New Yorkers Suffer Today From Wounds Inflicted by de Blasio and Cuomo

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

I’m going to preface this by saying that I love New York City and the people there. My wife and I have visited there upwards of 20 times over the past decade, and have twice taken our entire family with us for Christmas vacations. We are huge theater fans, love the Broadway scene, the museums, the parks and the general busy-ness there. We have never had anything but positive experiences there and look forward to going back whenever life gets back to some semblance of normalcy.

But there’s the deal: New York City and New York State are saddled with horrific leaders. Just plain awful, uncaring and out of touch individuals who lack the first idea of how to behave in a crisis like this one. Mayor Bill de Blasio is a committed Marxist clown who might as well wear a red nose and gigantic clown shoes to work. His utter fecklessness during February and early March is basically the reason why his city is the epicenter of this epidemic in America today.

He was all over television during those weeks telling New Yorkers to live life as normal, ignoring the advisories issued by the CDC and the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and even allowing a massive Chinese New Year celebration to be held in February. As the very, very, very liberal New York Magazine pointed out in a devastating piece on the Mayor this week, as late as March 10, de Blasio was pretending life could just go on as normal for most New Yorkers:

“For the vast majority of New Yorkers, life is going on pretty normally right now,” Bill de Blasio said on Morning Joe March 10, as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. topped 1,000. “We want to encourage that.” He added that there was a “misperception” that the disease “hangs in the air waiting to catch you. No, it takes direct person-to-person contact.”

He pledged to keep schools open, even if someone at any given school was found to have contracted the disease, saying that they would take a day to isolate the sick and clean the school before getting it back up and running. “If you’re under 50 and you’re healthy, which is most New Yorkers, there’s very little threat here.”

Those remarks came at a time when the CDC/Task Force were telling people of all ages to stay at home and only venture out to get groceries and other necessities. School districts all over the country were beginning to shut down, and governors were at the time getting ready to issue orders that all non-essential businesses be closed. The Mayor continued to hold out on cancelling the city’s huge St. Patrick’s day parade, waiting until March 13 to finally relent.

Perhaps in part due to de Blasio’s lackadaisical attitude, many New Yorkers continue to lack a basic understanding of the crisis their city is facing. Check out this scene from a park in Queens from Saturday:

I love New York and want to go back, but the longer this behavior continues, the longer it will be before anything goes back to normal.

Governor Andrew Cuomo isn’t helping in this regard, either. He’s getting rave reviews from the corrupt news media for his “leadership” since he’s a Democrat, even to the point of being talked up as a potential replacement for the elderly, clearly impaired Joe Biden when the time comes to toss him over the side. To his credit, the Governor is adept at holding a daily press conference, but other than that, what has he really done?

He spent a solid week pointing fingers at the federal government for his state’s shortage of ventilators, but we found out that he had refused to stock up on ventilators in 2015 when his health officials recommended he purchase 16,000 of them. As President Trump pointed out in an interview:

“He had a chance to buy in 2015 16,000 ventilators at a very low price, and he turned it down. I’m not blaming him or anything else. But he shouldn’t be talking about us. He’s supposed to be buying his own ventilators. We are going to help,” the president said.

That was last week. This week, after FEMA had delivered a total of 8,000 of the things to New York City, we discovered they were just sitting in a warehouse days later, unpackaged, undistributed and unused. Shortly after photos of the thousands of ventilators appeared in the press, the Governor finally sent in crews to move them…somewhere. No one really knows.

Cuomo’s response when asked about these thousands of unused ventilators was classic Cuomo BS:

“Yes, they’re in a stockpile because that’s where they are supposed to be, because we don’t need them yet,” Cuomo said. “We need them for the apex, the apex isn’t here, so we’re gathering them in a stockpile.”

Cuomo’s comments demonstrate there is not an immediate shortage in ventilators in the city, despite alarming reports.

