What is Anthony Fauci’s Real Agenda?

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

These are not the polls the corrupt news media was hoping to see. Not at all. – After two solid weeks of the corrupt news media and prominent Democrats parroting the talking points of the communist Chinese government, the public is obviously grown weary of the nonsense. No one with a normal, functioning brain believes that the terms “Chinese flu” or “China virus” that President Donald Trump likes to use are in any real way “racist.” They simply – and accurately – identify the source of the virus that is killing thousands of people all over the world.

The public’s weariness of the tiresome media/Democrat narrative is now showing up in polling data, with no fewer than four new national polls this past week showing strong majorities of Americans pulling together to reject the narrative and approving of the President’s handling of the crisis. In the two most recent polls, taken this week as the media focus on this non-issue reached a fever pitch, the majority margin is now in double digits.

A new ABC/Ipsos poll released early on Friday shows the approve/disapprove ratio at 55% to 43%, and a new poll from Morning Consult released on Friday afternoon pegs the margin at a whopping 53% to 39%.

The corrupt media petulance moved into the silly season at Friday’s Coronavirus Task Force press conference. The questioning became so absurd that even the normally composed Dr. Anthony Fauci, a 40+ year veteran of such events, snapped at the media twice for reporters’ efforts to mischaracterize some of his own comments.

Unfortunately, though, Fauci’s own comments – intentionally downplaying the potential for hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus – ended up playing a dominant role in the presser.

The President’s most notable confrontation of the Friday event came with inveterate jackass MSNBC reporter Peter Alexander, who decided it was his role to debate the POTUS on whether or not he was being “reassuring” enough to the American people.

Here’s a longer, unedited clip of the exchange, not the highly-edited one pretty much every TV outlet decided to run with later:


Alexander: What do you say to Americans who are scared, though, nearly 200 dead, 14,000 who are sick, millions, as you witness, who are scared right now. What do you say to Americans who are watching you right now who are scared?

Trump: I say that you are a terrible reporter. That’s what I say. [crosstalk]

Alexander: [badgering now] But what do you say…

Trump: I say that’s a very nasty question, and I think it’s a very bad signal that you’re putting out to the American people. The American people are looking for answers, and they are looking for hope. And you’re doing sensationalism, and the same with NBC and Comcast, I don’t call…

Alexander: [more badgering]

Trump: …I don’t call it Comcast, I call it Concast…[more badgering] let me just, for who you work…[more badgering] let me just tell you something: That’s really bad reporting, and you ought to get back to reporting instead of sensationalism. Let’s see if it [hydroxychloroquine] works: It might, and it might not. [more badgering] I happen to feel good about it, but who knows? I’ve been right a lot. Let’s see what happens.


Now, what had led up to this was really caused by Dr. Fauci, whose real agenda in all of this remains a matter that is still up in the air. Fauci, despite multiple peer-reviewed international studies – one of which we talked about in yesterday’s Campaign Update – indicating that hydroxychloroquine, a plentiful, well-known anti-Malaria treatment, is highly effective in actually curing coronavirus, had just finished his own statement during which he severely downplayed the potential for that drug to help in this pandemic, choosing instead to focus on new drugs that are in the development phase.

Several things are important to note here:

  1. Fauci is a life-long bureaucrat, and it is the nature of bureaucrats to protect their own turf and always seek to expand it. His remarks were entirely consistent with this professional outlook.
  2. Those new drugs stand to make billions for American Big Pharma in the context of this plague.
  3. Profits from mass production and distribution of a well-known, pre-existing drug like hydroxychloroquine would be far, far less. And,
  4. The use of an already-approved, well-known drug denies federal bureaucrats the opportunity to gum up the process and claim credit.

So, what is Fauci’s real motivation here? Is he just another turf-protecting bureaucrat who is being influenced by corporations and their lobbyists? It certainly happens. But to his credit, Fauci did come back to the podium later and lecture the reporters in the room for overstating his previous remarks.

