Trump is Right About China, and has Been for Decades

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Can we all admit now that Trump was right about China? – Donald Trump, both as private citizen and later as President, has been warning about the dangers of U.S. entanglement with and reliance upon the communist government in China for decades. While globalist presidents like the Bushes, Clinton and Obama were running the country, those warnings went unheeded while America opened its borders and its economy to Chinese goods and citizens.

During the 28 years of those four presidencies, our country also made the conscious decision to allow its manufacturing infrastructure to be largely dismantled and shipped mainly to China and other Asian nations so that U.S. corporations could exploit the vastly cheaper labor forces in that part of the world. Those presidencies compounded the destruction of America’s blue-collar jobs by entering into trade deal after trade deal that allowed the ChiComs to levy heavy tariffs on American goods while Obama, Clinton and the Bushes refrained from retaliating in-kind, all in the name of “free trade” and “open markets.”

U.S. policy – and similar policies implemented by European democracies towards the Panda – allowed China to emerge from 19th-century backwardness into a global economic power, a planned outcome that Western leaders hoped would make the ChiCom government a more responsible player on the world stage. America’s globalist presidents played this fool’s game for so long and to such an extent that now, as the world attempts to grapple with an exotic viral pandemic that without any question at all originated in Wuhan, China, the U.S. finds itself dependent on China for an astonishing 96% of its supply of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals.

Let me put that into some perspective for you: Americans from all walks of life have for decades complained about the fact that our country has been so heavily-reliant on the Middle East and other foreign sources of crude oil. In the wake of a couple of oil shocks caused by OPEC in 1977, President Jimmy Carter became so fearful of this reality that he actually said it constituted a national emergency and went about implementing all manner of incredibly stupid and non-productive energy policies as a result.

At that time, America was importing roughly 1/3rd of its daily oil needs from other countries. Yes, 1/3rd – that is not one of my many typos.

At its absolute peak around 2005-2006, the U.S. imported no more than about 65% of its oil consumption. Today, thanks to the Shale revolution of the last decade, the percentage is below 25% on most days. With all the demand destruction now being caused by the Wuhan viral outbreak, that percentage will fall dramatically in the weeks to come.

But pharmaceuticals and anti-biotics are different – we’re going to be needing more, much more of them in order to properly deal with this China-caused pandemic, and, thanks to all that wonderful globalism practiced by Trump’s four predecessors, we now find ourselves almost entirely reliant upon China to supply them.

The great Victor Davis Hanson has a piece in the National Review this morning that vividly documents exactly how the dishonesty of the communist Chinese government caused the viral outbreak in Wuhan to become a global pandemic. Here’s an out-take from it:

Sometime in late November the Chinese Communist Party apparat was aware that the ingredients of some sort of an epidemic were brewing in Wuhan. Soon after, it was also clear to them that a new type of coronavirus was on the loose, a threat they might have taken more seriously given the similar Chinese origins of the prior toxic SARS coronavirus and the resources of a Level 4 virology lab nearby.

Yet the government initially hid all that knowledge from its own people in particular and in general from the world at large. Translated into American terms, that disingenuousness ensured that over 10,000 Chinese nationals and foreigners living in China flew every day on direct flights into the United States (Washington and California especially) from late November to the beginning of February, until the Trump travel ban of January 31.

All this laxity was also known to the Communist apparat in Beijing, which must have been amused when Trump was roundly damned by his liberal critics as a xenophobe and racist for finally daring to stop the influx on January 31 — the first major leader to enact such a total ban.

To the degree that we are suffering death and economic hurt from COVID-19, we can also attribute the toll to the Chinese Communist Party. Had it just called in the international medical community in late November, instituted early quarantines, and allowed its own citizens to use email and social media to apprise and warn others of the new disease, then the world and the U.S. would probably not have found themselves in the current panic. The reasons China did not act more responsibly may be inherent in communist governments, or they may involve more Byzantine causes left to be disclosed.

China will rue what it begat.

That is, it will come to appreciate fully that the supposed efficiency, ruthlessness, and autocracy of the Communist Party — what had so impressed foolish American journalists who once marveled at Beijing’s ability to enact by fiat liberal pet projects such as high-speed rail and solar industries — were China’s worst enemies, ensuring that the virus would spread and that China’s international reputation would be ruined.

The coronavirus could be the straw that breaks the proverbial back of the Chinese camel, stooped under the recent weight of a trade war with the U.S., the revelation of 1 million Uighurs in reeducation camps, the crackdown on Hong Kong democracy protesters, and news of the sprawling Chinese internal-surveillance apparat. The world is now both terrified and put off by China, and such anathemas will only harm its already suspect and misbegotten Silk Road neocolonial schemes.


Trump has been right about China all along: Right to warn of the foolishness of our growing entanglement and dependency on them; right to warn of the dangers of growing Chinese communist hegemony in other parts of the world; right to warn of the dangers of allowing Chinese interests to take ownership positions in major U.S. corporations, especially media operations; right to engage in his tariff war to level the economic playing field; right to implement the travel ban as soon as the experts advised him to do so.

For all of its economic reforms of the past 30 years, China remains a communist government, and communist governments as a class are secretive, dishonest and cannot be trusted by the international community. If the Wuhan coronavirus creates no other positive outcomes, at least it has reminded us all that this immutable reality of life on planet earth has not changed.