“We don’t need them today, because we’re not at capacity today, that’s why they’re not deployed because they’re not needed,” Cuomo said.

So, you spend weeks bitching about a supposed shortage of ventilators – a shortage Cuomo created himself with stupid decision-making 5 years ago – and then, when they are delivered, you let them sit in a warehouse because you really didn’t need them at the time you were complaining, and might not ever need them at all.

This is appalling.

Throughout all of this time, tens of thousands of New York citizens have, thanks to the complete inaction of Governor Cuomo to implement a travel ban from the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, been traveling to Florida and other states, very likely helping to further spread the virus. The problem has become so bad that Governors in several states, including Florida and Rhode Island, have issued mandatory 14-day quarantines of anyone coming into their states from New York, and have even begun turning cars with New York license plates on them away at the state borders.

Cuomo’s response? Last night, he threatened to sue Rhode Island if that state doesn’t relent and allow New Yorkers to keep spreading the virus. I swear I do not make this stuff up:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is threatening to sue Rhode Island over its new coronavirus policy that calls for police to stop cars with New York license plates and has seen National Guard members go door-to-door to ask if anyone has arrived from the Empire State.

Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo — like Cuomo, a Democrat — announced the drastic new policies last week to limit the spread of the coronavirus. New York is the epicenter of the outbreak in the U.S., confirming more than 52,000 cases of COVID-19 and recording more than 700 deaths.

“I understand the goal … but there’s a point of absurdity, and I think what Rhode Island did is at that point of absurdity,” said Cuomo. “We have to keep the ideas and the policies we implement positive rather than reactionary and emotional.”

But that’s not all. When President Donald Trump casually told reporters Saturday morning that he and the Task Force were “considering” a quarantine of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Cuomo responded thusly:

“This is a civil war kind of discussion,” he said of the proposal while doubting that Trump was seriously considering it as an option. “I don’t believe that any administration could be serious about physical lockdowns of states.”

Yes, friends, the man whose utter lack of leadership helped to create the problem considers federal deliberations over how to deal with his own ineptitude to be some sort of act of war.

This is leadership, New York style, and as of today it is a severe problem not just for New Yorkers, but for the entire country.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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There are beautiful, but very expensive areas to visit in almost every city, but NYC is second only to the cesspool that is the District of Corruption, and that is really saying something when you have the true outhouses without the buildings or holes in SF and LA.

Jimmy Johns

I don’t understand how anyone can love a city that smells like urine and has bums defecating in the subway.

phineas gage

That’s the point–it wasn’t like that under Guiliani. The streets were clean and safe.


Now that Cuomo seems destined to crash and burn as the next alternative to save the Dems from Gaff O. Joe and the Burnster, who is next up on the their bench? Lurch? Algore? Jimmy Peanut? Any Twosome Newsom? Or any of the prominent bimbos masquerading as thoughtful public servants or prominent leaders of the feminist #MeToo Movement?

I’d like to do an informal poll among Dave’s intelligent and informed commenters.

I thought long and hard about who could or would be an acceptable Democrat either in the past or now. In other words, who would I consider voting for if I had to choose between a rotten GOP RINO candidate and a decent Democrat alternative in 2024?

Of all the Democratic politicians I have known of, or studied, since Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) in the past hundred years, I have come up with two whom I would consider voting for: Harry Truman maybe, and NYC mayor Ed Koch NYC mayor during the 1980s, 50-50.

People might offer JFK, I cannot. He (hidden) disgraced the office, won it through corruption, saddled us with a horrible successor, lost Cuba to communism, and while he WANTED to do some good things, he got none of them accomplished despite having near overwhelming majorities in both houses of congress. To damn with faint praise, he was the best of the Kennedy Clan.

I was just wondering – something to ponder on this Sunday afternoon.

phineas gage

Although he was a classic liberal, and never a presidential candidate, I always had a certain fondness for Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. But then again, I was a lot younger then….