Another concern about Fauci surfaced on Friday, this in the form of a letter he sent to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after her shamefully dishonest Benghazi-related testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in 2013. Here is the text of that email, which can best be characterized as a love letter, found yesterday in the files of WikiLeaks:

From your doctor admirer From: Fauci, Anthony (NIH/NIAID) [E]

Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 6:10 PM

To: Mills, Cheryl D

Subject: Today’s performance

Cheryl: Anyone who had any doubts about the Secretary’s stamina and capability following her illness had those doubts washed away by today’s performance before the Senate and the House. She faced extremely difficult circumstances at the Hearings and still she hit it right out of the park. Please tell her that we all love her and are very proud to know her.

Warm regards, Tony

Anthony S. Fauci, MD

Director National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Building 31, Room 7A-03

31 Center Drive, MSC 2520

National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD 20892-2520

Phone: (301) 496-2263 FAX: (301) 47-4409 E-mail: afauci


My goodness. “Please tell her we all love her”? Really???

At best, this letter and his remarks at Friday’s press conference show lack of judgment and situational awareness on Dr. Fauci’s part. At worst, well, let’s hope the worst case scenario is not in play, because lives are literally at stake.

Bottom line, it is best to treat everything this guy says with a very skeptical ear.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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It is time for all Americans to be screaming BS on Fauci!
There are thousands documented as rapidly cured and yet our press and all powers that be are attempting to block the cure.
– Hydroxychloroquin, zpack, zink –

Governors are threatening doctors to not use it.
Fauci is demanding a “double blind” study before advising hydroxchloroquin (tetanus shot never got a double blind study.)
Press attempting to deny.
CDC telling doctors to count all deaths as from COVID19
Fauci is attempting to create medical dictatorship
This is an attempt to destroy America: wake up!

Ben Colder

I think he is a fake I have never liked the little weasel I have the feeling that he hates our President hope Trump fires him PDQ.


Interesting that Fauci, while gushing over Hillary Clinton in his email, described her appearance before the House Senate Hearings on Benghazi as “performance.”

Black Sheep

Wasn’t aware Fauce is a Democrat, hadn’t heard, or checked. Now I understand why the Commie media is suddenly being much nicer to Pres. Trump. No worries on my part tho, he’s never going to let that guy run the show. He’ll use him, then lose him. Right now Fauci’s presence is getting him some needed cooperation.


“Wasn’t aware that Fauci is a Democrat”

Black Sheep,

You can bet the ranch that 90+% of any DC or other high ranking government official from anywhere is a true Democrat, or at best a Democrat who puts an (R) after his/her name.

An example is Comey, who called himself a Republican so the MSM could claim that Comey is a (R) just to hurt Trump – Comey is no more a Republican than you or I are Martians.

When Trump loses 96% of the vote in DC and similar numbers in virtually every major Blue Dem controlled city, there is no doubt as to the political affiliation of most of the MSM or government employees. I know, I lived it, I was there, and I was one of the 4% of the sane in the DC area.

Matt Frihart

I stay in , not because the government tells me to, but because I choose to do so on my own (and did so before this started I might add). If and when I’ve wanted to leave my home, I have, with no fear that I’ll even spread this thing. I have long assumed the government is both overplaying the severity and underplayed just how far it has spread, both for reasons to look good publicly.

I also know none of us could have predicted something like this, or its public reaction being this severe, nor can we do anything about the people in charge until election day. How this is handled overall will end up going a long way towards whom a lot of people vote for……… that being said, watch your congressmen like hawks, they are the ones we need to pay attention to in this crisis, the media will try to focus on the president, but the real places this can be messed up is congress and your state and local governments. Pay attention to what they propose and what they try to sneak in bills, we all have that time to pay attention now. This is a key time with primaries around the corner and a general election not long after on where to keep your focus.

jimmy matho

“we love you hillary”…..????
that seals it,…..He’s a baby eater too, part of the cabal

Jimmy MacAfee

Is his name on any flight logs? Just wondering.

Iron Lady

The first time I saw this information about the good doctor was at The conservative Treehouse a few days ago. Check it out – a TERRIFIC site.


Asking the Dr. for a real cure is like telling Americans there were no WMD’s in Iraq so we are not going to invade.


Without actually hearing Fauci’s words I can’t be sure but it seems as though he’s speaking as a scientist here.

