America Needs A Recall Process For Governors, Mayors And Congress

Guest contribution by Gregg Updike

Back in WWII, when we were still looking to win wars and solve things, our military and civilian leadership recognized that a certain number of peacetime generals and admirals were going to fail when the bullets started flying.  History is replete with leadership failures on all levels when push comes to shove.  Even taking out the subversive nature of many of today’s politicians, many otherwise good people are better than others at certain things.

In WWII when military leaders failed, or didn’t meet expectations, basically two things happened:  Culpable inefficiency was eliminated by the complete removal of the deficient officer; others, who fell short, were shifted to positions where their talents were better suited to overall success.  Failed combat leaders often failed because they were “casualty adverse”, or myopic, but they often excelled in training or logistics for example.

Since WWII our military gradually became more bureaucratic, technical, robotic, and political; we have more political (butt kissing first) officers than military (win first) officers.  Consequently, we can win tactical victories against any enemy, but we lose strategically due to politics (political correctness) at the pentagon and on the national civilian leadership level.

Thus we have what is going on when our nation faces new and heretofore unknown threats.  Think of it this way:

Our fifty states represent fifty army divisions led by fifty governors with the mayors being the lieutenants in charge of the various components within the division.  All, by necessity, have a certain amount of autonomy, but they must all fall under a certain overreaching controlling doctrine (set of laws, rules and guidelines/structure) to ensure a relatively uniform response to most anticipated crisis/problems that emerge from time to time.  Some leaders are destined to succeed to various degrees, some are destined to fail to various degrees, in their positions – it is as simple as that.

Unfortunately, in the political spectrum there is – with a few state exceptions – no mechanism to remove or transfer failed or marginal governors, mayors and others in positions of leadership, authority, or responsibility.

For example, the citizens of New York State and New York City must now endure the consequences of electing such marginal leadership and cannot remove it until the next election which is years away.  This China pandemic shows why it is so vital to elect good solid people rather than hacks just because they have certain name recognition, or belong to a certain political party.

Take the NY Governor:

A constant Trump critic who neglected to adequately stock a reserve of medical equipment in past years so he could address (“combat”) the dubious threat of climate change by funding “green energy”.  He probably had problems with Trump’s early Chinese travel ban, then for sure criticized the president for NOT being a dictator and mobilizing the military soon enough.  Now as the actual facts have come out and as certain areas of his state have suffered greatly, he has become one of Trump’s greatest fans – we’re all in this together…

Now politics comes into play: With the disaster that is the Democratic presidential nominating process, the DNC desperately needs a competent (looking) alternative to their current candidates.  Suddenly the New York Governor becomes “gubernatorial”, and praises Trump’s response and actions ON A NATIONAL LEVEL.

Now he is griping and moaning that the TWO TRILLION DOLLAR economic “cure” doesn’t have enough funding (pork) to help New York.  Which is it governor?  Is Trump and Congress doing a good job, or not. Make up your mind.

Take the NYC Mayor:

Bloomberg’s successor, and a marginal mayor to begin with, he actually felt he had a real shot at running for president, until his embryotic campaign crashed and burned.  Also a major critic of the president, he and his health department early on discounted the threat of the China virus and called for massive celebrations in the city’s Chinatown district to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Now we have this infected cluster in and around HIS city.  Naturally he calls on the federal government (Trump) to fix it, yet still undermines that effort with words and deeds.

To conclude:  There have been many political leaders who have stood up and have tackled this head on and are doing very well, some are doing ok, and some are absolutely failing their citizens.  This threat allows for a very short learning curve, and some leader’s poor decisions are quickly rectified; others are not.  Hopefully, the deficient ones will be removed at their next election.

In the interim, the failed leaders, if they had any decency, would either learn from their mistakes, put politics aside, and get on board and unite for the common good and accept shared sacrifice.  They could also do the right thing and admit that they are not up to the task and resign.  However, in most cases, pride and ego will not allow them to do that.

To conclude, like in the military, we need a recall mechanism to be put in place that would allow for the recall and removal of failed or incompetent leaders and judges, nationwide.  In the past, we could sort of survive poor political leaders and their actions when the threats moved more slowly, or happened very quickly in an episodic nature (9-11 for example), or were known.  That is not the case today.  Many things just move too quickly and need for calm and competency in needed more now than ever.

