Corrupt Media Now Working Hard to Demonize Potential Coronavirus Cure

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

They don’t want this thing cured too early. – Thursday evening, a spokesman for Stanford University Medical Center appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program to tout a long-used prescription drug called hydroxycholoroquine (HC) as a safe and effective cure for the coronavirus:

Subsequent to that announcement, detailed in Friday’s Campaign Update, the public was informed of other successful trials and use of this treatment in China and South Korea. The President himself talked about the potential for HC to be a game-changer in fighting the Chinese virus.

Presto! A new corrupt media narrative is born. Trump likes something, it must be bad. If it’s good for the American people, it’s got to be hella bad for the corrupt news media and their Democrat masters. Thus, now we are seeing pieces like this one from Bloomberg pop up all over the corrupt media complex:

Virus Drug Touted by Trump, Musk Can Kill With Just Two Gram Dose

The drug touted by the U.S. President Donald Trump as a possible line of treatment against the coronavirus comes with severe warnings in China and can kill in dosages as little as two grams.

China, where the deadly pathogen first emerged in December, recommended the decades-old malaria drug chloroquine to treat infected patients in guidelines issued in February after seeing encouraging results in clinical trials. But within days, it cautioned doctors and health officials about the drug’s lethal side effects and rolled back its usage.

This came after local media reported that a Wuhan Institute of Virology study found that the drug can kill an adult just dosed at twice the daily amount recommended for treatment, which is one gram.

As the drug hasn’t been approved by the U.S. Food And Drug Administration to treat the disease known as Covid-19, the Chinese experience may be useful as the American regulator studies the medication which has been endorsed by Trump as well as Tesla Inc. chief executive officer Elon Musk.


It isn’t until the 9th and 10th paragraphs in the piece that we see that an honest news organization would have focused on the undeniable fact that HC has in fact been highly effective in China in treating the virus, just as it has been in other parts of the world:

Chloroquine was among the first group of therapies Chinese scientists identified as being effective in curbing the new coronavirus. Clinical trials on about 130 patients demonstrated the drug’s ability to reduce the severity of the illness and speed up virus clearance, according to China’s Ministry of Sciences and Technology.

Chroloquine phosphate was officially recommended on Feb. 19 in the Covid-19 treatment guidelines published by China’s National Health Commission, along with a few other drugs such as AbbVie Inc.’s Kaletra and flu drug arbidol as antiviral treatments for patients. The commission recommended no more than a 10-day course of chloroquine for adult patients at 500mg — half a gram — twice a day.


Oh, you don’t say. So, what is the basis for the irresponsibly sensationalist and misleading headline? Why the final paragraph, of course:

A woman in Wuhan proved how lethal chloroquine can be when it’s taken beyond the recommended dose. On Feb. 25, Shanghai-based The Paper reported that she took 1.8 grams of the drug she ordered online after suspecting she had the coronavirus. She did not, but the drug caused her to develop malignant cardiac arrhythmic, which can cause sudden death, and she was admitted to the intensive care unit.


So, here we have a woman who took almost FOUR TIMES THE RECOMMENDED DOSE of HC who developed a heart arrhythmia as a result. Go figure.

Folks, ANY drug taken in massive quantities far above the recommended dosage can be lethal.

This is what your corrupt news media does in its zeal to try to damage the hated Trump. It is the kind of thing it does every day in its desperation to attract clicks to its websites. It is incredibly irresponsible and frankly unpatriotic in a time of national emergency.

These people are sick, and not due to a virus.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Mike R

Follow the money. This 40+ year old drug is now a generic. This means it is cheap. It also means the side effects, risks, are well known. Many are poised to make a great deal of money from a potential vaccine, rushed to market, without a fraction of the clinical experience of this drug. It is reported that such as George Soros, Bill Gates, even the CDC, have patent interests in vaccines they hope to market. Meanwhile, many thousands will die if denied access to this drug, whose safety and effectiveness are well known.

Jimmy MacAfee

Media being the social animals that they are, with fairly bad habits (diet, smoking, lack of exercise) and increasing age in some sectors (talking heads) they’re an at-risk population.


