The Wuhan Virus Ordeal Will Produce Some Positives for our Society

The Mid-Day Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

I don’t mind admitting that my normally sunny disposition makes me grow quickly tired of writing about bad news. So, for today’s Mid-Day Update, I thought I would spend an hour listing some of the actual positive things I see accruing to American society as a result of the Wuhan Virus ordeal.

This is by no means intended to be any sort of comprehensive list, nor is it an effort to downplay the negative impacts of the virus and how our state and federal governments are reacting to it. But it was somewhat therapeutic for me to go through the exercise.

Below are my thoughts, and I would invite readers to respond with thoughts of their own that I can use for a second, similar update later this week.

More working from home. – Companies large and small are learning that large swaths of the jobs they need done can be done by people working from their homes without the loss of productivity. I predict we will see the number of new jobs conducted from home to be in the millions;

Less traffic has so many ancillary benefits. – Millions more jobs being done from home will result in millions fewer cars on the road every morning. This will result in fewer traffic jams, lower road maintenance costs, less demand for the construction of new roads or the expansion of existing highways, and less pollution;

The societal value of “big business.” – Speaking of those companies, Americans are getting to see just how valuable so many of them are in our society. As great American brands like Ford and My Pillow and Bayer and many, many more step up to manufacture and provide the equipment and medicines needed to fight this virus, they demonstrate that their value is in more than just the products they put out in the normal course of business;

Because we’re America, dammit. – A new generation of Americans is learning first-hand about the miracle of American enginuity. A few weeks ago, no test for this Wuhan Virus existed that would provide a result in less than a day. This morning, the FDA issued an emergency approval for a new test by Abbott Laboratories that will provide a result in … wait for it … TWO MINUTES. That is not a typo;

Parents reconnecting with kids. – Millions of parents are home-schooling their children right now. This will not only result in more parents doing this on a permanent basis – also resulting in fewer cars on the road – but is also giving parents more insight on what their kids are learning and how they are learning it;

Increased parental involvement in education. – That can only result in more parents becoming active in exercising oversight of their local school systems, and that will in turn inevitably result in more local control over education. That is undeniably a good thing;

We are learning how to pull together as Americans again. – Despite the best efforts of our despicable national news media to tear our country apart, there is a growing, palpable spirit of “we’re in this together” all over our country now. The media and other groups who fail to grasp this reality will suffer because of it in the long term;

We are gaining a new appreciation for service providers. – Millions of us are gaining a new appreciation for those who provide services in all walks of life as we go through this process. As we see so many restaurants, cafes and other service-oriented businesses shutter their doors, we are gaining a higher sense of appreciation for those who have been able to remain open, something that will likely linger with us when life returns to whatever the new, coming “normal” looks like;

Better sanitary practices. – Millions of Americans who seldom washed their hands after using the restroom are now changing their ways. That has to be a good thing, right? These new, better sanitary practices will not just help with the Wuhan Virus, but will also no doubt help to limit the impacts of the seasonal flu, common cold and other viruses;

A new appreciation for borders. – This is taking place not just in the U.S., but all over the world. A poll released late last week showed that a phenomenal 95% of Americans understand that President Trump’s crucial, early decision to ban most incoming travel from China was important. Even the government of Mexico is now policing its border with America more closely to try to prevent the spread of the virus. My goodness, even the members of the Earth’s ultimate globalist organization, the European Union, recently implemented the closing of national borders to non-essential traffic. The more people who understand the importance of borders and national sovereignty, the better off the world will become.

Again, this is not a comprehensive list, and I hope readers will look at it as nothing more than a good start. I welcome your thoughts on items to add to it.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Nick Cooper

Three other positive outcomes:

1. People will plan for the future. Like the 1930s Depression, people will do what they have to, to be prepared for a future crisis. They will save more. They will stock up on important commodities. They will focus on what’s important in their lives.

2. The Green New Deal is dead, and environmentalism will recede in public discourse for 5 years. Survival now is more important than worrying about the future value of eliminating straws and building windmills.

3. Elite colleges will take a huge hit. Now that virtual learning has come to universities, people will realize that on-line college is just fine. The era of $40,000 tuition will disappear.

Jimmy MacAfee

Right. Very good points!

And being a truck driver, or going to school to learn another trade will seem suddenly honorable, because the Upper-and-Older-Crusts will have found that they need us Deplorables to keep them alive and they need our children for Adrenochrome.

Jimmy MacAfee

There will also be a growing appreciation for the President, his Gift of Encouragement, and his administrative/executive talents!

Jimmy MacAfee

And lastly: people are smiling! In spite of things, you see smiles in many places! It’s a good contagion; a smile is contagious! Give your neighbor, policeman or woman, cashier, truck driver, loved one – everyone – a great big smile!

Jimmy MacAfee

People are learning how to cook, and hopefully learning how to cook healthy meals. Appreciation of farmers will be at an all-time high, and the value of nutritious food!

