How the New York Times Fakes News About Ventilators

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Alex Berenson, himself a former reporter at the New York Times, has a great Twitter thread this morning detailing how his former employer is intentionally mis-informing its readers regarding the real number of ventilators that the nations hospitals will need to deal with the China Virus outbreak.

The content of Berenson’s Twitter thread is detailed below. It should be required reading in every home in America.

Thus, rather than the “million” ventilators that the NYTimes falsely claims will be needed based on faulty data, the maximum number is vastly lower than that. And the real problem, which the Times basically ignores, is that our country likely only has trained staff necessary to safely operate a maximum of about 56,000 such machines.

This is the kind of intentional news-fakery aimed solely at causing harm to President Donald Trump that corrupt media outlets have used to cause needless panic across the United States. It is the kind of irresponsble media behavior for which, when all of the dust has settled from this national crisis, our country simply must find some way to hold corrupt reporters, editors and media executives accountable.

Because if we cannot find some way to adequately police what has become possibly the single most corrupt and irresponsible corporate business segment in our society today, they will only behave even more irresponsibly in the future.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Gov Cuomo nixed the 2015 advice that NY needed to spend 275 million on ventilators to be prepared for this sort of Pandemic. He instead used 750 million on a solar panel start up that went belly up. Idiot Balasio was as late as early March encouraging folks to go ut and taki in a show or go to a sports event. Those two are responsible for a majority of the misery going on in NY right now. F the NYTs. I hope it perishes due to the virus.


I think we should use Mad Maxine’s advice. Use it on these commie, anti American MSN.
“And if you see anybody from that ( delete=Cabinet insert=MSN) in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”
Sounds like it would work to me.


Regarding the 80th birthday of a prominent leader affectionally referred to by me as N. Klink., And with all due respect to the many fine octogenarians who have lived a good, honest, and decent life, played by the rules and raised their families and made America Great, and are mostly enjoying retirement; I feel we need a little levity interjected into our lives and conversations.

80 years ago, the Pearl Harbor attack hadn’t happened, construction of much of the actual military base was hardly begun…

She is almost as old as the harbor itself.
The first language she learned was probably Aramaic.
Her first Christmas, was close to the first Christmas.
Before she got married, she probably called her fiancée hun, because he was one.
Her HS graduation picture is probably chiseled on a cave wall in MD; her prom theme was fire.
Her age is equal to her IQ.
As a child, she liked to take long walks on the beach after she crawled out of the Chesapeake Bay and grew legs.
I didn’t know the birthstone for late March was Lava.


She is older than Gaff O. Joe

The same could be said for almost all of the judicial fossils, the congressional fossils and the “A” Team currently leading the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination whose expiration date has expired.

Again, I just wanted to have a little fun and I apologize if I offended anyone, or if anyone found my humor in bad taste.

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you for the humor! It was in no way offensive! If it was to anyone, they deserve being offended!

phineas gage

How to hold the corrupt media accountable? It’s called “change the channel” or “turn off the TV”. And it is precisely what millions of Americans have done post-Trump election. We’ve made our decision, Trump is our president, and we just don’t care what the media thinks anymore.

Jimmy MacAfee

And for a narcissist – which most of the media are these days – not being seen nor heard nor worshipped nor adored is the worst thing you can do to them. (Until they’re sent to jail.)

Jimmy MacAfee


phineas gage

Berenson also has a thread about how Neil Ferguson, the UK ‘expert’ who panicked the world by predicting a million deaths in the U.K. alone and an 18-month shutdown, now pulls an Emily Litella and says ‘never mind!’.

Yeah, now it will peak over the next couple of weeks and then subside, just as many people were saying and pretty much the pattern of the influenza virus.

Too bad about the world economy.

These people will pay no price for what they have done.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yes, they will. These are not ordinary times.


Eighty (80) years ago today (March 26, 1940) in Baltimore, Maryland, a dark foreboding force was born – set to cast a spell upon the world’s most vibrant nation.

Shame abortion wasn’t available back then…

Happy 80th birthday Klink!


Sorry for the repeat posting of my comments on this article.

My internet went down and I didn’t realize Dave had posted this article since the one I meant to comment on.

These are germane to his last article.


The really sweet thing I see about this is the further exposure of TDS in the editorial boards of the “newspapers” that are pushing for dropping coverage of the president’s CHINA VIRUS briefings.

The PBS (taxpayer) funded radio station in Washington State (of all places!) that stopped broadcasting the presidential briefing needs to defunded!

