Another Monday, Two More Democrat/Media Hoaxes

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

We now have two new Democrat/media hoaxes underway. – As the President’s public approval ratings continue to flourish during this China Virus crisis, Democrats and their toadies in the corrupt news media have flitted about in a desperate search to find some narrative – any narrative at all would do – to knock them down.

Yesterday, they tried releasing the nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator from his hiding place, to give a “counter-briefing” on coronavirus matters. That strategy predictably crashed and burned as Quid Pro Joe couldn’t remember his dictated lines at the point at which the Teleprompter had a glitch:

Such are the hazards of having a presumptive nominee who is suffering from obvious advancing dementia. All told, Biden talked for about 8 minutes, safely at home with no reporters tossing vicious questions at him, and was so disastrous that ABC didn’t even mention it on its evening newscast. Contrast that to President Trump, who conducted a 90-minute update and handled hostile and idiotic questions from the depraved White House press corps for over an hour, and you see the Democrats’ problem here. The contrast is not just stark, but incredibly disturbing to anyone with a functional cerebral cortex.

So the Democrat/media complex of propaganda needed a new narrative with which to try to diminish the President’s performance. On Monday, they landed on one they completely made up out of whole cloth, and another tragic one that fell into their lap.

The “Where’s Anthony Fauci” narrative. – It has become apparent over the past 10 days or so that President Trump is increasingly uncomfortable with the draconian measures to control this virus being recommended to him by Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC. As the “remedy” to this latest in a long line of viruses brought to us by China increasingly appears to potentially be more deadly than the outbreak itself, Fauci’s time speaking during task force updates has decreased.

Things really seemed to get tense between the two last week when Fauci aggressively downplayed scientific, peer-reviewed studies and anecdotal evidence from China and South Korea that show that hydroxychloroquine can be very effective in actually curing the China Virus. Anyone who argues with the President immediately becomes a hero to the corrupt media; thus, Fauci’s absence from the podium created a mini-panic among the press corps.

After he failed to appear for the second consecutive day’s briefing on Monday, the news-fakers at the New York Times ran a piece that portrays Fauci, who has utterly failed to effectively deal with an array of viral outbreaks over his 40 year career, and whose CDC thinks nothing of losing upwards of 60,000 Americans to the common flu every year, as the second coming of Mother Teresa in an article laced with libelous false statements about the President. Because of course they did – it’s what these ghouls do for a living, after all.

Once the Times led the way, pretty much every other corrupt news outlet in America followed with parroting pieces of their own, containing all the anti-Trump talking points that went out in the evening memo from the DNC. All the hosts and leftist talking heads on CNN and MSNBC followed suit. This is how it all works.

UPDATE: For his own part, Dr. Fauci denied in a radio interview on Monday that there are any substantial differences between himself and President Trump related to dealing with this virus:

Key Quote: DR. FAUCI says media is trying to “pit” him against President Trump. “That is really unfortunate. I would wish that that would stop. … there are not differences. The president has listened to what I have said… The idea of pitting one against the other is just not helpful.”

What Dr. Fauci apparently fails to grasp is that our corrupt news media has no interest in being “helpful.” It’s only interest is in advancing the Democrat party line, and thus harming the bad Orange Man.

The “Chloroquine killed a guy!” narrative. – Early Monday evening, the corrupt news-fakers at The Hill broke a story that contained this absurdly deceptive headline:

Man dies after taking malaria medication in effort to prevent coronavirus

The story, of course, is supposedly about hydroxychloroquine, the malaria medication that President Trump has touted as a potential cure for the China Virus on several occasions in recent days. The problem with the headline is that this man – and his wife, who was also hospitalized – did NOT take the prescription medication being used to fight this virus, as the story itself even admits:

“A man has died and his wife is under critical care after the couple, both in their 60s, ingested chloroquine phosphate, an additive commonly used at aquariums to clean fish tanks. Within thirty minutes of ingestion, the couple experienced immediate effects requiring admittance to a nearby Banner Health hospital,” the statement read.

These people ingested FISH TANK CLEANER that contains chloroquine and expected it to somehow protect them. Here’s some good advice, folks: DON’T INGEST FISH TANK CLEANER, BECAUSE IT MIGHT KILL YOU. This is something most 5 year-old children understand.