Yes, DPM was one of the last few decent Dems, but he “retired” relatively young (he died in 2003 at age 76 from botched emergency appendectomy – not from some long term illness) and allowed the carpetbagger: Walking Eagle, to gain political prominence (bona fides) with an easy victory.

Looking at his record, I would call him a “moderate” progressive with some very good positions. Obviously he was not radical enough for the Dems in 2000, so he had to be convinced to retire – just like NJ senator Torricelli in 2002 – probably by BJ Clinton or a FOB from their machine.

She should have run for the senate in AK or IL but wouldn’t be victorious in AK, and IL did not have a seat up in 2000. In 2002 in IL Durbin (D) was up for his first reelection, a long time Dem powerbroker in IL politics, he wasn’t about to give up his seat to her. Even the Dem machine likes to keep the devil they got. The GOP seat wasn’t up until 2004 – no way was Walking Eagle going to wait that long to run for a race she might well lose.


Phineas and Jimmy,

Very informative, your discussions on infections, diseases, and animals etc., so I have a question:

I saw yesterday where a cat in Belgium got the China Virus from its owner and an old dog got it and later died somewhere else (SE Asia?). But the story went on to say that animals can’t transfer it to humans.

OK, so didn’t it supposedly come from Wuhan bats? Not wanting to create another concern, but if warm-blooded mammals can get it from humans and humans supposedly got it from eating bats, rats, cats and dogs etcetera in Wuhan, why can’t humans get it from warm blooded animals?

The “experts” have been so wrong for so long here, I’d like to get a little common sense perspective from you guys.

Jimmy MacAfee

If it can be transferrable from a bat to a person, then it might adapt to other mammals FROM humans.

There goes pooch from the menu in China if that happens – G0D help the dogs, but not the people who beat them to death before eating them. Barbaric, stupid and backward. And I thought that only applied to Islam.


Excellent article. Well done.

phineas gage

We have to maintain our civil protections during this event and not throw them away in a mad panic.

Quarantines mandated by state authorities in the interests of public health are justifiable. Door-to-door searches by military personnel are fundamentally un-American and should not be happening.

Jimmy MacAfee

Nailed it! Unless behind those doors are people like Hillary Rotten C. and James Corney and “Hissy Fit” Brennan, and the other conspirators.

phineas gage

I want to see the perp walk with the raincoat over the head…..

phineas gage

Agreed. If he gives us nothing else, Barr should at least conduct a 3:00 a.m. break-in raid at Brennan’s house….

Jimmy MacAfee

The movie “Escape from New York” is about to become very real, in some form or fashion. Same with “Escape from LA.”

phineas gage

Ahh, Snake Plissken, one of the best eye-patch film characters ever….

Jimmy MacAfee

Nearby states that bar cars with NY license plates are doing the job that the federal government shouldn’t be doing. States (and their people) have rights, and that includes not allowing illnesses from other states to enter and multiply.

I had a dream in the 1980s that Florida sealed itself off – that is, barricaded exits so that no one could leave nor enter. In the dream, I was trying to go through a tea-colored stream on my belly, under the barbed wire. I heard guns locking and loading.

I suspect Florida may have to do this one day soon, but not sure if the dream was/is applicable.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder where the NY Elite and Hollywood will get their adrenochrome, now that shipments from Wuhan are shut down? (Directly from Haiti?)

phineas gage

It is getting tiresome watching incompetent Democrat politicians blame Trump for their failures, but we have seen this movie before Recall Mayor Ray ‘Chocolate City’ Nagin and Governor Jennifer Granholm during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans–somehow, with the help of the media, the disaster for which they were fully responsible became Bush’s fault.

Their script isn’t working this time (Cuomo, De Blasio, Whitmer, etc) because Trump actively fights to counteract their lies and set the narrative each day with his daily briefings.

