire a lot of people, please do so.

phineas gage

‘I am sure the vast majority of “rank and file FBI agents” are doing a fine job as far as their job goes’

How are you sure of this? The evidence seems to suggest otherwise.


Every time Hannity says this I want to scream! If that is indeed the case, then where are all the whistleblowers?

I rest my case. That’s one of Hannity’s constant bromides along with “bartender @ 12 -(sidebar – how is that even possible?)/Mom was a prison guard/worked construction…etc…etc..etc.


Just that every organization has a small percentage of bad apples who disproportionately tarnish the efforts and reputation of the whole. I hoping I’m right that the vast majority of the FBI employees are just basically good drones, doing their job.

Remember, (and I’m giving a huge benefit of the doubt here) unless you are a deep state mole crapping on a Republican Administration, being a “whistle blower” is a risky endeavor in the District of Corruption. But it would be wonderful for the nation if a brave group of agents (5% of the force) would get together and publicly expose this corrupt activity (careers be damned) en masse where the transgressions/crimes could not be ignored.

If something along those lines doesn’t happen soon and if the FBI/DOJ doesn’t get cleaned up, it will become nothing more then a “kindler gentler” (for now) GESTAPO with a Himmler, I mean a Mueller, or a Comey, or a Wray type in charge.

Jimmy MacAfee

Only “bad apples” have asked for FISA warrants? Now that we know that most of them are frauds or wrongfully obtained? Really?


Jimmy, Phineas, and others,

Personally I would like to see a F Squad take out I in IO randomly of everyone in the Alphabet Agencies and do it again every month until we flush the turds and drain the swamp.

The old joke: The beatings will continue until the morale improves could be applied to: The Exe***ions will continue until the corruption stops.

Jimmy MacAfee

“You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”
Twice. The Chicoms are at it again.

Guess they didn’t like my post: let those who murder the most vulnerable be made vulnerable to the virus. (This is one case where I’m rooting for the virus)

Jimmy MacAfee

While we’re at it, we should look into the possible Chinese adventures in every science lab in the country. Full of spies and members of the Chinese military. China steals; China cheats; China wants us all dead.

phineas gage

One of the few good things about this ordeal, and I believe it was on the list posted yesterday, is that we have learned our national lesson about China.


Dave, speaking of Biden, I believe I heard a Fox poll last week that had Gaff O. Joe up nine on Trump; just now it was announced an IPSO poll has Gaff O. Joe up six on the president.

I know the polls are BS especially this early, but gee whizz, how is getting this result even possible?

If Biden (or any Democrat) were to somehow beat Trump, I would love for Trump to tell America to collectively “Kiss MY A$$”, thank his true supporters and simply walk off the stage, never to be heard from again.

phineas gage

I guess I was wrong about the phones. I thought that landlines gave an older more traditionally Democratic sample, but you are correct that cell phones would get more of the young people who are still susceptible to the blandishments of leftism.

phineas gage

They probably also used ‘adults’ or ‘registered voters’ for their sample, and used landline phones.

That way the sample is always heavily skewed toward Dems. Sample size is also important.

‘Likely voter’ samples are more reliable.

Jimmy MacAfee

Fox’s polls are conducted by people who don’t know how to walk and chew gum at the same time; if they didn’t have a paying job for Fox, they’d likely be shatting in the streets of San Nan.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Chicoms are back at it on this site:

“You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

Bite me.


Weird thing just happened, as I was writing my comment the page just refreshed on its own and I thought I lost my lengthy comment below. Thankfully, it posted in full, but I didn’t get a chance finish it, or to proof read it. Will do so and post as a reply if necessary.

Jimmy MacAfee

I save my comments, and sometimes put them on an email, and then may section them and post in shorter lengths.


When I write my comments, I don’t intend for them to be so long, they just grow – some eventually become guest pieces. So, I don’t normally write them in an email and copy and paste. So far “selecting all” and “copy” has been a good way not to lose my work until it gets passed the WP censor

phineas gage

I hate that message.

phineas gage

How would one even begin disbanding the FBI? And what would be used to simultaneously replace it?

The Kennedy Center is just another of many liberal fiascos, along with the U.N. and NPR, that should be defunded but instead will live on and on. It’s irritating, but there are more important battles to be fought.

That said, in this particular case there should be action taken based upon the grievances of the employees, with much of the 25 million redistributed to them. Democrats love redistribution from the rich to the poor, so they should all be fully in support, right?


Federal Marshals could step in & pick up any slack. We never had the FBI until Prohibition anyway. Hoover was also one corrupt, malevolent SOB.

Jimmy MacAfee

Fold the FBI under a new department, and begin disassembling it piece at a time, making all employees re-apply for their jobs; bring in Giuliani to run the new agency. Scour current cases and see which ones have been and are being investigated/prosecuted properly, and give preference to those who have and continue to be conducting themselves with honor and integrity. ALL cases must be reviewed!

It will be beyond-lengthy, and won’t be perfect – (the organization is already perfect: perfectly broken) – but it’s essential. Chris Wray can re-apply as a Special Agent…maybe.

phineas gage

But see, that’s creating new bureaucracy to fix existing bureaucracy. It isn’t likely to work, but instead just add another layer to the existing mess. DNI is a recent example.

Jimmy MacAfee

Agree completely with your conclusion; there is no reforming of the FBI.

As for the Kennedy Center, Matthew 18:23-35 applies:
23 “For this reason the kingdom of heaven [v]may be compared to a king who wished to settle accounts with his slaves. 24 When he had begun to settle them, one who owed him [w]ten thousand talents was brought to him. 25 But since he [x]did not have the means to repay, his lord commanded him to be sold, along with his wife and children and all that he had, and repayment to be made. 26 So the slave fell to the ground and prostrated himself before him, saying, ‘Have patience with me and I will repay you everything.’ 27 And the lord of that slave felt compassion and released him and forgave him the [y]debt. 28 But that slave went out and found one of his fellow slaves who owed him a hundred [z]denarii; and he seized him and began to choke him, saying, ‘Pay back what you owe.’ 29 So his fellow slave fell to the ground and began to plead with him, saying, ‘Have patience with me and I will repay you.’ 30 But he was unwilling [aa]and went and threw him in prison until he should pay back what was owed. 31 So when his fellow slaves saw what had happened, they were deeply grieved and came and reported to their lord all that had happened. 32 Then summoning him, his lord *said to him, ‘You wicked slave, I forgave you all that debt because you pleaded with me. 33 Should you not also have had mercy on your fellow slave, in the same way that I had mercy on you?’ 34 And his lord, moved with anger, handed him over to the torturers until he should repay all that was owed him. 35 My heavenly Father will also do the same to you, if each of you does not forgive his brother from your heart.”

The debt the Kennedy Center owed was forgiven; the employees, however, were not forgiven by the Kennedy Center.

Same verse applies to those who relentlessly pursued and prosecuted Mike Flynn, without mercy nor an ounce of forgiveness. Let this Holy Verse serve as a lesson.

phineas gage

Even though the FBI has been on a bad trajectory for a long time, I don’t think the FISA abuse occurred in the Bush administration. I am sure that it originated with Obama and his thugs as they weaponized scores of federal agencies for political purposes.

That said, my hope is that the law is never renewed. Like so many things with good intentions, the outcome has been exactly the opposite.

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