There may be a Larger Agenda at Play Here

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

“There’s something happenin’ here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.” – Not trying to raise alarm here, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that there may be some larger agenda taking place in our society behind the scenes that has not yet risen to the surface.

The government’s response to the China Virus, so oversized when compared to its responses to H1N1 and other previous virial plagues, indicates that either we are not being told the entire truth about this current virus, or that something else is driving this train.

The manner in which the national media worked in overdrive during February to create a national panic cannot be discounted as a motivator of the government’s decision to literally shut down 75% of the U.S. economy in an unprecedented attempt to control the spread. But does that really explain it all? The destruction of wealth we have witnessed in just the past few weeks is astonishing, as millions have lost jobs and businesses and seen their retirement funds decimated.

If this was, as we were initially told, just a two-week effort to control the spread, then a quick recovery might be in the offing. But as this past week progressed, the estimates of timelines began to extend as the measures by state and federal governments became more draconian. The states of California, New York and Illinois are either now or will soon be 100% shelter in place mode with people allowed outside their homes for only a few exceptions. More states will no doubt follow within days.

Policing these shelter-in-place orders will require the activation of state National Guard units, and we can see the Administration already making plans to acquiesce to pressure from various governors – like New York’s Andrew Cuomo – to activate Army units to assist.

Certainly, the justification for such measures of trying to avoid overwhelming our hospitals and medical supplies/equipment is a reasonable objective. But if we create a 25% unemployment rate and skyrocketing poverty and homelessness in the process, thousands more Americans will die in the coming months not from the Chinese Flu, but from inability to feed themselves or obtain proper medical care.

If we had seen this kind of government reaction to the H1N1 outbreak in 2009/10, when Barack Obama waited until 60,000 were infected and over 1,000 dead before really doing much of anything, then all of this would be understandable. But obviously, we did not see that then, in part because the lapdog media never questioned anything Saint Barack ever did or said.

As much as I like and trust President Trump to protect the American people above all else, there can be no denying at this point that we are literally turning our country into a police state and destroying a massive slice of our economy in order to limit the spread of this virus. We are told that this is all temporary, but how temporary it all is just keeps becoming less and less temporary with every passing day.

Something bigger is in play here. What it is ain’t exactly clear, yet, but we will know soon enough. Again, this is not to raise alarm – I can think of several potential scenarios that would actually be positive developments in the long run.

Be careful. Be safe. Protect your loved ones. Pay careful attention to what the President is telling you and no attention at all to CNN or the New York Times.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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David, I believe this may answer your question. And thank you for all your articles, I depend on your insights.


I’m not much for conspiracy theories but something isn’t right here. Italy has had about 4800 deaths, 800 in the last 24 hours. Italy is a big destination for the Chinese and they have invested a lot of money there. So the virus came to Italy from China. Could it get worse in countries bordering Italy? As the incubation period seems to be 10 to 14 days, it could have very well done so. As for here, it does seem that the response is out of proportion but what if we hadn’t shut off travel? Would we be facing 800 deaths per day? Perhaps. BUT, the response does seem to be disproportionate and the Left and the LSM are using it to push very hard for their agenda. And the LSM has been able to convince the sheeple that this is the Plague to End All Plagues. Could the President be pushed into instituting some of the more totalitarian measures? Yes, if the Left and their media lapdogs convince enough people to demand stricter measures. Do not let your guard down.

Jimmy MacAfee

Considering the Pope sold out Catholicism to the Chinese and their doctored “bibles,” Italy may be facing G0D’s wrath. Making deals with the devil isn’t a good healthcare plan.

Jimmy MacAfee

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Bill Barr (hopefully) is showing how it’s done. For those clamoring for arrests of the Deep State, expeditiously…Barr has just given it to us. Some are kvetching about civil rights – (under a Bush or Obama, I would agree with them) – but it remains to be seen if De Niro and other sickos are targets. A lot of targets – it’s a target-rich environment!

And most people are staying at home, by choice or by force, the “elite” not being able to fly, fly away. The rats will be eating each other soon, it seems. Who will be the last two rats standing?

Jimmy MacAfee

“Elites” are speaking in code (Ellen, for one.) Fear is in the air. And not from the virus. Pick up some popcorn, if the shelves still have any.


Dave, I don’t know if its just me or not but the popups, especially the video (comes up in the lower right) are driving me nuts. Also I have to sign in each time to comment, even though I checked the “keep me signed in” box. Maybe I’m not holding my face just right?