Cuomo’s stature as a possible 2020 nominee replacement for Slow Joe is also diminishing by the day.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bushie never fought back. I don’t consider this cowardice, but I also don’t consider this a righteous act. You are right about Cuomo – (who resembles the Grinch, except Cuomo is uglier!)

phineas gage

I always wondered what Geisel based the Grinch character on. It used to be fun when the kids were little to ask them what type of animal the Grinch was–some interesting answers…..

Jimmy MacAfee

Ecclesiastes 10:8

“He who digs a pit may fall into it, and a serpent may bite him who breaks through a wall.”

They set traps – (every reader here knows the traps, digging them in sequence, one right after another) – and they’ve fallen in each time; they try to convince us not to build border walls, and promise to tear down what’s been built. Serpents await.

phineas gage

It’s interesting how snakes are a ubiquitous symbol of evil throughout human cultures.

Fear of snakes has been shown to be hardwired into the primate brain, even though less than 20% of snakes are venomous.

The venom is also not targeted to humans–venoms evolved in tandem with the hyperkinetic snake skull that allows them to consume bigger prey, but also presents danger in terms of a live struggling prey animal. The best way to deal with that is to immobilize the prey.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, I’m actually a big fan of reptiles and amphibians – including snakes.

The original serpent in the garden WAS a snake; what it was turned into was NOT a snake, but something that eats dirt and is the lowest of the low. The candidate I would suggest is Toxoplasma Gondii, which I’m sure you know a bit about. It also causes “enmity between mother and her offspring,” as in stillbirth.

I’ve collected venomous (just copperheads and timber rattlers) and non-venomous species. I always let them go after awhile in captivity. I taught other kids in the neighborhood how not to be afraid of the non-venomous species, and not to kill them. I had a 5’6″ black ratsnake, which was docile, and I would sometimes irritate it until it bit me for a demonstration on how little a deal it was (yes, I realize the possibility of infection!) I don’t catch snakes anymore, except to get them off the road if they’re likely to get run over.

However, the serpent remains a symbol of evil because the one allowed itself to be used for evil purposes.

phineas gage

Not a lot, as I don’t deal with protist parasites much, but it is obviously a big problem in immunocompromised patients, where it usually goes to the brain. Also some interesting possible links to neurodegenerative disease, schizophrenia, and other behavioral changes in some people.

Parasites are clever in evolving ways to facilitate asexual-sexual host transfer, and the example of Toxo reducing the fear of rodents (asexual host) to cats (sexual host) is always a student favorite.

Jimmy MacAfee

For unrelated issues.

phineas gage

I thought Shkreli was currently doing time in federal prison.

Jimmy MacAfee

The behavioral change is almost metaphysical, because the infected rat continues to have normal fears, while suddenly being attracted to cats.

By the way, Turing pharmaceutical took a cheap drug for the disease and made it prohibitively expensive. Their felonious CEO will one day be held accountable for this – he isn’t the type to repent.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave. I don’t share your love of the city, even though our President comes from the City of New York. Ordinary people can’t manage, and tolls are prohibitive. I’ve been in the city twice in my life, and I wasn’t impressed; it wasn’t fun for me. But I wish them well, not harm. Even NYC doesn’t deserve DeBLowsio.

They’re not my people. I have a few friends from there, whom I like very much, so my antipathy isn’t all about the people. It’s about the government. What made President Trump so resilient is the fact that he was able to build anything at all: he developed (or had) an unusual level of perseverance and persistence. That’s requires serious talent, to be able to do what he did!



NYC does deserve di Blasio! They voted for him twice. The rest of America, however, does not deserve what he has allowed/encouraged HIS NYC to do the rest of the country.

Not a fan of any Dem Governor, by why hasn’t NJ, CT, PA, and MA enacted similar blockades? CT is, after all, between NYC and RI.

I realize that would shut down virtually all economic activity south of the Tappan Zee bridge on the Hudson River, but we have a pandemic here, don’t we?

Fredo. Andrew? or Chris? both are the equally incompetent sons of Mario the Pious, suing RI?

