Madness: Chinese Airlines Will Resume Flights to Locked-Down California

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

“What in the wide, wide world of sports is a-goin’ on here?” – Thursday evening, depraved Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom put his entire state population under a lockdown order:

Other than New York’s Andrew Cuomo, Newsom has been the nation’s most aggressive governor in using draconian tactics to control his population during this crisis. It’s important to note that his crisis was caused and greatly exacerbated by 10,000 Chinese citizens per day flowing into this country during December and January while Chinese communist government officials lied to the world about the extent of the outbreak in Wuhan province. The vast majority of those 10,000 Chinese citizens arrived on jumbo jets flying from China to destinations on the West and East coasts of America.

Luckly, President Donald Trump acted quickly to end that madness, issuing a travel ban by Chinese citizens to the U.S. on January 31, likely saving thousands of American lives in the process. It’s also important to note that Trump was roundly demonized by Democrat politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders for taking that crucial action. There is no question that no Democrat president would have made this decision to save American lives.

I go through all of this today because of a new report by the San Francisco Chronicle that Chinese airlines are suddenly planning to resume flights from mainland China to California as soon as March 28, just six days from now.

From that piece:

While most U.S. airlines are cutting flights to historically low numbers because of the coronavirus pandemic, three mainland Chinese carriers plan to resume non-stop flights to San Francisco International Airport this month, a move SFO officials said “marks a hopeful change in direction.”

The resumption of flights is one of several early signs that the worst could be over in China, meaning the crisis will eventually come to an end here, too.

China Eastern will resume a daily non-stop flight this month between its hub in Shanghai and San Francisco using a Boeing 777-300ER jet. Flights are expected to start on Saturday, March 28.


Huh? Beg pardon? Say what????

What dark madness is this? We have a state whose population is in full lockdown thanks to a virus imported from China now planning to welcome new flights from China with open arms?

Later in the piece, we get information that is somewhat comforting:

Foreign nationals who have been in mainland China for the last 14 days are banned from entering the United States. U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents are allowed to return home, but must quarantine for 14 days after their arrival.

So who might book these flights? Undoubtedly, it will be the people who urgently need to travel intercontinentally.

Perhaps it’s the Americans who have been in China for the past two months — there are many who split their time between family in the mainland and Northern California — or the foreign nationals here on the West Coast who have been unable to return home until now.

And of course, those big jets have big cargo holds, and there is plenty of pent-up demand for U.S. and Chinese products on both sides of the Pacific.

All three airlines are majority owned by the Chinese government (Air China is the national flag carrier), so operating these flights at near-empty loads and at a financial loss should not be much of a concern for each carrier. The likelihood is these flights will be mostly empty, and that’s okay when you have the deep pockets of the Chinese government to finance these flights.


Thus, the provisions of the Trump travel ban remain in place related to Chinese nationals and others.

No question there is pent-up demand for goods from China, but that demand only further points to the madness that the U.S., thanks to 28 years of globalist administrations prior to Trump’s taking office, allowed our country to become insanely dependent on China for the supply chains related to a vast array of critical products.

The very fact that our own government is even contemplating allowing flights from China to California to resume while the California population is being told to shelter in place is a special kind of madness of its own. And it needs to end.

This crisis is a golden opportunity for President Trump to force any U.S. corporation that will be receiving bailout funds to move their entire supply chains and the jobs associated with them back to America. Period.

Don’t let this crisis go to waste, Mr. President. End this madness.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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jon fast

Some of the most intelligent comments I have ever read online. How very refreshing.

“It’s important to note that his crisis was caused and greatly exacerbated by 10,000 Chinese citizens per day flowing into this country during December and January while Chinese communist government officials lied to the world about the extent of the outbreak in Wuhan province.”

And I have to wonder whether that was the Chinese government sitting back, remaining silent, and allowing what happened to happen; as the Soviet army did during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, choosing not to intervene.

“The Warsaw Uprising (Polish: Powstanie Warszawskie; German: Warschauer Aufstand) was a major World War II operation, in the summer of 1944, by the Polish underground resistance, led by the Home Army (Polish: Armia Krajowa), to liberate Warsaw from German occupation. The uprising was timed to coincide with the retreat of the German forces from Poland ahead of the Soviet advance. While approaching the eastern suburbs of the city, the Red Army temporarily halted combat operations, enabling the Germans to regroup and defeat the Polish resistance and to destroy the city in retaliation. The Uprising was fought for 63 days with little outside support. It was the single largest military effort taken by any European resistance movement during World War II.”



I love it when people recite history accurately.

Stalin’s USSR position was to let/make/have the German Army waste their energy and ammo (and take whatever PR hit might come, although neither side much cared about world opinion in 1944), to kill off the people they largely planed to eliminate anyway. The German-Warsaw uprising pre battle much facilitated the USSR’s conquest of Warsaw and the rest of Poland. In 1939, 1941, and 1944, Poland endured three brutal invasions and wound up suffering the tyranny of foreign rule and occupation for over 60 years. This carnage was done to probably the most innocent, non-threatening, and benign country in all Europe if not the whole of the combat theaters of WWII.

