FDA Approves Hydroxychloroquine: Democrats, Media Hardest Hit *UPDATED*

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

What are the Democrat governors in Nevada and Michigan going to do now? – The Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization on Sunday, approving hydroxycholoroquine and chloroquine for use in treating the Wuhan Virus, COVID-19, after numerous successful studies and test cases emerged over the past three weeks.

Democrat politicians and corrupt media outlets who are hoping this crisis lasts as long as possible in order to damage President Trump have been despicably down-playing the use of this safe, well-known, inexpensive and plentiful malaria treatment for the past two weeks. Two Democrat hack governors – Steve Sisolak in Nevada and the Soros stooge Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan – are so depraved that they actually issued orders last week to prevent the use of this effective treatment for their own citizens, in what can fairly be described as an active effort to enhance the body count.

UPDATE: GatewayPundit is reporting this morning that the Nevada Chief Medical Officer who recommended the ban to Sisolak doesn’t even have a license to practice medicine. Unreal:

Governor Sisolak’s Chief Medical Officer of Nevada is named Ihsan Azzam and he is the one who advised Gov. Sisolak to make it illegal to prescribe hydroxychloroquine to COVID-19 victims.

Ihsan Azzam oversees public health surveillance, epidemiology and disease control activities in the state of Nevada.

But as reported in the Washington Times in 2018 — Ihsan Azzam does not have a license to practice medicine in the United States and yet he is dictating public health policy in Nevada!


The corrupt Democrat activists at Politico were so upset with the FDA action that the first paragraph of the story they ran on it Sunday night read as follows:

The Food and Drug Administration on Sunday issued an emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, decades-old malaria drugs championed by President Donald Trump for coronavirus treatment despite scant evidence.

The drug hasn’t just been “championed” by President Trump – it has in fact been championed by doctors all over the world. We have now seen multiple successful, peer-reviewed case studies and strong anecdotal evidence in France, in South Korea, in Germany and in Orange County, New York, where Dr. Vladimir Zelenko successfully treated 350 patients with zero deaths. Those are just the examples I’m aware of.

UPDATE: Dr. Zelenko has now  treated 699 COVID-19 patients with 100% success:

Last Wednesday, we published the success story from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a board-certified family practitioner in New York, after he successfully treated 350 coronavirus patients with 100 percent success using a cocktail of drugs: hydroxychloroquine, in combination with azithromycin (Z-Pak), an antibiotic to treat secondary infections, and zinc sulfate.  Dr. Zelenko said he saw the symptom of shortness of breath resolved within four to six hours after treatment.

Now, Dr. Zelenko provides updates on the treatment after he successfully treated 699 COVID-19 patients in New York. In an exclusive interview with former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, Dr. Vladmir Zelenko shares the results of his latest study, which showed that out of his 699 patients treated, zero patients died, zero patients intubated, and four hospitalizations.

Dr. Zelenko said the whole treatment costs only $20 over a period of 5 days with 100% success. He defines success as “Not to die.” Dr. Zelenko first posted his Facebook video message last week calling on President Trump to “advise the country that they should be taking this medication.”


Naturally, the hacks at Politico managed to find an ex-Obama official who slammed the FDA’s move:

“I would like to see who at FDA’s [Medical Countermeasures Initiative] signed off on this EUA despite the total lack of scientific evidence that chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine are beneficial in the treatment of COVID-19,” tweeted Luciana Borio, who served as FDA’s acting chief scientist between 2015 and 2017. “EUA is supposed to be issued when the evidence indicates that benefits outweigh the risks.”

So, let’s review:

  • We are in the middle of a global pandemic;
  • We are fighting a “novel” coronavirus that, up to three weeks ago, had no known cure and no vaccine;
  • We have multiple peer-reviewed scientific studies conducted by renowned scientists from multiple countries, as well as strong anecdotal evidence of this drug’s incredible, near-100% effectiveness in fighting this virus;
  • And, because President Trump has said good things about this drug during his daily press briefings, the entirety of the Democrat/media propaganda complex mounts a demented and coordinated strategy to demonize the one known cure for the virus.

Yes, it’s depraved. Yes, it is demented. Yes, it is despicable, diabolical and disreputable and disgraceful and vile.

But hey, this is Democrat politicians and the corrupt media we’re talking about here. You expected something else?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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H Katz

I think leftists should show the strength of their convictions, that they are not being hypocrites after all, and REFUSE to use the drug and refuse it for their CHILDREN. They are SO sure it is because Trump “championed” it – it what he said is championing, they have a really low standard – they should leave the drugs for the “gullible” people that believe in science over politics.

Rudi Simon

It’s chaos with no one at the helm to hold accountability.

Steve Knowles

A Democrat government official named Ihsan Azzam, in charge of public health, who doesn’t even have a medical license, what could go wrong?

