Corrupt Media Outlets: Damned if They do Cover Trump, Damned if They Don’t

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Just in case you were still laboring under the delusion that CNN and MSNBC are actual “news” organizations, know this: When President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three glorious words) had to leave his daily Coronavirus Task Force press briefing early yesterday, turning it over to Vice President Mike Pence and doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, the corrupt reporters for CNN and MSNBC also left.

What does that tell you? It tells you that CNN and MSNBC view their sole purpose for covering those events as an effort to cause some controversy involving the President in their neverending efforts to damage him personally. Their corrupt reporters are not there to hear from the experts; they aren’t there to gather real-time information about the China Virus pandemic so that they can convey it to their viewers; they are are there with a single, overarching goal in mind, which is to find a way to damage the President of the United States, who is himself focused on steering a nation of 339 million people through a major crisis.

Think about it: These same two corrupt media outlets went nuts earlier this week when Dr. Fauci was not present for 3 of the updates over a span of 5 days. They ran story after story and convened TV panel after TV panel claiming Fauci was being unfairly excluded from the events because he had disagreed with the President on the potential of hydorxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment.

But Dr. Fauci chastised reporters on Sunday and Monday for attempting to drive a wedge between him and the President, stating that it was “not helpful” and demanding that they stop. Since he did that, these utterly corrupt media outlets suddenly have no interest in hearing from the guy they were portraying as the second coming of Mother Teresa and Albert Einstein not even a week ago.

If he isn’t useful in creating negative “news” about the President, he isn’t useful to them, period.

This pattern is certainly not limited to CNN and MSNBC – they are simply the most blatant about their bias and corruption, parading those traits out there on the air and websites every day like figurative badges of honor. It really applies to all the major networks, newspapers and magazines in the country – even to Fox News, although to a somewhat lesser extent.

We hear a lot of conservative voices complaining about the idiotic behavior of the reporters at these daily updates, but I think that is actually a very good thing for our country. As the New York Post reported yesterday, these events are attracting huge ratings, serving both as substitutes for the massive rallies the President is unable to hold during this crisis and as a window for the public to view the utterly irresponsible and unhinged behavior of the press corps.

From that New York Post article:

President Trump’s daily White House coronavirus briefings are a ratings hit.

The president, who has taken the lead in the task force’s daily updates to the nation, has attracted an average audience of about 8.5 million viewers on cable news — about the number of viewers who watched the season finale of “The Bachelor,” The New York Times reported on Wednesday, citing Nielsen numbers.

And as the outbreak continues to surge across the country and more Americans abide by shelter-in-place orders in a number of states, the viewership is increasing.

Monday’s briefing drew 12.2 million people on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, ratings similar to those of “Monday Night Football.”

Fox News has benefited from the briefings, with the cable network attracting 6.2 million viewers on Monday, numbers on par with popular prime-time shows.

The newspaper said millions more are watching on the traditional networks — ABC, CBS and NBC, as well as online — but they offer less reliable numbers than the cable stations because of the way Nielsen ratings are measured.


So, millions of Americans – especially younger ones – are really getting their first taste of exactly how idiotic and overwrought the White House press corps really is, thanks to these daily briefings. At the same time, they are also getting a big dose of the real Donald Trump, coming to them live on their TV screens without any filter  from corrupt and biased talking heads.

The corrupt media organizations began to wake up to this monster they have helped to create last week, when polls showing high public approval for the President’s handling of the crisis began to come out. There is so much concern over this phenomenon now in Democrat/media propaganda land that we have seen a steady drumbeat of op/eds advocating for the TV outlets to actually stop covering the updates live in recent days.

But that’s a big problem: These updates have now become ‘must-see TV’ in tens of millions of homes across America, as people going stir crazy from being shut-in hunger for any news that might give them an idea of when their sheltering-in-place might come to a merciful end.

If the corrupt TV outlets now move to deny them this form of daily entertainment, they face a potential backlash that could be severe. It would be like denying people their daily dose of Wheel of Fortune.

It’s a real conundrum.

