Biden Bumbles, Stumbles and Mumbles as Trump’s Approval Ratings Soar

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Trump’s numbers are booming. – Two new polls released on Tuesday show President Donald Trump gaining popularity thanks to his handling of this China Virus crisis. His overall approval ratings reached new highs in both the Gallup Poll (49%) and the latest HarrisX Survey (54%). The Gallup poll now pegs his approval for his handling of the China Virus at a whopping 60%, with just 38% disapproval.

This is very troubling news for the elder abusers attempting to pass Quid Pro Joe Biden off as someone who can handle the job. Very troubling news indeed.

They never should’ve given up on Operation Hide The Geezer. – For a week there, the world was Quid Pro Joe’s oyster. His recent sweeps of state after state after state in his nomination contest with The Commie, combined with government advisories to stay at home and avoid contact with others had provided the nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator and his evil staff the perfect excuse to keep their obviously declining candidate under wraps.

The inability to hold more campaign “rallies” is a blessing to Creepy Uncle Joe.  Think of it: No more need to partition off small high school gymnasiums with temporary walls at mid-court because he couldn’t fill them up. No more ability for the handsy candidate to incur embarrassing videos of him inappropriately fondling young girls and other people’s wives.  No more uncontrollable live events where his handlers risk the clearly impaired candidate going off-script and referring to God as “you know, the thing.” No more opportunities for the “tough guy” Biden to curse, insult and challenge auto workers to a fight when they ask him semi-tough questions.

It was without doubt an elder abuser’s dream world. They could have let the Geezer sit in his study for weeks, maybe months, doing nothing but pretending to sign off on press releases and tweets written for him by others and no one in the corrupt news media would have said boo about it. Hell, most of them would have gone on and on about what a statesman he was being, setting such a great example for the rest of the population.

Why, nobody shelters in place like that great American, Joe Biden, by golly!

But it is always the natural tendency of campaign professionals to “do something,” and when they began to see President Donald Trump’s public approval ratings shooting up as the people started taking his daily public briefings seriously, the alarm bells sounded in Bidenland. Even more threatening in the nearer term, they saw New York Governor Andrew Cuomo doing his own daily briefings and receiving increasing praise from the same corrupt media toadies that have been in the tank for Quid Pro Joe. With every passing day, it seemed to them that Cuomo was becoming more and more of a threat to sweep into the July convention in Milwaukee in the role of the “white night” to save the party from nominating an increasingly incapacitated candidate.

Thus it was that after just one week of successfully hiding the Geezer, Biden’s abusive handlers decided they had to roll him out in front of the cameras again. They touted their latest scam as an effort by Quid Pro Joe to hold regular counter-briefings so he can “correct the record” because of all of the evil Trump’s “lies” to the American public. They set up a handy teleprompter and video feed in the study of Biden’s palatial home and handed him an 8-minute script in a gigantic font for the Geezer to hopefully read verbatim.

That approach almost worked semi-well during Biden’s first “counter-briefing,” until the teleprompter malfunctioned, causing Biden to start stammering and gesturing to his staff to get the damn thing scrolling again:

That was Monday’s fiasco. Things only got worse on Tuesday, as the Biden handlers decided to throw all caution to the wind and roll him out there for a series of softball interviews on CNN, ABC and MSNBC.

Appearing with the execrable hack Jake Tapper on CNN, Quid Pro Joe repeatedly coughed into his fist, so many times that Tapper felt the need to give the former Vice President of the United States instructions on the proper way to cough into his elbow, a decades-old technique of which the Geezer was apparently blissfully unaware:

In an interview on MSNBC with despicable Nicolle Wallace, Quid Pro Joe repeatedly got confused and stopped in mid-sentence:

In that same interview, the pathetic fan girl was so anxious to get rid of him that she felt the need to say thank you no fewer than seven times:

The coup de gras came in an appearance on ABC News. There he was asked by Sara Haynes if President Trump is right when he says “we can’t let the cure be worse than the virus itself.”

Biden’s answer: “We have to take care of the cure. That will make the problem worse no matter what.”

I swear I don’t make this stuff up:

Naturally, the liberal activist Haynes had no follow-up question to that gibberish answer.

But the reality for the Biden camp is that they cannot expect to survive the grueling campaign to come via corrupt media bias alone. As this post demonstrates, these clips are viewed by millions of people every day on social media. Try as they might, the evil minions who spend their days censoring conservative thought and speech on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the other platforms are simply not capable of hiding them from a curious public.