Jimmy MacAfee

One of the biggest lies in all of this is that Type II diabetes is a greater liability and may make one more likely to catch the virus and succumb to it if one is infected. Here’s why I say that’s bunk:

People with Type II diabetes live shorter lives than those who don’t have Type II diabetes.
People with Type II diabetes who use metformin live longer than those who don’t have Type II diabetes.

Now, projecting for longevity vs. mortality, consider these causes of mortality that are relevant to diabetes:
cancer, infection, heart disease. Which of the three – or all of them – are reduced by the use of metformin?

You can decide for yourself. But it is clear that the officials are lying about something.


Does anyone think these 3 Governors will refuse to take hydroxycholoroquine if they contract the Chinese Virus? I think not. They will be at the front of the line to get it.


I read the News back in Jan 2020 that Australia used this Drug and it was spot on successful.

Also a U.K. Scientist published his finding on the Virus, Said it was Deadly because it was Composed of Pneumonia and the DNA of the HIV Virus. Has the MSM divulged this Fact….. No…!!

The MSM never said a one Word. They are Morons/Evil since the Virus has been out there since Nov 2019 and they started talking about it a little over 2 weeks. What did they say, It’s no big Deal, Don’t Worry Be happy..!!


What is sad is that people will react to the emotional ‘we are doomed” message because its an emotional response. We all know the corrupt media is good at emphasizing the message using emotional triggers over fact.

When talking to people about this ‘pandemic’ I show them the numbers and help them by showing the math using the calculator on my cell. Take the two cruise ships recently both of which had the most at risk people onboard. The total people onboard cannot change while at sea, unless they jump overboard unseen, and exposure to the virus will be very high. Good petri dish conditions. BOTH ships have approx 400:1 morbidity rate and this is in the high risk group of people.

So far I have found that when confronted with numbers crunched from actual data people will resort back to, the ‘experts’ tell us and/or blurting out I’m not an expert. They prefer the emotional over the rational because they have been programmed in that manner. The indoctrination system has done a marvelous job producing unquestioning followers which makes sites like this all the more important. Thank you Mr Blackmon

Jimmy MacAfee

Great comment! “Hope springs eternal,” but despair is a self-dug pit.
Abraham Lincoln once said:

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” People determined to be unhappy can’t be consoled.

phineas gage

The problem, as we see with modern liberals, is that these miserable, unhappy people are determined to make everyone just like them.

At the risk of being misognynistic, I would also say that the irrational hysteria Brian describes is the result of the U.S. becoming a ‘chickified’ nation over the last several decades (Rush’s word, not mine, and it doesn’t refer to Chik-Fil-A).


I would suggest the feminizing of our institutions thru out todays society. All spectrum. The left uses terms like toxic masculinity to shame men into compliance with their dogma.

Which has been the programming for a very long time and we are seeing the fruits of that indoctrination. Most will shutter and back down when the left labels them ism-ista-phobic raaaacist. Instead men should stand up push back, hard, and others rally around as its the only way to defeat this evil. As a canuk I recognise that the US and Israel are the last bastions of freedom doctrine and if these two countries fail… We’ll be in a much scarier world where the antifreedom marxists will burn everything in order to impoverish the people as they have done every time in every country they rule. IMO…

Jimmy MacAfee

My wife has a dim view of liberals, too. She thinks they’re not rational. She can use both sides of her brain, like me, but liberals generally are unidimensional, usually having a defective corpus callosum or a damaged left hemisphere (defective left temporal lobe) and they can’t integrate the two. Or their limbic system is flawed, so they can’t properly comprehend the difference between real danger and phantom danger (Green New Deal…) Irrationality is the result.

phineas gage

France and Italy officially approves use of hydroxychloroquine therapy.

Still probably too little, too late.

To quote Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit:

“Globalism, of the sort that assumes there are no real differences between cultures and that totalitarian regimes are as trustworthy as non-dictatorial regimes, is a luxury. It is the luxury of those so wealthy and pampered they can afford to ignore reality and live in make-believe. In centuries past it was the luxury of the very few and very wealthy. Briefly, for a shining moment in history, all of the West could afford to be that stupid.

No more. Perhaps never again.”


There will be a reckoning once we are thru this. Payback is a medivac.


In your face, Whitmer, the paid for politician by the dictatorial Soros.


President Trump should have said it doesn’t work; the media surely would have championed it then!


I have a matchbook Masters Degreed in germ things. Do you think I could get a job in the Nevada govt???

I like the idea of those politicals and liberal hacks spouting against these drugs to be refused treatment with these drugs, should they acquire the virus. The hemp thing sounds good too, perhaps as a followup treatment.

Jimmy MacAfee

New cases down sharply. Hmmm. Bet CNN is salting their breakfast with tears.