People with autoimmune diseases and diabetes and others will be increasingly intolerant of people who show up to their places of work or worship or at other gathering places. Intolerance is sometimes a good thing! (Frankly, I was getting sick of the pull-away shoulder hugs!)

And the creepy guy or gal that used to paw you when you didn’t want to be touched? The ones who make your skin crawl? Very unpopular! Like Creepy Joe, the Hair Whisperer?

Jimmy MacAfee

There will be better ways to test for disease; a template has been set. Rumors of another hantavirus outbreak in China, will stop at their borders, because we won’t allow them to make us vulnerable to their indolence and/or incompetence or intentions.

Jimmy MacAfee

A lot of people are praying; a lot of people who have refused prayer (or refused to allow others to pray,) will be on their own, and will not be able to prevent prayer. Courts won’t be in the mood to hear those cases, brought by crybabies and malcontents.

Jimmy MacAfee

People will engage in – in places that don’t require people to stay indoors – a lot better lawn care! Some of the old skills will return – clipping and growing from seed and cuttings, and there will be a return to Victory Gardens.


Never thought we could overcome the unions representing govt workers at public schools. College professors and staff operate like unions. David did a super job on govt run public schools pre-college. I think colleges & universities (hopefully) will be changed after this by expanded use of online teaching. The Marxist professors are thinking twice before putting out their leftist bias on lesson plans. Maybe Trump could deny federal funding to higher education unless online courses are at a significant discount compared to on-site classes to cut college costs. to encourage more online classes.



I hope you are right about Marxist teachers/profs thinking twice… But I bet all they are thinking about is how, by which route, they are going to continue to propagandize their target group. The reason I say this, is because the MSM (D) certainly isn’t thinking twice about realigning their failing message; if anything they are doubling down on TDS.

Maybe it will change if Fredo gets real sick from the China virus and has to take Trump’s FDA cure, and Trump loudly publicizes his being cured it for the whole country. That would be real “anecdotal” and provable evidence the MSM (D) just wouldn’t be able to ignore.

Sooner or later one of these leftist “unbiased” A$$holes will have to admit Trump was right about something – when that happens the spell will be broken; the dam will flood and overwhelm the left’s paradigm… What a happy time that will be.

Jimmy MacAfee

Good point: Leftist and bizarre indoctrination and bullying will end. Add to that the end of library indoctrination of young children by sick, twisted (and sometimes criminal) weirdos.

Art Jenkins

Maybe some people will begin to understand the true cost of all these illegals here in the States and how we can barely take care of our own, especially in the health care arena. And the true idiocy of AOC wanting to pay the $1,200 stimulus payment to illegals.

Jimmy MacAfee

Positive in the extreme:

-China is no longer able to ship fentanyl via Mexican drug lords (thus ends this phase of the Opium Wars.)
-Human trafficking(especially se% trafficking) is going to take a huge hit
-Pharmaceutical products and other necessities will come home, and that’s not just good because of our dependency: the Chinese have allowed for sh-t to manufactured in their country.
-No one will completely trust the Chinese Communists – ever.

Richard Hertz

There should be huge opportunities for businesses and companies to be able to slap the oi’ “Made In The USA” labels back on products. I really hope that happens!

Peter Ferris

Thank you, this was a great article…


If there is significantly more home schooling, there could be a couple more advantages. 1. Perhaps less teaching of propaganda, less indoctrination? and 2. Perhaps lower property taxes as there would be less need for $$ going to school districts? Property taxes are killing Nebraska, just IMO. As an aside, I know President Trump will weather this as he has so much BS in the past three years. Just praying that he will be re-elected and consign the Democrats to the garbage heap of history along with their despicable media toadies. Lord have mercy.



If you think Nebraska Property taxes are killing, check out NJ or NY property taxes.

Hamilton, NJ: over $2,000.00 on a $50,000.00 house; over $5,000.00 on a $280,000.00 house in central Jersey; PA: NE of Philadelphia is similar – and these numbers are from circa 2000 thru 2005. What might they be today?

Middle TN present Day: less than $1,000.00 on $150,000.00 house.

But keep it quiet, I don’t want all the NE libs moving down here to intercourse up my largely decent and conservative state – excepting Memphis and Nashville where approximately 80% of the crime occurs, and by coincidence – I’m sure – are the only two blue (out of nine) congressional districts in the state.

Lee Lasiter

Ants once again race to aid the grasshoppers. US citizens will become acutely aware of emergency preparedness and ask why their government leaders were not prepared – here that NY’rs.


And the toxic influence of the Elites will be further diminished.

Few will listen to the Schiff they constantly peddle like a broken record.

A new day in American Journalism will emerge – shame the people who run FOX News decided to go to the dark side. I’m looking for their Prime Time line up and a couple of others like Judge Jeanine Pirro will also “Walk Away”

Jumper Bones

I suspect that there will be a mini-baby-boom, with its gaussian peak approximately 8 to 10 months from now.

Jimmy MacAfee

Or the Demonrats will have a massive sacrifice party.

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