Pelosi, Sisolak Take TDS Depravity Beyond The Pale

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Some mid-day notes everyone should be aware of:

America’s universities in action. – Harvard University has the largest university endowment on the face of the earth, currently estimated at over $40 billion. Yesterday, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon, Harvard laid off its dining hall workers in an effort to “cut costs”:

A Harvard spokesman said he was unable to provide the Free Beacon with the number of subcontract employees in dining services. In 2018, the New York Times reported that the university dining halls employed 275 subcontractors.

Based on the local living wage standard, it would cost Harvard $710,000 to provide four weeks of full-time paid leave for all of its subcontracted dining employees. This represents 0.001 percent of Harvard’s endowment.

Other universities that have transitioned to online classes have handled the situation with contract employees differently. The University of Chicago said last week it would continue paying its subcontract workers through the end of the academic year. The University of Chicago has an endowment of $8.5 billion, around one-fifth the size of Harvard’s.


Speaking of disgusting people… – San Fran Nan is holding up the passage of the senate stimulus bill again. As reported by the Daily Caller, Pelosi is now using arcane House procedures as a tactic for delaying any action by her chamber for at least one more day:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi delayed the passage of the Senate’s coronavirus relief package on Wednesday, as the House was in session for nearly three minutes and then adjourned until Thursday.

“House Democrats will now review the final provisions and legislative text of the agreement to determine a course of action,” Pelosi said about the nearly $2 trillion emergency relief deal which will be voted on Wednesday afternoon in the Senate after a long night of negotiations. Meaning, the House will not be able to vote on the package for another day.

This is yet another clear effort by Pelosi to cause another day of negative stock market reaction. She will do literally anything, including throwing people out of jobs and causing more human misery, in her neverending zeal to harm President Trump. The woman is a sub-human ghoul, a clear domestic enemy.

Speaking of Democrat ghouls… – The Democrat Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, last night issued an executive order denying coronavirus patients access to hydroxychloroquine, the safe, well-known medication that has been proven in multiple peer-reviewed studies as an effective treatment for the China Flu. As reported by

Despite the world including India pinning the hope on anti-malaria drugs to treat serious COVID-19 patients, Nevadas governor has ordered to ban use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat new coronavirus patients.

The governor’s executive order came after US President Donald Trump termed the drugs as a potential treatment for treating the illness, reports NYPost.

A man in US state of [Arizona] died and his wife was in critical condition after taking “an additive used to clean fish tanks called chloroquine phosphate, similar to the drug used to treat malaria”.


Thus, we have a Democrat Governor, in a zeal to do political harm to the U.S. President, banning a safe and effective treatment to patients in danger of dying because a couple of idiots decided to ingest fish tank cleaner. It’s akin to banning the use of Clorox to bleach white shirts because a couple of kids found a bottle of it under the kitchen sink and had to have their stomachs pumped.

This is a special kind of Trump Derangement Syndrome depravity, folks. It is utterly beyond the pale.

That is all, for now.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, the picture of Pelosi looks like a frog trying to choke down an earthworm!

phineas gage

Credible sexual assault allegations against Slow Joe (over at Ace).

This may be the convenient excuse to dump him.

Jimmy MacAfee

For one thing, the stimulus isn’t permanent; it’s a stopgap. Unemployment also doesn’t last forever, and pays far too little. Best thing is to get people back to work as soon as possible. Period.

Nearly all of us will be exposed to or get coronavirus; some of us will make it, some will not. I’m over 60, have diabetes (but also ran 7 and did 280 pushups yesterday.) None of us knows whether we’ll live through a flu, a cold, or this. Life isn’t guaranteed. I’ll be desperate to work in 30 days. Maybe others won’t.

Eat right; drink water; get rest; exercise alone. Have faith.

phineas gage

I agree as well. There simply isn’t time to go back and rework it, as well as keep Democratic support. For a short-term one-time stimulus at this moment of crisis, let it ride.

Jimmy Mac, I’m 55 with diabetes. My goal was to make it to 60–you have inspired me.

Jimmy MacAfee

May you stay healthy and live a long and happy life! This I pray!

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you for putting an exclamation point on my point! Good words of wisdom you’ve made!

Jimmy MacAfee

Bill Gates wants the country to stay closed. What an evil man. Evil through and through. He has never had a hungry day in his life.