Jimmy MacAfee

“While the “total” case number is still seeing steady growth, this drop in “daily new” cases could mean that the exponential spread of the virus has come to a grinding halt.”

Most of the horrible diseases of the past were due, in large part, to unsanitary practices. In the Civil War, when slapping hot iron on a wound was safe, reusing old bandages took its place and spread disease among the wounded. Newer is not always better!

Drinking from streams and rivers that were heavily polluted with human waste was also a consequence of failed or nonexistent public health systems. (At least the Romans had aqueducts, even if their waste wasn’t exactly disposed of properly.) New York City and Lynchburg, Virginia were two of the first US cities to have water pumped in from outside sources – this was a gigantic step.

What will be a gigantic step for us in the future is that people with the flu and colds will be actively discouraged from going to public places. I suspect the flu numbers will begin to tumble this season, too, but will continue to improve in years coming, as long as it remains unpopular to make others vulnerable.


This China Virus “war” should and is being fought as militaries fight wars and how the body fights any infection. We don’t need the whole country shutdown because of localized combat or infection hotspots.

In the military sense, we did not keep the entire Pacific Ocean area on high alert 24/7 when we were able to anticipate, via intelligence analysis, where the enemy would probably attack, or when we were fighting a battle in a specific area. Certainly, during the war, every area was on an alert status with different threat levels assigned for different areas. There where always threats everywhere (submarines for example) but they were relatively minor and were dealt with accordingly. When you try to be strong everywhere, you are strong nowhere.

In the human body, the normally operating immune system flows to and attacks the infection threat as it occurs. That is what Trump is trying to do when he diverts resources to the infected areas of the country and largely coordinates the response with the state and local authorities. Unlike the body that merely reacts to infection and damage as it occurs as a purely reflexive action, we are fortunate that, to a degree, we can anticipate future hotspots, and deploy personnel and equipment to where the threats are occurring or are likely to occur, especially as the resources become available.


With all the BS criticism directed at Trump by idiots like Klink and Gaff O. Joe, I still say Trump should invite any and all Dem leaders who want to attend to his conferences and seek their input – like he did on the immigration issue a couple of years ago. Let’s see how “brave” and smart they really are in helping to solve this “pandemic”.


Also, is anyone curious as to why NY’s Governor and others failed to replenish, or acquire adequate stockpiles of ventilators, masks and other supplies years ago to meet this pandemic? It is simple to understand:

Buying and storing emergency assets is not sexy, nor is it a vote getter. For example: spending millions on upgrading a sewage treatment plant, or other routine or mundane, but vitally important infrastructure, is not a vote getter. And a politician’s number one concern is getting votes. The other reason why money is spent on “sexy” projects like green energy and not so much on sewage plant upgrades is if a disaster occurs with waste disposal, the politicians can almost ALWAYS count on the Federal Government coming to the rescue in most cases – such disaster relief availability , in reality, isolates incompetent politicians from really being held accountable, and they are never sanctioned for their nonfeasance.

That is also why the left is so rabidly pro-abortion… Women vote; fetuses do not.

Jimmy MacAfee

AOC has faded into the background, as have all the other “Green New Deal” types. They’ve become even more incoherent, and as priorities arise, and real emergencies occur, the ridiculousness of their positions becomes obvious to everybody – including the young, who are now being prohibited from gathering and attending social events.

Green energy is largely a failure, other than nuclear. And there are new reactors that don’t have waste products that can be weaponized (and are minimal, at worst.) Fracking has been a tremendous success, and it doesn’t chop up birds in an aerial blender, or burn them to cinders as they pass like solar magnifiers.

We’re seeing fake science in opposition to real science, and the press has chosen to push the fake science.

Jimmy MacAfee

Funny, Dave: “Shazzasm” Azam the Governor’s man approved the off-label use of three combination drugs for execution of prisoners in Nevada, despite the fact that this was off-label use. And the fact that the pharmaceuticals went to a judge to keep their products from being misused by this dumbass.

Jimmy MacAfee

Azzam wanted the off-label combo drugs use for executions even though he had no training in pain management, according to the Washington Times.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Nor is it only Azzam potentially dispensing unqualified medical advice to Nevadans. Another researcher pointed out that both Nevada’s medical epidemiologist and state epidemiologist also seemed to lack the necessary qualifications to “make medical decisions related to infectious disease.” Medical epidemiologist Stephanie Woodward has a doctorate in psychology, not epidemiology or public health; while state epidemiologist Melissa Peek-Bullock has just a BS in health ecology. While her resume touts her leading roles managing various local disease outbreaks, she lacks even a Masters in Public Health and neither woman appears to have attended medical school.”


And the Enemies of Hope tell us we’re “anti-science?”

phineas gage

I’m no academic snob, but ‘health ecology’? Save us from these people.

BTW, the hyphenated last name always is a dead giveaway…..


