The Corrupt Media Hates God, Trump…and the My Pillow Guy???

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Ok, so, now they’re going after the My Pillow guy. – The rank hostility towards – and obvious fear of – Christianity by the leftwingers in the corrupt news media is really stunning. It was on clear display all over Twitter yesterday evening, after President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three glorious words) let Mike Lindell, commonly known as the “My Pillow Guy”, come to the mike and talk about the wonderful work his company is going for our country right now.

For those who are not aware, the My Pillow company has converted one of its factories into an operation manufacturing face masks for hospital workers. It will be cranking out 50,000 of them every day by the end of this week. In other words, Mr. Lindell is actually doing something real to help fight the Wuhan Virus, unlike literally anyone in our fake, corrupt news media.

Seriously, as President Trump is donating his entire salary to the fight against this virus, and all of these various corporate giants in the business world are stepping up to quickly convert factories into manufacturing all of this critical equipment and supplies, have you heard or seen a single news report about any of the multi-multi-multi-millionaires in the news media doing a damn thing to contribute to the cause?

What really set everyone off was Lindell’s act of talking about Christian values and the Bible and prayer at the end of his remarks:

“God gave us grace on Nov. 8, 2016 to change the course we were on,” Lindell said, in reference to the night Trump won the election. “God had been taken out of our schools and lives, a nation had turned its back on God.

“I encourage you to use this time at home to get back in the word, read our Bibles and spend time with our families.” The New York Post reports that he then touted the economy and the unemployment numbers from Trump’s time in office.

“With our great president, vice president, the administration and all the great people in this country praying daily, we will get through this and get back to a place that’s stronger and safer than ever.”


That immediately set the blue-check corrupt journalists on Twitter off in a fit of outrage and ridicule. Within 30 minutes of his comments, Lindell was trending on Twitter under three different Twitter categories: #MyPillowGuy, “Mr. Pillow,” and “My Pillow,” as every leftist user on the site joined the corrupt national press corps in piling on.

Literally none of those people engaged in that activity are doing a damn thing to help our country right now, and most are actively harming the effort. The folks at did a great job of compiling much of the media-led outrage at this link.

Of course, all of these people hated Mr. Lindell before yesterday. He is, after all, a great example of the American dream: A self-made guy who, after going through years of drug addiction, found God, got his life in order and created one of the most successful business enterprises in the country. Corrupt reporters and editors hate that stuff.

They also hate the fact that he was an early and vocal supporter of the Trump presidential campaign in 2016, and they hate the fact that Lindell proudly wears his religion on his sleeve. Lindell represents everything, every traditional American value, that they spend their days coordinating with the Democrat Party to destroy.

Of course they hate him.

Which, of course, is why we love him.

God Bless Mike Lindell.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The Wraith

Some very good comments on this article. It is very heartening for me to read true, normal, decent, patriotic Americans talk about all the evil we face from the Enemies within our own Nation. The S0r-0s type tax-payer funded NGO’s are a total demonic scam. Our money is being diverted by politicians, treasonous bureaucrats, to help these Enemies destroy our Republic from within. The Vicious, Traitorous Main-Slime-Media Owners & their demonic, depraved, hate-filled, spiteful “journalists” have outright lied & deceived We, The People, for many decades now. Our “Academics” are sick, flagitious poisonous, vindictive purveyors trying to indoctrinate our children & young people to hate our Freedom, Liberty, Christianity, Free Markets & Our Constitution. The Demon-Crap/RINO traitors need to be held accountable for the enormous damage they have done are still trying, to cause in our Nation.


Mike Lindell is what America is all about…given a second chance, making the most of it and now helping others that were in the same shape he was in because God so blessed him. Can we name anything those jack job journalists have done except open their mouths and drop a deuce on America?

Don L

These people seek one thing–to replace our Creator and make their own commandments in order to control all thing, all people. Nothing is new since the Garden of Eden–they merely seek “to be like God.”

Bruce Branz

I prefer liberty over lock down. If this continues, we will see total chaos in the streets all over America. People will soon be starving and millions will lose their homes. President Trump, please end this craziness. There was no lock down when many thousands died from the common flu and even the common cold which is also cause by viruses. Gun stores are locked down and prisons are opening their gates. End it now !