Don’t get me wrong: They can almost certainly make it to the July convention through media bias and censorship, because the Democrat voter base is really good at refusing to deal with reality. But the general election campaign is an entirely different animal, one that cannot be rigged by the DNC. And the reality of the Unfrozen Caveman Senator is that he is clearly and unambiguously not competent to hold the office of the presidency.

Biden’s abusive handlers and family would do well to reconsider this latest failing strategy, and re-implement Operation Hide the Geezer. Hide him all the way to July if you can, and then hope for a miracle in the fall.

That’s not an especially good strategy, but when you’re actively trying to force an impaired candidate into the White House, it’s the best one available.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Hope the much vaunted “communication team” putting together the shadow daily briefing got paid in advance.

Is it my imagination, or is Biden deteriorating at an increasing rate? Will they expose him to Trump on a debate stage? I look for some real surprises at the Dem Convention. Between opening address and first ballot, expect a scripted exit.

Jimmy MacAfee

He looks like the guy who drank from the wrong cup at Indiana Jones the Last Crusade.

B.T. Justice

Is it just me or is pile of monkey nuts Yo-Yo Biden’s eyes getting smaller? /


B. T., Good reference to Gleason’s insulting of his son in Smokey…

If you don’t mind, I’ll try to work in “opossum’s pecker” into one of my comments; always trying to make people smile a little once in awhile.

Jimmy MacAfee

Squinty. That’s why I compared him to a beached squid!

george lortz

This bonehead needs to be gagged. Spouts nothing but gibberish.

Jimmy MacAfee

Nooooo! Keep him talking! The more the better!


The pathetic senile old hair-sniffer looks sick.

Flannigan McGaffigan

JoeMENTUM has become JoeMENTIA and RETARDED Greta Thunberg could beat CONFUSED Joe in a debate.


This whole Democratic primary set up was just a massive time wasting fraud designed to see if any of the wannabes acceptable to the party bosses could gain some traction – in effect it was all a massive focus group. All their wannabees were empty suits, but so was ‘The One” twelve years ago. But he had a booming (amplified) voice and was the right race. To quote Gaff O. Joe: “clean and articulate…” The powers-that-be never really wanted Walking Eagle then or now, so they sandbagged her and took away “her turn” in 2008 once they saw “the One” was viable.

No new empty suit broke out as a viable contender and the votes had to go somewhere. The Burnster kept a lot of his 2016 base with Pocahontas splitting up his radicals. The old-guard eventually coalesced around the best known and most establishment reliable candidate and all the others faded away after getting their fifteen minutes of fame.

There is no doubt in my mind the Dem bosses desperately wanted senators Kamala Round Heals, Spartacus, Salad Fork, or a private sector “businessman” like Ying-Yang, or Ton Stoner to be the next “One”. Predictably, to anyone sane, none of these flawed people had a spark, or captured any kind of passion. Enter the Mini-Mike to save the day and he flamed out before his campaign got rolling. I was mildly surprised by this because one could argue he actually had “gravitas”, and, despite what conservatives think about him, MM has an actual resume of accomplishments, but amazingly no charm, warmth and charisma, However, he was a hard core progressive and had oodles of money to self fund.

Understand, winning the primaries is all about appealing to the dominant base of the party and not necessarily the country at large.

So now the Dems find themselves in quite a pickle: they eliminated the Commie through chicanery and alienated a massive part of their base (again), to go with warhorse Joe in order to try to save down-ballot races and the House by having someone “reasonable” leading the ticket. But Gaff o. Joe is declining much more rapidly than they hoped, and they need someone, anyone, with creditability to carry the torch against Trump to, again, save the down-ballot races.

Undoubtedly Cuomo would have rather run in 2028 in a open field rather than take a Mondale type loss against a successful incumbent. But things don’t always work out the way one would like when you have a party apparatus that wraps itself around itself based on fraud, lies and deceit. “Their chickens have come home to roost.”

After Cuomo crashers and burns in 2024, look for any two-some Newsom to be the early favorite for the Dems in 2028. It would have been better for them to have it been Newsom now, and Cuomo in 2028 as he is the most “viable” as of right now, but (thankfully) you can’t always get what you want.

Jimmy MacAfee

A solid assessment.

Notice that no one wants Mark Warner; his name never comes up. Kamala “Bed wrinkles” Harris was demolished, not only by her own record, not only by Gabbard, not only by her personal behavior and ambition, but mostly as a result of her utter unlikability. What is amazing is how unlikable ALLl these candidates were/are; what made them think people would like them? SlimyJoe is unlikable, more than most of them – he promises to keep the corruption going, and the corrupt don’t care if he’s unlikable, as long as the corruption continues.

