From Kung Flu to Bat Virus, The Corrupt Media Beclowns Itself One More Time

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Just when you thought the corrupt, fake news media could not possibly become any more corrupt or fake than it already was, they go and prove you wrong. – As President Donald Trump and his administration mobilize the entirety of the federal government in the fight to contain the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus, he and his task force members are doing everything they can to keep the public informed. Simply put: Our country is now on a war footing, regardless of anyone’s opinion about whether or not such measures are actually justified.

The President and his team hold press conferences at least once every day, often twice or even more, as a part of this effort. During a time like this, any patriotic American who cares about this country and our fellow citizens would hope that people who hold themselves out to be “news reporters” would focus their questioning on actual news-related stuff, and do their best to leave their leftist political correctness and active grudges against the President secured away in the enormous fanny packs in which all their rage-filled grudges are stored.

Well, you can hope that, but you would be disappointed if you did. Take the raging nitwit below as a prime example of a corrupt reporter using yesterday’s televised press conference as an excuse to grandstand her own grudge against President Trump and his ongoing, 100% accurate use of the term “Chinese virus” to describe what he is fighting:

Reporter (no idea who she might be): “Ok, why do you keep calling this the Chinese virus? There are reports of dozens of incidents of bias against Chinese Americans in this country. Your own aide, Secretary Azar, says he does not use this term because ethnicity does not cause the virus. Why do you keep using this? A lot of people say it’s racist?”

President Trump: “It’s not racist. It’s not racist at all, no. Not at all. It comes from China. That’s why. It comes from China. I want to be accurate. I have great love for all of the people from our country. But, as you know, China tried to say at one point – maybe they’ve stopped now – that it was caused by American soldiers. That can’t happen. It’s not going to happen, not as long as I’m President. It comes from China.”


Now, about those “dozens of incidents of bias against Chinese Americans,” which this reporter wants people to believe were somehow caused by the President correctly identifying where this virus originated: Most likely almost all such reports – assuming they even exist anywhere outside of this reporter’s mind – are false. Possibly all of them made up by leftist activists pursuing their political agenda, an Alinsky tactic that Democrats and their media toadies use all the time.

Do idiots exist in our society who exercise bias against Chinese Americans? Sure. There are idiots in our society who exercise bias against all races, colors and religions in America. No society of 339 million people can ever be free from the acts of idiots.

This reporter is one of those idiots, exercising her rage-filled bias against a President trying to get accurate information to the American people. And she wasn’t even the worst example from yesterday’s press conference – check out this raging clown show:

Reporter (Again, no earthly idea who she is): “There’s reporting that the federal government has a plan that shows this coronavirus outbreak might last as long as 18 months – are you seeing those numbers?

President: “No, I’m not seeing that at all.”

Reporter: “And my second question is, there are some, at least one White House official who used the term ‘Kung flu’, referring to the fact that this virus started in China. Is that acceptable? Is it wrong? Are you worried that, that having this virus be, be talked about as a Chinese virus, that that might …

President: “I wonder who said that. Do you know who said that?”

Reporter: “That, I’m not sure the person’s name, but would you condemn the fact …”

President: “Say the term again.”

Reporter [clearly lying]: “Th, um, a person at the White House used the term ‘Kung flu'”…

President: “Kung flu.”

Reporter: “My question is, do you think that’s wrong – Kung flu – and do you think using that term Chinese virus, that puts Asian Americans at risk?”

President: “No, not at all. No, not at all. I think they probably would agree with it 100%. It comes from China.”


You seriously could never make this up, folks. In the middle of a national emergency, an emergency that is going to end up ultimately killing hundreds, if not thousands of Americans, all these tiny-brained “journalists” can focus on is political correctness. If these people had been alive on D-Day, they would have used their time to chastise FDR for someone in the White House using the term “kraut”, or maybe for using unfair stereotypes to demonize Herman Goehring.

It is a stunning display of not only inexcusable, pervasive bias in the American media, but also of what can only be called rank stupidity. These reporters are just plain stupid people who have no sense of priority.

But hey, in case anyone is sitting there thinking I’m picking on the women, fear not: The award for absolute dumbest, most brain-dead corrupt reporter take of the day goes to Richard Engel of NBC News:


The American media is garbage. Smelly, rancid, putrid garbage.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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What kind of deranged mentality would blame Americans whose families immigrated from an Asian country with the Chinese flu? Who would think of it? Oh, Yeah.

