Trump Needs to Stop Wasting the Nation’s Time With Hacks Like Acosta and Alcindor

The Evening Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

After being absent for much of the last two weeks, Jim Acosta reappeared at today’s Coronavirus Task Force press conference. As he always does, Acosta failed to ask anything relevant, instead attempting to engage the President of the United States in a debate.

He failed miserably. Here’s the clip – watch as Trump brutalizes the preening little peacock and the airport-based CNN:

Shortly later, the President chose to call on PBS’s Yamichi Alcindor, who, like Acosta, chose to waste everyone in America’s time yet again with another failed “gotcha” question about coronavirus testing. After lambasting her one more time for almost a full minute, the President ended the event.

Now, obviously, the President likes to spar with raging morons like these two because it invariably improves his standing among his loyal base of voters. I don’t blame him – these two dim bulbs are very easy targets and richly deserve everything he dishes out. But the reality is that it has become a tiresome exercise, one that wastes the entire country’s time, especially in the context of these daily updates during which so much actual important information is delivered to the public.

The President and his communications staff need to stop giving these two – or anyone else CNN sends to the updates – face time. The country has seen quite enough of both of them, and their inevitable grandstanding, while it provides the President great opportunities to slam them and their corrupt media operations, has become such a distraction that it takes away from the substance of the events.

Sunday was a great example: At that update, the President announced major news, the extension of the federal stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines all the way through the end of April. Yet, the main moment that the media obsessed on came when the President confronted the execrable Alcindor.

This needs to stop. It is counterproductive for the President, and it is counterproductive for the nation. If they cannot conform themselves to some semblance of journalistic integrity at these events, then the President should simply refuse to recognize them.


That is all.

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Ray Comfort

Time for the President to literally shut down the clown shoe……ignore these fake news shills……they aredistracting the message. The American people would love him for it.


The advice offered in this column is a good example of how insidious the leftist campaign is. The author buys into the notion that there are more important things for President Trump to do than exposing the Left’s ubiquitous attacks on decent America; that is wrong. Donald Trump is not just POTUS, he is a colossus who stands against the deliberate destruction of Western Civilization by a world-wide collusion of selfish interests. All of the despoilers use popular media to force-feed the unsuspecting masses propaganda favorable to their evil agendas, AND to discredit the defenders of decency – most notably the most effective champion for decency, Donald Trump. Yes, his feet are smeared with clay but we mustn’t allow that to distract us from the fact that he leads the fight to reclaim much of the world from those who have been dragging it down.
You can’t drain the swamp without fighting off the ass-biting gators.

Jimmy MacAfee

The “author” of this column does no such thing; you’re making sht up. Divide and conquer seems to be your intention; you’re likely an Orc, not what you pretend to be.


I have an idea on how the president could deal with whatever media blackout or cutaways that are happening:

Whatever networks wholly, or in part, drops coverage of his briefs, their ‘reporters’ are to be banned from it. If the courts, or whatever, somehow force Trump to allow them access, then don’t call upon any ‘reporters’ from that network.

Or, ignore any a$$hole who has asked a stupid or a loaded ‘gotchya’ question. Let’s hear real worthwhile questions from competent and fair networks/reporters so we can get pertinent information that actually serves a purpose.

Again, also, bring Klink, Gaff O. Joe, Crying Chuck , NY Gov. Andrew the Pious, NV Gov. Septic and MI Gov. Witless to the presser and let’s get their valuable input. Make solving this ‘crisis’ a “Bipartisan” effort.

Brad T

He is just proving to the public who the real enemy is.

Jimmy MacAfee

Watching Acosta perform his little acts is like watching someone lick a toilet seat.

Jimmy MacAfee

I agree with Dave: while it’s sometimes comic relief to see the President turn it on the offenders, like the time he had Barr smiling while he talked about the limited number of reporters allowed in the room and social distancing. It was funny and entertaining. But enough!

I’d just as soon he didn’t call on these morons; it’s a waste of time: his time, and our time. Like the schoolkid that keeps getting the teacher off-track with idiotic stunts, while the rest of us want to learn something. Still applies.


Check out Candace Owens on Twitter 3-29-20 2:48pm and then response from medical examiner [email protected] Reporting heart attacks, suicides, and murder to CV-19 death tolls if find any excuse. Numbers game and Sham.

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