You seriously could never make this stuff up. Not in a million years.

But hey, nevermind pesky things like facts and truth – the entirety of the fake, corrupt news media ran with this story anyway as if this couple’s tragic stupdity somehow means we cannot possibly use this cheap, well-known, safe drug that has been prescribed millions of times by doctors all over the world to fight the China Virus.

It is fair to once again remind you that many of the corporations who own these corrupt media outlets are heavily-invested in and from China, whose communist government gave us this plague.

These people hate you and want you dead. That reality has never been more clear than it is today.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage

I am adding this so we now have our first 40-post thread!

Let’s go for 50.

Jimmy MacAfee

Let’s go for 77!

Jimmy MacAfee

There were 71 posts the other day!

Jimmy MacAfee

“There may be a Larger Agenda at Play Here” thread.

Jimmy MacAfee

The virus is not considered aerosolized, but can be transmitted in the air with a sneeze or cough, through droplets; main transmission is through surfaces and unwashed hands. Does the press report this? (Not much. Only alt. media.)

phineas gage

Basically very similar to influenza virus.

phineas gage

Yes, it is a matter of the size of the particles as to whether it is defined as an aerosol or not. TB and measles can both be transmitted in aerosol form. This virus seems not to be as ‘transmissible’, but is highly infective if transfer is made.

Jimmy MacAfee

Stock market is flying north!

phineas gage

And with Trump now fixing a deadline to the end of the madness and the beginning of the transition back to normalcy, they will keep heading north.

Jimmy MacAfee

The pin prick test that’s being developed tells if there are antibodies: if you are well and have antibodies, you should be able to go to work or meet with people.

That’s the remedy I was seeking with regard to virus reporting (e.g. active cases vs. inactive cases.)

phineas gage

Re. serological testing–if the antibodies are IgM serotype, you are likely in the acute (infective) stage; if IgG serotype, then likely the convalescent (non-infective) stage.

Jimmy MacAfee

Thanks! That’s what I heard, but didn’t quite get.

Jimmy MacAfee

Good news here, Phineas! Glad to hear that the two are caving!

Governor Northam’s order gives us a month vacation – first paid (not well-paid, but paid) vacation in 33 years! Most people cannot contemplate any time without a paid vacation. (Welcome to owning your own business!) Praise the Lord!

phineas gage

I hope you enjoy some well-deserved time off. We are not on vacation, but classes have moved entirely on-line for the remainder of the semester here at the college so it is quite different.

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you! I’ll be here, not going anywhere but our small “farm” each day to cut brush, clear vines, make trails and cut firewood for next year. Lots of ash to cut and split – (another nice gift from China, the Emerald Ash Borer) – and hopefully replace with sugar maples and others. Some of my midsize ash seem to be making a recovery, without intervention (we’ll see, but hope is still alive.) A lot of small ash seedlings last year, which won’t be vulnerable until the bark is mature. Hoping they’ll be resistant by the time they mature.

Jimmy MacAfee

Are you a professor?

phineas gage

Pelosi and Schumer caving on relief bill. I figured as much. The move was a disaster that not even the media could cover up.


So far, all these “booms” and Media and Democratic “Disasters” that we keep hearing of, and are talking about, and highlight daily have not cost the left anything.

Usually, disasters are, well, um, actual DISASTERS! While the left’s toxic influence has taken numerous hits, the fact that they can still create this pandemic panic and force the shutdown of much of the economy shows how strong and capable they still are.

The actual DISASTER to the left must happen on NOV. 3, 2020, along with whatever effort comes from Barr’s DOJ swamp “investigation(s)”.

Jimmy MacAfee

All the “major media” (i.e. fake news) are blaming the Dems for blocking the bill, and for adding things to the bill that are in no way related.


Yeah, to maintain a minuscule amount of creditability, they’ll rip Klink and the Schmuckster for about ten minutes and then revert back to their 24/7 Trump and GOP bashing model.

We’ll see how genuine the criticism of the Dems is if the bring it up again in October and November – something tells me the MSM (D) will get collective amnesia and hide every negative comment and story concerning the despicable March behavior of the couple from American Gothic.


Regarding Biden’s miserable Town Hall counter presentations:

Who is deliberately sabotaging Biden with the production of such amateurish high school quality productions/presentations? Inquiring minds want to know.