The simple reality is this: President Trump has broken the corrupt news media, likely forever. He has now put them in a spot in which they are damned if they do cover these daily updates, and damned if they stop covering them. Given the sorry conduct of these corrupt media outlets over the last four years, that is a very just reward.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jumper Bones

I work at very large defense electronics manufacturer in Andover, MA. Thousands of employees, times 2 to 3 shifts. This entire week only a few hundred were there due to the virus shut down, as some of us work in closed-areas, so we have to work on-site. Everyone I talked to this week was in unison on how crappy it was that the House on Sunday night started messing with the coronavirus relief bill, and delaying it, stuffing it with liberal-pork. This attitude cut across all age brackets, and ethnic backgrounds. The Democratic party has “poked the bear”, and that has nothing to do with the Boston Bruins. I can’t wait until November, because I believe the backlash will be huge.

Jimmy MacAfee



Typical stupid libs. Always managing to find a lose – lose situation, Haha!


The really sweet thing I see about this is the further exposure of TDS in the editorial boards of the “newspapers” that are pushing for dropping coverage of the president’s CHINA VIRUS briefings.

The PBS (taxpayer) funded radio station in Washington State (of all places!) that stopped broadcasting the presidential briefing needs to defunded!

By calling for blacking out Trump, they are further exposing themselves as a bunch of petulant, short-sighted, knee-jerking brats having a permanent four year temper-tantrum. Get bad orange man at any cost is their only mantra. They are really operating on a Ready, Fire, Aim principle and are hitting nothing but themselves with massive boomerangs and ricochets. Every volley they fire smacks them down; the amazing thing is they never learn. They are truly Wile E. Coyote vs. The Roadrunner following Einstein’s admonition about insanity.

I am not concerned about giving the MSM (D) any advice that would help them, because they are entirely too arrogant, and elitist to lower themselves to read this, or other conservative blogs. They don’t even listen to Rush or the Fox Primetime lineup, so they certainly are not going to listen to us in “flyover country” Kind of how the arrogant Hitler refused to listen to his generals and advisors… Yet we are the “Nazis”…

The more they do it, the worse it gets for them. They are addicted on hatred for one man and that hatred will largely destroy them.

While the left is looking to hurt Trump minute-by-minute, Trump is really playing a long-game, and acting extremely “presidential” while doing so.

The MSM (D) was never really very bright in the strategic sense, they just overwhelmed everything with a focused megaphone, probably via a DNC fax/email of the their daily talking points. The real shame of the media (D) monster ascendency is that it could have been exposed as the hack commie frauds they have always been had there been a Trump leading the way as real opposition against BJ Clinton and “the One”
Before Trump and since Reagan, only Newt Gingrich showed any kind of combative spirit against the media’s lies and fraud, and lacking any real support or GOP unity, he was left hung out to dry and largely defeated by the docile Dole and the Clinton media complex back in the mid-1990s.

Thank you Mr. President for fighting this great fight.


Eighty (80) years ago (March 26, 1940, on this date a dark foreboding force came to life destined to inflict immense pain upon the United States of America.

Shame abortion wasn’t available back then.

Happy 80th birthday Klink!

Susan Elizabeth Clemons

The leftist globalist media is a scourge on the earth and cannot be trusted any more than Chinese propaganda outlets.

Jimmy MacAfee

Of course not! They’re one and the same!


Personally I get great amusement watching them desperately thrashing around with their hair on fire over everything. Its a fire hose against the wall hoping something… ANYTHING, will stick and they will topple Only to be frustrated and confounded, falling into their own traps, the blind leading the blind.

But… I also think they should be held accountable for the complete lies and fear mongering they are pumping out 24/7. The scriptures warn us that there will be these times with wild rumors, disease and strange events happening here and in the skies. Good time to look up for guidance and not around. Theres only one source of peace and it ain’t in man.


The MEDIA dirtied its own water. Now they can drink the feces filled tub.

Jimmy MacAfee

On my way out the door, was told to post this:
Jeremiah 29

Commit to the exile, in the various means and events of today;
Don’t waver or stumble – restoration will occur.

What I did in fact:
Spoke with my account manager during the Senate trial, and told him that everything was going to crash: if the President was removed, sell everything; if he was not, even though a crash was coming, don’t touch anything. I could have sold high and re-purchased everything at the bottom, but I did what Jeremiah told Israel do to, and not to run from the events which would soon occur.

Further synopsis: “Where we go one, we go all.”

Watch as the rebels and false prophets (of the press and world system) are removed and tormented! But don’t gloat (Proverbs 24:17)

Love y’all!


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