Jay Whitcraft

Every day the media loses more and more credibility. When this passes I think that a lot of them will be stunned to find out how much their viewership has dropped off. Can’t wait for CNN layoffs just when everyone else is going back to work. Jay


We are in the last days. The wheat and tares are coming to full maturity. God will soon deal with all of this in a very obvious and forceful way. The blessing and the wrath of God will be breathtaking in both size and scope. This will be the most intense and amazing moment in history.


People have been predicting that for thousands of years.


You are right Sam-I-Am there have been ongoing predictions about the return of Christ which never seem to pan out. But like scriptures states its not for us to know the hour but only the season.

There are several very good indicators that we are definitely close. Like Jimmie mentioned the Temple hasn’t been rebuilt. Whats generally not known is that there have been no unblemished red heifers for sacrifice…. until recently. The jews now have the ‘sacrifice’ available, the implements and the Temple plans. Whats the hold up… Those that would be able to, according to scripture, to administer the sacrifice, a person from the tribe of Levite and more specifically a son of Aaron. Israel is actively looking for these descendants.

Secondly at no point in the past was there an opportunity for a one world church. That today has had the groundwork laid down by the present Pope, which the Catholic church refers to him as the ‘Black Pope’. Meaning he will be the last Pope. This present Pope signed several documents aligning the ‘church’ with the leaders of Islam. and has kissed the feet of the head Islamic imam, literally.

When the two witnesses are killed and when Christ returns scripture states everyone will see this. With the advent of the internet this too has been made possible. Prior to this only extraordinary events made world news. The killing of two Christians wouldn’t be world news but today given the authority these two witnesses have been given… will most certainly be world news.

There are even more indicators but I’d be writing a book. Just something to consider and research a bit… Like Jimmy said… keep the lamp full of oil and have some spare at standby.

Jimmy MacAfee

Eventually will come to pass; at least we’re nearly 2,000 years closer to the event!

Jimmy MacAfee

That would be Good. I also remember all the times in history when the Antichrist was apparently on the scene (Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin) and while these represented antichrists, they weren’t THE Antichrist; the Lord will return at His time, not the time chosen by men.

And Babylon was never destroyed completely; it still has usable bricks: the real and metaphorical Babylon has yet to be destroyed as described, and the Temple has to be rebuilt (which the Antichrist will defile.) Conditions, in other words, are closer, but not close enough for the end. That doesn’t mean the Harpazo (Greek word for the Rapture) won’t occur in the very near future; it could happen any day or at any hour. Keep your lamp oil filled!


Just announced Andrew the Cuomo’s brother Fredo, the CNN anchor has the China Virus…

Will he use, or be given, the MSM (D) discredited drug – hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine – the President is advocating for treatment and the FDA (finally) approved?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Jimmy MacAfee

They’ll backdoor his supply. Shhhh!

Jimmy MacAfee

Sauron has Orcs in the court system, in prosecutors’ offices, in political campaigns. Why is Sauron not fallen?

Frodo failed.


Soros has been training his son to take over. How has this guy managed to become as powerful as he has… Hasn’t been by honest work but by demon inspiration by powers and principalities. Evil surrounds itself with greater evil and can appear to be overwhelming but a day is coming when those given over will stand before the Righteous judge.

Having read to the end of the book of Life I can say that God has not lost control, now or ever, and the day of reckoning is coming soon enough. But its still stunning that he’s still around and has caused such mayhem and he’s merely one cog of evil driving a globalist agenda. imo.

Jimmy MacAfee

Amen, Brian


During the last DemocRATic convention, the slimy DemocRATs took God out of their platform. DemocRATs are vile and evil. The TDS virus is a larger threat then covid-19.

Jaqulin Abajeeki

Some smart and good comments here. Gives me hope for the people of this great Country. God bless!


Open question to all of Dave’s loyal and smart commenters:

Who exactly is this GS? I know of who Soros is… However, how is it, with all the economic damage he has done to various currencies over the years, he hasn’t been jailed or Arkancided?

He is what? like older than dirt, older than Klink? The way everyone talks, if he assumed room temperature, all our globalist problems would be solved – surely he can’t be the only puppet master. Like with Osama bin Laden,, there will be someone to take his place.