I’ve lived in unheated, un-air conditioned tenements in my day, trying to make it as an artist, as well in the early stages of opening my business; I ate Cost Cutter tuna and rice and frozen corn (I did have a stove) and took lots of vitamin C, and barely made my rent; I drove old cars and sometimes ate at Chinese buffets because I could eat long enough to sustain me for a day and a half that way; I wore old plastic workout pants and cheap polo shirts and wore McGreggor $10 K Mart shoes; I had no medical coverage whatsoever, and I made ends meet with what I had and nothing more.

Gates has never had a single day in his life like I did for many years. He doesn’t know what it’s like. None of them do. But I have something that apparently he’ll never have: a Savior named Jesus.

Jimmy MacAfee

Now Whimpsy Graham and others want to deny us the aid they’ve promised, because they consider it “double dipping” if we get aid and unemployment!

I own a business; I’ve been paying FUTA and State unemployment taxes for over 25 years; we will still have company bills to pay, and unemployment won’t be enough. And no, I’m not interested in loans: I have no loans,
and dang if I’m gonna borrow money! I’m going through savings right now, but those won’t last forever!

So they say this “double-dipping” will incentivize layoffs! Well, we had no intention of stopping work, but were ordered to by the Governor of Virginia. Forced into unemployment, not for some benefit!

If we turn it into the first paid vacation in 33 years, that’s just how we’ll see things! I paid into the system, and the system if forcing us to close. Screw Lindsay Graham and the others! I will go back to work when the governor says we can.


Nevadans should be up in arms and at the State Capitol with pitchforks and torches. This douche has no authority to make medical life and death decisions. Run this terd out of town on a rail, right after tar and feathering him. I am shocked at how Americans are letting these clueless hacks take control of everything, trampling the Bill of Rights in the progress.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m not recommending such action, but desperate people do desperate things.

Jimmy MacAfee

He’s counting on it being illegal for people to congregate, but he’s inviting worse. I won’t go into how that might happen, except to say that there are a lot of people who have military training…

Quinn the Eskimo

Democrats became an insidious voodoo cult without any self awareness whatsoever..
A tribe of obnoxious power hungry mind numbs, filled with hate & rage to the point they destroyed themselves and soon went extinct…… And we all danced!
The End

SF jeff

Subcontractors in the dining halls; I smell labor law violations. I can’t have subcontractors in my construction trade just employees or licensed contractors. Federal investigation.

Sisolak needs to be arrested. Review the US Code; find some laws he violated, have a NV citizen go the Federal Prosecutor; get him arrested. Full SWAT team.


Another thought about the actual deplorables who are masquerading as solemn, thoughtful, caring public servants:

These extreme positions are trial balloons being floated by expendable politicians with the help of the MSM (D) to see how much more outrageous Schiff they can foist on the public and how much of said Schiff they can actually get away with.

I think they are badly misreading the body-politic this time around. They will, and they MUST, pay a price for this.

A hundred house seat loss, five senate seats, and perhaps a thousand down ballot losses would not be unreasonable if they keep this up.

Since there is no prominent Dem politician – Manchin, Jones, in the senate, a Nadler, or Hoyer in the House, standing up to tell Klink or Schumer to SHUT UP, GO TO HELL, AND GET LOST!, their fate is sealed.

An opposition party couldn’t hope to devise such a devastating strategy to defeat the Communist Party of America.

This say all you need to know about EVERY ELECTED DEMOCRAT!


2020 will be the second defining year of the great American Experiment and our Constitutional Representative Republic.

This election will determine if it not only survives, but thrives like never before, or dies and throws the whole world into a new dark ages.

It is ultimately up to GOD and his will/guidance, but this election will be a reflection of his will for humanity and which direction it will go.

Interesting times to be alive indeed.

Jimmy MacAfee


There are those who see it and fear – (the Lord does not give us the spirit of fear, and the word “panic” comes from the creature/”god” known as Pan.) Others see these times as a great adventure – dangerous, but most great adventures are. Faith is the antithesis to irrational fear.

How will we measure up? Who will rise up to greatness? Who will slink back to their slime-lined lairs under rocks made of offal?

phineas gage

Now Pelosi delays until Thursday. Anything to tank the economy further….