By calling for blacking out Trump, they are further exposing themselves as a bunch of petulant, short-sighted, knee-jerking brats having a permanent four year temper-tantrum. Get bad orange man at any cost is their only mantra. They are really operating on a Ready, Fire, Aim principle and are hitting nothing but themselves with massive boomerangs and ricochets. Every volley they fire smacks them down; the amazing thing is they never learn. They are truly Wile E. Coyote vs. The Roadrunner following Einstein’s admonition about insanity.

I am not concerned about giving the MSM (D) any advice that would help them, because they are entirely too arrogant, and elitist to lower themselves to read this, or other conservative blogs. They don’t even listen to Rush or the Fox Primetime lineup, so they certainly are not going to listen to us in “flyover country” Kind of how the arrogant Hitler refused to listen to his generals and advisors… Yet we are the “Nazis”…

The more they do it, the worse it gets for them. They are addicted on hatred for one man and that hatred will largely destroy them.

While the left is looking to hurt Trump minute-by-minute, Trump is really playing a long-game, and acting extremely “presidential” while doing so.

The MSM (D) was never really very bright in the strategic sense, they just overwhelmed everything with a focused megaphone, probably via a DNC fax/email of the their daily talking points. The real shame of the media (D) monster ascendency is that it could have been exposed as the hack commie frauds they have always been had there been a Trump leading the way as real opposition against BJ Clinton and “the One”

Before Trump and since Reagan, only Newt Gingrich showed any kind of combative spirit against the media’s lies and fraud, and lacking any real support or GOP unity, he was left hung out to dry and largely defeated by the docile Dole and the Clinton media complex back in the mid-1990s.

Thank you Mr. President for fighting this great fight.

joe schmoe

Agree. I know a few high-up members of NYT family and they stay in the hate bubble, reposting articles to each other that fan their hatred.

Jimmy MacAfee

They are like someone stirring an unflushable toilet after the whole team used it.

phineas gage

There is increasing speculation that we are about to see a stark red-blue divide in the virus recovery process, with red states getting things back up and running, while blue states and their mini-fascist governors maintain complete shutdown while they sponge off the recovery package, all as part of the effort to damage Trump.

This too will blow up in their faces.

phineas gage

There should be congressional hearings convened to determine if network FCC licenses should be withdrawn–but of course it will never happen. The market will have be the arbiter.

Liberal newspapers are not a problem because they are dying out as the 21st century version of the horse-and-buggy industry. Their consumers are also dying off. The NYT has no future.


BS to any more congressional hearings ON ANYTHING! Phineas.

I want COURT HEARINGS AND TRIALS for all these anti-American, pro-Terrorist, and national secret leaking “news” organizations!

No more congressional hearings until congress actually does its constitutionally mandated job and produces a legitimate budget (I have given up on a balanced budget demand for now) for the entire FY 2021 year starting on time – Oct 1. 2020 thru Sept 30, 2021. It must be real, complete, and signed into law BEFORE any member of congress can go home to campaign for their Nov 3. 2020 re-election.

Trump should FORCE this! No continuing resolutions or other such gimmicks

phineas gage

With all due respect, I don’t see how you are going to get criminal court hearings and trials without a complete restructuring of our constitutional order.

The media are killing themselves, as evidenced by their cratering public approval. Just let them keep doing it. They won’t be able to come back from this. David is correct–Trump has broken them and defeated them.

You can forget about any balanced budgets for the time being. If things settle down and Trump is re-elected, I’m hoping his signature issue for the second term will be fiscal responsibility, including pushing for a balanced budget amendment (really the only hope we have of stopping the runaway spending).


Not trying to get into a contest here as I very much enjoy your well reasoned comments, but when was the last time anything meaningful happened to anyone who appeared before congress? Pleading the fifth, and ignoring subpoenas, and a lot of grandstanding and wasted time is all we get from Congressional hearings. Except for impeachment and legitimate government oversight, congress’ job is to pass laws and pass an annual budget It was never created to involve itself with routine or even extraordinary criminal proceedings. They are not the law enforcement branch of government.

It is the job of the DOJ (not the FBI, Mr. Comey) to bring charges, get indictments and prosecute crime – not congress.

Absolutely agree, Federal Fiscal responsibility must be the centerpiece in Trump’s second term KAG agenda as I have previously commented many times.

phineas gage

No worries, I enjoy your comments as well, and it’s all in the free spirit of debate.

I was just trying to operate in the realm of what is possible vs. what is preferable. And as I said, such hearings will never happen.


And I hope you are right that the media is dead, but I won’t believe it totally until I see a total wipeout of their partner in crime – the Dems in November, and until I actually see the plug pulled due to bankruptcy on some or all of the “news” programs and papers. And I am not talking about the Nashville Tennessean or the Trenton Times, but the WAPO, NYT, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, SF Chronicle, or the LA Times etc.

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