Hydroxychloroquine may be an effective TREATMENT for SARS-CoV-2. That means if you get the disease and are diagnosed then the drug will greatly shorten the period of symptoms and how long you can give the disease to others.

If true — the evidence is positive so far — then that will mean a substantial reduction in the number of hospital beds occupied by virus patients and — hopefully — a lower death rate.

That’s not going to prevent the disease or its spread (people who get this drug will likely already be hospitalized) and it’s not going to eliminate or even much reduce the need for distancing and other measures.

If proven in further testing I’d call this a big deal. I wouldn’t call it a game-changer, at least not yet. Not until we know exactly how much it does for how many people under what circumstances and with what side effects.

Nathan Redshield

Bitterly Ironic that yesterday Google’s “shtik” was Ignasz Semmelweis and how his antiseptic practices in maternity hospitals got shot down by the medical profession in Central Europe which had their own “agendas”..


Fauci seems to be rooting for the malaria drug to fail. If the French study discussed Wednesday(?) on WMAL’s Morning on the Mall show had not come to the President’s attention (then later on Tucker’s show), I have to wonder if Fauci or the FDA would even be considering this drug combo as a possible “game changer”. I suspect that Fauci et al. would (maybe will) ignore, disparage, undercut the study and set up a review of the drug that would be designed to fail. Very disconcerting. It’s one thing to go through the thorough and exacting process for validating drugs in normal times, but wouldn’t these folks apply a sense of urgency in this situation? Very worrisome. Thankfully, the president is watching what happens.

Jay Matt

Let’s get one thing straight: Despite Dr. F’s insistence on time consuming, bureaucrat-think clinical trials for efficacy & safety —

There have been clinical trials that simply stopped in mid-stream, either because the results were soo bad, or the good results were soo obvious.

You DON’T always need statistics crunched to the nth degree. It IS recognized in the scientific community that enough anecdotes proves the theory. It’s duplicitous to give lip service and then ignore the current peer reviews studies showing good results.

I was on to this guy a week ago. If he needs controls and scientific method, them put him in charge of the climate change debacle, which can finally be dismissed as unsupported.

“Those new drugs stand to make billions for American Big Pharma in the context of this plague.”

‘Nuf said. Get it? GOT it? Good.


Dr. Fauci needs to be reminded that hydroxychloroquin is treating Wuhan Virus patients successfully RIGHT NOW in America (Veterans Hospital, Lebanon, OR) and saving lives. Trump needs to step on his neck and get the drug released YESTERDAY!

phineas gage

The more important point that David notes is that once again the media’s latest attempt to take down the bad orange man has backfired, as the majority of the country unites behind his leadership during this crisis (whether real or concocted).

Ordinary people see a media that is trying to destroy a president during a time of national tumult, as well as a media that is ghoulishly enthusiastic about the possibility of human suffering–both medical and economic– and is waving the pom-poms for bad news.

It’s obviously not going to end well for them, but the most amazing part is that they are at this point simply unable to help themselves. Trump hatred 24-7 is the crack cocaine to which they are addicted.

Jimmy MacAfee

Your word “ghoulish” should be highlighted, particularly the attempts by the press and much of Hollywood as they once again gleefully dance around the newest thing that they think will bring the President down.

I see some arrests coming; I see some sealed indictments coming unsealed: those who squeal loudest are those who have the most to fear. Bill Maher? Robert De Niro? This goes way beyond politics: they know the only way they’ll be spared if for everything to collapse in ruins, and if that’s what it takes – they say openly – so be it.

Be careful what you wish for, enemies of Freedom. There will be little sympathy when the time comes.

phineas gage

I just borrowed it from David because that word is the perfect description.

Jimmy MacAfee

Is this guy another Rod Rosenstein?