When the Spanish flu hit, did we go after Americans of Spanish origin? Probably not. People were more interested in not dying of the flu than blaming anyone.

But then, the media has to try to find something to bash Trump with.
The presser I watched today was more a demonstration of the derangement of the media representatives than anything else.

Truly sick, warped minds.


Kungfu flu? Bat flu?

How about the media has the bat sh1t flu? It is affecting their brains.
They are more worried about what Trump calls it than the damage it is doing to our country.

They are truly sick people.


How could someone get the COVID-19 virus from eating bat stew? Stew is cooked and the heat would kill the virus.

Sharon Campbell

The 43 yr old reporter is Cecilia Vega, ABC News!


The liberals are quite fond of saying you can’t shout fire in a theatre when talking gun controls. Its illegal and goes against their first amendment rights. The premise being doing that which would cause a public panic and potentially injure people… is illegal. Rightly so.

So my question is WHY can the media not be held to account for pretty much blaring we’re all gonna die and outright fear mongering 24 – 7?? imo these two things are equally the same thing, causing panic and certainly will/does injure people. Why can’t these ‘journalists’ that outright lie be hauled before a court and charged with endangering the public??? Wheres Barr????


A question if I may? Can clowns further becloud themselves?


Now I’m starting to get worried.

Local TN talk radio just reported that Rep. Ilhan Omar said that Trump is doing a good job…

The old saw: Judge people by the company they keep and also by their enemies is very true.

It would be great if the Dems and Trump’s MSM (D) enemies had an epiphany and actually would work for the American people… But I have my doubts – remember the ten minutes of solidarity Bush Jr. enjoyed post 9-11?

There must be focus group polling that says opposing/criticizing Trump in this “crisis” is a political loser, so lay low for awhile and at least show some superficial support.

I am always concerned about allies of convenience – remember Stalin was our ally against Hitler’s Germany.

Make Trojan Horses prove their sincerity by deeds, not words; talk is cheap, action and results matter.


Multiple posts to avoid censorship.

Let’s look at a timeline:

Trump wins and begins to tighten the screws on Biden/Bloomberg/CHINA (BBC) by changing the trade deals.

Tariffs are imposed.

A biological disease conveniently becomes active in Wuhan which is kept quiet late last year and is deliberately allowed to spread… Notice the disease is not in or from Beijing where it could infect Xi and BBC’s “elite”.

Due to the tariff’s effects, Xi comes to the table and a new deal (in phases) gets negotiated early this year.

Suddenly this biologic gains world-wide traction and predictably the massive anti-Trump forces mobilize and manipulate and misreport virtually everything about it just as Trump is having the best month of his presidency…

Remember how the very unfunny Bill Mahar, and others, was openly rooting for a recession to hurt Trump – consequences to the country be damned.

With so much agenda driven “reporting” and speculating masquerading as informed opinion and/or fact, no one really has a clear idea about the severity and duration of this virus – but the overriding theme is: “it’s Trump’s fault and (by the way and don’t ever forget: Trump sucks) he needs to be defeated.

Fortunately the Democrats have NO ONE to run against Trump and, as the old political adage goes, you can’t beat someone with no one.


We have to face reality and understand that (censored) certain governments care little about life.

Stalin’s USSR killed about 10% (somewhere between 10-20 million) of their population BEFORE WWII through centralized planned famine and his Siberian gulags for political opponents and ethnic undesirables. BBC has more than a BILLION more people than America – If they lost a couple hundred thousand or even several million (particularly the elderly and ones with underlying health issues) developing an agent that could cripple an economic rival, so be it.

The real concern we should have is what NEW agent will we be introduced AFTER we recover from this?

AND what will we do to inoculate ourselves from whatever new “invisible” threat that WILL come our way?

Jimmy MacAfee

In one of my earlier posts on the Wuhan virus (which I also sent to the Whitehouse) I commented on the following:

-If 10% of the Chinese workforce was disabled or dead, they would hardly notice, because they are less efficient – man-hour for man-hour.
-It 10% of the American workforce was disabled or dead, we would be in trouble.

China is supposedly emerging from the virus; we’re in the bullseye.


The reality is we will get through this; many people will get sick (if only 1% of the population actually gets sick it will still equal 3 plus million people nationwide); many who have compromised immune systems will, unfortunately, probably die (again, if only 1% of the 1% who get the disease actually die from it, it will still equal 30 plus thousand deaths nationwide – about the same as an ordinary year’s flu death toll).

