The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Wants to Keep America Hostage to China

The Evening Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, #EnemyOfThePeople. – Hat tip to the guys at the Conservative Treehouse for calling this one out. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is now heavily lobbying the Trump Administration to not move ahead with an executive order beefing up mandates on Big Pharma and other medical supply multi-national companies to bring their damn supply chains out of China and back to America.

Because of course this is what the CofC is doing. The CofC is one of the most anti-Trump – and in this case, anti-America – institutions in the nation’s capital. It has used its pernicious influence to undermine Trump’s policies on illegal immigration so that its huge corporate members can continue enjoying the fruits of cheap labor, and now it is using its pernicious influence to try to ensure that our country remains outrageously over-reliant on China for our medicines and healthcare supplies.

From a report by Reuters on the matter:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and dozens of other business and trade groups urged U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow and other top U.S. officials to drop plans for the order, arguing it would also damage U.S. trading relationship for years to come.

“Preventing federal agencies from sourcing medical equipment and pharmaceutical ingredients from abroad … would only exacerbate the supply shortages racking the United States,” said a letter from the groups, which was also addressed to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, a long-time trade hawk who is crafting the order, told Fox News late on Wednesday evening that he expected movement on the issue shortly.

“The president’s gonna get that done soon,” Navarro told Fox News’ “Hannity” program, without giving an exact date.

The push has sparked concern in China and elsewhere, rekindling tensions with Beijing at a moment when global leaders are calling for a coordinated response to the outbreak.

Let’s review what is at stake here for Americans:

  • This virus originated in China in November;
  • The communist Chinese government lied to the global community for two solid  months;
  • During those two months, an average 10,000 Chinese citizens came to America EVERY DAY, creating the epidemic we are now dealing with by shutting down 75% of our economy;
  • The very same dynamic took place in pretty much every country on earth;
  • Today,  thanks to all the horrible trade deals that the CofC lobbied the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama Administrations to implement over the 28 years before Trump took office, our country is reliant on supply chains that at least in part move through China for over 90% of our pharmaceutical products and medical supplies;
  • And the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its giant multi-national corporate members want to keep it that way.

Bottom line, the CofC must be defeated. When you go to the polls this fall, vote for candidates who are NOT taking money from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Unless, of course, those candidates are Democrats. We must end this group’s destructive power in the nation’s capital.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

I advised closing the markets to those who bet against America, and who will make billions – and then buy back in low and make additional billions when the markets rise. Vulture “capitalism.” Not real Capitalism.

Jimmy MacAfee

Betting against the market, and profiting in the billions:

“Sounds like Bill Ackmann is in serious trouble along with the rest of America. Well, no, not exactly. In fact, Bill Ackman is suddenly much richer than ever,” Carlson said. “Just this Monday, Ackman made a net profit of more than $2 billion.”

Jimmy MacAfee

The US Chamberpot of Commerce has been our enemy for some time; this isn’t new. They want us to be their serfs, and they’ll choose China over us until we ARE their serfs.

May be time to consider them a terrorist organization, along with Muslim Brotherhood..

I’ve said this before: I’d take a Bernie over a Chamberpot candidate. And that’s saying a lot, because he would be a disaster. The reason he’d be better is that his ambitions could be defeated easily; he never got anything done in the Senate, and he has less of a chance to get them done as President! But the Chamberpot represents a more sinister, subterranean type of sabotage of our values, our livelihoods, our Constitution. Both would try to destroy our nation, for sure; the Chamberpot has been working on destroying us for decades.


China has proven to be an unreliable supplier. Thousands of Americans will die because we relied too much on Chin to provide our medical supplies. Import taxes are needed on every corona virus product that became unavailable to make sure American producers will stay in business to provide for our needs. Never again!

Jimmy MacAfee

The COVID tests they’ve sent several nations are around 80% unreliable, both for false negatives and false positives.


“The push has sparked concern in China and elsewhere, rekindling tensions with Beijing at a moment when global leaders are calling for a coordinated response to the outbreak.”

Um, Wouldn’t these be the same FECKLESS “leaders” who are largely RESPONSIBLE for the “pandemic” we are now suffering from both health-wise and economically? Now they want to make peace with Trump and vice versa.

Hey CofC! you want peace with China et al?. Tell your buddies in Beijing to first tell us the real, verifiable truth about THEIR virus; fork over the TWO TRILLION DOLLARS it has cost us – payable in gold – and forgive all of our trade deficit, and then we might be able to talk.

Tell XI to quit cheating the sanctions and propping up Kim in NK, and inform him he either comes up with the restitution for the US, or we will stop selling him energy and food.

Until then, relocate to Beijing and Wuhan.

Tell them all to go to hell Mr. President. We need “tensions rekindled” with these bat rastards who have been entirely too comfortable with the Screw America Always and Often Status Quo for the last three decades.

phineas gage

The only way this is a problem for Slow Joe is if the DNC wants it to be. After all, Bill Clinton was credibly accused of rape.

Jimmy MacAfee

They can’t wait til he chooses a VP nominee to take him out; looks like the bullet they’ll use won’t be lethal to his health, but to his candidacy.


Yep, absolutely agree,

I think you speculated yesterday that it might be a convenient way for the DNC to dump Gaff O. Joe, but I heard somewhere today (Ken Matthews on Rush’s show?) that this has all been swept away never to be heard of again.

Guess the DNC has recommissioned Walking Eagle’s Bimbo eruption squad.

BTW, notice how the left keeps using military terms like the Squad and communist terms like Czar?

phineas gage

Per streiff, and what I was guessing at yesterday:

phineas gage

But as sundance often notes, there are trillions at stake, which is why Trump is an existential threat.

It’s all about the money.

brian C

The US Chamber of Commerce is as great an enemy of the American people as George Soros.

Jimmy MacAfee

Spot on!


“”“Preventing federal agencies from sourcing medical equipment and pharmaceutical ingredients from abroad … would only exacerbate the supply shortages racking the United States,”””

Morons at CoC jut admitted their free trade pro-outsourcing agenda has lead to shortages of critical medical equipment

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