Democrat Clownshow: Sisolak, Whitmer Reverse Course on Hydroxychloroquine

The Evening Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Send in the clowns. There ought to be clowns. – Last week, two craven political hack governors – Steve Sisolak in Nevada and the detestable Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan – made the indefensible decision to deny their citizens the right to be treated with hydroxychloroquine for the Wuhan Virus. On Sunday, the FDA issued an emergency authorization to doctors to use that cheap, highly-effective drug across the United States.

Today, the two circus clown Governors reversed their stupid edicts, now allowing those who contract the Virus in their states to be treated with the drugs. Better late than never.

From a report on Sisolak from

Nevada Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak has now decided to allow malaria drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquin to be prescribed for the impatient treatment coronavirus patients, a spokesperson on Tuesday.

Sisolak previously endorsed restrictions on the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquin as the Trump administration touted its potential effectiveness in treating coronavirus.

Influential Republicans such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) have criticized Sisolak for his state’s handling of the drugs, which on Monday received emergency Food and Drug Administration approval for treating coronavirus patients.

From a report on Whitmer by the Detroit Metro Times:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer drew fire from some on the right after the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) sent a letter last week threatening “administrative action” against doctors who prescribed two experimental drugs that could potentially help coronavirus patients.

The Whitmer administration has since removed the language threatening doctors from the letter and is now asking the federal government to send shipments of the drugs, Bridge magazine reports. The Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency authorization for the antimalarial drugs hydroxychloroquine sulfate and chloroquine phosphate on Saturday.

Conservatives including Charlie Kirk and Rudy Guiliani accused Whitmer of risking lives to oppose President Donald Trump. In recent weeks, Whitmer and Trump have been sparring on national television over federal aid for Michigan, while Trump has touted the drugs’ potential in treating COVID-19.

Note that the despicable Whitmer is not only reversing her ban, but now begging the federal government to ship her quantities of the drug. Hey, maybe she tested positive herself – that would par for the course for this insufferable clown.

These people make me sick. They are among the worst people in our entire society.

That is all.

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I was astounded when I read that these Democrat governors hate Trump SO much that they’d rather outlaw the only cure of COVID 19 so they could use the ensuing disaster as a bludgeon against the POTUS and Republicans! Glad to hear their citizens pressured them enough to force them to reverse their craven nonsense.


New York should be sued for not giving their critically ill patients this drug

Joe Daigle

The FDA should have approved those drugs for CV-19 TWO MONTHS AGO!! They’re been sitting on their pompous azzes while the deaths are piling up calling for these never-ending double blind studies. Who gets the placebo? What happens to them? The chant ought to be: Oh FDA, how many people did you kill today? At this point, everyone at risk for the virus should be taking 400 mg. a week of Hydroxychloroquine as a preventative, if they can do so safely. The best way to beat the virus is to not get it in the first place.


Reading through all the linked stories, it seems that there was a “miscommunication” on the part of the MI and NV Governor’s orders stipulating how and when doctors can prescribe hydroxychloroquine, alleging fear of shortages…

Huh? Governmental executive orders can’t be clearly written so everyone can understand them?

I once dated a woman who had a masters degree, but couldn’t put a subject and a predicate together in an email asking for a day off from her boss. So maybe all the college educated “experts” are not capable of conveying concise understandable thoughts.

The ‘concern’ seems to be about hoarding and creating another (inexplicable) toilet paper shortage with hydroxychloroquine.

To me this is all CYA bull-Schiff as hydroxychloroquine is a prescribed drug and its distribution can be easily controlled, unlike OTC medicines like aspirin.

Speaking of aspirin, we would have probably run into the same Schiff with the FDA and, apparently, every state health department if aspirin was found to be effective in treating the China virus – not enough testing and can’t be used, particularly if Trump said it showed promise.

GOD these people are sick.

Trump stopped Chinese travel way too early, according to the race baiting experts when many of the same experts were saying party hardy in Chinatown in SF, celebrate the Chinese New Year in NYC, and enjoy Mardi Gras in NO. They said, Trump acted too fast, was a racist, and there is nothing to worry about…

Then, when the Schiff started to hit the fan, Trump was accused of not taking the China virus serious enough.

It is hard to see how the president could be doing anything more to combat this ‘pandemic’ any faster, and the same experts are saying he is not moving fast enough.

Trump had to force the FDA and CDC to cut through all the B Schiff Red Tape and approve a proven save and relatively available drug for use in CURING this virus and it may even be a prophylactic for it and EVERYONE is saying or trying to slow down the implementation of this promising therapy. Many of the ‘experts’ are acting like Trump is advocating treating people with debilitating chemotherapy rather than a proven safe drug in order to save the [his] economy from recession for strictly political reasons.

Damn right Trump wants to minimize the effects of this pandemic on the economy you idiots! He has proven for the past three years he wants only the best for America and its citizens – yet you MSM hacks keep say the opposite!

If he was all in for the economy, – health of Americans be dammed – he wouldn’t have done the travel ban in January and he would have downplayed the effects of the China virus just like the idiots de Bozo and Klink did in NYC and SF respectively in Feb and early March.

Remember, it was “the One” and his bozo Gaff O. Joe who IGNORED the swine flu (H1n1 I believe) for MONTHS and a over a thousand deaths before he even acknowledged the problem. AND HE GOT NO CRITICISM FOR HIS TOTAL LACK OF LEADERSHIP ON DEALING WITH THAT OUTBREAK – AND HIS ECONOMY WAS STILL GOING INTO THE CRAPPER.