Don’t forget it is also a drug with 75 years of use…not a recently developed one.

Jimmy MacAfee

History repeats itself! Another drug, metformin, was developed from European Goat’s Rue. There were problems with it initially when it was in another form, phenformin; they dragged their feet on metformin, because the earlier incarnation, phenformin, had a bad safety profile (ketoacidosis.) Took them way too long to approve metformin, but it has a very good safety profile (and even offers other benefits!)

It was cheap, and some patients were non-compliant, so they decided to cash in on other, newer drugs.

My suspicion is that Type II diabetes, which is known to be paracrine disorder (insulin resistance occurs within the pancreas itself,) is not just a defective glucagon system, but that the type of insulin produced by the pancreas is altered. I can find no research indicating that they’ve even looked at this.

Science is never so blind as when they will not look.

phineas gage

That’s actually an interesting idea. Normally something like that would require a genetic mutation, but in the case of insulin, there is extensive post-translational processing of the initial polypeptide product.
It’s why even today when insulin is made on an industrial-scale via bacterial recombinants, the final modifications still have to be done in-vitro, because prokaryotes don’t have the post-translational machinery of eukaryotes.

Just a slight alteration would mean that the hormone would not properly activate the cellular receptor. The question then is how would abnormal paracrine signaling among pancreatic islet cells result in altered post-translational processing?

Jimmy MacAfee

Well, while the AMPK issue is relevant, it doesn’t explain why Glucagon knockout mice suddenly return to normal BG (blood glucose) levels. Glucagon is also produced in the stomach, but primarily in the pancreas. Normally, when insulin is produced, it signals the glucagon to stop production. (Glucagon is the starvation-protection mode, with several functions.) Glucagon is important, but just a stage.

The fact that skeletal muscles have a hard time taking in insulin, AND at the same time the alpha cells also become resistant, points to more than a dysfunction of the alpha cells: it means that the hormone itself (insulin) has been altered and won’t fit. It’s not a matter of overproduction of insulin (though this can happen) but a matter of it being less effective.

It was AFTER I lost weight that I got Type II; it was AFTER I was poisoned (tainted product) that I began to lose weight drastically. Whatever it was that poisoned me, it poisoned my pancreas (the same way statins apparently cause Type II?) If AMPK were the answer, I wouldn’t be able to build muscle effectively – which I can – nor would I recover from hard exercise. But I HAVE diabetes, and unless the beta cells produce the old form of insulin, I will continue to treat it as I do: exercise, diet and metformin. Metformin helps with the glucagon issue, according to one reputable source of inquiry, but I’m going one step further, asking why the alpha producing cells are as resistant as other tissues. Right now, I’m treating the symptoms fairly effectively, but the cure will be to reprogram the pancreas to produce effective insulin.

I hope someone will look into it, if they already haven’t, but I don’t see anything in my searches.

phineas gage

Right, otherwise known as positive feedback, a typical feature of most pathophysiologies.

I suspect that skeletal muscle has a basal glucose uptake capacity (# of membrane glucose transporters) that is amplified by the insulin signal (upregulation).

Jimmy MacAfee

In other words, the same insulin that signals the glucagon system to stop producing glucagon causes the body to take up insulin to “open the door” to glucose. If the insulin fails, it fails both ways, and the production of glucose from glycogen (via the glucagon) and the release of it into the bloodstream results in free-floating glucose AND insulin. the alpha cells, without inhibition, keep the juice flowing.

So my conclusion, after much study and self-experimentation with tons of types of “diabetes cures” is that the uptake in the skeletal muscle via insulin is attenuated, but not destroyed. Like using a carburetor instead of fuel injectors.

Jimmy MacAfee

Eeyore and Tokyo Rose: two metaphors for the defeatists in the press most of the Demonrats. Hope will wash them away like a high pressure washer blasts bugs from the headlights.

Jimmy MacAfee

As I wrote: anyone who goes on record of being against Chloroquine should be prevented from using it, no matter how sick they become. (Don’t like it? Not allowed to use it!)

Tunes would change.


I propose liberals volunteer to be the control group for further studies.

Thomas Shortell

Your website is getting out of control with your pop up ads you need to review and adjust your priorities

Jimmy MacAfee

No hostility intended! Geez!

Jimmy MacAfee

Thanks! I’m grateful that you do what you do! It’s a great public service! Nothing wrong with compensation, either.

Jimmy MacAfee

They are kind of annoying, gotta admit!


Arrest Governors Septic System (D) NV and Ghoulish Wackjob (D) MI and charge them with hazarding the health of the public, being a terroristic threat, perpetuating a pandemic, and failing to protect their citizens.

Not even Andrew the Cuomo and Bill da Bozo have gone as far off the rails as these two TDS infected psychopaths.

Jimmy MacAfee

Amen, Gregg!

Tokyo Rose sits in two governorships.

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