Ben Colder

I think that this virus was manufactured by China and it either got away from them or they let it out on purpose.I lean toward it being on purpose they tried it out on their own people first and when they saw what it did they sent infected people around the world.China wants to rule the world and they think they can do it this way.I also think the dem/communists were in on the whole thing along with the communist fake news only trouble is Trump got wind of it before he was supposed to and screwed up their plans .The dem /communists think they have Trump by the balls this time. Time will tell

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t see where they’re reporting resolved cases as resolved in the numbers – I may be wrong.

But let’s say 10 infected people infect others: it goes exponential
If 10 infected people don’t infect anyone, eventually there are zero cases.

There needs to be a graph of active v. inactive cases. Not just deaths relative to infection.


One of our congress pukes got it right when she said: “It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby”. She forgot to add the words: “AND Power”.

“Those who possess the gold make the rules”


I did a search on for Rothschild history and am reading a book about where all this started. A Doctor Quicley wrote a book called: “Tragedy and Hope” which is over 1000 pages and is condensed by someone else whose name escapes me right now. I’m reading the condensed version. Here is an excerpt:

Cecil Rhodes Organized a Secret Society in 1891
“The Rhodes Scholarships, established by the terms of Cecil Rhodes’s seventh will, are known to everyone. What is not so widely known is that Rhodes in five previous wills left his fortune to form a secret society, which was to devote itself to the preservation and expansion of the British Empire. And what does not seem to be known to anyone is that this secret society was created by Rhodes and his principal trustee, Lord Milner, and continues to exist to this day.

Here is a link:


As part of the British Empire, Rhodesia (through several name iterations) was named after Cecil Rhodes.

Your comment prompted me to look into Wikipedia’s list of Rhodes Scholars and it reads like the leftist winners of the Nobel Prizes. It includes names like BJ Clinton, Robert Reich, and George Stephanopoulos, with very few “scholars” who could be remotely be considered conservative – I found two so far out of a list of over a hundred leftists.

This just reinforces my knowledge and belief that virtually every institute of higher learning – here and abroad – is a cesspool of liberal/Marxist orthodoxy. They are breeding grounds for much of the worldwide Deep State that we all know and despise.

Check out the Wikipedia list of Rhodes scholars and you will find that many served in Jimmy Peanut, BJ Clinton and “the One’s” administration – at least one of whom was an Obama Czar (a uniquely communist term). Some were even recycled from one (D) admin. to another. 1968 was a particularly fertile year for “graduates”.


Greg, you should also check how many are part of the council of foreign relations, CFR, the US version of the round table group started in England.


The Deep State is in one last battle of the bulge. They were losing until they hit on this great idea. Install Martial Law in the name of public health. Once people are used to seeing tanks on the streets, it becomes the new normal. Ask anyone over the age of 60 who was in any of the former East Bloc countries how that works.

We have the government that we were too lazy to prevent. What we do now will determine what kind of government we get for tomorrow.

Vote in November as if your life depends on it and be prepared to fight to defend that choice as the loser will not go quietly into the night.

Yah saves

Andrenachrome running low for the elites in control and in Hellywood….yup, CEO’s stepping down and heading to their bunkers…125,000 plus sealed indictments all across USA…10 days of darkness people…get ready, don’t panic…justice and reset coming…

Jimmy MacAfee

By the way, Jimmy comes from James which comes from Jacob which comes from Yaaqob which does NOT mean “heel grabber” or “supplanter,” as is commonly assumed, but “G0D will rescue” or “G0D will save.”

I take it you’re a James or Jacob. Yah saves.

Yah saves

No, Jimmy….I use it as a short form of Yahweh…may He give us the strength to see this through…

Jimmy MacAfee


Jimmy MacAfee

I believe it. Pictures of the “elite” show a surprisingly quick descent – many appear to have aged beyond the natural aging process.

Have Faith. Not in people, nor organizations, but in the Lord.


What i am hearing from phsycian friends and family in Italy…it is a mother f-er of a virus…they are downplaying it. Americans are selfish pigs, who have lost touch with empathy and have been bred to not be able to stand an ounce of discomfort..proven by the toilet paper (of all things!) hoarding. Thats what you get when your susbstinence is a steady diet of BS from the mainstream media, and diabetes inducing 7 dollar pizzas from Costco. Keep it up, America. Embarassing


We are not all fat, lazy and ignorant. Some of us dig deep when it comes to knowledge and are well aware of the corrupted media. I have always prepared whether it be financially, nutritionally or spiritually. i will not be caught with nothing to fall back on. Most Americans are heathens and alot of those are new to this country.

Jimmy MacAfee

Political Correctness is killing Italy. Go hug someone, just to prove you’re not racist! Especially if they’re from China and are wearing a mask and a sign that baits you!