So tired of the msm and the lefties trying to cover up possible solutions for problems we face.
The other think I was having was that it would not surprise me in the least if President Donald J. Trump made an annoucement that HC seems to be the way to go in fighting the kung flu and folks should go ahead and give it a try. In the proper dosage, of course.
The mental picture I have is of POTUS doing the usual briefing with all the folks behind him as he makes his announcement. Complete with Dr. Fauci and Rod Rosenstein’s sister standing there with their jaws flopping open as DJT makes his statement.
Effectively ending the brouhaha from the CDC political activists posing as great medical minds.
Common sense is needed in this time of crisis. If a drug is working, and it is, use the damn stuff to get this nation back on track.


As you stated Dave, one can OD on anything, even too much water can kill you, too high a concentration of oxygen can burn your lungs and cause sever harm…

Interesting that you found a Bloomturd article that tries to exacerbate the crisis and create doom, despair, and doubt in the minds of many Americans. If ANY of these Traitors (D) ever again become president we all will be in deep Doo-doo!

Think about this, if hydroxycholoroquine (HC), or quine for short, were available for a (D) administration in a similar situation, one of several things would happen:

The whole country would be forced/mandated to take the RECOMMENDED DOSEAGE prophylactically.

The “crisis” would be over and the (D) would be hailed as a hero. Or,

The price of quine would be drastically raised and/or the availability would be restricted to hospitals for only the most dire cases that a (D) healthcare “system” would RATION to only the people it chose to save. The excuse for the lack of open distribution of proven quine would be that it must be tested for its safety and effectiveness – thus increasing its cost to near prohibitive levels, which, off course would ultimately increase the cost to the government run healthcare system led by the CDC etc.. The net result would be (like in CHINA) government playing GOD as to who lives and who dies…

The (D) administration would of course be hailed by the MSM (D) as being the hero in “dealing” with this crisis, as most of the young and healthy people would ultimately survive anyway while many of the elderly and (immune) weak would die. The ignorant and malleable survivors would be propagandized into singing the praises of our dear leader. In my opinion, the (D) administration’s actions would be praised to the hilt as heroic as “only” .3% of the population (which would equate to about 1 Million) dies as a result of this (act of GOD – he MUST be blamed) disease and the government came to our rescue…

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t have faith in the things we take to cure illness, but I have faith in the things the Lord provides for our benefit. Manna was such a thing. Elijah was fed by ravens. The widow’s oil never ran out. 5,000 were fed, and 4,000 were fed (not including the women and children.) I just received an unexpected check yesterday, out of nowhere. Bread brought by ravens.

No wonder the press is rejecting chloroquine; any good thing, they will reject. And any Good thing, they will reject doubly. (If you don’t know the difference between good and Good, just know that it’s a spiritual term, as well as a temporal term: good is a common term; Good is a term for the Almighty, and no one else. “Why does thou call me good, when only the Father is good?”

The Press calls evil good and good evil. These are the days that are spoken of and referenced.

You must bow down to rise up.


If there was ever any doubt that the media and the left are vile, subhuman scum, there isn’t anymore.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Press doesn’t want its lollipop taken away; this virus has made people pay attention, because if they’re staying home, there’s little else to do (doesn’t describe all of us, but some.) More than anything, they want a cudgel with which to bash President Trump. But they’re also getting viewers – some are, others are not.

Let me tell you something about the Press: most hate G0D, or any mention of Jesus/Jeshua; they are mostly sceptics and deniers. That is not a supposition; this is a fact.

I’m guessing heads exploded when President Trump, again, mentioned G0D in his Saturday news conference. I have had similar experiences lately, when those who hate Him begin to rage at His mention. Like the one thief on the cross, they demand restoration without repentance. Doesn’t work that way.

I have had at least 5 examples of people and institutions rejecting me lately because I kindly – not boastfully nor angrily nor hatefully – proclaimed Jesus/Yeshua. Others, whom I’ve known for years, understood that prayers for them were an act of kindness, meekness, gentleness and love.

This is a spiritual battle, make no mistake.

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