Is that all what NY is about? Sue Trump for his tax returns, sue Trump’s associates for supporting him as an outgrowth for the Russia hoax, sue the Trump administration immigration policies, sue to block energy transfer to the New England States. SUE, SUE, SUE!

Cuomo and de Blasio should not only be sued for what they have done but also charged for criminal neglect and creating a health crisis.

phineas gage

New York City has one thing in common with northern New England where I grew up–they are wonderful places to visit, great places to live if you are rich, and terrible places to live if you are poor.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, and if you visit, you’d better have plenty of money, or you’re likely to get stranded.

Jimmy MacAfee

DeBlowsio can kiss his administration goodbye. Us old-timers can remember from the time a sudden, unexpected snowfall caused paralysis in the District of Corruption and how failure to plow the streets caused Barry to lose.

phineas gage

That’s a given. The question is whether a similar Democrat machine politician replaces him, or whether New Yorkers have had enough to elect a Republican, as with Guiliani in the 1980’s after the Dinkins reign of incompetence.

It is widely acknowledged that Guiliani, by returning law and order, put the city in the best condition it had been in since the 1950’s. And then the cycle of idiocy repeated itself, to the point where NYC is once again basically unlivable with criminals running wild in the streets and no bail required thanks to Commie Bill.


NYC (like most US blue cities) is over 80% registered Dem. So it will always be tough sledding for any Republican to win. Dem leadership would have to be exceptionally bad for a Republican to win in any blue city, particularly if the Dem is a woman or a minority.

When Rudy won in 1993, he had three things going for him:

1) David Dinkins, who like “the One” was the city’s first black “historic” mayor (Ed Koch was defeated by the minority candidate in the 1989 primary), but Dinkins ran the city so badly after Ed Koch restored some semblance of sanity, that even the Dem lemmings were calling for change.

2) There was a general nationwide backlash against the new Walking Eagle administration and the only prominent races in 1993 were the NYC and LA mayoralties, and the VA and NJ governorships – all of which were Democratic but went Republican.

3) Rudy had name recognition as a prominent federal prosecutor and having lost narrowly to Dinkins in 1989, was well known throughout the city.

Despite Rudy’s success, the GOP had no one well known or prominent to run to succeed him, since he was “term limited”, hence the party changing Bloomberg emerged and won largely on Rudy’s endorsement, his coattails, and as Rudy’s third term – much like Bush the first ran as being Reagan’s third term – both were equally fraudulent.

So who are the Republicans going to run in 2021 to oppose any of the Democrats running to replace de Blasio? You can’t beat someone with no one. Trump can’t run because he is, and still will be, president and he moved out of NYC anyway.

That is why NYC will, in all likelihood, have another Democratic Mayor, as the Democratic nominee will most assuredly run as a “New” Democrat, different than de Blasio.

The only question will be: Will he/she/it be as bad, or worse, than their current Democratic mayor?


de Blasio is done in 2021 anyways, because, unless he pulls a Mini-Mike, he is term limited.

Probably a typo, but Giuliani was mayor from 1994 to 2002 – served only two terms as he FOLLOWED the revised city charter. If ever there was a time to maintain leadership continuity immediately after 9-11, it would have been then. A third term for Rudy would have been entirely justified.

What was the crisis in NYC in 2009 that necessitated a third term for Bloomberg’s dynamic leadership?

Getting rid of plastic bags, salt in restaurants, and making soft drink cups even smaller? Bloomberg: A very small man who did a very small job in twelve years as NYC Mayor.

phineas gage

That was a careless typo, thank you for the correction.


I make plenty myself, unfortunately I see most of mine AFTER I post

Jimmy MacAfee

The money Cuomo had to purchase ventilators was used for solar and other things; the solar scheme went belly-up (of course.) Not only is CUomo inept at public health issues; he’s a lousy investor. To be a bad investor in New Yawk is the worst sin.

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