Tim Clark

Trump keeps talking about 15 days, which ends in 10 more days. I think he may be making the biggest decision of his life in 10 days. He may need to confront the scientists and politicians who are in favor or a prolonged shutdown with the greater damage that a continued shutdown may cause. The drama is building…

Marcus Westrick, MS, CLS, CLDir (ret)

I watched this press conference in real time. While the President is very optimistic regarding using hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 infections (and I share that optimism) I understand where Dr Fausi is coming from. The paper that the French researchers posted on-line has their data included. My review of this data (I’m a biochemist who worked in the clinical lab community for 28+ years) indicates the potential for hydroxychloroquine to be a game changer in treating this pandemic. Dr Fausi said that in a way that any scientist needing more data would say before committing. And yes, further studies are necessary to confirm. I hope the PHS under the Surgeon General are collecting this data and analyzing it quickly. I hope Dr Fausi has put aside partisan politics for the good of the nation & if hydroxychloroquine is useful in treating COVID-19 then implement a strategy to utilize this drug STAT!

We American Patriots do need to be diligent in keeping an eye on the bureaucracy to ensure that the best decisions are made for our country.

(Thanks David for your web page and analysis of the political situation – GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!)

Jimmy MacAfee

Rod Rosenstein was kept on long enough for him to sign off on some important details. While he instigated a lot of the President’s troubles, he was useful to undermine some of his own treachery.

I suspect this is the case now.

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you for your insight! The efforts by some to politicize this issue is eerily reminiscent of the politicization of Law Enforcement (FBI) and Intelligence (CIA, DIA) and the Justice Department under Obama, (and the latter, the DOJ, as far back as Dubya’s administration.)

Hope is not science, but science sometimes offers hope.


I detected definite bureaucratic resistance to Trump from Fauci during the last press conference. Remember that a continuing crisis is a health bureaucrat’s dream.


This drug has been in use globally since 1944, used for malaria. Countries with malaria have almost no cases of the virus, check the heat maps. It has already been tested, in the trenches, in crap hole countries around the world, and has been shown to be, safe and effective. Screw Fauci, drug companies want to come up with a cure but can’t if this drug especially in combination with azythromycin, is the standard of care. Studies of the combo, is showing, the virus is gone in 6 days, with chloroquine alone, maybe a couple of weeks. Fauci wants longterm clinical trials first before it is used, and I thought Trump was going to barf when Fauci said that. Fauci is good friends with Hillary Clinton, imagine that? Trust science not scientists!


That’s disappointing. I guess I need to pay more attention to what Fauci is saying in the future. My impression of him thus far at 10K feet has been that he seems like a straight shooter, and wants data to drive decisions. And I’ve felt that he’s pushed back a bit on the media occasionally. I guess while I’m on forced vacation next week, I’ll have time to watch more closely. Trump has always praised his team, and if there are partisan dissenters up there, they have great poker faces, because I have yet to see anyone roll their eyes or break from stoicism while he’s talking.


I can’t stand Fauci. He has intentionally fanned the flames of panic in the general public and charted the course of “lockdown” which is just another name for martial law. His statement that “millions are going to die” was intentionally inflammatory and leading to destroying our basic liberties.



Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai – running for Senate. Very knowledgeable.


I stand corrected. When Trump called the State Dept, the “Deep State Dept”, he broke his poker face. Tried to ad the video link…filters here blocked it.


A very wise mentor in DC told me to never put something in an email/memo that you don’t want seen on the front page of the WAPO, especially on a “monitored” government network.

Furthermore, what ever happened to the admonition: “Keep silent and be thought a fool rather than speak (write) and remove all doubt. The whole damn government leadership has verbal diarrhea.

This vomiting of “thought” is actually a good thing in that it can be used as evidence against these “trusted public servants” (not necessarily talking about Dr. Fausi here) if and when we ever get a DOJ/FBI willing to do its real job and not just prosecute accouple of elite actors and actresses for bribing university admission officials to get their brats into propaganda centers formerly known as institutions of higher learning.

What was the reason and/or purpose of Fauci’s slobbering love letter to Walking Eagle? I guess to give her confidence that she has her Bird Schiff brain together enough to run for president.

One other thought/question, and in case I missed it (I can’t follow this 24/7) I apologize:

What happened to the former Deputy Attorney General Robert Rosenstein’s SISTER who I remember being one of the original CDC PR honchos who painted such a dire picture of the “pandemic” a couple of weeks ago?

Rush pointed out her anti-Trump family connections several weeks ago as all this panic was getting started.

Boy o boy, does our government really need an enema.

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