We need to make sure that we elect the best people to important positions and have the means to remove people for cause when they fail in their duties to protect and serve their citizens.  However, the removal process cannot be for frivolous reasons and recall mechanisms must be put in place that are fair and allow for mistakes and unpopular decisions.

I realize this could become a slippery slope, but our nation cannot continue to be held hostage by individual and near permanent members of congress, judges, and other officials who completely defy the will of the vast majority of the people for years on end.  Several states have recall provisions in their constitutions and occasionally recall attempts are made and some succeed (Gov. Davis of CA) and some fail (Gov. Walker of WI).

The point is, just having a recall mechanism would force politicians and judges to be more aware of and responsive to the needs and desires of the people.  In the states that allow for recall we do not see massive or frequent recall efforts, or political chaos, so, if done right, a recall system could become an important safeguard to liberty and be a big benefit to the country.  It would need to be a constitutional amendment to ensure fairness and consistency.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing….

Jimmy MacAfee

Removing them? If Hank “Guam Tipping Over” Johnson can be repeatedly re-elected, then hope for recalls is not practical. Same with “500 Million Americans Lose Their Jobs” Pelosi. It’s not just a problem with the idiots we elect; it’s a problem with the idiots who elect them.

Governor Mengele of Virginia, for example.


Any recall provision depends on the understanding that the ‘elected official’..obeys their oath of office…NONE OF THEM DO…..ALL oaths are broken by ALL elected officials depending on the ‘event/crisis…The Constitutions …Federal and States are NOT obeyed….Laws are written around them…BUT officials always invoke …the Constitution when addressing their constituents….thus the only way elected officials are in line with any Constitution is by the first three letters which they follow to the letter…CON….imo


This used to be handled by dragging them out in the streets and hanging them.. It is still an effective method.


Without a robust recall process in place, the only way to remove incompetent/corrupt politicians would involved very strong action, ie read about the Battle of Athens Tennessee. The problem is that the sheeple quite often elect the same sort of corrupt jerks during the next election.

Fred Ward

Remember federalism? We need less central power and more local control. If locals want the power to remove mayors and governors, they will find a way.


Doable, but it is pretty hard to get politicians to vote to allow for their own removal; ditto for term limits, which are just as necessary.


I disagree. The people need to learn from their mistakes, and this is one way for them to do that. All the way back in the Bible, it took the people of Israel nearly 30 years to learn 1) that King Saul was unfit, and 2) why he was unfit. Are we any better that we should be spared the consequences of our folly in choosing leaders badly? Israel’s many years of desperate prayers brought King David to the throne, and prepared both them and him for David’s reign.

Today’s namesake David B will have to endure with patience the lessons of God.

Jimmy MacAfee

People will always find a way to choose bad leaders. Not all will be bad, but some will be lethal. Hitler was elected by a strong majority. People often choose unwisely.

Israel’s mistake was not letting G0D run things. Didn’t help that Samuel (and his predecessor) each had corrupt sons. Israel rejected G0D, because G0D would have done to their sons (and eventually did) what He did to Korah and his rebels.

King David was not always good, too, as you know: he was a lackluster father, and his son Absalom nearly dethroned him because of his leadership problems. On the other hand, he had a repentant heart. If several of these governors would show as much repentance as David, then perhaps we’d be talking about something else. But they’re arrogant, out of touch and potentially dangerous to those they claim to serve. Like Northam, continuing to allow abortions during a time when he shuts down church services, evil guides his paths.

G0D will repay. But as I said in the posts above, their decisions may come back to them in ways we haven’t fully appreciated. Woe to those officials who sabotage the recovery!

Richard Piotrowski

Um, we already have a process in place here in Wisconsin. The lefties tried unsuccessfully to recall Governor Scott Walker.

Jimmy MacAfee

And that was pure, putrid politics behind the recall effort against Walker. That’s a cautionary tale.

Jimmy MacAfee

Whitmer needs a recall, because she’s like the officials in Puerto Rico after a major disaster – (you can decide for yourself how close the resemblance is, and why.)