One other thing to consider:

Can you imagine how much worse off we would be with this gut punch to the economy if it wasn’t as vibrant as it had became under the last three years of Trump’s leadership?

If this had happened in 2016, under “the One’s” economy to this degree of lost jobs and productivity, we would have been in an economic disaster worse the thirties – in fact the depression of the thirties would look like boom-times compared what could have happened if this had happened in 2016.

Speak Truth

This is your third serving of crow. My, but you Democrat’s sure do love to eat crow!


I’m on a roll, so much to say about this.

During her rebuttal to Trump’s 2020 SOTSU speech, Witless spoke twice about Michigan kids filling in potholes with dirt, I suppose to show sort of the can-do spirit of Michiganders.

So, under your leadership/rule, you apparently can’t even do your job and keep roads repaired, yet you talked about the spirit of your state’s subjects in taking upon the tasks that are the FUNDAMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY of state and local government.

Your “spirit” engendering leadership gets kids filling potholes with dirt on their own; Trump’s MAGA/KAG leadership and efforts is getting many people to use their ingenuity and companies to retool their factories to produce the much needed life saving equipment in record time. You know governor, the stuff your brethren neglected to acquire during the time when “the One” ran things.

If you two governors had any decency, you would both resign, as you two have proven to be the worst of the fifty governors (generals) so far.


Governors Septic and Witless who are now allowing for their prisoners, I mean residents – who are largely confined to their quarters – to get Trump’s FDA approved China virus medicine (CURE), reminds me of when “the One” said, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor; if you like your (insurance) plan you can keep your (insurance) plan” – under Obamacare.

I’ll say to them now what I said about Obamacare when Barack the Obama said that lie:

Well thank you very much Mister master sir, I sure do appreciate you allowing me the freedom and choice to allow me to have my own doctor and plan in your Kingdom – you blank-sucking Schiff-head.

Where were the demonstrations protesting this?


Sorry for the duplicate post – thought I was censored


Governors Septic and Witless who are now allowing for their prisoners, I mean residents – who are largely confined to their quarters – to get Trump’s FDA approved China virus medicine (CURE), reminds me of when “the One” said, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor; if you like your (insurance) plan you can keep your (insurance) plan” – under Obamacare.

I’ll say to them now what I said about Obamacare when Barack the Obama said that lie:

Well thank you very much Mr. master sir, I sure do appreciate you allowing me the freedom and choice to allow me to have my own doctor and plan in your Kingdom – you blank-sucking Schiffhead.

I’m shocked their previous ban on the drug didn’t cause an immediate ‘peaceful’ demonstration, at least.


Dave, I think we are being too tough on clowns. A clown is a comic entertainer who brings joy and happiness. The next definition is a silly person.

These people are not silly in the happy or innocent sense, nor do they exude or bring happiness to anyone – not even their peers or supporters.

We need to come up with another term to describe these idiotic reprobates. In the interim, perhaps you could find a link of a calliope playing circus music when you introduce these malignant “clowns”.

Jimmy MacAfee

Parasite? Like T. Gondii, which lives part of it’s lifecycle in someone’s bowels? And kills babies before they’re born? And causes madness in some? And finds comfort in rats, and rats find comfort in cats (bellies?) Look It up! It’s all true! Like Ricky Gervais Golden Globe monologues about Hollywood!


We are fortunate that most criminals are very stupid.

Politics has often been referred to as the last refuge of, or for, the incompetent.

Now the question is:

Since President Trump has so artfully educated many people on the character, mendacity, and outright stupidity of most (D+I) politicians and many (R) politicians, will the public at large be smart enough to kick out all these blankidy, blank, blank politicians at all levels of government and demand basic competency, honesty, and decency from their newly elected leaders now and in the future?

Hey Michiganders and Nevadans, these pols are the bat rastards who make so many (bad) decisions that directly impact your lives – the drug ban is just the most recent occurrence. I know, unfortunately, neither is up for reelection this year, but you can gut their power by beating every Democrat in your respective legislatures. Do that this year, and vote for Trump, and GOP congress people this year and get Governors Septic and Witless in 2022!

We cannot continue to reelect lying, pandering, murdering, corrupt, and/or incompetent anti-American (constitution) politicians and expect our country to survive and maintain its founding freedoms.

2020 vote – The future of America depends on us getting it right.

Richard Hertz

Jimmy, how dare you insult the pithed frog that way….


Well there is two great examples of demcommies that the folks should note as being living, breathing example of stupid,
I’m tired of the left now. Can we play round up of lefties and all the other enemies of “We the People”?


How is it even legal for a governor to make proclamations about medical treatment?

Jimmy MacAfee

Maybe they saved 15% or more by switching to Geico, or they stayed at a Holiday Inn Express? Geniuses, they are not.

They do have powers to declare emergencies – frightening, actually, considering they’re being led, in some cases, by blind guides! They have all the brain power of a pithed frog.

Jimmy MacAfee

Even if they were politically motivated, venal and evil, their people – their citizens – will now be able to obtain much needed medication – and the press won’t be able to have it both ways: “You’re keeping help away from the people, but the help really doesn’t work!”

Here’s a question for ya: either the Governors are evil, or they are stupid. Wonder which one they’ll agree to?

Jimmy MacAfee

There is no cure for stupid.


As Ron White would say…

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