Sen. Tom Cotton Details Democrat Depravity Since the Corrupt Media Won’t Do It

The Evening Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

You seriously could never make this stuff up. – In a series of Tweets this afternoon, GOP Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas listed the absurd list of Democrat demands that are holding up the crucial stimulus bill. Below is the text of those Tweets:

Families and businesses need help now to survive the China virus pandemic. But @SpeakerPelosi walked away from negotiations to write her own bill, full of absurd provisions completely unrelated to the crisis at hand. Here’s what Speaker Pelosi is demanding while Americans suffer:

1. Corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards at companies receiving assistance

2. Bailing out all current debt of postal service

3. Required early voting

4. Required same day voter registration

5. 10k bailout for student loans

6. For companies accepting assistance, 1/3 of board members must be chosen by workers

7. Provisions on official time for union collective bargaining

8. Full offset of airline emissions by 2025

9. Greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights

10. Retirement plans for community newspaper employees

11. $15 minimum wage at companies receiving assistance

12. Permanent paid leave at companies receiving assistance

The Democrats see an opportunity in this crisis. Not to help the American people, but to hold an emergency relief bill hostage until they get their radical wish list. How long will Arkansans and Americans across the country have to wait?


How long, indeed?

Naturally, no one in the corrupt news media is accurately reporting the Democrats’ despicable laundry list of political demands. Thus, cowardly Republicans will almost certainly capitulate to some or all of them.

This is the DC Swamp at work.

Just thought you’d like to know.

UPDATE: Watch Ted Cruz go off on the Democrats on the floor of the Senate. It is epic:


That is all.

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Dems excited about no longer needing to canvas in cemeteries to get out the vote.

“But let’s focus here on the pages of provisions to control voting procedures in the states, so that voting fraud can be undertaken much more easily than ever before.

The fun starts on page 650 of the bill, which prohibits requiring voter identification in order to cast a ballot, and eliminates any requirement for notarization of absentee or vote-by-mail ballots.

The draft goes on to prescribe signature-matching as the only method of verifying that the ballot has been cast in good faith by the registered voter.

But determining there’s a discrepancy between a voter’s signature and the signature on a ballot won’t be a simple matter.

The Pelosi bill requires a minimum of two officials to pronounce the signature non-matching – and only people who have “received training in procedures used to verify signatures” can make such a determination.

The Pelosi bill goes on to set the standard for states to make vote-by-mail ballots available to voters. The standard: voters have to be able to apply online.”


Did you actually read all 1400 or so pages of the bill, or do you have a parser to get to the really bad Schiff?

I’m a political junkie, but couldn’t be bothered to any of the Schiff the Dems excrete. I leave that up to Dave and Rush and my other conservative friends.


We have to Marginalize these Crazy’s in November Permanently.


If they want to play, it’s time to add National reciprocity and a ban on ALL this Bill.


The Democrats need to be Eradicated. They are truly vermin.

Jimmy MacAfee

Let the Lord repay; that’s what happened when Nebuchadnezzar’s son partied with the golden vessels stolen from the Temple. Mene mene tekel upharsim:

Numbered Numbered Weighed Divided

But you are essentially correct.

George Ingols

This is absolutely the most evil, shamefully un-American act I have seen in my 72 years. These politicians have no compassion for the plight of the country and are focused solely on stuffing the relief bill with useless, damaging Democratic trash that has nothing at all to do with relief. If I was President, after seeing this I would seriously consider declaring Martial Law and disbanding Congress. It is obvious that as a rational governing body they are incompetent, irresponsible and contemptible.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mene mene tekel upharsim


Did Klink actually get this Schiff passed by the House? If so, I want to see who voted for it. I want to see if and how many Republicans caved to her wishes. We need transparency!

I had thought the Dems were on a path to lose 40 seats by their general actions against Trump prior to the impeachment “inquiry”, 10 more for the bogus “inquiry”, another 10 seats for the impeachment vote and another 10 for the month or so delay in submitting the impeachment articles to the senate and then trying to actually run the senate during the trial.