Some people are in over their heads, and that’s because their heads are firmly embedded up their back ends.


“America Needs A Recall Process For Governors, Mayors And Congress”


Michael Vaughan



We have recall legislation here in BC. It was used once to remove a conservative Premier whom the liberals hated. Wasn’t because he was doing a disastrous job but merely they hated him and his wife. Kinda like whats happening to your Prez. Long story short the media drummed up the masses and they removed him by recall vote.

But I do agree with recall laws. The left has no trouble using them and if conservatives would grow a spine and use the same laws then there would likely be less trouble overall. The people would not stand for tit for ytat removals.

Jimmy MacAfee

Imagine if a governor decided to surrender to a foreign power – beside the President declaring martial law and arresting the governor for treason, what options does he have. What if the President from the future decides to just let it go, let the state be surrendered to an enemy. What would happen?

Then let’s look at the Michigan governor and the Nevada governor, who both made it illegal to prescribe life-saving medication to people suffering grave effects from COVID-19. What if family members know that their father-mother-sister-brother-child were killed by a governor who politicized medicine, and cost them their loved one’s life? What do you suppose would happen?

I can paint several scenarios, but they had better hope there aren’t any people with real training left in their state. Someone from any of our Special Ops units would be more than capable of dealing with the security provided to a governor or a politician. The book “Term Limits” is a good illustration.

Those governors had better hope that no one with relatives in Special Forces is harmed by their decision to prevent life-saving care. This is not a threat – it’s a projection, based upon publicly shared information and a very small amount of creative assessment. Draw yourself a different picture with your rosy glasses, if you want. This is not going to allow for a happy ending. Likewise, if a governor tries surrendering to an enemy? There will be an army of Special Ops taking him or her down. You will not be able to stop them.

Jimmy MacAfee

With governors politicizing the virus, attempting to cause harm to the public – what’s that, I say?

“Via 100% Fed Up:
The governor’s radical announcement hit a nerve with a Michigan man who credits the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin with saving his life after he was convinced he was on death’s doorstep after a serious bout with the Chinese coronavirus.
Michigan resident, Jim Santilli wrote about his miraculous recovery and shares his feelings about Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s decision to punish doctors who prescribe and pharmacists who give prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine to patients. Santilli also explains how Whitmer dropped the ball on testing Michigan citizens with low-cost, rapid response tests that are produced and made available by a Michigan company. Mr. Santilli also points out how Whitmer failed to apply for FEMA funding, yet another critical failure on the part of a governor. Santilli claims the Democrat governor of Michigan should be less concerned scoring political points for her party by “wrongfully pointing the finger at President Trump,” while she’s failing to properly do her job for Michigan residents.”

Idiot governor. She should be locked up.


If Hillary Clinton and her staff were not charged for moving classified information from SIPR (classified network) to NIPR (unclassified network), including top secret and above information, no one is going to do anything to a 1st time Governor in MI for blocking use of a drug. Maybe a class action civil lawsuit if you find the right lawyer. In 2 more years we can only hope she gets voted out.

RE: Theoretical situation where a Governor surrenders a state to a foreign enemy? Very interesting to contemplate…I would think that this would fall under the statutes for treason.


Getting censored by WordPress again…

Another Democratic Shining Light. If you remember she was the one chosen to give the rebuttal to Trump’s State of the Union Speech this year. This job is often given to the an up and coming star in the party – the year before, it was Stacy Abrahams who got the nod. Whitmer did a decent job, better than Abrahams, but she didn’t give me any tingles down my leg.

Now this! Playing doctor with people’s lives along with the Nevada Governor: Septic System, or whatever his name is.

Don’t these IDIOTS realize they are giving Trump and the RNC a treasure trove of material for campaign commercials that will be devastating locally and nationwide – unless the MSM (D) blacks out the GOP commercials.

NV and MI are swing states, and Trump will nationalize his race, and localize their races with his rallies which will resume soon, but probably in earnest right after the GOP convention. He will target Whitmer’s virus leadership and the three dingbat (Haley Stevens, Debbie Dingellberry, and Rashida Tlaib in districts 11, 12, and 13 respectively) house members. He will also campaign heavily for John James against Senator Gary Peters (D) and other Dem Reps who are, so far, smart enough to be fools, but remain relatively silent. Yep, Michigan is a target rich environment for real GOP gains.