Show me

We’ll see if the treatment with the malaria drug, hydrochloroquine, is as good as hoped.
If it works well, or even works half as good, it will save a lot of lives and the country will get back on its feet sooner than expected. No question the virus is a bad one causing acute respiratory distress syndrome, and not just in the elderly, but younger people are getting it too, and have the full blown respiratory distress syndrome. What has been frightening is that there hasn’t been a treatment for the emerging new virus, but if there is one that works, the panic will dissipate and people can get back to approaching things rationally.
Part of the problem is that Democrats and the media immediately latched onto this like their savior, finally their krypton against Trump, but it’s not turning out like that at all, and on top of it, now people are wondering where Joe Biden is. If you have a candidate for President and the country in crisis, they shouldn’t just disappear.
They should be there giving moral support if nothing else.
Even agreeing with the administrations handling of the crisis, or the great job Democrat governors are doing or the job the Congress is doing needs to be commented on.

Don Perry

Watch for a quick-moving mass arrest of the deep-state elements of governments, particularly in the US. Here, it is about time for Barr and Durham to disclose their investigative findings and indictments. Military may be needed to assist in stopping the resulting civil unrest, particularly by the left.

Jimmy MacAfee

Barr is looking for additional detention powers. You are likely over the target.


Barr said something was going to start happening in the spring (hopefully he was referring to spring 2020, but one never knows when dealing with DC speak)..

Well it is no spring Mr. Barr – you are on the clock and you now have 90 days. We Americans and your boss have been very patient; it is time for our patience to be rewarded.

As the Brits would say: Give it some stick.


Correction: Well it is now spring… Not no

Silas Lester

I will say this: isn’t it strange/coincidental that just as the President finally get the Chicoms to capitulate to his trade terms there is a sudden outbreak of a new form of corona virus? Dave asks if there’s something strange going on, well folks, this is it. The MSM started piling on almost immediately. DOOM! DOOM! they say. Yet, if we look at even the upper edge of the spectrum for this “pandemic” we see that the numbers just don’t add up.
It’s a manufactured crisis by the Chicoms. We all know how many of their own citizens a communist dictatorship will kill/sacrifice in order to ensure the survival of the collective. It’s just that simple. And if they kill off some of the world population in the course if it, it’s all to the good for them.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sequential, is the word. And after the Senate hearings failed, too, another lot of ammo wasted by the Deep State.

H1N1 was arguably as lethal as the CCOVID-19, but Obumbler did nothing – (and the press still planted kisses on his skinny butt.) And the panic was…well, compared to this, muted. It was a manufactured virus, as some old-time virologists believed. That’s why it’s hard to believe that this isn’t also manufactured – or at least put into play, a natural mutation delivered unnaturally.

The Chicoms have been deemed to rule the world by the Deep State (ours and theirs.) They didn’t like it much when Donald Trump came along, because he knows the plan(s) they’re working from – and the American traitors (who don’t deserve to be called “American”) also didn’t like it much. Their gravy train is coming to an end, as it has from the Iranians and in Ukraine. When their plots are exposed, foiled and when their sources of corruption money are removed, they don’t stop. And neither will we.

We just have to recognize the enemy when we see her.


Search —–Weekend Warrior——- YouTube

phineas gage

Military preparing takeover in NYC. And the new press strategy is to completely blackout Trump.

Well, we live in interesting times….(which is always misattributed as a Chinese curse)


If push comes to shove, Trump will not allow his message to be blacked out. He has been remarkably restrained, in this, but if the military has to be called in to take care of any situation, he will most certainly take over the airwaves via a declared emergency to his FCC to get his message out. There is no way a president can be disallowed from addressing the public. That is part of the advantage of incumbency.

It is almost as if the MSM (D) is goading him to take such action just so they can attempt to call him a dictator. Wouldn’t put it past them.


I have come to that conclusion, also. I said something about this to my husband last week but for the life of me I’m not able to figure it out. I’m sure something is going on besides just the virus.

Jimmy MacAfee

Logistics tell where the battle is being waged. Where are things coming from? Where are things going? Patterns emerge; those people who can see patterns – like Dave – see the basic outline of a picture, an emerging picture. That’s what Intelligence does, and is. Not James Bond: guys looking at trends, news, patterns.

The CIA has a record of using press releases and stories and examining them, putting them in perspective, building enough pixels to see a picture. The most important thing is to keep looking, keep adding, seeing what is part of the emerging picture, discarding which is not part of a picture.

A pattern is emerging, and some have been painted already; many of these pictures are closely guarded, and may be for a very long time. That’s what happens in a war.