The guy posting himself shopping in Walmart trying to infect everyone with the China Virus has better production values… Clearly someone in the Democratic Machine is doing their best to intercourse up the “presumptive nominee’s” campaign. Does anyone think “the One” or Walking Eagle would have put up with this even once? Heads would have rolled. I remember Walking Eagle raised all kinds of hell with all kinds of cussing when her handlers once allowed a reporter to ask a modestly difficult question during a “live” appearance.

These – unlike Trump’s long live press conferences – are not open live events in that they can be orchestrated to the nth degree before being released. Don’t they even rehearse their message? Doesn’t Gaff O. Joe even practice? Can’t his staff make sure the teleprompter works?

All these Democratic politicians, except for BJ Clinton – who was the best American politician (damning with faint praise here) of the 20th century – time and time again prove that they cannot speak extemporaneously without their teleprompter – which of course, is not extemporaneous.

Examples: “The One”: corpsman stated as corpse-man several times in the same speech, messing up breathalyzer with inhaler, stating he visited all 57 states, and mixing up veteran’s day with memorial day. Some of these misspeaks were even done with a teleprompter, indicating that he and his handlers were too lazy to rehearse the speech.

This from a political machine that can make BJ Clinton, and Barack the Obama shine in public. But not so much in the cases of Walking Eagle and Algore. At least their handlers didn’t go out of their way to damage Walking Eagle and Algore; they did that to themselves as they were unlikeable phony plastic hacks who were seen by many as ingenuine.

If I were seriously looking to challenge and beat Trump, I would have the “message” honed to perfection like what is done by every other professional marketing/advertising agency in their commercials. Even Bloomturd’s commercials were better.

Biden’s broadcasts are nothing more than commercials – he doesn’t need to be “live”, just alive – which is apparently the only requirement for a Democrat running for president in 2020. Apparently Gaff O. Joe doesn’t even know when he is doing, or has done, badly and is incapable of fixing his performance – most competent normal people get better the more they do anything.

One of the good things that has come from the media hitting Republicans hard and often over the decades, and being soft on Democrats is that most Republicans have honed their public speaking and debating skills; the Democrats, um, not so much.

B.H. the O, Walking Eagle, and apparently Gaff O. Joe, feel, or felt, entitled to the presidency; they are not – except for “the One’s” case – it must be earned. They, like all their friendly media propagandists, are basically very lazy people.

Trump won, and will win again because, unlike his opponents, he is driven, smart, effective, energetic, and appealing – even likeable – and has overcome all the slings and arrows thrown at him for years. He deserves credit, and even accolades, just for enduring this never-ending onslaught that NO other person, politician, or president could have withstood, let alone survive, thrive and succeed – truly a one-of-a-kind national treasure.

phineas gage

There is only so much you can do with a man who is losing his mind.

phineas gage

Near the very end of the Gateway Pundit Story is stated: “A test is not a vaccine. It does not immunize you.”

And Obama Care or Medicare Insurance “for all” IS NOT HEALTHCARE.

phineas gage

Interesting graph of the stock market during recent pandemics:

It doesn’t have a graph for the 1918 Spanish Flu (much worse than the other three), but in that event there was no market crash or depression.

Why the difference this time? I submit that it is your media, fanning the flames of panic and driving the hysteria.

phineas gage

Disappointed in Boris Johnson–England is really nothing more than a police state now.

And note how thousands of people are fleeing the enforced police states in the northeast, most of them flying into Florida. DeSantis might want to put a stop to that.

Jimmy MacAfee

He’s done nothing for Tommy Robinson, either. Just the opposite.

phineas gage

The californication of Colorado is now nearly complete as it bans the death penalty and the liberal Democrat governor hands out commutations to killers.

Hannity showed a series of clips from various leftist media minions all calling for an end to broadcasting live the President’s daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings, all claiming the President lies to the people every briefing. Characteristically absent is any hint as to anything they can identify as an untruth; just assertions that he is lying.

phineas gage

Unfortunately Tick-Tock has a real problem with exaggerated assertions himself….

phineas gage

It’s incredible that the media would actually actively propagandize against the hope provided by a cheap common drug that is demonstrably showing remarkable effectiveness against the virus.