Jimmy MacAfee

She thinks she’s lighting a firecracker, but she’s holding it in a closed fist.

phineas gage

This is what strong responsible executive leadership during a time of economic crisis looks like:

Not playing to the cameras and media with grandstanding. Not seizing state power over individual freedom like little fascists. Actually doing real things to help people.

phineas gage

Re. Harvard, I would also add that my alma mater–Oberlin College–which recently lost a multimillion dollar lawsuit due to radical leftist administrative hacks attacking a local business for no reason, has also laid off hundreds of workers.

The people who caused the problem in the first place are not going to lose their high-priced jobs. They are truly despicable.


Re:Harvard/so-called “Ivy League” schools: always found it amusing they were referred to in such a manner; ivy is an insidious plant, if left unchecked it will crowd out your garden, strangle your trees, & ruin the mortar between your bricks should you allow it to crawl up the side of your house.

It is – in a word – destructive. Apt description for what the “Ivy League” actually is.

Jimmy MacAfee

Oh, your name and the first lobotomy: Neuroscientist.

phineas gage

I have dabbled in the field back in the day, primarily sensory systems.

Jimmy MacAfee

My primary employment has to do with sensory systems, secondary issues motor systems.

Jimmy MacAfee

Many of the most brilliant people I’ve ever heard of or read were educated, but not college educated (many great writers were college dropouts -)

I’ve also seen some of the most ignorant, worthless, useless and evil people the world has ever known have degrees, and high degrees.

On the other hand, it’s good that some of academia is still relevant, and that some is useful, and that some is honest. Unfortunately, most of academia is packed harder than a butt-plug of a hibernating bear.


Jimmy and Phineas,

I couldn’t deal with the BS of “higher indoctrination” and consequently I have no BS, or other, degree. Just couldn’t deal with the Bull S, More S, Piled Higher and Deeper route.

My only regret about my lack of a degree is it has made me ineligible for political office.

Remember, as an example of how bogus some college education is for many people, Rush failed his Speech class!

Jimmy MacAfee

Homunculus Man!

Jimmy MacAfee

Are you a professor of Biology or other Science? Seem to have the requisite knowledge.

phineas gage

You seem to have a remarkably wide-ranging background yourself.

Jimmy MacAfee

Call it “Applied Anatomy”

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ve had Gross Anatomy in a Community College (3 semesters of a 2 semester course, 1 credit hour) and 2 x 4-day seminars for alt. med. practitioners at a Medical School. Practical applications, I can learn and use!

Jimmy MacAfee

Thanks! I assemble information like a sculptor adds clay to a sculpture. Not a great way to learn, but it’s what I’m left with – (creativity is the strong point; structured academia is the weaker.) 1.5 semesters, and my brain decides it’s had enough of what it perceives as “trash compaction.” Which is why I’ll never have a degree of any kind.

phineas gage

That’s a remarkably effective metaphor, both literally and figuratively. It’s pretty much how I’ve always seen it, gradually adding layers of details through the years.

Any AP teacher is pretty much by definition a generalist. I’ve never gotten bored with it.

And of course the great artists and sculptors (Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rodin) were all well trained in human anatomy.

phineas gage

Mostly the human anatomy and physiology curriculum.

phineas gage

Much speculation about the reason for Trump’s rising approval numbers, but to me it is relatively simple.

What had been holding his numbers down was largely women, who while they liked the economic improvement interepret things on a more subjective basis and didn’t like Trump’s aggressive behavior and tweets.

Now these same women are scared for themselves and their children and are looking for a strong protective figure to tell them everything will be all right.

Basic human nature. The brains of the genders are fundamentally wired differently.

phineas gage

Pelosi knows her political career is effectively over and has decided to go out in a spectacular shower of Trump hatred to secure her position as a radical leftist icon.

Sisolak needs to be called in by the White House for his reckless actions. The irresponsibility of Democrat politicians is growing by the day. They seem unable to help themselves.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d like to hear what the medical people standing beside the President will say about this. Medical decisions – especially irrational decisions – should not be made by idiot politicians.

Striking contrast to President Trump, who relies heavily on experts in their fields, especially in this event. But then, that’s what executives do. Trump is an ENTJ, Portrait of an Executive (my reading of it.)

Nevada – particularly Sin City Nevada (Las Vegas) – will reap the whirlwind; the governor has condemned it already. I pray for the people of that state to repent – and to remove their governor, who is putting them in so much danger.

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