Hell, he might not even be alive – that is why I don’t often refer to him, by name, along with fear of being censored by WP.

Be interested in anyone’s thoughts on this ongoing “Existential Threat” who seems to have the whole world twisted in knots at his whim. How can one old fart be this powerful?

Jimmy MacAfee

His real name is Gyorgi Schwartz; he is a currency manipulator, and was convicted; he was more recently being investigated along with Burisma – until Quid Pro got all the investigations stopped. His organizations allegedly are behind ANTIFAY and Black Lies Matter, among others. He is a stirrer of discontent, and his NGOs are all over the world, except in countries where his operatives have been banned.

No, he’s not in charge of everything, but he has openly declared that his business practices are “amoral,” that he doesn’t operate on the basis of conscience, that he considers (or once considered) himself a god; he admitted to turning in the names of Jewish-owned properties in Holocaust times in a Holocaust country.

There’s a lot more, but every time I think of him, I have the odd desire to scrape my foot against a corner, as if I’d stepped in a pile of chicken squash. He has family, carrying on his “work.” He is an opponent of Israel, and seems to want it dismantled. He is an atheist and hates the real G0D.


There is no bottom to the depravity of these social marxists. They like OT enemies, like Haman and those against Daniel, who plotted destruction were themselves destroyed by the very methods they devised. Let them devise their plots and crow them loud for all to see… They’ll hang themselves with their own hatred and lies.

BUT… at some point there should be a line where crowing becomes criminal and they are held to account by the courts. Completely ignoring them would be not only cowardly but dangerous., imo

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder why Sauron (GS) is still a free man? His Orcs are everywhere!

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder why Sauron (GS) is still a free man? His Orcs are everywhere.

The Texas Patriot

Democrats hate everything moral, good & GOD. They support the murder of babies, they proudly hope that the virus kills as many Americans as it can, they refused the antidote, even Twatter banned Laura Ingraham for posting about the FDA approved vaccine and #1….THEY hate Americans with a passion & love illegal invaders that rape, rob & murder Americans! I say that’s enough to string them up from the nearest tree.

Jimmy MacAfee

I see them conspiring with the CPC: this is the new Pearl Harbor, silent and insidious.

phineas gage

That is already happening through globalistic entities.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yep. The Orcs.


Isn’t it amazing how we are hearing so little about the North Korean threat; what terrorism is going on in the Middle East; treaties and trade deals with the UK and EU post Brexit; sports in general, the NBA and NHL playoffs, the NCAA tournament, and the minor and major league baseball season; future impeachment efforts; RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!; the homeless hovels in major cities (where are the stats on their infections?); Hollywood gossip; gay this and LBG… that; the perils of climate change; and the Democratic Presidential Nomination Process – such as it was/is?

What this tell me is that almost none of the aforementioned and other almost always BREAKING NEWS ‘stories’ are really all that important.

When this ‘pandemic’ ends and we return to some semblance of ‘normalcy’, we should all take a deep breath and find a way to filter out much of the negative crap that invades our psyche each and every day (without us even noticing its compounding negative s effects) during ‘normal’ times.

Like Jimmy says during this ‘crisis’, he goes about his normal exercise and gardening routine. One thing I have noticed, and become even more aware of, during all this is the wonder of nature: flowers are blooming, leaves are sprouting, birds are chirping, my cats are acting normal, my opossums and raccoons come by and eat the food I provide for them and all this beautiful spring growth of nature is happening as usual – NOT being affective by the doom and gloom singularly focused news.

I am not trying to be being Pollyannish here, I know there are real problems that need to be understood, followed, addressed, and solved, but we cannot allow ourselves to be adversely affected by the 24/7 negativity that is the media’s mantra, particularly when a Republican is in the White House.

We should all endeavor to live by the Mac Davis song’s “Stop and Smell the Roses” mantra.

PS: Since we are largely confined to our homes during this, we should take advantage of the opportunity to do the long neglected home projects, better organize our lives, be closer and better connect with our families, find and gain faith in GOD and plan how we can be better and less self-centered people when we get past this.

Jimmy MacAfee

Keep ’em possums around! They ingest a LOT of ticks!


