Mid-Day Update: DOJ Investigating Burr, Accountability for Chloroquine Critics

The Mid-Day Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Boom. Will we actually get a little justice from the Department of Justice? – Ok, the report is from CNN, so don’t get your hopes up overly-much, but still: CNN reported Monday morning that the DOJ is coordinating with the SEC to investigate the suspicious stock trades made by RINO North Carolina Senator Richard Burr:

The Justice Department has started to probe a series of stock transactions made by lawmakers ahead of the sharp market downturn stemming from the spread of coronavirus, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The inquiry, which is still in its early stages and being done in coordination with the Securities and Exchange Commission, has so far included outreach from the FBI to at least one lawmaker, Sen. Richard Burr, seeking information about the trades, according to one of the sources.
Public scrutiny of the lawmakers’ market activity has centered on whether members of Congress sought to profit from the information they obtained in non-public briefings about the virus epidemic.
Burr, the North Carolina Republican who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, has previously said that he relied only on public news reports as he decided to sell between $628,000 and $1.7 million in stocks on February 13. Earlier this month, he asked the Senate Ethics Committee to review the trades given “the assumption many could make in hindsight,” he said at the time.

If you remember, early reports on suspicious stock trades made by various senators during February also included trades made by Democrat Dianne Feinstein and Republican Kelly Loeffler. Both Feinstein and Loeffler were able to establish plausible deniability through having put their securities into blind trusts managed by professional financial advisors. Burr, on the other hand, laughably claimed to have made his decision based on reports he watched on CNBC, even though he made them almost immediately following having received a disturbing briefing on the potential impacts of the coronavirus.

His position here is frankly indefensible, and everyone involved has to know it. But we all know how corrupted the DOJ remains even under current Attorney General William Barr, and how it works to protect members in good standing of the DC Swamp. Given that Burr qualifies as a life member of the Swamp thanks to his utterly corrupt chairmanship of the Senate Intelligence Committee, everyone should temper any hope of the DOJ actually making any effort to do anything other than cover this entire episode up.

Put your health where your narrative is, Democrats. – This morning’s Campaign Update covered the FDA’s move to approve hydroxycholoroquine for prescription use in fighting the Wuhan Virus, COVID-19. That news has now been supplemented by the news that the health agencies in both France and Italy have now issued similar approvals, as scientific and anecdotal evidence of the drug’s effectiveness in treating the virus continues to mount.

Yet, despite all of this official adoption of this safe, well-known, affordable and plentiful drug for treating the Wuhan Virus, Democrats and their corrupt media toadies here in the U.S. continue their campaign to demonize hydroxychloroquine for purely political purposes. In one of the latest moves on this front, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered a huge shipment of the drug while Democrat governors in Nevada and Michigan were issuing orders to prevent their citizens from benefiting from its use.

Meanwhile, corrupt media outlets like CNN continue to issue biased reports denying the growing body of evidence confirming the drug’s effectiveness:

Given the rank dishonesty and danger to normal citizens involved in this ongoing false Democrat/media narrative, here is a humble proposition:

President Trump should appoint an “Accountability Czar.” This person’s job would be to compile an official list of all the craven Democrat politicians and corrupt media outlets who are pushing this latest propaganda hoax, and to coordinate with the CDC, the FDA and state and local officials to ensure that no one who engages in this hoax in an active way is able to obtain treatment involving hydroxychloroquine in the tragic event that they become ill with the Wuhan Virus.

Let’s allow these corrupt individuals to put their health where their narrative is, and see how it all turns out for them. Hell, I’ll even volunteer for the job.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

I want the time down to be used profitably, to remove those who have conspired against our Constitution and our President, and to hold trials. This is why an extended period of time off could be a very good thing. Seal the Rats in their lairs.

phineas gage

Now the insane Governor Blackface of Virginia has mandated quarantine until June 10.

This is outright madness that guarantees economic catastrophe. At some point Trump and these radical governors are going to come into conflict.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m not too bummed about it; he didn’t put exercise off-limits like some dingbats. What he was reacting to was Virginia Beach – the beaches were full. He didn’t have anything against swimming for exercise in the ocean, but the scene apparently DID look like a cluster-f of crabs. So they say.

He is extreme – Dr. Mengele – but I see stupid people doing stupid stuff and putting other people in danger. Like early March, at a local exercise facility, where an older woman (older than me, anyway) was yakking and saying what a bad cold she had! Stupid broad! Supposing it was “just” a cold: we don’t want your germs, you stupid twaddle! Go infect your grandkids or something! Or go exercise at the bottom of a well!