I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

As I said yesterday, I believe this is the precipitating event for the splitting of this nation. You simply cannot coexist with another body of people that, as Dave says, ‘hate you and want you dead’.

Diane Lumsden

And the governor of Nevada has outlawed the use of the real corona virus drug. What a doofuss. But, then he IS a Democrat, figures.

phineas gage

Check out the full interview with Fauci:

I want this guy gone, and I think he will be as Trump begins to move at the beginning of next week to transition back to normal.

Jimmy MacAfee

Then there’s OxyC.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Not addictive.”

Jimmy MacAfee

The Press is not only instructed by the Chinese; their revenues are highly dependent upon Big Pharma – the same Big Pharma which outsourced most of our meds to Communist China. Which is now threatening us with restricting our supply of meds. Isn’t this an act of war? (Don’t blame your Chinese restaurant, because many people from China who are here are here to escape Totalitarianism, or they’re from Taiwan or Hong

Jimmy MacAfee

Big Pharma doesn’t want a remedy, at least not an old remedy – they pooh-poohed Glucosamine Sulfate, and went to extreme lengths to produce fake studies, but were undone by the falsity of the study (i.e. the control group placebo outperformed both Glucosamine AND non steroidal anti inflamatories – indicating that there was a “special ingredient” in the placebo.)

phineas gage

Not necessarily–the ‘placebo effect’ has been demonstrated to be real.

If you believe strongly enough, the connections between the nervous and immune system can amplify the immune response.

Jimmy MacAfee

But the nucleus accumbens (where the placebo effect is thought to occur) would not account for the placebo/control exceeding both Glucosamine and NSAIDS, where a similar placebo effect would be expected!

Jimmy MacAfee

The medulla is also involved intimately in trigger points. I describe it as a phenomena like a messed up satellite signal: you turn the channel to Fox, and the relay misinterprets the signal and gives you Disney hannel instead, a scrambler-descrambler issue.

Jimmy MacAfee

Right: not direct connection. I’m not a scientist (but I once did stay at a hotel somewhere at one time in my life!) My synapses are not entirely intact, figuratively speaking.

What do you teach? And do you like Lennart Heimer? Human Brain and Spinal Cord, Functional Neuroanatomy and Dissection?

phineas gage

Vagal afferents synapse in nucleus tractus solitarius in the medulla, they do not directly project to the basal forebrain. However, nucleus accumbens could certainly be indirectly affected by vagal activity via secondary projections.

Jimmy MacAfee

That is, many of the same route of transmission (cardiac, digestion, reproduction) all use the Vagus Nerve (VN) as the primary pathways to the NA for reward behavior. Not the only area of the brain involved in reward behavior, but important in many respects, including addiction.

Jimmy MacAfee

Reward behavior, but it’s the vagus nerve that gives us the “runner’s high,” vis a vis the nucleus accumbens, (NA) re. cardiac afferents. Eating has been proven as has the sexual reward (in males, probably females) as transmitted by the vagus nerve (and others) to the NA.

phineas gage

I can buy that, although the physiology of the ventral striatum is still quite murky.

Jimmy MacAfee

You can blame Big Pharma, which has been ruined by their marketing departments and financial execs. And you can blame Communist China’s leadership, which did a number on the late Dr. Li Wenliang, who warned everybody about the human-to-human transmission, while the Commies were busy denying it. He’s dead now – of the disease he was trying to warn us about.


Would love to know who these two fish tank cleaner ingesting imbeciles voted for? A quick search shows the incident happen Arizona so it is not clear, but I’m guessing they are lifelong Democrats They were in their 60s so they should have know better than to do stupid stuff like many college kids do when they ingest TIDE PODS.

News flash to the uninformed: Draino and rubbing alcohol also kill germs, but don’t drink it!

We need to restore or highlight the daily Darwin Award winner contest and highlight foolish behavior from around the country. The lesson to be learned: GOD doesn’t always protect drunks and fools. On the face of it these people make Forrest Gump look like Einstein.

I have absolutely no sympathy for stupid people who refuse to learn from mistakes and try to improve themselves.

phineas gage

People like that are why there have to be nearly a hundred warning labels on ladders these days.


Correction: Last paragraph. I meant – never try to improve themselves.

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