Nancy Pelosi: Domestic Enemy

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

In an appearance with Jake Tapper on CNN Sunday morning, despicable and depraved Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said this:

In response, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, appearing on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo, said this:

“What she said, she’s blaming the president for people dying because of the way he’s led the country. That’s the most shameful disgusting statement by any politician in modern history. Let me tell you we’ve seen the best of America from our citizens helping each other, delivering groceries, having special shopping hours for senior citizens. She’s the first politician to blame another politician for people dying.”

There is no question that Sen. Graham is right: Pelosi’s statement is unhinged and completely unbecoming anyone who holds such a high office. But sadly, it is becoming more and more typical of this 80 year-old lunatic as she continues to age.

Let’s remember that San Fran Nan is fresh off of holding up a crucial stimulus bill for an entire week so she could insert pork to feed to favored constitutents like NPR, PBS, the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities, and the Kennedy Center. The Kennedy Center is such a national disgrace that it couldn’t even wait 24 hours from the time it received its $25 million bailout to tell all of its resident musicians that they were being laid off.

Let’s also remember that, when President Trump took the early, foresightful action of cutting off most travel into the U.S. from China on January 31, this is how the depraved Pelosi responded:

And here’s the babbling idiot urging tourists to go party in San Francisco’s Chinatown district on … wait for it … February 24:

Let’s also remember that, as the coronavirus was germinating in China’s Wuhan province last November through January, being spread across the world thanks to the rank mendacity of the ChiCom government, Nancy Pelosi was abusing her power and distracting the entire apparatus of the federal government with a completely bogus impeachment hoax. This stands as one of the most repugnant abuses of power by a high federal office holder in American history.

In their oaths of office, members of congress, commissioned military officers and other officials promise to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. 

Nancy Pelosi, through her habitual bald-faced lying, her abuse of her powers as Speaker, and her increasingly wild and irrational accusations aimed at the President and anyone else who opposes her radical leftist agenda, has very clearly proven herself to be a domestic enemy of the constitution and the people of this country. She should be treated accordingly by all thinking Americans.

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That is all.

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George Ingols

Nancy Pelosi is mentally ill and if not relieved for that reason she should be impeached. She is obstructing Congress with all her delays, adjournments for no reason and irresponsibly inserting politically motivated pie-the-sky pork into the Corona which even further delayed the passage! Contact your Representatives today and demand her impeachment. No body is above the Law was her shout about Trump when she submitted totally unsubstantiated Articles of Impeachment against him. She is actually committing the real violations daily.Fair is fair.


Nasty Pelosi is pure slime. She stuffed the COVID-19 bill with billions of dollars of pure crap for her left-wing agenda. One billion for, get this, more Obama phones for the poor. That billion would purchase 40,000 ventilators. $35,000,000 to keep the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts open during the crisis. What the hell for? No one can go there now until the crisis is over. That $35 million would purchase 21, 875,000 face masks, 2,187,500 disposable hazmat suits for healthcare workers, or 233,333 test kits. Can’t wait until this vile old hag disappears.

Jay Whitcraft

Nothing would make me happier than to watch her hand over the gavel to the new speaker in Early January 2021. Then as House minority leader being invited to President Donald Trumps 2nd swearing in on the 20th. Jay

Jimmy MacAfee

Ol’ Fossy Jaw is gonna burst a blood vessel – Boarwild is spot on in his assessment. Could be that she’ll choke on bony material from that seemingly decaying jawbone. (First time in history a jawbone killed it’s own a$$, in a Samsonian way.)

Most likely, it’s gonna occur in a public place, and she’ll be carted off with a sheet over her head because no one is going to want to do the honors. (Gruesome? Yes. But what she offers to the unborn is far more hideous.)


Klink’s daughter, the one that sent out that rotten and deleted tweet last week, seems to be a chip of the old block head. She certainly has Klink’s charm.

Anyone want to lay odds that Gov. any twosome Newsom would appoint Klink’s daughter to fill out her term should Klink assume room temperature? If not she, then one of her other brats – one of them must live in her district.