This latest stunt should cost them dearly, perhaps a total of a hundred seats. They have proven to be the most immature, radical, partisan, destructive, anti-American and petulant majority party in the history of all congresses and they need to be stopped.

The best use of a Trillion dollars in stimulus money would be to divide up the Trillion dollars by the 234 or so Democratic house members, the 45 senate Democrats, the two senate “Independents”, and Romney, and a few other house, and senate RINOs, and the couple of dozen communist foreign and domestic billionaires who unduly influence US policy. This alone would make many DC law firms go bankrupt.

In other words, pay the swamp to go away, and never return. Give them the money tax free with the proviso that they permanently leave DC and all levels of elective office and all government work and lobbying efforts this November. Furthermore, in exchange for immunity from any and all prosecution, they pass and get ratified a term limit constitutional amendment that limits all federal office holders to a maximum of twelve years – three presidential, two senate, and six house terms before they leave office in January.

That would be the best use of a Trillion dollars that we ever spent. The stimulation to the economy, the country, and to most of its people would be incalculable and well worth it.

If we must spend a Trillion dollars let’s spend it on that. After all, the left actually spends more than a Trillion tax dollars during each election cycle buying votes as a matter of routine. Why can’t we do it just once?

Jimmy MacAfee

“The Daily Caller reports that Pelosi tried to introduce abortion funding as an amendment into the coronavirus stimulus package. One of the provisions she was allegedly pushing for was “a mandate for up to $1 billion to reimburse laboratory claims,” without any of the protections of the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal taxpayer funding of abortion.”

This may have been removed or not included, but it remains to be seen if it’s been hidden in there somehow and still remains..

phineas gage

We’ll have to pass it to find out what’s in it….

phineas gage

Good question by Sarah Hoyt posted at Instapundit:

“How come the homeless aren’t dying in droves?’

Large aggregates, unsanitary conditions, many sick and immunodepressed. Yeah, good question.

It’s about time we start waking up to the fact that we have largely been sold a bill of goods on the danger of this virus by political pied pipers. We had better wake up while we still have a chance of staving off economic collapse.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bill Maher gave them their mantra: sink the economy to get Trump.

Here’s to hoping they stop all his pizza deliveries.

phineas gage

They take their marching orders from a depraved amoral ‘comedian’?

Sharon Campbell

Good information, David. Of course, NOTHING Schumer or Pelosi has said has given us any of this detail.

phineas gage

I’m not sure which Republicans are going to capitulate. The way that Romney reacted it seems he won’t be among them.

I think there is far more pressure on Democrats, compliant media or no.


Dave, Mutt needs to be permanently isolated from DC

phineas gage

Thanks, I hadn’t heard that, only the news about Rand Paul.

Seems like in this modern world Senators would be allowed to vote electronically from remote locations….



I thought the same thing. Why can’t a dispensation be made to the house and senate rules that would allow for quarantined members to vote on measures that pertain to the reason why they were quarantined? Makes too much sense I guess. It could also be a convenient excuse to avoid a controversial vote.

I know longstanding house and senate rules can be changes at the drop of the hat as a certain member of congress can now wear a rag on her head when prior to 2019, headgear was banned in the house chamber.

Again rules only apply to certain people at certain times

phineas gage

One way or the other, Trump is going to ease things up at the beginning of next week.

There are far worse things than coronavirus. This goes on much longer and we’ll all become acutely aware of that. And it will be too late.

But at least the Dems might get their power back in a ruined nation.

phineas gage

Re-post from the prior thread:

I honestly cannot recall a more appalling act of political depravity.

It is right up there in the last straw category. Perhaps this is an opportune time to begin to discuss the national divorce which is coming sooner or later.

Also, does anyone else get the sense that the Dems are actually enjoying this and intoxicated with their exercise of power?

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