What should have happened as soon as the knowledge of this deliberately allowed genocide by the USSR was found out in England and America, is that all aid and Lend Lease (free) support to the USSR via all three convoy routes should have ended. By the time of the uprising, the western allies’ armies were firmly established in France and Italy and victory over Germany was no longer in doubt. Even if the USSR somehow made a separate peace with Hitler (which was a real, though unfounded, concern) so what? Such an action would have enabled the west real justification to totally defeat both evil empires when the west was most able to achieve that total victory and really ensure a complete and lasting peace by truly saving the world for democracy.

Unfortunately, FDR was a closet commie with a state department infested with “Uncle Joe” (not Biden, even though he was alive in 1944 – 2 years old) sympathizers, so another major crime against humanity was allowed to be perpetrated and actually rewarded by our piss-poor foreign policy.

Our one big foreign policy failing and national shame, and the real reason we can’t get oppressed people to buy into our liberation efforts is because our foreign policy since 1945 does not allow us to fight to win and thus we never resolve anything internationally. The oppressed people we try to help, wind up getting screwed when we pack it in, collect our toys, and go home. The bad guys have local retribution and we are all in worse shape than when we started.

Jimmy MacAfee

The only reason Hollyweird went against Hitler was because he attacked Uncle Joe; same with the Labor Unions, who were almost uniformly Commie. Hollyweird acts so self-righteous – but this isn’t a recent thing: in the 30s, when Hitler’s Germany threatened to stop importing Hollyweird’s movies unless they fired Jews who worked on the movies (such as screenwriters and composers) Hollyweird threw the Jewish artists under the bus. The Good Joe – McCarthy – was right about so many things, but whatever he was drinking is not a recommended beverage. Savant-Idiot (not Idiot Savant.)

While Patton was right about the Soviet Union, he was despicable about the concentration camp survivors. He had no concept of what it was like to live and die under such terrible, awful conditions. A lot of people – starving and sick – had their brains scrambled. But Patton never was much for understanding human tragedies – too busy imagining himself a hero. NPD.

If he’s been a different person, though, he might not have been as effective as he was – but it was a profound mistake to put him in charge of concentration camps. His letters to his wife are disconcerting, to say the least.

And China’s economy was in serious trouble; torpedoing the U.S. economy rebalances the scales.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Chinese brand has been tainted. This is long-term.

Jimmy MacAfee

Repeat post:

I don’t see where they’re reporting resolved cases as resolved in the numbers – I may be wrong.

But let’s say 10 infected people infect others: it goes exponential
If 10 infected people don’t infect anyone, eventually there are zero cases.

There needs to be a graph of active v. inactive cases. Not just deaths relative to infection.

Jimmy MacAfee

New cases
Active cases (set period of time)
Inactive cases (resolved by recovery or death)

That’s what they mean by flattening the curve: preventing active cases from becoming new cases, and preventing new cases from making other new cases. But overall numbers (including those inactive cases) are not helpful in measuring the levels of infection.

Jimmy MacAfee

It’s been reported that in those places where labor is shut down, travel is restricted and serfs are unable to cook and clean for their Masters and Mistresses, the day is full of gloom and faces long:

“Who shall feed us,” they whine.
“We cannot cook; others have always done that for us.”

Guess they used to rely upon Pizza Delivery in the days when servants were unavailable for service.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder if those airlines will be bringing desperately needed adrenochrome, or will it be fentanyl (which the Mexican cartels are having a hard time getting these days?) Or will it be human cargo for the practice of Pizza Delivery? Cheese Pizza is a favorite of the Dims these days.


“This crisis is a golden opportunity for President Trump to force any U.S. corporation that will be receiving bailout funds to move their entire supply chains and the jobs associated with them back to America. Period.”

I absolutely agree – “never let a crisis go to waste” – no bailout funds without fundamental change in the way our corporations conduct business with China. Particularly pharmaceuticals!

President Trump should make this a centerpiece of discussion at his next press conference in order to explain to America this new policy.


Regarding resuming China flights, I can look at this two ways:

Resuming the flights on March 28, with the quarantine restrictions, will be the same or better than the current CA lockdown. Theoretically this should pose no additional risk of infection to the US even if BBC is still lying about the end of its viral outbreak. After all, sooner or later, normal commercial and economic activity must resume.


This policy indicates to me that with the deployment/availability of quine and other common, inexpensive, and effective drugs, the CHINA virus has run its course and will be dying off soon.

Furthermore. the current 15 day economic lockdown, which would end at around the end of this month, cannot continue much longer. Somehow, some way, normal economic activity must resume in the very near future, or our country will be economically crippled with the very real chance that Figurehead Joe and some radical female VP will win in November. And that would be a plague worse than death!

So, if, and only if, the appropriate measures – and that is a big if – are taken, I’m ok with the resumption of air service. When that happens, Californians, New Yorkers, and others will demand the resumption of normal activity, which will result in the economic rebound the country so desperately needs ASAP.

phineas gage

Within 7-10 days there needs to be a hard deadline for an end to this, or things will begin to get very real very fast.
Civilization is but a thin veneer.

Assuming things do begin to return to normal, sundance now speculates that the DNC convention-engineered nominee will be Andrew Cuomo.