Unfortunately Governors Whitless and Sisolak are not up for reelection for two more years, so they must feel bulletproof. These two, along with Andrew the Cuomo, are the posterchildren for the much needed recall I wrote about.

Note to the Dems: Trump has done and can do FIVE (5) rallies a DAY; your presumptive candidate could maybe do five a month., just like Walking Eagle in 2016.

Please keep making commercials for Trump and the GOP.

Note on Tlaib: From Jeopardy: The clue in the category “Student’s Words” was:

5 letters in English, It’s an Arabic word for “student”, or one member of an Extremist Group in Afghanistan:

Correct response: What is Tlaib.

This is no Schiff, it aired within the last month or so; surprised it got past their censors.

Jimmy MacAfee

Could be that both governors of Nevada and Michigan get the virus. What will they do then? Bet they’ll rescind the rule as soon as they get the diagnosis!

Jimmy MacAfee

I had a client who ended up a Commander in the Navy; he recounted the time when higher-ups (when he was a lower rank) refused to use radar, which allowed us to accurately lob shells at Japanese ships who were over the horizon, way beyond our ability to see them physically. The guy making decisions decided he didn’t want to use this new technology, and they replaced him with a dizzying alacrity. He was giving advantage to the enemy by refusing to take advantage of our advantage. I don’t know his rank nor his name.

There is an Amendment to the Constitution that they have tried to bring out against President Trump: the 25th. In the case of Chuckles Schumer, who speaks with apparitions, and Fossy Jaw Nancy, who spoke with a painting and is mentally compromised, and Adam Schiffless, who has committed criminal acts by obtaining personal information illegally, and sharing it illegally…well, the 25th Amerndment doesn’t attach to them. Neither their corruption nor their mental infirmities are addressed there.

But considering how the Deep State has used the law and contorted it in its attacks on the President, in ways that are more twisted than a carnival bender’s balloons, we have to be incredibly careful. The danger of doing nothing…? Next post.


Interesting about the WWII radar story.

At the time you are probably talking about, radar, particularly surface radar was in its infancy and few people knew much about its potential. Also, the close by islands where many early battles took place confused the radar with false returns from the land mass and often hid the Japanese ships.

Japanese radar tech was about two years behind ours, but they did develop a radar receiver – sort of like a radar detector for speed traps, which are illegal only in VA as far as I know – that enabled them to sense our presence and often avoid our ships. It was not good enough to target our ships, but, early on, gave away our position. We also knew the enemy had a receiver. And, early on, our crews were not well trained on its use or maintenance, so along with an unhealthy contempt for the Japanese race, we got our teeth kicked in several times in some 1942 and 1943 battles.

The early teething problems were worked out and rapid technological improvements and tactics soon overcame the deficiencies and then it was game over.

Would love to have known the name of the officer or the operation you referenced.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Commander who told me this story is long gone, having lived a long and eventful life. I’ll only give one hint: he had a paving company. Otherwise, I can’t divulge his name.

Jimmy MacAfee

He was – according to him – the youngest person at the time to graduate from the Naval Academy.


I agree with the sentiment above – it would be great to be able to get rid of incompetence. But like you say, it would have to be done right. It parallels the Constitution…it works, but for a moral and just citizenry. Do we have that now?? In current times, politics is #1 above all else. We saw it with Trump – impeachment at all costs. We saw how low they went after Kavanaugh. Willing to destroy a man with an impeccable reputation. And we’re seeing it again with COVID-19. Dems playing politics with a stimulus bill, stuffing it with pork to feed all of their pet projects. People are dying and we have an unprecedented crisis and they they are looking after their own interests. I totally understand that with Washington, compromise is how you get most anything done, but with this….THIS….how do you argue for anything that isn’t directly related to relief of the American worker or arming the healthcare industry with the tools they need to win? There should be no compromise for any of the extras that are supposedly in this $2T bill.

If a crisis such as this doesn’t change people and the course of politics, even for a couple of months, then we don’t have a chance to do anything “the right way”.

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