And we are at war.

phineas gage

If we are at war, and I agree that we are, who makes up the opposing sides?


‘The CIA has a record of creating press releases and stories and pushing them, blowing them all out of perspective, building enough story line to create panic. The most important thing is to keep people fearing, keep adding, seeing what is can be done to enhance emerging panic, discarding which is not part of the meme.’

There. Fixed that for you.

Jimmy MacAfee

What you describe is Operation Mockingbird, which has never really been terminated.

Think Hollywood thinks for itself? The Press?

Jimmy MacAfee

Well you have a point!

What I was writing is what they are SUPPOSED to do; you wrote it as it is.


Absolutely agree David,

Something really stinks here with this overreach. It is hard to imagine that if an earthquake were to somehow swallow up and sink all of Asia and Africa, we would get anymore dire “coverage” than we are getting now of a disease that might, at worst, as of now, adversely affect one percent of the world’s population – especially if there is a viable cure for it. Likely many more will suffer much worse from the results of the policies taken to mitigate the yet to be determined effects of the BBC (Biden/Bloomberg/CHINA) Virus. Cure worse than the disease?

Almost everyone in power and in the news industrial complex is acting as if we will be struck down by the millions in America and billions worldwide if we don’t “come together” and blindly follow the admonition of every “authority” from the WHO (not the band) to the mayor of the smallest town. Yet while they are trying to call on government to take control of almost everything, they are also trying to diminish, in the public’s mind, the prudent measures Trump is taking to minimize the negative effects of the BBC Virus. Since DNCNN put on Jeff Spicoli as some sort of an “expert” maybe the WHO (the band) would be a better source for information on the BBC Virus.

I have always feared that the continuous provable lies constantly spouted by the MSM (D) would eventually lead to anarchy. Not only do few believe or respect the MSM (D), probably fewer believe or respect most politicians of both parties. With virtually all of our formerly trusted, and often held in reverence, institutions being discredited and/or demonized for decades, only anarchy can follow. I do not believe this (orchestrated) decline of faith in everything American from education to law enforcement to politics to the economy is happening by accident.

To paraphrase Churchill: Never have so many been lied to for so long by so few.

Something to ponder:

Has Trump’s partially successful attempts at restoring national pride and purpose to America caused the unleashing of this “pandemic” by whatever (name optional) evil global entity to bring about a collapse before America as founded can be restored? I don’t consider myself to be a conspiracy nut, but if one objectively looks at worldwide human history since Woodrow Wilson, can anyone come to any other logical conclusion that someone or some group is driving America’s and humanity’s decline?

phineas gage

The available evidence I have seen (viral genome sequencing) is pretty clear that this not some sort of bio-engineered pathogen, but just a new mutant strain of coronavirus (which is a well known family of viruses).

It has become a problem because a hostile communist nation that still has a culture in which open-air live markets traffic in the consumption of exotic animals such as snakes and bats (the normal host of this virus). It’s the perfect environment for zoonotic transfer, which is what happened.

It is being used as an opportunity by statists to seize power in ways that they have long fantasized about–if you can stir up enough hysteria, you can suspend normal constitutional provisions. And once you have crossed the Rubicon, there is no going back.

Jimmy MacAfee

I should have included you in the category of “good analyst,” too. Sorry. Lot on my mind today – some spiritual battles.

Jimmy MacAfee

You know as well as I do that the CIA has a lot of “conspiracy nuts.” It’s their job. They call them “analysts.” Much of what they analyze is available to the public, which mostly doesn’t try to make sense of the information, or is not capable of discerning patterns. There are good ones and there are people who are empty suits. A position does not competence make.

My job – which is not in Intelligence – requires the use of a lot of fluid and sometimes conflicting soft data. Some of us – you included – do a better job of analyzing events than the people sitting behind desks in suits and ties, not looking at material from the real world. You have a talent for assembling real-world data. Your former employer’s loss.


Thank you for your kind words Jimmy,

I was not an analyst as a civilian in my agency; my role was logistics. While my work was appreciated, and rewarded, my suggestions (again primarily on logistic matters) were rebuffed and ignored to the point where I couldn’t take it any more. It is the nature of bureaucracies – particularly government ones, where it is easier to piss and moan about being underfunded and understaffed, than taking fundamental and logical actions to make improvements through efficiency – particularly if it steps on toes or disrupts the status quo. Ask the president about his DC experience.

My ability to analyze comes from my parents – not so much through government training.

Sharon Campbell

I agree, David. I’ve begun to have some questions & as you say, it’s not exactly clear what’s happening here.

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