Given the breathless (and happy) reporting (remember how the MSM (D) almost gleefully announced nearly daily when an American soldier got killed in Iraq or Afghanistan during the 2003-2009 Bush war-time presidency, but got real silent when “the One” became president), on every new infection and/or death from this BBC virus and we will be given the impression that the whole country is going to die and it is all Trump’s Fault.


What I find funny is that Chinese people are are suddenly being elevated to victim-hood status by the left?? Since when have they cared? I guess its just another non-white entity they can try to use against DJT.

Why is no one in the MSM addressing why so many of these viruses and diseases coming from China?

– Densly populated areas
-Unsafe/unsanitary food preparation and practices (and let’s face it – just bizarre…COOK your food)
-Bad hygiene practices
-Corrupt government

I’m sure there a lot more to pick apart. But since we are globally connected to such a high degree, when a large country like China drops the ball, the rest of the world will suffer. We’re tied with the lowest rung on the ladder.

Jimmy MacAfee

Don’t forget smoking: it’s the carbon monoxide that makes lungs more vulnerable.


Shame there isn’t a virus that attacks stupidity, lying, and corruption.

Actually Dave, I hope the MSM (D) keeps up this anti-Trump behavior, because it continues to expose who and what they are. If they were to all of a sudden become civil and responsible in the way they are covering the Trump administration’s efforts in combating the Biden/Bloomberg/CHINA virus they would lend creditability to their profession and regain some of their lost audience, and be in a better position to “influence” the Nov. election.

They are too stupid to realize that this virus attacks ALL political persuasions and therefore is “nonpartisan” and that they should be “nonpartisan” in their coverage of it.

A couple of stories ago, you talked about holding the MSM (D) somehow accountable. This is how you, me, we can do it: by keep exposing them. Don’t ignore them, but don’t give them any credence either; point out their slanted and flat-out wrong coverage to your friends and family who might still watch and listen to them.

Jimmy MacAfee

“But the study of 140 coronavirus patients in Wuhan found that only 1.4% of them were current smokers, so more data is needed to determine whether smoking is a factor.” Probably sampling mostly females, since men in China are much more likely to smoke.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mini Mike the China Asset, like Viacom, have deep ties in China. Wonder why Big Gulp Little Man Bloomberg hasn’t come out against smoking to help with this? Is the Little Man afraid of losing big money?

Some in the press are reporting the link between smoking and the virus::

Jimmy MacAfee

Advice to the public: stop smoking. Eat unprocessed foods (but not bats!) with a good nutritional profile. Get enough rest.

Jimmy MacAfee

Now why would we trust such a system to produce so much of our pharmaceutical product? There have been other cases involving lax standards. Shoot, they killed a large number of American pets with some additive! Can’t say this was deliberate, but it sure was stupid!

And no one – not a single person in the administration or elsewhere (other than the alternate press) – is pointing out that smokers in China make up a huge number of the victims. (Probably Italy, too.) At this point, causation isn’t possible, but correlation is! Same with air pollution. Instead, the medical system here is saying “diabetics diabetics diabetics,” and “over 60 over 60 over 60,” when it is untreated diabetes that increases the risk – (that, and a poor, gluttonous diet, full of processed food) and lack of exercise and clean living. Even Chinese doctors smoke in great numbers!

We are not being told the whole truth, not even by the “good guys.” Stop smoking, eat right, and beware pharmaceuticals made in China. The press doesn’t care. They only want to hurt Trump.


“The press doesn’t care. They only want to hurt Trump.” The slimy DemocRATs, the left-tard press and crybaby libs don’t care how many Americans die of the COVID-19 virus it that would keep Trump from being re-elected. The DemocRATS, the left-tard press and crybaby liberals are evil.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, and the Chinese government (and WHO) denied for several months that human-to-human transmission was impossible. Question: if it came from a bat, why did they continue to allow people to eat bats? They already KNEW that bats were capable of carrying multiple viruses dangerous to people – they studied the bats for this reason! Disingenuously, they clamed it couldn’t make the jump from bats to people, then said it couldn’t make the jump from person to person!

If the Chinese people ever find out about their government’s role in this, the leadership will be making a quick retreat to the Ghost Cities, and barricading themselves in! The Chinese people are not stupid, nor are they evil, but their leaders are both. Just like our press: stupid and evil.

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