Friday Follies: NATO, Trump Polls and New York Ventilator Madness

The only real question here is, why? – Readers will be thrilled to know that the country of [checks notes] North Macedonia is now a proud member of the NATO Alliance:

Now, God bless Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – he’s just doing his job here. But let’s be real: The reason why NATO exists is as a mutual protection pact against aggression from Russia. Is the U.S. really prepared to wage war on Russia if it should attack the nation of [checks notes again] North freakin’ Macedonia? Are we really going to expend American lives and treasure in a war to save a country that very few Americans even know exists?

And hell, let’s really get to the point: Why does NATO even really need to exist at all today? Why does the U.S. continue to spend many billions every year to protect Western European nations who are too lazy to provide for their own defense?

Yeah, I know – I’m just spittin’ into the wind here. Let’s move on.

Ventilators? What ventilators? – If you’ve been paying attention over the past two weeks, you have heard the corrupt media, along with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City’s buffoon communist Mayor Bill DeBlasio whining to to rafters about NY City hospitals being overwhelmed and not having enough ventilators.

Well, take a look at this:

No photo description available.

That’s right: 2,000 ventilators delivered early this week by FEMA sitting unused in a damn warehouse unused. The reality is that New York politicians are playing the same sleazy game as their counterparts in Puerto Rico played, hiding massive supplies in a warehouse supposedly need to “save lives” in an effort to harm the President politically.

This is dangerous madness, and it needs to stop.

Democrat/media panic explained in two screenshots. – In today’s RealClearPolitics average of polls, President Trump’s approval average is 47.3%. On Election Day, 2016, it was 37.5%.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

This is why the media and their Democrat masters are in such a wild panic right now. This is why New York Democrat politicians are hiding ventilators in warehouses. This is why Democrat governors in Nevada and Michigan are actively denying their citizens access to hydroxychloroquine, a cheap, safe and plentiful drug that has been proven effective in fighting COVID-19.

This is why we saw these insane displays from Democrat House members on the floor this morning:

TDS is a very real thing, folks. These people and their corrupt media toadies are losing their damn minds. What a spectacle. Somebody pass the popcorn.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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About the snag in the House on voting for the TWO TRILLION DOLLAR virus cure:

Representative Thomas Massie (R) KY, just appeared on the Rush radio program with Ken Matthews, and made some very excellent points.

He is taking a lot of heat right now, but his points are valid. Remember that Nancy Klink had a lot to do with mucking up and delaying the virus “cure” bill earlier this week.

He demanded a constitutionally required quorum to actually pass a bill into law.

He wanted an actual recorded vote with actual members having to cast said vote so as to be able to be held accountable by their constituents.

He got neither.

According to him, no member of the house actually has a yea or nay vote attached to this massive expenditure.

That is a travesty and should never occur in our constitutional republic.

His actions, unlike Klink’s, did not delay the passage of the “cure”.

In one of the few times I have disagreed with the president – he probably lashed out in understandable frustration – we do need to follow fundamental rules, or we are lost as a constitutional republic.

In a time where we are SCREAMING for courage and leadership from our politicians, we need to recognize that Congressman Thomas Massie’s motives and stand on this issue were likely pure.

He certainly is going to be taking a lot of heat for following the constitution, being true to his oath he took to defend it, and bucked the herd mentality that is so driving every aspect of this virus crisis.

If Massey didn’t force at least a quorum vote on this, what would stop Klink form running her chamber in a similar manner just because she wants to ram something else through without a formal vote? With all the Schiff she tried to lard into her “cure”, it is not a far reach to surmise she would try to do the same by Speaker fiat if she couldn’t get her lemmings to give her the actual majority of votes needed to get legislation passed.

Massey, at second glance, is a hero to the constitution and proper lawmaking. If he loses his seat in the next election (he won with over 2/3 of the vote in 2018) over this, he can take satisfaction he did what he did for the right reason and accept the voter’s verdict and be at peace with his conscience.

Jimmy MacAfee

I wish President Trump hadn’t been so over-the-top about the Congressman, but it looks like he feared the train being derailed, if sufficient speed hadn’t been maintained. One Republican then would have made the derailment a Republican train wreck. Times are too fraught with hidden traps and dangers that some boldness and risk-taking is required.

In this case, I agree with the President, but mainly for strategic concerns.


Absolutely Jimmy, and I couched my criticism of the president very carefully. I still wish these arguments could be made behind closed doors; via secure phone vs twitter.

There was no reason for Klink not to hold a correct and formal vote in the House chamber. Massie should have called the President about his concerns and have him talk to Klink telling her do the job correctly.

Open tweeting for drama’s sake is unnecessary and counterproductive. America doesn’t need any more needless drama. I still respect Rep. Massey’s position and courage. We needed a full real and recorded vote: One, to show national solidarity in this crisis and two, to be able to hold all the politicians responsible. If the legislation was so great and necessary, why not want to have your name attached to it? The GOP leadership disappointed me in this.


This is where we need real congressional investigations. How are the politicians of Puerto Rico and now apparently NY (all Democrats) allowed to keep OUR taxpayer funded supplies locked away and out of reach of their needy populations (not necessarily legal citizens) and still stay in power? If Puerto Rico had a Republican Governor, you can be sure he would be forcefully removed from office and probably in jail.

Speculation on Cuomo recently emerging as a potential savior for the Dem nomination with his new-found love for Trump and with his professional appearances may soon evaporate into thin air. If this withholding of ventilators for political gain grows legs his aspirations could be scuttled quicker than what happened to Mini-Mike when his stop and frisk policies, and his attitude about the same come to life. The Cuomo Crime family is every bit as corrupt as the Clinton Crime family, they just serve different masters.


BTY, Northern Macedonia is not even listed as such in the 2019 World Almanac – it is apparently part of Macedonia. According to a quick search “Northern Macedonia” has just over two million people – I’m sure they will be a great asset to NATO.

With the pervasive global insanity going on at this time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia joined NATO.

It could be argued that it would make sense, for the Clinton pal Vlad, to join as an alliance against China and a certain pandemic masquerading as a religion.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, I suspect the addition is meant to tell Putin something – a message that his ambitions are limited and his reach even shorter – (shorter than the trousers of China Mike.) Whether it’s useful or not, strategically, depends upon whether or not we’ll be going to war anytime soon.

My projection is that China intends to start a war in the very near future, and Russia will be in alliance with them. Better to build the fortifications (human type) before the war, rather than trying to find allies later. Let’s hope my projection is wrong.

To the Chinese: stop eating bats! Leave the bloody things alone! And stop persecuting your hundreds of thousands of Christians (and others.)

Off to plant seed on a sunny day! Later.

phineas gage

I agree–Russia has interests in the fractious Balkans that must be countered.

China has other more immediate concerns; they may have a civil war on their hands in the near future.

It’s hard to say there are any positives about this plague, but one effect it is having is to destabilize tyrannical regimes throughout the world, from Iran to China.

phineas gage

Some are speculating that the unhinged tirade by Haley Stevens may have been a staged bit of political theater.

At this point who can tell the difference? Everything they do is both insane and political.

Jimmy MacAfee

Stevens looks and sounds like a high schooler. I wouldn’t trust her to babysit my pets.


So does AOC

phineas gage

The Chinese virus epidemic will end soon, with a favorable prognosis for the vast majority of those afflicted.

The same cannot be said of TDS sufferers, whose outcome almost universally appears to be terminal insanity.

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