Trump was right. Again.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

China could have taken the right path, and used their wealth for the benefit of their people; instead, they aggressively built fake islands, bullied neighbors, built fake cities and manipulated currency. (Where did they go wrong?) They put tariffs on trading partners, polluted the oceans (yes, those mountains of floating debris are from Asia, for the most part,) made their own air unbreathable, decided that everyone else should pay carbon taxes (while not limiting their own carbon emissions) while engaging in the most hypocritical behavior in the world – (no wonder Hollywood loves them so much!) They’ve stolen military technology, stolen raw science from our universities, put spies in our country in scientific facilities, and done everything that they can to undermine our civilization. Meanwhile, they have doctored the Bible, a complete and utter forgery and persecute Christians, while murdering Muslims and others: they harvest organs from all of these (while the people are still alive and under sedation.) Their company ZTE was the carrier for Epstein’s little island, and they have the goods on everyone from Bill Clinton to…Hillary Clinton. They’ve bought our politicians – (admittedly, they can only buy what’s up for sale) – and they want the same thing as Mini Mike wants: to disarm all Americans!

Oh, what a bright and shining nation! I’d compare it unfavorably to Mordor.


Trump’s payments to public:
CHECKS to Americans would be based on income level and family size, Trump admin plan says. Direct payments would go out in two rounds to individual taxpayers. One payment beginning April 6; other beginning May 18.

Per copy of plan obtained by @SalehaMohsin @josh_wingrove Bloomberg White House reporter


Would someone please tell me if this is true or a hoax? Thank you


Apart from being cheaper to produce in China, another main reason 96% of our drugs are NOT produced here is fear of ambulance chasing lawyers and lawsuits being levied against “big-Pharma” if someone suffers a side effect from an antibiotic, or other drug even if and especially when they are “approved” by our highly efficient government FDA. Try suing China for a drug they produced…

It has never made any sense to me that a widget could be made and shipped to America from halfway around the world cheaper than it could be made here. Yet for all of my life, I have been told American workers are still the most productive and efficient in the world even with all the onerous corporate taxes (all of which get passed on to the consumer), OSHA and EPA restrictions placed on American based companies and production. This can’t be true, as it defies all logic. Our economic “model” supports and ensures Asian slave labor and world-wide “climate-changing” pollution by “developing” third world countries.

Along with the ridiculous trade deals, American industry (and its workers) have been sabotaged by our own government’s regulatory policies; this is not a mistake. Once I mistakenly bought a box of frozen soybeans from a discount food store and found they were a product of China! How in the hell are we buying soybeans from China when they buy so much of our food?

Recently I heard that 41% of the US economy’s base are service jobs – with one third of our meals produced by restaurants. Many service jobs in construction, medical, the repair sector, and education – wait until millions of students figure out how little we actually need brick and mortar institutions of “higher learning” and their outrageous cost – are necessary for a functioning country; however, many are not. Entertainment, travel, tourism and sports jobs are not necessary for survival and will be the hardest hit during this virus crisis.

With Trump bringing back manufacturing to the US, people in those economically fragile industries would do well to learn marketable and necessary skills in order to protect themselves from future economic volatility. The nation cannot forever bail out everyone with near TRILLION dollar “stimulus” programs every couple of years every time some segment of the economy suffers a loss when there is even a minor (little lone a major) disruption.

Finally, we, as a society, need to learn to live within our means and stop living our lives paycheck to paycheck – especially during good times. We need to reduce and get out of bad credit card debt, and create our own rainy day fund. Failure to plan for bad times is actually planning to fail.


Gregg, I and others second Jimmy. Great to read your insights again!

Jimmy MacAfee

Amen, Gregg! Glad to have you back!


Thanks Jimmy. I was on vacation and basically off the grid. That is a good thing to do once in awhile.


Amen! Glad to see you back Gregg!!! Missed your acute & perspicacious insight!!!

DB – I would hazard that China is arguably more fascist now than communist; the two are ever both sides of the same coin but in communism the State owns the means of production whereas under fascism the State dictates the means of production while leaving industry in the nominal hands of the private sector. That’s where China is now – they decided they like $$ so they backed off where they were under the “Great Cultural Revolution” of the 1960’s. For any would-be dictator, fascism is always the safer bet, for if things go south you can point the finger of blame @ the industrialists while under communism the people will be coming literally for your head.

I have a graph .jpg that clearly shows it but I don’t think I’m able to share it here due to the platform.

Jimmy MacAfee

When Obummer was in office, many of those “shovel ready” projects were carried out by Chinese nationals. Anyone else remember that?

It appeared then that preference was given to anyone but American citizens. Just like illegal aliens, when they were mostly Mexicans, were at least neighbors! African Americans began to see that these construction projects didn’t have many Caucasians nor African Americans working on them – and every time that cognizance began to emerge, the\ Obummer administration and GS set up a phony Trayvon narrative (a story which they resurrected and a version of a FF,) and whasisname from Missouri, a name I will not speak because he was a POS – the big punk who got shot trying to take a cop’s gun from him. All of those were precisely timed to coincide with a growing awareness that Obummer was not interested in helping Americans of any race.

The “Elite” desired our Serfdom. And they were enriching themselves while the rest of us were growing poorer and poorer. That’s the bottom line.

Thank G0D for President Trump!

Jimmy MacAfee

I have not heard of the Ghost Cities in China for awhile; anyone remember them? Largely uninhabited, full-size cities. Built just to keep workers building, it was supposed.

Now why didn’t they house the carriers of the Wuhan virus there, instead of building deathtraps that collapse?

Is this the equivalent of New Zealand for the evil leadership if the population turns on them? A last refuge? Or a place to go when the Chinese start WWIII? No one has uttered a word about these cities since this Wuhan virus began, have they?

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