Mini-Mike Just Quietly Bailed Out the DNC

The Evening Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Campaign finance laws? What campaign finance laws? – Apparently, federal campaign finance laws never envisioned the scam just pulled off by Mini-Mike Bloomberg. I told you when he got into the race that this was all a scam, that he wasn’t really seriously seeking the nomination, and his actions since that time only made my case.

Here’s how the scam worked:

  • In most campaign seasons both the RNC and DNC are flush with money and able to throw millions around to vulnerable campaigns and run TV and social media ad campaigns;
  • As of last November, though, the DNC was flat, dead broke and unable to raise enough money even to get out of debt;
  • Put simply, the DNC needed either a bailout or a proxy. Mini-Mike provided both;
  • Enter Mini-Mike and his fake presidential “campaign”;
  • The DNC couldn’t run ads attacking President Trump, but Mini-Mike, a multi-multi-multi-billionaire certainly could;
  • Even better, as a declared candidate for the office, he qualified for low advertising rates TV networks and stations are required to offer, leveraging his hundreds of millions of dollars even more;
  • So he spent three solid months, from early December through early March, spending a grand total of more than $900 million in his fake campaign, most of which went into anti-Trump advertising;
  • After failing to win a single contest and only a small handful of convention delegates, he abandoned his fake campaign after Super Tuesday.

Friday, Politico reported that, as a final act of largess to the DNC, he is deeding his state campaign operation to the Party, firing all of his employees who he promised to employ through November, and “donating” the state campaign budget’s remaining $18 million balance to it.

From the Politico report:

Mike Bloomberg’s defunct presidential campaign laid off hundreds more staffers Friday as he announced that that he’s folding his massive battleground operation into the Democratic National Committee.

Many of the Bloomberg aides — including those purged in an initial round of dismissals—were holding out hope he would deliver on a promise to keep them on his payroll through November, particularly with the coronavirus baring down. But those hopes were also dashed Friday when the staffers were told in frank conference calls that Bloomberg would not move ahead with his planned super PAC, and instead would cede his state operation to the DNC, including an $18 million infusion to help presumptive nominee Joe Biden.

The staffers, who said they were lured to the late-starting campaign with yearlong guarantees of competitive pay and health benefit packages, were invited to apply for jobs with the DNC as part of a “competitive process.”

“I guess it’s cheaper to give the DNC $18 million than keep promises because @MikeBloomberg just fired his whole campaign staff — including those of us promised jobs though November on his IE,” Amol Jethwani, a former aide, wrote in a tweet. “Disappointed I don’t have a job. Not surprised that a billionaire is cheating scum.”

Several other former aides said in interviews that the news comes as a massive blow amid the tanking economy. They believe the campaign has repeatedly strung them along while misrepresenting future opportunities.

“I am disgusted by Mike Bloomberg and his staff,” one of the Bloomberg aides, who like several others spoke on the condition of anonymity, told POLITICO on Friday. “He has left us with no health insurance during this pandemic. I have a family and do not know what we will do at the end of the month.”

The person added, “If the DNC and Joe Biden choose to ignore us, they are complicit as well. How can the party claim to care about working Americans while taking money from a billionaire that does not fulfill his promises to his employees?”


How, indeed? I’ll tell you how: Because it’s the Democrat Party, and its toadies in the corrupt news media outside of Politico will just ignore the story.

Thus, you have a dude worth $62 billion before the financial meltdown stiffing hundreds of campaign workers who will now go file for unemployment. You also have a scam that would be a major scandal if any Republican attempted to pull it off going essentially unremarked by the “public watchdogs” in the corrupt news media

Welcome to journalism-is-dead-America.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

China bailed out the DNC, and does so daily every time they attack President Trump through a press they partially own. MiniBritches Mikey isn’t the only one openly trying to help the DNC.

A note about war: Biden thinks China isn’t a threat: he apparently doesn’t know that much of the illegal fentanyl comes (pr came) from China, though Mexico, which makes Commie China an enemy. China learned this tactic through the Opium Wars from the Brits, and are applying it to us. War with China is seemingly inevitable.

So why is MiniBritches Bloomberg with his very small hands (tiny even!) so pro-China? Maybe because in China, all parts of His Minimosity look gargantuan! Hands included. Someone he can look eye-to-eye with, while he looks at President Trump’s belt buckle.

The WHO is also fronting for China. (Not the rock band; the idiots at the World Health Organization.) We should ban them from operating here; they should be persona non grata and barred from our shores, their offices closed.


Bloomberg just made some more Trump voters.


This story about Mini Moneybags surprises me in two ways:

First, how parsimonious can he be? Keeping a (guess) thousand presumably ideologically loyal staffers – to the cause of defeating Trump and the GOP – employed through November would cost him a pittance – perhaps ten to 20 million dollars. Being able to direct their efforts to help the DNC through supporting down ballot races would be immensely helpful to the cause. Cavalierly Schiff-canning them can only give them a real life experience as to how despicably the left operates and maybe, just maybe, cause them to rethink their ideology. When one considers he spent somewhere between $500,000,000.00 to $900,000,000.00 (depending on the source) on his failed campaign, why not keep loyalists happy?