The advantage President Trump has: he’s the only elected official I’ve ever known who keeps his promises and who has kept his promises. That makes him likable more than anything else.

phineas gage

They’ll roll someone out to replace Slow Joe–there’s simply no alternative given what has happened over the past week.

It could well be a Senator like Warner, it could be a retread like Kerry. I think Cuomo will strongly resist joining what he probably sees as a sure loser campaign.

Whoever it is, I’m reasonably certain that person will be paired on the ticket with Stacey Abrams.


Oh please do add Abrams to the ticket; it would make her a two-time loser.

Jimmy MacAfee

Meanwhile, 21 million cellphones have been made inactive in China. Remarkable, since Chinese rely on phones for nearly everything.

Do these 21 million phones represent 21 million dead, or do they represent the Christians and Muslims and others the Chinese would LIKE to see dead?

Remember Senile Joe’s assertion that China “isn’t even competition.” This wasn’t the first time Senile Joe made such odd and queer statements, but it represented a shift from reality that should have been alarming to everybody, most of all his side. Everything since then has reinforced the notion that he’s living in a perpetual dream-state. Like taking drugs for insomnia, and attempting to stay awake –

phineas gage

Not 21 million dead, but it certainly indicates that the death toll is much higher than the Communist government authorities are admitting.

Jimmy MacAfee

BlowJoe the Mindless Monkey is now officially a joke – (sure we need jokes, but running one for Pres?)

And then there’s CNN:

“Oops: CNN Forgot To Translate Its Latest Coronavirus Update From Mandarin”

“Report: China ding very much great job fighting virus”

Jimmy MacAfee

Off topic, but…Nevada governor bans prescriptions for chloroquine. (You can’t make this sh-t up!) Naturally, he’s a DEMONrat.

“Nevada’s governor has signed an emergency order barring the use of anti-malaria drugs for someone who has the coronavirus. Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak’s order Tuesday restricting chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine comes after President Donald Trump touted the medication as a treatment for the virus.”

The Demons want us all dead, or at the very least, ruined economically, physically and emotionally – and most of all, spiritually. What a sick man.

phineas gage

Democrat governors are out of control and intoxicated by power. The outcome is going to be much worse in those states.

Just Me

As of today, March 25, there are 278 cases of Covid-19 in Nevada; an increase of 33 over yesterday. Comparatively low numbers to NY and elsewhere. Perhaps Sisolak considers these unfortunates as politically expendable. For the seriously ill, going elsewhere to escape this death sentence will be difficult. Hopefully, Nevadans will hold Sisolak accountable.


If there is any justice and logic, Gov. Sisolak (D) just turned Nevada Red for the foreseeable future.

Jimmy MacAfee

Isaiah 48:22
“There is no peace for the wicked,” says the Lord.

Dan V. Jackson

Great column as always. I’d like to read your thoughts on how the Dems could actually go about replacing Sleepy Joe. They seem to have two obstacles in their path. The first is that if they dump him too soon, Crazy Bernie is going to claim the nomination as the runner up (that’s why he’s staying in the race). Second, if Joe hangs on long enough to name a VP, then when he withdraws his VP will claim the throne. So how do they dump him for Andrew Cuomo without setting off a nuclear war within their own party? Sounds like a great column idea!


Your theoretical assumes that Joe is in charge. He possibly would be if he gets thru the first ballot. There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip. When Joe gets to the Convention, the big boys will be in charge, and the nominee will be decided prior to the first ballot, which will be a Coronation. Cuomo is a likely suspect, after all his Daddy was a Master of the Art, and the bench is really weak. Will be interesting to watch. The only flaw I see in the above analysis is exposure to Joe for the next 3 1/2 make damage the party beyond recovery. I look for Trump to attribute Joe and his handlers ineptness to the Dem Party, and shift the focus of his attacks to the party to help his Congressional Candidates.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, it’s as Dave says: they’ll handle him like a beached squid, using a shovel to get him back into the water if necessary.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Coughing Crook – Hillary Rotten Clinton – dare not enter now; the chance of infection for someone who is perpetually sick, as she is, is very high. Especially without her little compounds, some allegedly fashioned from tears and fears of the innocent. Better sell your kingdom, Bill and Hill.

QuidProGropin Joe looks like a talking squid: squirmy, slimy, slinky, insubstantial. With apologies to actual squids. He doesn’t have the talent of an octopus, escaping closed containers, and he can’t change his colors. What an embarrassment!

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