Did not know about the ticks; opossums are so homely and ugly that they are actually quite attractive – cute in their own way.

The amazing thing is that virtually none of my animal friends fight each other – humans could learn a lot from my little zoo. Sure, the cats kill an occasional bird or squirrel, but the raccoons and opossums eat from the same (dog food) bowl at the same time or they wait their turn – and the cats sit buy and watch. They probably are not interested since they don’t eat the mixed meat/veggie dog food, but they do allow the occasional stealing of their cat food located 18 inches above it. One year, even a pair of skunks joined the feast with no issues.

PS: Don’t feed omnivores such as opossums, raccoons and skunks an exclusive all meat diet like cat food – it can give them gout as it is too rich and comparatively expensive.

Jimmy MacAfee

They also carry few diseases, and are far less likely to carry rabies than other mammals! Poor racoons are susceptible to a lot of diseases.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To prove to the possum that it could be done! (or armadillo, groundhog or tarantula)

phineas gage

I didn’t think it was legal to keep raccoons, skunks, and other possible vectors of rabies.


Door in a window allows the cats to come and go as they wish. The wild animals stay outside and largely only feed at night. All food is outside, so only the domesticated cats are my actual pets.

Jimmy MacAfee

Don’t think he keeps them – just feeds them.

Jimmy MacAfee

When I was I my teens, I had a possum pen – (caught ’em with a Havahart trap AND/OR homemade rabbit trap.) Kept ’em awhile, then let go unharmed and fed. Not the ferocious beasts their voluminous dentition would suggest.

Estimates of ticks eaten per week/season: 5,000. (I’d say season, because 5,000 a week seems a bit optimistic.) Unfortunately, they have lifespans of 2-3 years, which is why the have to reproduce so much! America’s marsupials!

Jimmy MacAfee

Important advice you’ve given: keep a positive attitude! Thanks!

Jimmy MacAfee

The best and most complete characterization I can make of the Demonscats and their press and the CPC (Chicoms) is that of Tolkien’s Orcs from The Lord of the Rings. Hard to find a hair’s width of distance between them. They all be Orcs, not a wee bit less.

phineas gage

Although I know DB criticized it in the last thread, I think that Trump is following a plan when he permits questions from people like Acosta and Alcindor. He has turned out to be a much shrewder politician that anyone anticipated, and despite his bombastic style, he has a underlying reason and purpose for what he does.

He picks these moments selectively during his daily briefings, and they don’t interfere with the overall communication of essential information. I think he realizes that politics is an inevitable component of what is happening and the leadership role that he must exert to unite people. The legacy media is a clear threat to that, and thus he is acting to neutralize them.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d like to see him limit himself to taking hostile, absurd and insulting questions from only one fake news reporter per presser. One is sufficient to make the point, maybe? Up to him.

But Acosta should be frozen out, period. The smarmy fake news “reporter” who asked the President about calling it the “China virus” is now embedded in the consciousness of most people who watched it. An indelible image. Acosta is just all-about-Acosta, not only to try to do a “gotcha” on the President. If he could get publicity by asking softball questions, he would.

But the question of calling it the “China Virus” is solved either way: CPC Virus is a better characterization. Communist Party of China Virus. CPC.

Jimmy MacAfee

I predicted during the runup to the 2016 election – (during the primaries) – that Donald Trump would be the only candidate capable and willing to sell the virtues of Capitalism; the rest would wither under enemy fire.

Now, with the CPC extolling their own (fake) success in controlling the virus, a result of their supposed superiority, with perhaps hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dead Chinese already, we can see their failure: it started with lies and deceit, and the lies and deceit continue to this day.

The President’s allies are those who favor real Capitalism, not the Vulture Capitalism – (that sold US jobs to the CPC in the first place.) Mike Lindell is an example of a Good Capitalist; Mittens Romney and the Chamberpot are examples of Vulture Capitalism. the differences can’t be more striking.

The President is also allowing states to become autonomous in multiple ways – not abandoned, but recognizing that conditions around this large Nation are not identical – (unless you’ve tuned into CBS, and see that NYC has identical conditions to Italy! Even the hospital room and personnel are mirror images!)

Even in disaster, Trump keeps winning. And as he goes, so do all patriots. WWG1WGA.

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