Seems like there are a lot of these Typhoid Mary types around. And yes, she was a real person who should have been treated far worse than she was, considering the disaster she caused for dozens of people. She was asymptomatic, and still carried the bacteria – and was a cook to boot. Lots of people still in denial, like Mary.

So while I despise the good governor, I’ll not fault him for this; people can be utterly stupid. If they’d been responsible, he would have no cause to extend the order. (I expect President Trump to extend his order, too, but I don’t speak for him.)

Sharon Campbell

Accountability Czar! Stellar idea! I nominate you, David, for the position. Only problem would be you are a truth teller & The Deep State would be after you like they are our great President. However, I believe you could take the heat?


You know, if the airports continue to reduce flights/shut down, CNN’s ‘viewership’ might get down to <100,000.

Soon more people: 80,000 per best estimates, will be a victim of the China Virus than be victimized by watching CNN.


No one is going to ever convince me that politicians who put their assets in 'blind trusts' are 'blind' to the 'trust's' activities. Especially since people like Gaff O. Joe and the Burnster who never had a job outside of government, never made more than 200 k per year and have become multi millionaires. Guess they were all so frugal with their money and ran their assets like they ran the federal budgeting process.

And please don't go to Trump's bogus emoluments hoax situation; the difference is Trump made his money BEFORE he got into politics (and is not taking a paycheck), whereas, most every other politician got into government with modest assets, but leave office very rich – funny how that works.


Regarding all these Dems and media 'experts' who encouraged people to congregate and ignored warnings in February and early March, and now are discounting hydroxychloroquine treatment – let them lick public toilet seats and then refuse hydroxychloroquine treatment.

Jimmy MacAfee

When CNN says “there is little scientific evidence” of the efficaciousness of the hydroxychloroquine treatment, you have to consider the fact that Big Fake Media gets a huge percentage of income from Big Fake Pharma.

I will make a prediction, based upon a little (true) story, upon the idea that much of what we need we already have, and based upon Abraham “running ahead of G0D” in order to make G0D’s promises fulfilled:

I have property; it looked good for paw paws, but as I walked the whole acreage, I could find none. I paid the National Forest Service $20 for 10 seedlings (I don’t steal) and when I planted them where I had a vision of them, there were already small plants that were not there the year before. Only one of my 10 survived, but I eventually found over 60, some small, and some larger ones hidden under greenbriars. I was running ahead of G0D.

This past year and last, I decided I wanted hazelnuts; I wasn’t familiar with their appearance, so I bought over a dozen from a store and planted the little twigs-with-roots (they’re doing well!) But a friend was visiting, and he asked me if I knew I had a good-sized hazelnut bush. In the end, I’ve found over a dozen clusters. G0D had already provided.

Last year, I decided to find out what kind of plant I was cutting down – turns out I have several clusters of elderberry. Now I fertilize them.

None of this makes me look very bright, but it proves a point about the quinine-based drugs, and others: sometimes, what we seek is already there; we just don’t have eyes to see them.

Jimmy MacAfee

Off to move gravel.

Jimmy MacAfee

Add to the list of the corrupt who profited off coronavirus is a hedge fund trader who helped start the stampede, and made 2 billion in profits: his name is Bill Ackman. May his name live in infamy forever. Markets react, but those who start fires and hunt on the edge of the fireline should lose their license to hunt, permanently.

Dave, I know you don’t always read comments, but…let’s just say we are in complete agreement! Those who have called chloroquine use “unproven” and “unscientific” should be forced to wait until their buddies produce something else about 8 months from now, or a vaccine a year from now.

Now might be the time for all these creeps to use their underground bunkers. But I vote to seal them in – forever. Pharaohs and bureaucrats who have made preparations for the afterlife should be sent there early. (Fall of the House of Usher II, Bradbury. )

Jimmy MacAfee

As I wrote on the previous thread: “anyone who goes on record of being against Chloroquine should be prevented from using it, no matter how sick they become. (Don’t like it? Not allowed to use it!)”

Tunes would change.”

There would be a mad scramble, like ol’ Fossy Jaw Pelosi, to try to take back her words. She was the one who told people to go to Chinatown (in late February!)

“A video clip from late February shows Nancy Pelosi encouraging large groups of people to congregate in San Francisco’s Chinatown before she would later go on to blame President Trump’s early “denial” for the spread of coronavirus. The footage, which was taken on February 24th, is introduced by a reporter noting how Pelosi wanted residents to understand how it’s “perfectly safe to be here” in Chinatown.

“We do want to say to people, come to Chinatown, here we are…come join us,” said Pelosi.”

If people still want to deny the fact that evil exists, they only have to look at N.P. If they still can’t recognize it, they are themselves evil.

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