Andrew Cuomo? A Trump/Cuomo matchup and debates… very interesting. I would prefer Fredo.

The real question is, what radical dingbat would the DNC (because it sure won’t be Cuomo deciding his VP) insert to be his running mate? It can’t be a white male, so maybe the phony Hawaiian Heroine?, Abrams? The Oprah (nah, wouldn’t want to take the political heat, or second fiddle status), or Barack the Obama’s nominal wife (nah, for the same reasons as the Oprah).

All the prominent and relatively likeable/electable potential Dem VP nominees are very comfortable in their current celebrity status and are nowhere near ambitious enough to expose themselves to fight for a sure loser VP slot.

Neither Cuomo is a frail Biden and the “stars” wouldn’t want to be just the VP.


China would prefer: “Anyone BUT Trump, as he exposed their Corruption Against America and our OWN politicos who “went along for the ‘Kick Backs and Rides they were getting on that Gravy Train”
Democrats are always Playing Nice to Nations world wide, for the Kick Backs, as they Sell Out America and our Citizens. There are Many Past Presidents who did Likewise, UNTIL TRUMP. So of course, China does NOT want him reelected-what Better way than this Economic Collapse that was imo, ‘Deliberately perpetuated Against America, and Trump’s #One Accomplishment-the Economy?”

Jimmy MacAfee

amen to both your posts.

Jimmy MacAfee

Good analysis. Which is why they’ll keep pumping for Quid Pro: ambitions being what they are, coming in second (VP) means ending up first.


Yep, none of the prominent gals on the left want to the Geraldine Ferraro of 1984 on a loser Cuomo ticket.

The other question would be: Why would Cuomo want to be this year’s designated loser (unless they can keep the BBC virus going and real internal polling shows Trump maybe losing)? Far better for him to keep his powder dry and run against Mile Pence in 2028 when he might have a chance.

Jimmy MacAfee

Very likely. (Where’s Quid Pro?) Hiding, because he has an expiration date. Manufactured. Interesting that Bernie the Aged can’t beat a senile, corrupt, ignorant, perverted old coot.

The biggest question is: who does China prefer?

Jimmy MacAfee

Flights from China, which is currently (still) lying about new cases? Of course, they ARE using the malaria drug, supposedly. This action by state of Californication is like Italians hugging Chinese nationals. PC gone mad.
And intentional sabotage.

But you know, the biggest persecutor of Christians in the world (other than Islam, of course) is China, which has an “official” bible, not a real Bible. 2 Thessalonians 2 talks about those people who hate G0D will be sent a strong delusion, so they’ll believe a lie. China now represents, other than her Christian population, the author of lies and death.

Trump had better stop believing anything their leadership says. They want us dead, and they want to own every acre in this country, and they want to remove every reference to Jesus/Yeshua from every corner of the world.

Is China the Great Babylon, the Great Whore? Or is the title shared with others, like London, Washington the District of Corruption, New York City, San Francisco, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Ankara, Doha, Berlin…the list goes on. Hard to tell which of the whores are greatest.


No more china.


China sent us, the “Wuhan Virus” and I believe it was deliberate for Many reasons-Soros also owns/is invested in “WiXi”: Pharma Tech who has a laboratory in Wuhan. These planes from CHINA need to be BANNED along with other nations, as this is a Full Blown Pandemic.

You all may want to read @ ‘The Washington Standard’ – “COVID-19:A MANUFACTURED VIRUS IN A SOROS-OWNED LAB TO CRASH ECONOMY?”

Soros, at ‘The World Economics Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2017 VOWED to take down POTUS Trump in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.” One of his ideas mentioned included: “Crashing the U.S. Economy BEFORE the 2020 ELECTION.” In a world wide recession(especially the U.S.) Soros and China’s Xi Would want to collapse our economy as it is the #One Accomplishment of President Trump.

This is not the first time that Soros has tried to “Tank America’s Economy, as this evil Globalist has done this as well to other nations.” At “Accuracy In Media” article of 1/16/2008 by Cliff Kincaid please read:


It IS obvious that China would NOT want POTUS Trump reelected, as HE is the one who ‘shined the light on the MANY YEARS that China made BILLIONS OFF THE U.S., and charged us HUGE Tariffs-that ONLY became publicly known when Trump exposed China’s corruption. Of course our own politicians NEVER looked at China in this way, because “They were ALL RIDING THE CHINA ‘Kick Backs to Themselves, as they SOLD OUT AMERICA.” This is not Unlike the Ukraine, whose former corrupt President had the SAME deals going for our American Politicos, and it was NOT ONLY BIDEN & Son, but Pelosi & Son, John Kerry & Step Son, Adam Schiff
and John Brennan, and OF COURSE, HILLARY. Is it any wonder they all Hate Trump, who is Exposing Them?

Posters: Hope you can all read the articles above, and help ‘make this information “GO VIRAL” as we Americans NEED TO PULL TOGETHER TO STOP THIS CONSTANT ATTACK ON OUR REPUBLIC AND
POTUS TRUMP- Thank you All if you can do so…at least forward this site/comments to all on your lists!

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