Second, I’m pleased and shocked that his “contribution” is only $18,000,000.00. I realize most of his 60+billion in assets may not be liquid, but if he really wanted to beat the bad orange man, why not match what he spent on his own failed campaign to aid the Democrats? We all know that campaign finance laws don’t apply to Democrats, so why not throw in an extra billion or so Mike? I mean, what the hell, why not hook up with all your leftist national and foreign billionaire buddies and get ten billion into the PAC pot to beat the bad orange man? Call it a “charity foundation” to cure hemorrhoids in cats in Haiti, or Africa, or wherever. Give 5% to the listed “cause” and launder the rest through a District of Corruption law firm.

However, the reality is that all you loudmouth filthy rich leftist bat rastards are the biggest hypocrites in the world and will never really put your real assets at risk; all you want to ever do is spend other people’s money to support you pet causes and come across just concerned enough about the wealth gap to inoculate your selves from public scorn and criticism – the Kennedy family and their corrupt ill-gotten wealth is a prime example of all you lefty’s hypocrisy.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m guessing Short Trousers has lost his behind in China, and is now worth about half his former wealth, mostly in places where his capital is not easily transferred. Not gloating, but I have a strong feeling that his support of abortion – (and the wealth of all abortion supporters) – is about to be redistributed. By G0D the Father, who is not anonymous, but whose Name is not mentioned on the lips of those who hate Him unless it involves a curse or false piety and fake prayers.

Jimmy MacAfee

This goes for Warren Buffet, too.

robert weston

C’mon. You knew he was scum when you accepted the gig. You knew he was a liar when he said he thought he could win.

If you had gotten a degree in a marketable subject you could have gotten a real job instead.


I bet Dinesh Di’Sousa is SUPER pissed now. How many orders of magnitude between the donation he went to jail for and the one Bloomberg is going to get away with? The law applies equally to everyone. yeah, right!

Jim Voss

Here’s a thought, snowflakes. When you try to make your way through life without a real job, don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself unemployed. This isn’t rocket surgery. Go get a real job! Morons.

Jimmy MacAfee

Well, it’s not all their fault: they went to work for a megalomaniac, thinking they could hitch a ride on his very short trousers, only to be snaked by a very short man.

Jimmy MacAfee

China Mike is trying to keep his Far East handlers happy, since so many of his investments are there, and they are not happy. He’s gonna lose his tiny wrinkled little butt.

Spend it while you can, China Boy.
Too bad you are an Edomite, but without the sense of a Herod – to build a temple in Jerusalem. And when the Chinese altered the Bible, they altered the WHOLE BIBLE – OT included. You’re fake Jewish, Mini Mike. Don’t deny it. You stinking Edomite.


Wheres the surprise!?!?


Dave, I think you short changed MM. You got to give him his due as he did, after all, win American Samoa taking like five out of the six or so delegates; the Hawaiian Heroine got the other one. She can frame his his/her picture on the wall of her grass hut in her home state.

Meanwhile, Mini Moneybags, leaving no stone unturned, had more (I heard six or seven) full-time staff on the ground in American Samoa for several months to go get a couple of hundred primary votes.

Where, when, and how did this moronic guy ever get to be a billionaire? I’d love to see this taxes and full disclosure as to how he got his wealth. There is just no way it was… … earned.

Nabi Rasch

Yep–journalism–unbiased reporting–is pretty much dead. It’s almost all opinion now, slanted Left or Right. Getting so. on some issues, the Right is almost as untrustworthy as the Left unfortunately.

Jimmy MacAfee

The fake Right.
The Never Trumpers.
They are untrustworthy.

Paul Ryan.
Mittens Romney.
Jeb Bush-brains

Alternative media has a much higher better clearer more accurate track record.
There is no equivalent on the Left, not even close.
Fox no longer counts as “Right.”



Question: What were you all doing BEFORE Mr. Little-man Moneybags hired you?

Surely, you brilliant people had/have a “Plan B? Don’t you.

Whatever misfortune befalls you, couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people. Yet you probably think of yourselves as being amongst the best and brightest in the whole country because you are so progressive, erudite, and just plain smarter than all of us regular folk who actually produce something that someone wants and managed to survive the years of Barack the Obama economy.

But here are three pieces of good news for all you starry-eyed brain-dead nitwits:

Most, if not all of you have college degrees in underwater water basket-weaving, or women’s studies, or Marxist Political Science, so you should have no problem getting high paying meaningful jobs somewhere, right? Snicker, he-he. And Mommy and Daddy probably still probably have their basement available to you since Mini-Mike’s campaign was so short they probably didn’t have time to remodel it…

Another piece of good news is since you “worked” for a nominal (D) person you get to pad your resume a little bit – now all you have to do is become a community agitator, I mean organizer, and after you win some small Democratically controlled election, you too can go on to become a back-bencher state senator, parley that into a blue state senate seat, where you can vote “present” most of the time, then make a hope and change speech at a future DNC convention, and – voilà you too can become and empty suit president if you kiss the right a$$es along the way.


For some reason my comment posted before I was done.

The final good news for you is that since you didn’t work for a Republican candidate, you will not be subject to any FISA warrants, special counsel subpoenas – subjecting you to perjury via entrapment, or acrimonious congressional hearings or possible jail time. Look at all the legal fees you have saved buy working (however briefly) for the right political machine.

Hope this makes you – now unemployed – snowflakes and SJWs feel better – I know I feel better just writing about you situation.

See, there is always a bright side, if you know where to look for it. Let me know if I can be of help in the future.


Maybe you can get a job with the Biden campaign – they will have positions open for depends changers in the near future, and since you already know how to kiss a$$, you may have a real future at least until November, unless the Dems screw both Biden, and you again, and anoint some other loser.

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