Speaking of rotten NY leaders:

NYC residents in AOC’s district better primary and beat her THIS year! Don’t be lazy, and count on the NY Legislature to get rid of her by dumping her district when they lose one or two house seats next year from the 2020 census.

MABA – Make Alexandria Bartend Again!

If you don’t get rid of her NOW – she could well become the House Speaker within a dozen years – just before we are all going to die from her climate change apocalypse.

MABA – Make Alexandria Bartend Again!

It took Klink almost 20 years to become speaker the first time and over 30 years the second time. But with all the old Dem war w(horses) either getting primaried by the “Justice Democrats”, retire because becoming the minority party for the rest of the two term Trump presidency and beyond, or are looking to get out of DC before the indictments, or are just plain dying off, AOC stands a good chance of being the new House Dictator sooner than might otherwise be expected.

MABA – Make Alexandria Bartend Again!

Scary, scary thought, because AOC and her ilk make Klink look absolutely brilliant in comparison. Kind of how the Burnster and Pocahontas make Biden look “moderate”, mainstream, and sensible.

Sherlock Homeless

She is definitely the enemy of the American people.

phineas gage

Fauci estimates 100,000-200,000 U.S. deaths. I think it’s going to be more like 80,000, slightly worse than a bad influenza epidemic.

In China, on the other hand, I could see upwards of a million deaths.


Or twenty-one to forty plus million Chinese CELL PHONE DEATHS. But we will never know the actual death numbers because the (all) communist regime(s) lie(s) about everything and they are cremating the evidence just like Hitler did.

How can we trust any country that fundamentally is closed to a free, I mean honest, press and is run by a proven lying ideology? The USSR/Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam, and Venezuela which are monitored by who? – The UN and the WHO.

BTW where is Amnesty International, and all the other leftist anti-American “human rights” groups? They are awfully quiet during this; just like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club when it comes to all of China’s global warming/climate change CO, CO2, HC and Smog Emissions, and plastic trash ocean dumping?

PS: If Fauci (I can come up with a new name for him by switching a few letters and adding a K and dropping the A, but I don’t want to be censored by WP) is ultimately proven wrong and your 80 K prediction is closer to being correct, can we Schiff-can him and get you up there on the CDC team Phineas?

Jimmy MacAfee

One way to hide the numbers: kill the cellphones of people who are gravely ill, who might call relatives. The Chinese authorities will lie – as usual – and claim that the people just “disappeared.”

Maybe they went to live out the rest of their lives on some farm somewhere, playing happily in the fields and meadows with all the puppies and doggies who went to the same farm!

All I can tell you is that there’s trouble brewing in China – and it’s between the elites and other elites. That’s a civil war that the population will pay for – again – with their lives. The current leader may not be the worst of them.

Jimmy MacAfee

I am thinking the 21 million shut off cellphones are newly discovered organ donors – (get ’em before they get the CCP Virus!)

phineas gage

And of course Jake Tapper just sat there and let her get away with that outrageous slander of Trump.

What a ‘brave journalist’.


There are many octogenarian women who are, or were, healthy vibrant and productive, Betty White, though a lib. entertains people to this day, and the late Mother Teresa worked for and helped the poor – especially when the cameras weren’t rolling – to the day she died, to name a few.

Nancy Klink (80) is not one of them – neither is Maxine Watters (81).

phineas gage

She is fueled by Trump hatred and rage. Without that animating force I believe she would collapse into a pile of sticks and dust.

It’s an interesting question as to which goes first–Pelosi or RBG?


Pelousy seems a prime candidate for one doozy of a stroke with all her mumbling/bumbling, palsy-shaky movements.

That said, I think Trump lives rent free inside her head 24/7 & she’s completely obsessed with him/whatever he does.

Trump has a unique ability to drive his opposition into committing the dumbest & most self-defeating of actions.


She get a pass for the reason of insanity.

Majik Imaje

Pelosi seriously needs to answer for her sedition and treason against a duly elected President of the United States of America

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